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OK, as i am personally involved in nude modeling online i think it is ridiculous for them to arrest her for doing the same thing over 2 million men and women do every day Porn, nudy pics, etc. its not going away for a very long time, so i dont see what the problem is with it. if we are beautiful enough to realize that we have the potential to make money off of it, then why the hell not? god gave us our body and our beauty just as he gave some ppl the brains to be doctors or rocket scienctists, we all use what we have to make money. i go through a legit website and i get my checks every month jsut as i would if i were to be flipping whoppers at burgerking. the only difference is i get to do it from home so i can spend time with my family. i get to do it from my own comfort spot, and make money doing it. if it makes men or women happy to see me in a thong then so be it it makes me happy to have them pay to see me in a thong so i can pay my bills and have extra spending cash to play with. its teh women that know they have husbands are paying to see these girls that are the mad ones, and truth be told ..put on a teddy and some heels and your husband wont be spending the car payment on methis month!

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