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Posted in: Do you think school teachers in Japan are overworked? See in context

Yes. Everyone in Japan is overworked.

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Posted in: Premium travel service launched using Honda's small passenger jet See in context

"Inconvenient to access by public transportation"? You mean, to three prefectures which all have existing direct Shinkansen service?

Look, if somebody wants to sell brutally expensive flights to well-heeled foreigners, that's one thing, but they'll have to come up with a better rationale than that.

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context

No. As pointed out by others on this thread, moaning and groaning about political correctness has been going for a long time (I remember it being it a big deal in the early 90s, but perhaps my memory is faulty). Omehow despite that, I'm pretty sure there's been lots of funny comedy in the past several decades.

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Posted in: Tesla shareholders approve CEO Musk's $56 billion pay package See in context

People get caught up in the cult of personality around Musk, but Tesla the company itself is in serious trouble. The Model S platform is over a decade old by now, Model 3 and Y are facing increasingly strong competition at the lower end of the market, the new Roadster is nowhere to be seen, the CyberTruck has been an engineering disaster, Semis barely exist, and they no longer have exclusive control of their charging network.

Not quite sure where the company is going from here. If you've got stock, sell.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Doctor Yellow' track-testing bullet train to retire See in context

I was able to see a Dr. Yellow stopped at one of the intermediate stations on the Sanyo Shinkansen several years ago. You'd think it was a rock star, everyone was taking pictures. Definitely a neat sight.

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Posted in: Transport ministry warns JAL over recent safety incidents See in context

Agreed with puregaijin above. We could only wish that say, the nuclear watchdog agency took their jobs this seriously.

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Posted in: Tornado kills multiple people in Iowa as powerful storms again tear through Midwest See in context

There's incredible stormchaser video on YouTube of the tornado hitting a wind turbine and absolutely shredding it. When you think about how large, strong, and heavy those turbines must be, and then consider that level of force impacting a town, it's a terrifying thing to consider.

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Posted in: Sharp to stop making LCD at Osaka plant, end TV panel output in Japan See in context

Similar to the previous comment, I remember when it was a big deal if you could get a Sharp TV from the Kameyama plant- Sharp would even put stickers on the front of the TV proudly displaying this fact. Looks like those days have come and gone.

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Posted in: I have a message for all the experts back in Washington: You don’t know the Japan of today. Their predictions of what the future of Japan would be were myths. Japan has busted every one of those myths. See in context

Well, what era of myths are we talking about here? Japan was supposed to end up as the #1 economy in the world for a long time, and every other country needed to follow suit or fall behind, as JT readers surely know.

Anyways, calling out "Washington experts" is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it's even more rich coming from an experienced political operator such as Emanuel.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

News articles like this won't help with local residents' increasing distaste for tourists throngs. It's gotta be tough to see tourists splashing dough left and right while your own purchasing power seemingly decreases day by day where you live.

And fair or not, a lot of Japanese people will not be happy with their country being compared to a low-cost, high-volume tourist destination like Thailand or Bali. With these exchange rates, though, it's almost creeping in that direction.

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Posted in: 30 years after his death, F1 recalls Senna with awe and gratitude See in context

An icon and an inspiration, gone too soon. Sadly, like many elite athletes, it seems that he was unwilling or unable to conceive a world where he did not continue to complete at the highest level.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

How about a little creativity during your trip to Japan, folks? There are thousands of interesting things to in this country that aren't just repeats of what you see on social media.

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Posted in: Does beer taste better from a bottle or a can? See in context

All drinks, including beer, taste better from a glass. Even Gatorade, which ages ago was sold in glass bottles, tasted better.

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Posted in: Gamblers, Fraudsters, Dreamers & Spies: The outsiders who shaped modern Japan See in context

Whiting's previous "Tokyo Underworld" which covered similar ground was highly entertaining and informative, so this one should also be worth a shot.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court justices in Trump case lean toward some level of immunity See in context

All of this linguistic tap dancing from some of America's supposedly brightest legal minds just serves to obscure the obvious. If Trump doesn't face consequences or legal jeopardy from his election denialism and attempted coup, of course he'll try it again, and again, and as many times as necessary. Hacks like Alito and Thomas are all but counting on this, but they have to maintain the appearance of whatever dignity the court has left, so we get this ridiculous song and dance.

(Note that no one is legitimately expecting Biden to take any of these extreme actions that are supposedly being debated as immune from prosecution. If there was any thought Biden would actually do any of this stuff, the conversation on the court would be completely different.)

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Posted in: Turkish Airlines diverges from instructed landing route at Haneda See in context

Sounds like somebody (or more likely two somebodies) have got some explaining to do.

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Posted in: North Carolina welcomes historic visit by Kishida See in context

Folks, I'm not surprised to see blowback to my comment, so let me state my case. Charlotte Douglas is a major hub for American, JAL's alliance partner, that would allow for quick transfer on AA all over the east coast of the US. CLT carries millions of more passengers per year than Logan (or IAH, or SFO, or Newark, or SeaTac, for that matter), so it's not some tiny airport. North Carolina is now top 10 in US population, Charlotte and Raleigh are reguarly among the fastest-growing cities in the US, and it has the aforementioned nation-leading investment ties with Japan. No, no one is going to confuse it with Hawaii, but there's very strong non-tourist business reasons to do so.

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Posted in: North Carolina welcomes historic visit by Kishida See in context

All of that investment and employment, and still there's no direct commercial flights to Japan from North Carolina. Kishida might want to work on that when he gets back home; if JAL can support a 787 route to Boston, it should be feasible to route one through Charlotte too.

Well, at least they got some barbeque out of the deal. However, it's not mentioned if it's Eastern NC style or Western NC style. This is critical information, AP!

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Posted in: Kyoto may launch tourist express bus service to handle overcrowding See in context

Sounds like something fairly convenient that should have already existed anyway?

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Posted in: Kishida mulls visiting North Carolina during state visit to U.S. See in context

Asiaman, you make a good point. The factory site is located in a small town that's probably not used to high-profile diplomatic visits. Actually, we should say the closest population center will be Greensboro, which is a city in its own right. If Kishida is smart, he'll also stop by HondaJet which is located at Greensboro's Piedmont Triad Airport.

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Posted in: Retro Japanese video games enjoy intergenerational revival See in context

This article's a bit in the thin side. As already pointed out, famiclones are nothing new, and a strong market for used stuff in Japan isn't exactly breaking news. Still, if this continued interest means that a lot of these classics are standing the test of time and will be enjoyed by future generations, then I'm all for it.

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Posted in: American Airlines raising bag fees and changing how customers earn frequent-flyer points See in context

American shows their priorities here. They're trying to squeeze out additional profit without doing anything that would meaningfully improve their service or otherwise add value to the customer. The baggage service is fundamentally unchanged, and having to go to certain sites for reservations will only decrease customer's choices and buying power.

As someone who's stuck flying out of one of American's largest hubs, it'd be greatly appreciated if they could improve the cleanliness of their aircraft and improve the overall quality of their product. But it's much better for them to find ways to increase profit margins without having to make any significant investments.

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Posted in: Middle-age homeless sleeping in cars or cafes due to soaring cost of living See in context

I used to stop at a fair number of Service Areas/Parking Areas/Michi no Ekis in suburban and inaka-type places... seems like there were always a handful of vans similar to the one shown above, parked with the windows completely covered. Naively, I figured these folks were just travelers or campers, but looking back a lot of those cars were people in these kinds of situations.

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Posted in: Casio to celebrate 50th watch anniversary with commemorative timepiece See in context

That's a sharp-looking piece of equipment right there.

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Posted in: Putin says he prefers 'more predictable' Biden over Trump See in context

As always, you'd be smart to not believe a single word that comes out of this man's mouth. Looks like plenty of folks here have taken the bait.

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Posted in: U.S. conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson says he will interview Putin See in context

"Conservative" is too kind of a word for Carlson. "Turncoat" is more like it.

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Posted in: There are some geographies where our market share is remarkably low, like Japan. We should at least have a market share proportionate to, say, other non-Japanese carmakers like Mercedes or BMW, which we do not currently have. See in context

I think it's pretty well established by now that the only foreign luxury cars Japanese people are interested in are German. Anything else is niche, at best.

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Posted in: Sam Waterston to leave 'Law & Order' later this month after 400 episodes See in context

An amazing run, and it was great to see him come back even for a few seasons. His (real-life) daughter played his (fictional) daughter in a recent episode as the opposing lawyer in the case, which must have felt like an exclamation point to his time on the show.

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Posted in: Carl Weathers, linebacker-turned-actor who starred in 'Rocky' movies, dies at 76 See in context

As far as anyone was aware publicly, he was in excellent health so this comes as a shock. A rare combination of athleticism and genuine theatrical skill.

His portrayal of Apollo in particular will leave a tremendous legacy. If you haven't seen the revised cut of Rocky IV, it features a few extra/extended scenes of Weathers as Apollo in a more complex role. Worth checking out.

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Posted in: Toyota sets new global record for annual vehicle sales See in context

A lot of folks in here apparently aren't familiar with Toyoda's recent history with EVs. Toyota, most likely influenced by Japanese goverment policy, bizarrely put their eggs in the hydrogen fuel cell basket. That didn't pan out and now they're desperately playing catching with other automakers in the EV space. This isn't Toyota being "smart", this is Toyota making a massive strategic miscalculation. They're strong enough with ICE and hybrids, and have enough size and inertia to make things work for the short term, but make no mistake, they are lagging other automakers when it comes to being ready for post-ICE landscape.

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