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Biggest racism gigs today are anti-White brown supremacism and Christophobia in support of Islamic terrorism. Both flourished under Obama. Fortunately Trump trying to stem the tide. This adaptation 180 degrees from the mark, though the book not much better, dreaming about Lindbergh while ignoring actually facism of Roosevelt, who confiscated private property and did away with separation of powers by threatening to pack the Supreme Court.

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The death penalty is 100% deterrent for at least one murderer, and is feared by many. When was the last time you saw someone plea bargain to get death instead of prison? Your lies against the death penalty are promoting murder, and barbaric.

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Posted in: Inside the rogue 7-Eleven, a convenience store completely cut off by its company See in context

Stupid anti-Trump remark shows the result of the non-stop propaganda that JT is just the english-speaking tip of the iceberg obviously. Trump was elected by little people to fight the elites. Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Obama--there are the people skimming at the top. And they all hate Trump. Wake up, Japan, and start pushing back against the propaganda.

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A leader who governs on behalf of the people who elected him! Never thought to see that again. Of course the far left and the rest of the elite despise him for it.

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Another shot from the deranged left wing. The democrats cheat, they always have. A leaker revealed some of the dirty laundry and they respond by killing him and re-telling this obvious lie about Russian interference. Start a world war? They don't care. More power to democrats. Trash, absolute garbage. The real neo-nazis, as the originals, from the left wing.

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Posted in: James Woods suggests his agent dropped him over politics See in context

Anyone who knew the difference between right and wrong could not possibly support the lying and corruption of the party of Clinton and Obama and the Hitlerian Maxine Waters calling for violence against anyone who disagrees with her. Hooray for Woods and a hope that the day will come when the fascists like this agent will all be boycotted out of this or any industry. Just fed up with the lies and hate.

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Sadly not too surprising that the left-wingers (under President Roosevelt) were okay with locking up American citizens but now protest against foreign terrorists being denied entry to the country. And what an outrage to the memory of the loyal Roosevelt victims to have their descendants side with the foreign terrorists!

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