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Posted in: SMAP to end 5-dome tour on Christmas Eve in Sapporo See in context

I like SMAP; they're fun! :) I think they are sincere in trying to lift people's spirits through their concerts, music releases, dramatic work and charitable efforts.

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen plans world tour See in context

Bruce is great; one of America's poets. Glad he's touring!

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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

I enjoy a wide variety of music and I like SMAP, too (they're fun)!

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Posted in: SMAP kicks off international tour See in context

the sometimes blond, sometimes not blond guy

-- Shingo Katori (blond for now; pretty good singer, dancer, comedian, IMO). -- "Sports Music Assemble People"

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Posted in: X Japan makes U.S. debut at Lollapalooza See in context

I'm happy for X Japan; I hope their tour goes well ... It would be fun to see Seikima II do the same!

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Posted in: SMAP to begin nationwide tour July 31 See in context

Awwwww ! . . . (I like SMAP, but the comments are pretty funny.)

Unfortunately when I read this headline I assumed the story was about the far more interesting "SMAP," the Soil Moisture Active and Passive mission which NASA will undertake in 2015...

: D

I guess if my life was one endless concert/event/promo/video/C.M./guest appearence/show (which I'm forced to do by some corporate exec that pockets 9/10ths of the profits) with the same four guys I'd eventually want to strangle them too...

: P

Wonder if anyone noticed that SMAP is Pams spelled backwards...

. . . ...

They still exist for so many years, up and down, what a milestone! You go men...

I agree.

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Posted in: X Japan to make U.S. debut at Lollapalooza in August See in context

Cool -- but they should invite Seikima II !

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Posted in: Baseball commissioner Kato wants Japanese teams to play in U.S. See in context

Chicago Cubs host the Hanshin Tigers -- フレ、フレフレフレ!

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Posted in: Takeshi to revamp his Tuesday night health show See in context

Thank you, Takeshi.

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Posted in: All five SMAP members attend PR event for new commercial See in context

I think SMAP deserve some time off for the sake of their mental health and a fulfilled life.

When you're screaming a bandmate's name in the middle of the night in a park it's time to meet new people, and Shingo sings "Here Is Your Hit" ("that's not how I wanna be...") with a lot of sincerity!

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Posted in: All five SMAP members attend PR event for new commercial See in context

...anyone know what musical that Shingo took part in?

Shingo Katori starred in the musical “Talk Like Singing” ( ) which premiered last November in New York City ( ).

The show will open in Japan at Tokyo’s Akasaka ACT Theatre ( ) this January.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Taro Aso replaced as Japan's prime minister, and if so, who do you think would do a better job? See in context

I think Beat Takeshi should be the PM.

He could do it -- if only he would!

Kitano Takeshi is the perfect candidate for it... (^^)

Yes, he's the people's candidate.

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Posted in: 'Homeless' hone their rough-living skills See in context

Why do Weekly Playboy and Japan Today make a joke of homelessness?

In this day and age, no one's basic needs should go unmet.

It's a shame -- it's not an "experiment."

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite feel-good movies? See in context

Kikujirô no natsu, Cha no aji, Akahige, Chûgoku no chôjin.

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Posted in: Tojo drama starring Takeshi draws 12.1% rating on Christmas eve See in context

what "Beat" Takeshi offers on any level

Well, based on what I've seen of his movies (actor, director, writer, editor --, his interviews (print and film, i.e.:, various books (humor, commentary, short stories, poetry, novels, autobiography, sports, art), his tv shows (comedy, news, commentary, education, drama -- "Ano sensô wa nandattano ka - Nichibei kaisen to Tôjô Hideki"!), his artwork, singing, stand-up, tap-dancing, etc., there seems to be a lot. I think he's a self-made man, an independent thinker, a creative visionary and a good person. With his experience and sense of humor, he could be the Prime Minister of Japan! : )

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Posted in: Tojo drama starring Takeshi draws 12.1% rating on Christmas eve See in context

senseless variety show where you wear the uni grad hat and gown

"Coma University Mathematics" entertains with and encourages an interest in math; not an easy feat!


A 4 1/2-hour exploration of war shown on a holiday is a call for audiences to think about the past and future.

Oi, Beato! The world is waiting for you!

Yes... Thanks, Takeshi, for your challenges, humor and inspiration; may they continue.

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Posted in: Aso has dinner with Beat Takeshi See in context

I always thought Beat Takeshi ran Japan...

He ought to run the country -- a thinking man with imagination, a sense of individuality, creativity and drive.

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Posted in: Koto Tokyo Lightopia See in context

Japan Today commentators: "Best Humorists"

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