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Posted in: Toshiba will consider overseas locations for chip plant: CEO See in context

Mexico, can be a very good candidate..! Some states in the Country can even offer tax free arrangements. Also Labor hand cheaper now than in China, and the distance to USA, its another atractive issue... Fyi.

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Posted in: Mexico beats Japan 3-1 to set up men's soccer final clash with Brazil See in context

We will get the gold Medal, the boys are like Titans, super well motivated, they and Mexico deserves this gold Medal.

Vamos Muchachos !!...

Lets win!!...

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Mexico Japan for the semi Finals....

Good luck!!...

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Posted in: Woman found strangled to death in home; boyfriend commits suicide See in context

This could perform as the perfect crime if Someone will her first and then kill the boy pushing him from the roof.....

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Posted in: Tons of dead sardines wash up on Chiba shore See in context

Bare it. Proteins!!..

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Posted in: Man cooks, serves own genitals to 5 paying diners See in context

Fully agree with El buda Mexicano, its not a nice story before huevos rancheros..!

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Posted in: Nissan announces new $2 bil plant in Mexico See in context

Nissan is one of the top selling cars in Mexico, great cars!!...

This will be a key to open central and south America Markets... Good idea!!


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Posted in: March 11 disaster builds international friendships See in context

I wish we could do more about these terrible situation, in Mexico, we are concern...

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Posted in: Japan plans futuristic farm with robot workers in disaster zone See in context

If robots work and crop from contaminated soils, the product would be free of radiation just because was operated by Robots...nahhhh. What about all the farmers owners of these lands? While robots work in those fields, we want to bring Affected farmers to Mexico, to work on joint adventure with mexican Farmers and on Mexican soil, free of contamination, Japan is 500,000 sq. Kilometers area, Mexico is 2,000,000 sq. Kilometers area. We can share fields they can share "know how" they both share profit.!

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Posted in: M5.8 quake hits southwestern Japan See in context

Here is something to think about, in Mexico same day almost same time we had a hearthquake of 6.5. Are we that connected?.....ring of fire....!

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Posted in: JAL announces routes for new Boeing 787 See in context

Can JAL, now return to his still owned route Nartia Vancouver Mexico...? That would be a good news, at least one 747 - 400

The Market its still waiting....

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Posted in: Radioactive cesium detected in rice from more Fukushima areas See in context

We..in Greensky Mexico, work with thousands of Farmers, we want to suggest to authorities in both sides, to Bring affected Japanese Farmers, to work in Our country with Mexican farmers in alliance to produce Japanese veggies in Mexican soil, free of contamination. We can become Japan provider of clean food for next generations, covering affected areas, bringing an income for all those Japanese Farmers, walking one more step in our Countries friendship. And bringing to Japan clean food with the Japanese traditional especifications and taste.

El Gallo.

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Posted in: Restio reimagines concept of music source See in context

I want one.,Looks like a very smart gadget.. Arturo Rikiya Yasuoka..

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