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BTW, regarding Romneys comments on route to the sea, he was (poorly) referring to Iran's objective to set up a Shia led Muslim Caliphate (Centered around Iran, Iraq, Syria and eventually Egypt) in the Middle-east (eventually controlling all muslims). They want to have access to the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. They also want control of the Suez Canal. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will dominate the effort to be the leader of such a confederation.

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When are all the all of YOU gonna figure out that running for the office of US President has turned into an auction where the office goes to the highest bidder. OVER a TRILLION dollars is being spent on this election. HOW THE HECK CAN ANYONE AFFORD THAT!? Follow the money... that'll tell you who's behind all of this.

In 2007 the Rockefeller group meged with the Rothschild's group (second and third richest families in all history) in the US and the financial collapse happened shortly thereafter in 2008; as a result the FED got new powers and bought AIG, the world's largest insurance company for pennies on the dollar in a secret deal. Who owns the FED? It isn't a US government institution, but a privately held company that NO ONE KNOWS WHO OWNS IT, and they have the right to print US currency and earn interest off of it and they handled all of the stimulus money for a cut of the action. Where did all of that money GO? Why isn't anyone in the news asking that?

Why don't the smart mouthed pundits on the left and the Holy Roller pundits on the right stop attacking each other and start asking the real questions and finding out WHO the real bad guys are? Obama is a liar and Romney is a wimp, so WHAT? Find out who backs them and how they can afford to put that much money into this campaign in these economic hard times!! Stop regurgitating talking points and think for yourselves people! LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE FOR ONCE!

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This article was a real hack job for Obama, and sounds like an Obama staff Liar wrote it. Does Japan know how quick Obama will throw them under the bus? You really can't tell how big of a liar and fraud Obama is? I guess it doesn't really matter what anyone in Japan thinks about it, but I know my sympathies for the Japanese media are non-existentant now that I see this biased reporting about our election.

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I see a trade in the works. Russia wants some territorial concessions near Mongolia, Japan wants the Kurile islands back more than they want the Senkakus and China wants the Diaoyu Islands.

Why don't they all trade a little, Russia could get their territorial concessions, China could get the Diaoyu Islands and Japan could get the Kurile island back!

Everybody wins!!

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I think that insane leaders make insane choices and if America is forced to defeat a Chinese move to take over the Senkakus (probably using a Carrier strike force), the conflict has a high probablility of escalating. The Chinese under stress to avoid a humiliating defeat over the Senkakus would use a nuclear device to threaten Japan and America. They believe that blasting an uninhabited island with an atomic device would be a show of force, but they dn't understand US military protocols. When that happens, America will be forced to launch an immediate total strike to destroy China's nuclear capabilities using stealth cruise missles against the government and then submarine launched nuclear weapons against all Chinese military units that have nuclear capabilities (airplanes, subs and ships), nuclear facilities/ICBM sites and all Chinese submarines. It's part of the American military strategy that once an enemy demonstrates their intention to use atomic weapons, the United States must immedietly use the necessary options needed to destroy that nations capacity to wage nuclear war in a first strike and surprise attack as they will not engage in diplomacy after a nuclear device is detonated!!

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The PRC is built on the lies of communism and stained in the blood of tens of millions of innocent lives. There is no logical argument that could justify their further encroachment on the peace of this world. The PRC should perish and the people of China should be set free, but greedy and weak minded capitalists from around the world have bought into and are complicit in China's crimes through their globalist agenda that continues to rape and pillage the resources of the Chinese people for the benefit of a few.

Barring an outside force from some GOD or an alien race yet unseen, there is little that humanity can do to stop the guns of WAR. China, now on the path of a conquerer, engorged with its new economic might, is heading toward the inevitible conflict with Japan (and eventually the United States) for dominance of Asia and the World. Before the year is out, Israel will attack Iran to prevent a potential nuclear strike and the middle east will burn. America is going to be heavily compromised with its involvement in protecting the flow of oil to the West and the political battle at home for the next President of the United States.

This is the time that China will likely strike against Japan. It will start with a military suprise attack on the Japanese navy protecting the contested islands and the PRC flag will be raised above them. China will conclude that they have settled the issue and believe that the United States cannot oppose them and the Japanese dare not challenge their economic, military and political will. They will be wrong on all accounts as both Japan and the United States will be forced to act by their own people and China will lose the fight to dominate these islands. They cannot stand against the military might of the United States and irregardless of the debt or financial entanglements that Japan and America have invested in the PRC economy, the people of those nations will rise up and demand WAR. China will not be able to back down and it is highly likely that this will result in the beginning of WWIII. 2012 will indeed be a bad year for humanity and the prophecy of Armageddon could really come true!!

If it was up to me, I'd recommend that China give Russia the contested areas on its border and that Japan give the Senkakus to China and that the Russians give the 4 Kurile islands back to Japan and everyone could walk away winners, but that will never happen...LOL!

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I think Japan should make the following deal with Japan and Russia: Japan gets the Kuril islands taken by Russia at the end of WWII, Russia gets the disputed territory that Putin wants on the Chinese Russian border and China gets the Senkaku Islands. If the Chinese refuse to go along with the deal, then Japan should give the Islands to Taiwan and they can fight over it with China.

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