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Armani Arizonski comments

Posted in: NASA reports first evidence of flowing water on Mars See in context

Thats great for Russian space exploration since Obama put an end to Amerac space program. Ha ha ha.....

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Posted in: Swedish man caught trying to split atoms at home See in context

Now how is it fare?! He did a right thing by contacting Sweden’s Radiation Authority and they sent cops? Lesson to be learn-Dont contact anyone when trying to split atoms in your kitchen.

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Posted in: Live rat found in loaf of bread in Australia See in context

I think baked rat would be preferable, especially if you in India. Just throw tomato, mayo, some cheese and you got yourself a sub.

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Posted in: 6th suspect arrested over Japan's biggest cash heist See in context

604 million yen?! Nice!

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Posted in: U.S. charges 72 over 'nightmare' child porn network See in context

I can guarantee you that 52 that where arrested are in US, the other 20 at large elsewhere and probably will never be caught.

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Posted in: Gifu man busted for taking up-skirt photos with miniature cameras See in context

I agree with tokyokawasaki, show us the proof!!!

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