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OK, let's see the facts. Two "highly-trained killers" arrived in U.K from Moscow and returned to Moscow with Russian passports (wow, what a great way to conceal their identity!!), went to Salisbury where the duo had their faces filmed by every CCTV in the town, and then the killers completely failed in their supposedly main mission - to kill Skripal. Besides, the hapless killers did their nefarious preparations with the "most lethal nerve agent in the world" in a hotel room without any protective gear, and they were kind enough to leave a poisonous bottle to be found by the police. Why the killers are still alive, not poisoned on the spot by their own stupidity? Why nobody who stayed in this room from March did not show a slightest sign of poisoning? And the question to everyone in his right mind and not under influence of banned substances: what kind of mentally challenged personality would believe this "Skripal poisoning" hoax?

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Posted in: Assad 'has been warned' on Idlib chemical use: Mattis See in context

Thanks for the heads up, for letting readers know how RT and other outlets in the Putin global media plus others

And thank you for another vivid demonstration how the NATO propaganda machine works! The same pattern: terrorebels face an imminent defeat - Assad "uses chemical weapons" without any practical necessity and on cameras of the White helmets jihadists' media team - hysteria in Western media - NATO comes to the jihadists' rescue - the war drags on. This time Mattis on the stage. It demonstrates how desperately NATO wants to save its clientele.

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Ok a very short aggressive pit bull then

Alas, when normal people express their opinion in normal way Madverts turn the discussion into junior schoolers' name-calling excercise.


Don't forget Israel and N Korea

Basically you're right. There are technical nuances though: Israel is not "official" nuclear state (it does not admit nor deny having nukes), and while N.Korea has detonated nuclear devices it does not seem to have deployed nuclear weapons.

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Let them meet and talk as much as they can. Negotiations, however difficult and frustrating, are always better then hostilities. And yes, no North Korean missiles over Japan this year.

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@Matt Hartwell

I don't understand why Russians think the "West" is going to invade Russia

They ask the same question: why NATO thinks Russia is going to invade the West? Russians have very good reasons not to trust NATO. In 90s after the Warsaw bloc was dissolved there were expectations that NATO would do the same, but it remained as a tool of Western dominance and even grew bigger. NATO aggressions against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya did not help to win any trust.

Otherwise you have very valid points.


When is Russia and China going to get rid of their nuclear weapons?

When the U.S., U.K., France agree to do the same. And India with Pakistan.

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Expect many more dead children as a result of chemical weapons

Unfortunately yes, the possibility is high. As soon as the jihasists are on the brink of defeat their media wing White Helmets will stage again one of their "regime gas attacks" to get NATO air support. Here is how they made up one ot he most recognizable images of the Syrian war:


Russia also denies murdering on foreign soil with chemical weapons

The West continues to make false claims about "Russian chemical weapons attacks".

And in Syria they've repeatedly targeted hospitals and schools with double tap strikes

Any proof?

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Interesting opinion about the use of white phosphorus and about the storm of Raqqa:

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the mainstream nationalist National Liberation Front, and a jihadist grouping known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, spearhead by a former al-Qaida offshoot, say they were putting aside ideological differences

That tells it all about absurdity of Western policy in Syria. Western darlings, "democratic rebels", in alliance with thugs who cut off heads of people they don't like. What next, Western support for ISIS? It will not be surprise at all.

Indiscriminate regime and Russian military offensives will only continue to lead to humanitarian catastrophe,” the U.S. official added

Humanitarian catastrophe occured at Mosul and Raqqa as a result of your action. Hypocritical liars.

Good luck to the Syrian and Russian forces with liberation of Idlib!

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From Wiki:

Scholars have documented that the Soviet famine of 1932-33 affected other nationalities. The 2004 book The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931-1933 by R.W. Davies and S.G. Wheatcroft gives an estimate of around 5.5 to 6.5 million deaths in the 1932–1933 famine throughout the Soviet Union.[3]

Interesting that while constantly condemning "nationalists" you eagerly embrace one of the favourite subjects of Ukrainian nationalists ("Stalin personally ordered to starve Ukrainians").


Let me remind you that the subject of this thread is Syria. Unable to answer a direct question on the subject and prefer to deviate into somewhere else? Why I'm not surprised.... Try to focus, however difficult it is for you.

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is more similar to the Russian starvation of 7,000,000 people in Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 under Stalin

Wow, you're well-versed in modern Ukrainian propaganda. There were no "starvation of Ukrainians", there was a huge famine that affected not only Ukraine, but other parts of the USSR as well. Anyway, no similarity with the subject. Just like the intentional annihilation of native Indian population by the U.S. has no connection with the subject.

why not try to find a more peaceful solution to the problem in Idlib?

Again, imagine the situation of spring 1945. "Why attack Germany, why storm Berlin? Let's find a peaceful solution". One of fundamental mistakes is a notion that one can find a peaceful solution with jihadists. What is your idea of peace with people who cut heads to make their point? There was no peace possible with Hitler, no peace possible with terrorists.

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3 millions people are being held captive by a few thousand freedom fighters/terrorists?

I don't think so.

Hint: terrorists have guns, and they are not shy about using these guns. And note how relatively small gangs took under control large swaths of Iraq, Syria and Libya, including big cities.

Cheerleading war

Just imagine: spring of 1945, Allied armies on the Rhine, but all of a sudden - "why all the rush to kill German women and kids, stop fighting, let's talk with Hitler".

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Thanks! Let the truth and common sense prevail!


The Syrian army was outnumbered by angry fellow citizens

Somehow all this "angry fellow citizens", with significant portion of foreign militants, are confined now only to Idlib.

Really, you're going to compare this to what the Russians have done to Aleppo?

Of course. Disappointed? You should be. The Russians at least organised several humanitarian corridors for ordinary people to leave the city and they stopped several times to allow civilians actually leave. Mosul was very different.

The Russian government only supports chemical attacks in the UK

Yes, the vial they found in the hotel!! LOL!!! In the hotel, where the "GRU spies duo" poured "the deadly nerve agent" into other vial without any protective gear! The funniest piece of nonsense I've heard in a month. It's even better then Colin Powell's vial with "Saddam's WMD".

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There is very little true 'evil' in the world

And ISIS and others are among that "little true". Or do you think that people who cut other people's throats on videocamera have some nice traits? Very unusual perspective.

*Didn't you Russians learn anything in Afghanistan?

Actually they learned a lot, that's why their present military campaign in Syria is so effective. They combine use of force with careful work with locals, making everyday life better for them. And the Russians convinced the government to pursue the policy of reconciliation. In some areas ex-rebel groups amalgamated with government units.

In fact the question "didn't you learn anything in Afghanistan?" should be addressed to the Americans, they still believe in "good terrorists". They lovingly husbanded Osama in 80s during the war in Afghanistan and he thanked them with 9.11. Now they support other jihadists in belief that these fanatics will be useful and won't bite when they have a chance. Some people never learn.


Why did Syria need Russia's help in the first place?

Read again, more attentively this time, my previous post. Jihadists often are better armed then the Syrian army.

leave it looking like Aleppo when they're done?

It will look much better then Mosul and Raqqa after Americans were done.

Will the Russians support and encourage the use of chemical weapons on civilians?

No, they never supported it. The jihadists staged such attacks to get help from NATO.

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You look handsome in those photos from Salisbury railway station!

Thank you, Boris! When you start at last to write on the subject and refrain from personal attacks?


I don't expect nationalists to understand

I'm a realist and I firmly believe that a well-armed evil can be defeated only by force, not by utopian sermons. ISIS, Jebhat an Nusra and others are evil, pure and simple. That's why I support Syrians, Russians, Iranians who fight them. That's why I support Americans when they fight ISIS, what a pity they do it too little because they are preoccupied with the protection of their world hegemony. I don't expect utopists to understand that.

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Ewww! That photo. Evil and eviler

I thought the same when I saw the photo of McCain meeting with confirmed Syrian jihadists.

why does that same government have to bring in outside help, the Russians and Iranians

Because the Syrian jihadists get even bigger outsude help - Saudis, Qatar, Israel, U.S, U.K. and other NATO members. A couple years ago there was an investigative report by a Bulgarian journalist about the massive arms supplies from Bulgaria and Rumania (they have redundant ex-Soviet weaponry) via Turkey. From the south border jihadists get Saudi and Israeli deliveries. Sometimes jihadists are better equipped then the Syrian army. They even have TOW anti-tank launchers, NATO issue.

if the Syrian government is so benevolent regarding it own citizens, then why are millions of Syrians fleeing from their own country

Most of these people left Syria before 2015 when the Syrian government had actual control of only about 10 percent of the country. We can presume that the people were fleeing not from the government, but from those who came instead of it. Now people began to return to the areas liberated by the Syrian army.


There are no good guys fighting in Syria

I hope you can say the same about those who invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011.

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Posted in: Japan vows to help Pacific island nations boost maritime security See in context

What "maritime security" issues do the Pacific Islands have?

Smuggling, poaching. These countries can use Japanese-made patrol boats.

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here has been a civil war there the last few years.....More FUD from Russia, without love

Very interesting twist of logic. It was NATO who bombed Libya, but it's Russia who got blame for that.

The present situation in Libya (the civil war, collapse of the state and disintegration of Libya into feuding gangs-controlled territories) is the direct result of the aggression of NATO in 2011. Under Qaddafi Libya was among the most well-off countries in Africa, and there were no ISIS. Just like Iraq before 2003 - no ISIS or other terrorists. But then came US/NATO, who brought destruction, death, collapse of state, civil strife and terrorism.

From NATO, with greed and without conscience.

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Posted in: Defense Ministry requests record budget of ¥5.3 trillion See in context

Completely ridiculous points yanked from the nether

You mean China does not claim the Senkakus as its territory and Kim did not launch missiles over Japan?

simply because japan's an american colony

The Philippines also was an American colony but it did not prevent China from wrestling control of islands the Philippines considered its territory. In 1974 the U.S. failed to help its satellite South Vietnam to defend several of the Paracel Islands, then annexed by China.

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I have a question for everybody critical of Japan's military spendings. What are your means to discourage China from, let's say, invading Senkaku? And to dislodge the Chinese if they are landed there? How Japan is going to defend itself if Kim decides to do some tricks with his missiles? While Japan is not very rational with its spendings (the F-35 purchase is not clever to put it mildly, Japan should develop its own fighter instead of buying this golden brick) strong military is a necessity anyway.

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Posted in: Controversial Fukushima statue of child in radiation suit to be removed See in context

Good. I's so-o-o ugly!! It looks like a character of a SF movie about a horrible space desease.

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Posted in: Russia to hold its biggest war games since fall of Soviet Union See in context


Are you suggesting Russia's doing these exercises to 'warn the west not to rely on military might to achieve its goals'?

First priority of these exercises (just like of any exercises of any army) is to test the military capabilities. Secondly, yes, to send a message. With the track record of U.S./NATO, taking into consideration what they did to the countries they didn't' like, very prudent measure.

it could be any number of different things

Nothing gonna happen. The gas deal is very desireable for everybody concerned:

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Is it stupid to assume Russia's holding these drills to remind 'the west' of Russia's military might, which it showed off in Syria, Georgia and elsewhere

Is it stupid for Russia to warn the West not to rely on military might to achieve its goals, just like it did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elswhere?

what might happen if European states don't buy Russian oil and gas

What might happen then? Please enlighten us.

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Posted in: Passengers flee after 'illegal' boat runs aground in Australia See in context

immigrants being in the dessert

Usually I don't point out other posters' misspels, but please note that "dessert" and "desert" are two very different things! "Immigrants in the dessert" sounds very amusing.

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The ruthless, remorsless and insatiable gang of world robbers called the West is very afraid to lose its dominance and ability to do whatever it wants. It would be happy to destroy and rob Russia just like it destroyed and robbed Iraq and Libya but to its sincerest regret is unable to do it because Russians, unlike Iraqis and Libyans, can defend themselves. That's why the sanctions. They'll fail in the end, it's the West's last "banzai attack".

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Very predictable. It was a mistake for Abe to say about his readiness for direct talks with North Korea, even worse was the information several days ago that Japan is considering to start talks on providing economic aid before the issue of abductions is resolved. Kim is clever and he saw an opportunity to milk Japan. The best strategy for Japan is not to take any initiatives, not to react to outburst of NK's rhetoric. Be calm, be vigilant and do not offer anything. Just wait till NK shows it really ready for substabtial negotiations without "give us money first" nonsense.

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But Russia has crossed the red line too many times

Here it comes again. I don't want to start another lenghty discussion, so let me just stress two points. First, every time the U.S. wants to denounce Russia crossing red lines it should ask itself - didn't it cross even more red-red lines? Second, I'd like to repeat my idea from the previous post: real "wrongdoings" should not be confused with empty accusations.

is essentially an autocracy does not deserve long-term commitment

Oh, please!! Let's talk facts, not fancy smokescreen words. Do you really think Putin is more autocratic then, for example, Saudi king? When were the last elections in Saudi Arabia? But it does not prevent U.S. policymakers to lay a red carpet for every Saudi visiting Washington. Democratic Saudi Arabia deserves "long-term commitment"?

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A solution acceptable to all involved would be greatly welcomed. But continual wrongdoings cannot be met, uh ... unmet

Laguna, I really hope that Russia and the U.S. find some kind of compromise.

The problem is that since the end of the Cold War U.S. policymakers forgot the meaning of the word "compromise", there is no people like Kissinger who can understand that other countries also have their lawful interests that are not identical to the U.S. interests. And real "wrongdoings" should not be confused with empty accusations.

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The changed stastistics are the outcome and the proof that they worked at the time..

You seriously believe the aim of the sanctions was to spoil Putin's mood during morning coffee and lower some figures in economy statistics? As I remember statements of U.S. politicians in 2014 the aim was to change Russia's political course, most of all to force Russia to evacuate Crimea. Did the sanctions reach this goal? So?

Again, economically it worked ...

How? Since 2014 Russia built the Crimean bridge, had a very succesful military campaign in Syria and a wonderful World Cup. Wow, these sanctions are realy biting!

but the poor Babushkas can't buy their medicines and see their pensions under stress

It's very nice of you to show compassion. But Russian babushkas are not the only ones who suffer:

Who is to blame for that? Again Putin's hackers?

A self-sufficient country doesn't need export or import, redefine you 'fundamentals'

All countries want to export, but only self-sufficient countries can live normally under any pressure the U.S. can pile on.

But anyway, explain why the US debt is 'unsustainable' ...I'm curious ....

When Obama took helm the U.S. debt was about 10 trillions, when Obama left it was 20 tril. Now it's 21. How America is going to repay its debt that is growing on a quicker and quicker pace? I'm curious...

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Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union transferred Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954

I know that. I consider Crimea Ukrinian only from 1991 because Ukraine itself was not independent in 1954, it was a part of the USSR and then the change of status of Crimea had only superficial bureucratic significance.


The oligarchs leaving their money in Russia is undesirable to them due to its capricious system

Again, I can agree with you to some extent. The matter is the Western financial system also proved to be not reliable for the oligarchs, too responsive to "outside" pressure.

I think with all the new salvo of sanctions the U.S. will get very limited results in a short term, and extremely serious problems for itself in a long term. With all that propensity to use the dollar as a weapon the U.S. just urge other countries to shed the greenback and to create an independent financial system. Russia, China and others are already working on that. It's bewildering how frantically America is trying to bury the cornerstone of its might. And the debt bomb is ticking.

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sanctions are working incrementally by limiting the opportunities Putin's fellow oligarchs have to squirrel away

Basically you have a valid point. I'd add only one 'but": OK, sanctions worked here, what next? And the next will be very simple, these oligarchs will stop hide their money in the West because it is not safe, and reluctantly start to leave their money in Russia, financing its economy.

the frustration bordering on fury he shows about precisely these sanctions

That's new to me. Can you tell me where you saw Pitin's "frustration and fury"? I always thought he controls himself very well.

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