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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

As I stated clearly earlier, my comments are in NO WAY intended to condone the actions of either the German or Japanese army. Pointing out that the germans and japanese did the same things is rather pointless, I am not denying that they commited atrocities. I am simply trying to point out that no one is innocent in war, not even America. Please dont try to hold yourselves morally above others when the evidence and proof is there that no one acts differently.

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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

If you dont beleive me then perhaps you'll choose to beleive the International Red Cross.

During World War II, the United States, Britain and Germany generally complied with the international regulations on the treatment of prisoners of war, as required by the Geneva accord of 1929. But at the end of the fighting in Europe, the US and British authorities scrapped the Geneva convention. In violation of solemn international obligations and Red Cross rules, the American and British authorities stripped millions of captured German soldiers of their status, and their rights, as prisoners of war by reclassifying them as so-called “Disarmed Enemy Forces” or “Surrendered Enemy Personnel.” / 10

Accordingly, British and American authorities denied access by International Red Cross representatives to camps holding German prisoners of war. Moreover, any attempt by German civilians to feed the prisoners was punishable by death. / 11 Many thousands of German PoWs died in American custody, most infamously in the so-called “Rhine meadow camps,” where prisoners were held under appalling conditions, with no shelter and very little food. / 12

In April 1946, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) protested that the United States, Britain and France, nearly a year after the end of fighting, were violating International Red Cross agreements they had solemnly pledged to uphold. The Red Cross pointed out, for example, that the American transfer of German prisoners of war to French and British authorities for forced labor was contrary to International Red Cross statutes. / 13

Another report by the International Committee of the Red Cross in August 1946 stated that the US government, through its military branch in the US zone of occupation in Germany, was exacting forced labor from 284,000 captives, of whom 140,000 were in the US occupation zone, 100,000 in France, 30,000 in Italy, and 14,000 in Belgium . Holdings of German prisoners or slave laborers by other countries, the Red Cross reported, included 80,000 in Yugoslavia, and 45,000 in Czechoslovakia. / 14

Both during and after the war, the Allies tortured German prisoners. In one British center in England, called “the London Cage,” German prisoners were subjected to systematic ill-treatment, including starvation and beatings. The brutality continued for several years after the end of the war. Treatment of German prisoners by the British was even more harsh in the British occupation zone of Germany. / 15 At the US internment center at Schwäbisch Hall in southwest Germany, prisoners awaiting trial by American military courts were subjected to severe and systematic torture, including long stretches in solitary confinement, extremes of heat and cold, deprivation of sleep and food, and severe beatings, including kicks to the groin. / 16

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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

There seems to be a lot of brainwashed people in this discussion. Well, brainwashed may be too strong a word, lets use "one-eyed" instead. To those stating that the US is morally correct and has no documented incidence of war crimes, sadly you are not correct. The documentation of the US Army starving approximately 1,000,000 german soldiers to death in POW camps in 1946 is reasonably well documented and proven. Also, I appreciate that you see your soldiers as hero's but I cannot see how anyone can say that the mass bombing raids on countless cities that murdered millions of women and children are not war crimes. Hopefully there is no one here who will try to say those raids were "targeted at industry and transport". My own father was a witness to how air-raid bunkers occupied by civilians were targeted by bombers and how civilians were targeted by straffing fighter planes. Of course, this is in no way to condone or exonerate the war crimes performed by the Germans or Japanese. I'm simply trying to point out that in war, no one is innocent and that I sincerely wish that people could lose the urge to kill other people. We could do so much more if we worked together.

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