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Posted in: What are some of your candidates for the worst movie of all time? See in context

Every movie with Adam Sandler in it.

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Posted in: Germany, Argentina advance in games marred by refereeing errors See in context

But only "probably" :-). GO GERMANY!!!!!!

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Posted in: Germany promises aggression against England See in context

Yeah, the dealt with the German Aggression :-).

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Posted in: Predators See in context

Exactly. I think he looks cool.

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Posted in: Asashoryu to kick off showbiz career, doing PR for 'Predators' film See in context

"Here's a prediction: He'll thrive at his new PR career until someone taunts him after he's had a few drinks. He'll knock a few skulls and find himself in a police station until he's paid for the damage to life and limb, and then be deported to the green, green steppes of home."

Yeah of course. As long as he is not into illegal gambling....

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Posted in: Asashoryu’s retirement exposes cracks in sumo’s management See in context

I call myself a true fan (since 1995) and I will leave sumo. I am not wasting my time on boring Hakuho Yawn-fests.

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Posted in: Some fans object to Asashoryu's retirement pay See in context

I also think he should get more. This is just peanuts.

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Posted in: Like any sport, sumo needs colorful characters to keep fans interested and to bring in new fans, but following Asashoryu's downfall, where should the line be drawn on what is and isn't acceptable beha See in context

Beelzebut, I will never watch Sumo gain, have cancelled my planned trip to Japan and will never buy any Japanese car/television or whatever. You of course can enjoy the Hakuho Yawn-fest.

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