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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

Frankly if I were an editor of Japan Today, or any publication for that matter, I wouldn't waste any column space with such drivel. This is purely Chinese propaganda and another attempt by them to throw their newly found heavy weight around. It's tiresome but more importantly it's off topic and not worthy of mention, even if they are trying to be the big new bully on the block.

I think Japan has been very gracious in their past and publication of this article is proof of their tendency to bend over backwards to give opposing sides fair coverage.

By the way, if China is so concerned about people admitting past wrongs, I wonder why they have yet to even remotely approach or even admit the tens of millions - perhaps upward of one hundred million - of their own people murdered by the same political party that still calls the shots from Beijing. Now that has a bit fresher shelf life to it and has even some of the active players still around to share some of that blame. Or perhaps that one is too much like the painful truth?

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