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Asakura Cowboy comments

Posted in: Leicester right at home on Champions League night See in context

I think they'll come good in the league. It's still early days and they have a good squad.

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Posted in: Japan fumes over ref's decision in 2-1 loss to UAE in World Cup qualifier See in context

Japan should be beating UAE comfortably anyway at home, not moaning over a possible draw. Possession counts for nothing if you can't score from open play.

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Posted in: 9 found dead in Iwate home for elderly after typhoon See in context

I know we don't have much information about this at present, but 9 dead? What were the staff doing?

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Posted in: Rooney retains England captaincy under Allardyce See in context

There are still 2 years before the World Cup. Rooney may still be captain (and therefore playing for England) now, but I doubt he will be in 2 year's time. Sam is surely going to replace him before then. We already have better midfielders.

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Posted in: Driver, playing Pokemon Go, hits and kills pedestrian, injures another See in context

Accidents like this won't stop the smartphone zombies, whatever they are doing on their phones, unless something happens to them or someone close to them (maybe). Fact is they can't help themselves, driving, riding, walking whatever. They are oblivious to their surroundings and don't care or pay no attention even if it's pointed out that what they are doing is dangerous. The other day I saw a teenage girl riding her bike on the wrong side of the road, at night with no lights, in the rain while smartphoning. She didn't even blink when I pointed out that it could be dangerous-just carried on regardless. The best the rest of us can do keep our eyes open and try to avoid these idiots as much as possible. Pokemon Go is not to blame, it's just the state of society now sadly.

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Posted in: Bolt wins third Olympic 200-meter title See in context

Bolt is a legend. He said he will probably focus on the 100m only at next year's World Champs. As for the Olympics, surely that will be it. Best way to go out is on a high and as long as Jamaica win the relay, that's what he'll do. 9/9=wow.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go fans brave heat See in context

Too much free time? I'm no fan of Pokemon Go, but I'm sure a lot of them are students on their summer holidays.

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses tour to extend into 2017, says manager See in context

GnR were great back in the day, with the original lineup, but I don't really see how people can get excited about seeing them nowadays, Axel's voice has been rubbish for ages and they haven't really made a decent album since Use Your Illusion. Just like so many other rock bands from the nineties who are still going, they don't know when to quit. I for one have ignored them since the early nineties, though I do own Appetite and GnR Lies, both great releases.

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Posted in: Mickelson keeps British Open lead See in context

Good luck to Phil. Would be nice to see him win again. Stenson has a good chance for a first major as well.

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Posted in: Spieth skipping Olympics; latest star golfer to withdraw See in context

Health issues? Rubbish. They just aren't interested and want to focus on the majors I expect. Millionaire golfers showing their true colours when it comes to playing for pride and tradition. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Premier League clubs hope transfers don't take Brexit pounding See in context

They'll just start buying players from non-EU countries instead then I suppose. Plenty of South American talent etc. No doubt, the best British players will still warm the bench at the top clubs. No change there.

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Posted in: Very British occasion in Paris for last 16 of Euro 2016 See in context

Qualifying third out of four with two defeats is hardly earth-shattering but fair play to NI. As for the people saying Wales can go all the way, well they beat Slovakia and a Russian team who had basically given up, but lost to England who are poor. Some perspective please. Then again, Leicester City won the Prem so who knows?

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

The men has learned and know better than to marry only to give up his 4 million yen income, hobby, and to live on a 30000 per month allowance from their wives.

30,000 yen? I only get 20,000! Hey that's not fair!

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Posted in: I really want people to think about what they use their money for. Money is worthless unless you use it, and I don't understand why people just keep saving it. See in context

Easy to say when you have never had to worry about money in your life. Like others have said, it's all very well to say spend it if you've got money to spare/ save in the first place!

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Posted in: Despair and defiance as Russian athletes react to doping ban See in context

It has been proven that doping is rife in Russian athletics (and other sports). Banning Russia is one of the ways to solve the problem in the long term. The Russian athletes who can prove they are clean can complete as neutrals-I don't see the problem. The Russian athletes complaining must have something to hide, otherwise they would be encouraging measures to stamp out doping in Russian sport surely, even if it means they can't compete for Russia.

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Posted in: Parents appeal for help to solve 1996 abduction of 4-year-old daughter See in context

Unless we know all the details, we can't really judge the parents. On the surface it looks like an irresponsible thing to do, but there may have been a perfectly good explanation for why he took her there (although it does seem a bit strange). Anyway, after so long, it's highly unlikely that there will be a happy outcome, but you never know. As a parent myself, I know I'd never give up hope.

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Posted in: French Open organisers under fire as backlog grows due to rain See in context

Smith: How is the rain going to injure your back? Like Speed says. it sounds more like sore losers to me. I know it's a fair weather sport, but they get paid enough. Stop moaning and get on with it. Little bit of rain...honestly!

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

I'm also of the opinion that the parents seem to be hiding something. Either they left him alone for a lot longer than they said and he really did get lost (or taken), or they have done something to him and this is their cover story. I can't really see a happy outcome at this point, even if they are telling the truth. Sad.

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Posted in: Pair of Yubari melons fetch record Y3 mil at auction See in context

You're twisting my melon man.

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Posted in: Adele signs with Sony for £90 million See in context

A manufactured boy band have credibility? Among who? I almost laughed out loud the other day when one of my uni students started going on about how amazing they are. Adele at least can sing, not always a prerequisite these days, but 90 million quid is still obscene.

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Posted in: Manchester United faces multi-million pound bill for fake bomb 'fiasco' See in context

Yep. Terrible for the 'fans' who travelled hundred of miles to watch 'their' team from places like Bristol and other hotbeds of Utd support.

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Posted in: End of a saga: Becky to return to showbiz; Kawatani divorces wife following scandal See in context

Well, I don't know who's watching her 'comeback' on TV as I write this, but it consists of her being interviewed by that idiot from Smap (who has doubtless done a million worse things to get where he is today) and her teary confession. This is watchable TV?! It's bloody cringeworthy and pathetic. If I were her I would wash my hands of the entertainment business, but I suppose that she can't do anything else. I respect her less for coming back and putting herself through this public embarrassment just to get her old job back.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

Sorry. Been in Japan too long!

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

Hit it on the head Mr. Noidall. There's no point getting all hot under the collar about correct English in Japan, because most Japanese people don't care anyway, except the ones who have a specific reason for studying it. The problem is when students of we English teachers come to class with this incorrect English they see everywhere in their heads, believing it to be correct English. Then when we tell them it's wrong they are suprised, shocked, incredulous or even don't believe it! Oh by the way, thanks a lot to that American bloke on TV who has got all my elementary kids thinking "Why Japanese people!" is correct English. As if we don't have enough problems with bad English as it is, a bloody native speaker has to make it worse just to get a few laughs!

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Posted in: Where's the passion? China soccer boom missing key ingredient See in context

Isn't this article nicked from the BBC? Certainly there's one very similar. Money, money, money. You can't buy the history of the game, a lot of the passion is entrenched in the history i.e. people growing up supporting their local teams and wanting to play like their favourite players who they idolised as kids. China just doesn't have the history, so they are just trying to buy popularity. It won't work, and I doubt if China will ever win the World Cup. Not in my lifetime anyway. Look at all the previous World Cup winners. All of them have long footballing histories. Anyway China has only appeared in the World Cup once and they lost all their games I think. Japan has more chance of winning.

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Posted in: Lennon's lyrics, Cobain's letter and Gaga's piano up for auction See in context

Can't say I know much about Gaga's music, but most awards don't mean much to real musicians or true fans for that matter. Plus she is still alive and making music, so it's a bit premature to discuss her 'legacy' now. But, any musician who needs to bring that much attention to themselves aside from the music itself is setting themselves up for attack from people who would argue that with Cobain and Lennon it was all about the music and nothing else. (Cobain did wear a dress on stage on occasion but I don't think that was any kind of fashion statement or desire to be noticed).

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Posted in: Man United loses to West Ham after team bus attacked See in context

Good to see the Hammers win their last game at the Boleyn Ground and Manure lose. Shame some thugs had to ruin it. It's not over for 4th spot yet though with Utd at home to Bournemouth and City away at Swansea (who are very hot and cold) last game of the season. It wouldn't suprise me actually if City throw it away.

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Posted in: Leicester wins English Premier League title for 1st time in 132-year history See in context

Great news for all 'small' teams everywhere. I agree with another comment on the fear factor effect. This season a lot of the 'lesser' teams have got good results against the so-called top four, Chelsea have certainly lost it, Man Utd too. My team got two draws against Chelski and although we didn't beat any of the top 4 in the league, the games were closer than expected-we missed a last minute penalty to have the chance to get a point v Manure for example. After Leicester's fairy tale, any team will fancy their chances against anyone else. It will make for a more competitive league. It also proves that big spending doesn't always work, and that you can't buy team spirit. On paper Citeh had the best squad by far, but haven't even challenged for the title. They might not even make the top 4! Hopefully the bigger clubs will realise that just splashing cash around isn't enough-I doubt it in he case of Citeh and Chelski though(!).

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy unconscious after classroom fight See in context

Not at elementary school surely MsDelicious; one teacher teaches most of the subjects in the same room as far as I'm aware. There should have been a teacher supervising at least. I have a 9 year old son, so this story hits a nerve. Fights sometimes happen, such is life, but a terrible outcome on this occasion. Hope he pulls through.

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Posted in: Man United beats West Ham to claim FA Cup semifinal spot See in context

Shame for Hammers fans. I thought they might go all the way this season. So, let's hope Everton can do the business in the semis and my club Watford beat Palace to set up a 1984 final rematch!

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