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Posted in: Twitch to shut down in S Korea over 'seriously' high fees See in context

I do not care about Twitch, but as usual it's always the users who gets the short end.

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Posted in: McDonald's eyes speedy ramp-up to 50,000 restaurants worldwide by 2027 See in context

I certainly hope their food is better in other countries than the U.S. where it is absolute garbage.

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Posted in: After a fast start, COP28 climate talks now in murky middle of hope, roadblocks See in context

COP28 has been dominated by the oil industry. It is a farce.

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Posted in: Seven still missing after U.S. Osprey crash off Japan See in context

Good link sakurasuki. The Osprey was indeed plagued with mechanical issues which has since been fixed by both engineering retrofits and new flight procedures.

That said, both of those things may not have been properly adopted by that base. Which seems to be the obvious case. This would also mean a failure by base command, who is always responsible for those under their command. Hence, requiring investigation by U.S. regional command.

Bottom line, once is a mistake, more than once is dereliction.

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Posted in: Walmart latest big advertiser to pull out of Musk's X amid widening concerns over hate speech, reach See in context

There's an old saying: "Money talks..."

Some of you may remember the rest.

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Posted in: Lawsuits against Trump over Jan 6 riot can move forward, appeals court rules See in context

More good news!

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Posted in: Seven still missing after U.S. Osprey crash off Japan See in context

The U.S. military needs to find out what is going on at that base. Standards and procedures are not obviously not being followed.

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Posted in: Appeals court reinstates gag order that barred Trump from maligning court staff in fraud trial See in context

Well that did not take long.


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Posted in: Texas Republicans take aim at climate change – in textbooks See in context

They can deny all they want. It will not end well for them.

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Posted in: China says it is against supply chain decoupling See in context

"You reap what you sow!!"


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Posted in: New York judge lifts gag order that barred Donald Trump from maligning court staff in fraud trial See in context

The appellate judge is wrong and this will be challenged.

Threatening court officials and witnesses is never legal.

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Posted in: Anti-Semitism resurges in Germany See in context

Apartheid is wrong no matter who is doing it.

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Posted in: Biden vs Trump, the unwanted rematch for America’s soul See in context

That anyone is considering a man who openly instigated an insurrection and stole nuclear secrets as a candidate is beyond belief.

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Posted in: What do you think about the use of AI to create the "last" Beatles song, "Now and Then?" What if AI were used to create new songs or movies featuring deceased artists? See in context

Most pop music has been lazy, repetitive and vapid long before any of us were born. A.I. brings nothing new to that formula.

In other words, how would I be able to tell the difference and why would I care? Trash is trash no matter how it's made.

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Posted in: U.S. real estate industry facing pushback to longstanding rules setting agent commissions on home sales See in context

The RE industry in America makes used car dealers look honest.

It complicated, messy, costly and sleezy.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy denies stalemate, Kyiv claims hit on Russian-held shipyard See in context

Russian math is strange. Some how 3 days is equal to 619 days... and rising.

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Posted in: Director of new Godzilla film pursuing 'Japanese spirituality' of 1954 original See in context

The original:

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Posted in: Man charged with fatally shooting doctor denies intent to kill See in context

The ONLY intent when using a gun, is to kill.

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Posted in: At least 22 dead in Maine shooting, dozens injured; firearms instructor sought See in context

Peter NeilToday 12:07 pm JST

It was a children’s bowling party.

Oh dear god. :(

What a monster.

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Posted in: It's day 20 with no House speaker, and lower-level names are starting to reach for the gavel See in context

The burn it all down caucus is doing what they were elected to do - burn it all down. Unfortunately they aren’t competent enough (like Pelosi) to build it all back up.

They literally forgot to leave the house they were burning down.

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Posted in: Trump's darkening language sparks fears of violence See in context

Trump is clearly inciting. But it has resulted in serious consequences for everyone who listened to him so far and went too far. And will do so in the future as well.

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Posted in: New cocktail bar Tokyo Confidential celebrates high contrasts and delightful chaos See in context

Looks nice and the view from that balcony is quite nice.

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Posted in: Auto worker strike in U.S. highlights disparities between temporary and permanent employees See in context

Almost 50% of all news jobs created after EACH of the last 4 U.S. recessions have been temp jobs.

A person, nor a country, can build security or a future with such insecurity.

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Posted in: George Takei picture book on his years in internment camps to be published next spring See in context

I read his original memoir/autobiography. It was eye opening.

I wish this book success.

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

I am sad to see the comments here from posters who underestimate the dangers of large crowds. Should we wait until a tragedy happens then blame the officials? Because that is what will eventually happen. Both the tragedy and the incorrect blame.

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Posted in: Judge in Trump fraud trial imposes gag order after Trump lashes out at clerk See in context

Threatening the court is never a good idea. I would expect nothing less from this man with a record of mistake after mistake for 40 years.

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Posted in: U.S. House ousts Kevin McCarthy as leader in historic vote See in context

The GOP are certainly setting some new records these days. To bad they are not good ones.

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Posted in: Court rejects Donald Trump’s bid to delay trial in wake of fraud ruling that threatens his business See in context

It seems the walls are finally closing in on him.

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Posted in: Russia's Black Sea Fleet commander among 34 killed in missile strike in Crimea, Ukraine claims See in context

Ukraine is somehow losing yet somehow still somehow killing generals and admirals.

How odd.

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