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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

Japan's McDonald's customers wonder where the real food went.

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Posted in: Japanese journalists accuse gov't of pressuring media See in context

The question is, will they stand by their convictions, disobey, and report what needs to be reported?

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Posted in: Obama begins historic visit to Cuba See in context


I challenge you: for once to put aside your hatred and FOX rhetoric and recognize that yes, although Obama isn't perfect (what president is?), he's accomplished something really good here. Something we know Bush wouldn't have. And by the way, this thread is about Cuba not those other things. We all know the Bush administration is responsible for the unnecessary wars and casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq which Obama essentially ended. The Arab Spring is for the Arabs to deal with; it was about them deposing oppressive dictatorships; why you think it's not about them but an opportunity for America to be the world police is something I can't understand. The Ukraine is about Russia and the Ukraine. People like you seem more concerned with America showing balls against Russia rather than with the actual people of the Ukraine. ISIS is a result of Bush's unprovoked invasion and removal of Suddam, who never had WMDs. Libya was ruled by a tyrant, but a tyrant who nevertheless didn't bow down to the tyranny of the US. He was killed not as a kind gesture of the US but because he wanted an African currency with which the West would have to buy oil.

I think it's great that Obama didn't charge into everyone's affairs like Clint Eastwood. Yeah, Obama isn't perfect, but imagine how much better he could have been if he didn't have to fight with a diehard racist republican congress every inch of the way.

Have you checked the stock market lately? The employment rate? The crime rate? Education reform? Yeah, Obama increased the national debt, but that was necessary to stimulate an economy destroyed by Bush and Cheney's unchecked military spending.

Anyway this post is about Cuba. And Obama has done good by reestablishing American relations with that country and your negativity just because you hate Obama is unwarranted and inappropriate.

And I'll leave with a good question posed by Bill Maher to the Obama haters regarding the good he's done for America. “We now have a pretty amazing economy.... Republicans always said Obama was a socialist. Does that mean they were wrong about that, or does socialism work?”

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Posted in: Obama begins historic visit to Cuba See in context

Obama is great. He's done what many other presidents and congressmen have failed to do. He's made potential allies out of Cuba and Iran. It's more beneficial to have Cuba as an ally than a foe as is obvious in retrospect of the Cold War when the Soviet Union set up shop there. Cuba is a strategic gem for any foe of the USA. It's better to work them and make them an ally. Obama has proven correct the maxim that says it's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Obama is a chess player while other presidents in the past, and some to come, like maybe Trump, are players of checkers who knock over the board when things don't go their way. "To make peace with an enemy one must work with that enemy, and that enemy becomes one's partner." - Nelson Mandela

Unfortunately, not many politicians want peace. And it's scary to imagine what could unravel once Obama is succeeded.

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Posted in: Former first lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94 See in context

She should be be respected for all that, and anyone who chooses to put her down should be shunned. He had glory, she had guts.

I will roll around in yours and anyone else's shunning then. She and her husband's administration was nothing but thuggery and drug dealing. If you don't think so, just ask anyone in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the inner cities of the United States. Ronald went on a rampage throughout those regions overthrowing whom ever he wished plundering and pillaging resources all along the way. He sold drugs to finance guerrillas and put his wife in front of the camera to propagate the slogan: just say no. All of this he did under the guise of combating communism, which was actually never a threat to the U.S.; that was just a scare tactic propagated by the U.S. side of the Cold War; the U.S. was more concerned with thwarting democracy and asserting its own dominance; the Reagans were central to that operation. They spearheaded the demonization of blacks in the inner cities of America by demonizing crack cocaine over other hard drugs even though he was all the while dumping crack into the inner cities to fund his adventures in the Caribbean and Latin America. Just ask Freeway Rick. ( He's a black ex-crack dealer and felon from South Central L.A. So you probably won't think of him as credible and you probably won't take his word for it. )

The only people who revere the Reagans are rich, elitist, conservative whites; a.k.a., the establishment. They loved his trickle down economics that gave tax cuts to the rich and turned a blind eye to the avaricious actions of corporations while at the same time sucking the inner cities dry and shutting down their factories one after another. Nothing but unemployment and poverty amongst the working class, and his solution: crack and school cuts.

But he was a good actor. He gave an Oscar performance that cold, grey, and dreary day when he beseeched Mr. Gorbachev to "please tear down this wall." And the powers that were and be all rose and gave a standing ovation. And because of this one speech act, and the fact that the Soviet Union soon afterward did crumble, along with the Berlin Wall, his true legacy is willfully swept under the carpet.

And his loving, faithful, and supporting wife's face was the emblem of the whole sham. She kept Americans's blissfully ignorant.

So I will revel in your shunning me. Your suggestion, however, is a standard technique of conservative politic by suggesting that anyone who doesn't stand and salute these criminals isn't a true American. It's the same as "support the troops " and if you don't and you don't support America's imperialist wars then that means you're also not a patriot. All very sick if you ask me.

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Posted in: Olympus' U.S. unit to pay $646 mil for bribing hospitals, doctors See in context

And this is just equipment. Imagine the kickbacks for getting patients to buy bogus prescription drugs for phony illnesses.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 14 wounded in Kansas shootings See in context

I was considering all shootings even the massacres. They happen in the states just as much it seems as the sun rises. The star spangled banner is starting to look bullet ridden if you ask me. Maybe the NRA and gun rights supporters there should replace the gold and silver crosses hanging around their necks with little six-shooters and baby Kalashnikovs?

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Posted in: How America became the love child of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump See in context

Excellent piece.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 14 wounded in Kansas shootings See in context

Reporting on shootings taking place in America is like doing a story about the sun rising in the east. It's just redundant these days.

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