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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth 'humbled' by cheering Jubilee crowds See in context

Long may she reign!

Did you get the memo? She's reigned for 70 years already.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth 'humbled' by cheering Jubilee crowds See in context

Queenie wasn't "humbled"; she was "honoured".

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Posted in: Ex-minister convicted for receiving bribe from egg producer See in context


At least the 5 million hen has been recooperated.

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Posted in: North Korea confirms 1st COVID outbreak; Kim orders lockdown See in context

Omedetou gozaimasu.

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Posted in: New ‘Doctor Who’ star is ‘Sex Education’ actor Ncuti Gatwa See in context

Bring back stories that develop over multiple episodes.

And here's my million pound sterling idea: Have a "converted" dalek act as one of the doctor's companions.

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Posted in: Aichi police on lookout for whoever stole public toilet’s flushing handle See in context


Be careful who you kiss

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Posted in: Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 See in context

Salt Lake and Sapporo are both ideal choices. Neither place has a history of bribing IOC officials.


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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

"In retrospect, my judgment was wrong."

In prospect, too.

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Posted in: Japan aims to ensure chip-use rare gases procurement See in context

chip-use rare gases procurement

Doncha just love noun chains?

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Posted in: Famous cherry-blossom lane in Osaka reopens after 2 years See in context

It's a mosh pit.

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Posted in: Osaka makes Miami quarterfinals; says she's more grateful See in context

That one.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy appeals to Japan for more sanctions against Russia See in context

Dave, do you know? Just asking!

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Posted in: Nissan seeks ¥1.4 bil damages from ex-exec Kelly over Ghosn pay See in context

How much damages is Nissan seeking from Toshiaki Ohnuma et al?

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Posted in: 44-year-old man arrested after paying minor for sex See in context

I was accosted outside Tenoji station and quotet 15,000 yen.

And they say romance is dead

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly gets suspended sentence; judge slams Ghosn See in context

Greg fell in with a bad crowd 

Saikawa, Nada, etc.

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Posted in: It's all about legs See in context

It's nice that they included a Japanese translation in small print out of consideration for the Japanese-speaking minority of this nation.

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Posted in: Britain beats Japan 10-3 to win Olympic women’s curling gold See in context

To paraphrase Burns

But pith and power, till my last hour,

I'll mak this declaration;

We're bought and sold for Team GB gold-

Such a parcel of curlers in a nation!

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Posted in: Epstein ally found dead in French prison: prosecutors See in context

Is this from the new series/season of Engrenage?

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Posted in: IAEA team visits Fukushima nuclear plant to review water release plan See in context

The process is complicated and expensive....However, it is expensive! It is much easier to sit on their hands and wait until they have no choice....

Which is why the disaster happened in the first place.

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Posted in: French language watchdog warns of English infiltration See in context


That would certainly be the de rigueur approach.

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Posted in: Nathan Chen wins figure skating gold; Kagiyama takes silver, bronze for Uno See in context

I watched the medal ceremony on NHK. A Japanese athlete has won silver, a Japanese athlete has won bronze, and all the commentators talk about is Hanyu.

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Posted in: Chen sets world record in short program, leaving Kagiyama, Uno, Hanyu behind See in context

He left the crazy - the downright stunning - on the ice of Beijing's historic Capital Indoor Stadium.

Can anyone translate this?

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Posted in: Watch where you ride See in context

I also want to see these signs handing from every lamp post in the city, but that's just me being optimistic.

Outside a local station, there are dozens and dozens of these signs plastered on the walls, on the pillars, and on the ground. A stupid amount.

There are dozens and dozens of cyclists cycling past them.

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Posted in: Japan to push controversial mine for UNESCO World Heritage See in context

I vote to inscribe the LDP as World Heritage for offering great insight into Prehisto-Showa ways of thinking. The Ruins of Abe are of particular interest.

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Posted in: Hostage dead after 11-hour standoff in Saitama house See in context

What does a shotgun "like" weapon look like?

A better translation would have been "what appeared to be a shotgun".

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan demands apology for 2 years of abuse See in context

The words iceberg and tip come to mind.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson fights for survival after lockdown party hangover See in context

The 1922 Committee may have a centenary kill.

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Posted in: Tony Blair and COVID officials receive knighthoods See in context

Thanks for giving me my first vomit of the year

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Posted in: Lineup for end-of-year Kohaku song contest 2021 revealed See in context


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Posted in: Australia cricket captain resigns after 'sexting' scandal See in context

His career is in Ashes (or it was).

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