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Posted in: Three new 'Star Wars' films on the way: producers See in context

Porkins: A Star Wars Origin Story

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Posted in: Fight terrorism See in context

I bet this will make terrorists think twice.

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

Danielsan, only sado-masochists would work in that mine. Hence the name.

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Posted in: GSDF probe finds over 100 sexual harassment cases; 5 members fired See in context

Very low rate by world standards.

The number of cases or the number of firings?

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Posted in: Can James Cameron and 'Avatar' wow again? Don't doubt it. See in context

Did Avatar wow the first time? Not in my case, at least.

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Posted in: Fearless Butler confident of slaying 'Monster' Inoue See in context

It only takes a minute or two to adjust the scales.

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Posted in: Japan, Belgium to cooperate in chip production, development See in context

Will the semiconductors be waffle-shaped?

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Posted in: Major Japanese utilities face record amount of antitrust fines See in context

As long as it's cheaper to pay the fine..

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

You can dominate the pitch as much as you like; the key is to dominate the goals.

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Posted in: Third Japanese cabinet minister in a month resigns in blow to Kishida See in context

At this pace, all ministers will have been fired well before the "golden three years" are over. 

Time for Kishida to run for the shadows.

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Posted in: Paris reveals mascots for 2024 Olympics, Paralympics See in context

The Olympic cap

Spelling mistake, surely?

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Posted in: Koike looking for tourists See in context

Is this part of YOUは何しに日本へ?

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Posted in: Shaken UK Conservatives seek unity after Truss' rocky start See in context

some Tory lawmakers are mulling

Japan is not so unique after all

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Posted in: Woman pays for 'Russian astronaut' to return to Earth in marriage scam See in context

But as the person continued to ask her for money, she consulted the police.

Did she first try calling the space cops?

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Posted in: Toy firm allegedly bribed ex-Tokyo Olympics executive See in context

Can't wait to see Soumeity behind bars.

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Posted in: Rare footage of Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan to be screened in censored form See in context

The Beatles were already pretty blurry by that point.

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Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

Does he speak English?

If he's talking with Liz, he'd be none the wiser if he could.

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Posted in: Bizarre bicycle vandalism reported to mayor of Mie town; he admits doing it See in context

This guy's one wheel short of a unicycle.

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Posted in: Japanese public broadcaster issues apology for calling a train a 'train' See in context

It's not a tank engine.

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Posted in: Tropicana’s Japanese licensee in hot juice for cartons that boast '100% Melon Taste' See in context

It's 100% something alright.

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Posted in: Deepening Tokyo Olympics bribery scandal casts shadow over 2030 bid See in context

Now the process largely takes place away from the glare of publicity

Well, that's convenient.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

LDP: We can't evaluate Abe's UC connections, because he's dead.

LDP: In our evaluation, Abe deserves a state funeral.

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Posted in: Liz Truss vows tax cuts after winning vote to be next British PM See in context

NHK don't know much about her (there isn't much to know), so in their reporting they emphasised her similarities to Thatcher (because, er, Truss once wore that scarf thing).

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Posted in: Digital minister Kono asks gov't to stop using floppy disks See in context

a:\ shocked face

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Posted in: Nissan keen to leverage U.S. tax credit on electric vehicles See in context

Ghosn are the days when I'd consider buying a Nissan.

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Posted in: Olympic sponsor fee for retailer in bribery scandal was more than halved: report See in context

Both are solid enough and Lamrine would have been happy with them.

Well, that's nice.

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Posted in: Putin blasts U.S. 'hegemony,' predicts end to 'unipolar' world See in context

End to unipolar world predicted by bipolar president

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Posted in: Sri Lankan family seeks Japan panel review over detainee's death See in context

Sorry for stating facts but the main culprits of Ratnayake's death are the 99% of detainees who frequently fake illness in hopes to get a 仮放免 (provisional release, you hear this word 10x whenever you meet one)

I'd like to know which study you got that figure from.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan family seeks Japan panel review over detainee's death See in context

All posts repeating "she did not commit a crime" are wrong.

I don't think anyone's "bleating" about her being detained for overstaying. Her family members are not seeking a review over their sister's detention; they're seeking a review over their sister's death.

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Posted in: Japan passes bill to make online insults punishable by jail time See in context

Political cartoons wouldn't fly here either though they should make fun of a lot of these goofy politicians.

You've obviously never read the Asahi Shimbun. The other day I laughed out loud at 新キシラ looming above the Diet building.

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