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Posted in: Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle See in context

How about not doing non-customer centric moves such as overcharging customers for drinks and cakes that aren’t worth that much. And not making such moves as not offering anything but tall sized drinks inside train stations. I stopped ordering Starbucks when I travel because of that.

The mobile app is great already. So adding stuff like being able to put your name on the order is an annoying extra step. People just want to get their coffee or drinks with minimum fuss and at speed without loss in quality.

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Posted in: At least 2,000 people arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on U.S. campuses, AP tally shows See in context

If it’s a trudelt peaceful protest that is fine.

If they are harassing any students, then arrest the harassers away. These people are poison.

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

Stephen ChinToday  09:29 am JST

Taiwan Belongs To China. Take a look underwater. The Island Is A Continuation of the Chinese Mainland!!

…….By this very same thought process….China belongs to Taiwan…. Lol

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Posted in: Japan to start offering residency to 4th-generation descendants See in context

Try getting rid of the ridiculously high inheritance tax!

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Posted in: Biden believes U.S. Steel sale to Japanese company warrants 'serious scrutiny' See in context

Japan Inc has a habit of getting a bad deal out of these purchases. Take the chance and get out now.

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Posted in: Russia withdraws from 2025 World Expo in Japan See in context

Olympics and world expos are scams against the people of the nation hosting,

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Posted in: Women's sport revenues tipped to break $1 billion barrier See in context

Sounds like a case of pass the hot potato to me. I wonder who will get burned.

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Posted in: Japanese suspects say life was harsh in Cambodia scam operation See in context

A 10-20 jail stint in Cambodia should be better……bringing them back to Japan is like a holiday sentence.

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Posted in: China halts imports of Nishikigoi carp from Japan over Fukushima row See in context

Good, if anything the fish will be very happy when you take away such a large proportion of the global population from decimating the fish population :-)

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

What a bunch of …….

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan to 'take lead' in addressing Gaza crisis See in context

Come on…..Japan is a great country in many aspects. But let’s face it, they should not get involved in this. They are not equipped or knowledgeable enough….It’s actually more annoying when politicians do these gimmicky announcements for their own pride with no plan on how it may actually be done. And they are giving themselves a pay rise……completely undeserved.

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Posted in: S Korean president calls Japan 'partner' on Liberation Day See in context

Finally good. Together Japan and Korea can help make a better Asia. The only people that drum up the past to stoke tensions between Japan and Kora are not doing it for the people but for their own personal gains.

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Posted in: Hong Kong will ban more products from Japan if treated wastewater is discharged, its leader says See in context

Honk Kong? Or China…..Lol

……politicizing health issues again…..rather than doing things in a logical and fair manner.

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Posted in: Chinese public sees Japan, U.S. as least trustworthy: survey See in context

Conducted by a Canadian university …..loss credibility as soon as it said…conducted with a survey firm in China…… LMAO….

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Posted in: Tokyo to host Japan's 1st Formula E electric motorsport race See in context

So it will be US vs China…..on which car will take over the controls first and crash or which one will explode first before the finish line.

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Posted in: Man gets 18 years for killing 16-year-old boy in Kobe in 2010 See in context

Horrible judge…….let’s all claim we stabbed the person in the neck with no intention to kill. What a joke. Should be life imprisonment or the earth penalty.

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Posted in: G7 ministers meet in Japan to discuss women's empowerment See in context

Always ends up empowering toxic and undeserving females at the expense of the real objective of the efforts.

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Posted in: Homework will 'never be the same,' says ChatGPT founder See in context

The guys not exactly going to say anything honestly negative about the impact of the technology. Beware.

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Posted in: Refugee law deportation changes empower Japan gov't amid distrust See in context

Rather than spouting that Japan is seeking to block legitimate claims for asylum, it must be more about making sure dodgy claims not get through. It’s up to the Japanese how they would like protect their borders. Would it not be better to examine, cases where Japan do grant asylum and cases where they don’t and really see if they are being fair. Just saying the numbers they grant asylum to is low compared to western countries is a poor reason because it could just mean those countries are giving asylum to people who don’t really need it, which is a problem. Anyway who in their right mind would seek asylum in Japan…….that’s strange in itself, especially since people know how strict it is here, how insular it is towards foreigners and how hard it is to get to in the first place.

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Posted in: Japan seeks over 30% of female executives in key firms by 2030 See in context

So many promotions over more capable men just because of inclusion diversity policies. Which is wrong. Similarly seen the opposite as well.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill to reform law on sex crimes See in context

reform for the better and then they build in a back door…….shame on these people.

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Posted in: Nagoya court rules not recognizing same-sex marriage unconstitutional See in context

The fact that there are no anti gay marriage protests prove that generally don’t mind. However, once the LGBT community start pushing the pronoun agenda, hope people come out in force against it. That stuff is toxic.

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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

Good! Why should locals have to pay so much more. Japan is already over crowded so this is welcome to control the hoards and reduce the rif raf. Those who are complaining and don’t want to come. Please don’t.

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Posted in: Kishida's son rebuked for party photos at official residence See in context

I hate it when officials spend money for private things but surely the immediate family of the leader of the country can be afforded some protection when going sightseeing etc. On saying that if it’s clear abuse, come down on him hard, but isn’t it just a father trying to give his son the exposure for a political career. However, if that son does many inappropriate things and is saved and later things he can get away with it…..by all means come down on the little brat fast…..

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Posted in: BOJ chief admits 'big gap' on female representation at bank See in context

We don’t need representation, we need people who are qualified for the job and do it fairly. I don’t want to be represented if that person is useless.

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Posted in: Japan formally decides to downgrade COVID-19 to flu level on May 8 See in context

Thank god, Japan (rightly or wrongly) did it their own way and do what they thought was right to protect its citizens. No need to succumb to external views and pressures.

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Posted in: Japan aiming for record number of foreign visitors in 2025 See in context

OMG……major cities will become horrible to live again. Great for businesses though.

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Posted in: Japan starts requiring negative COVID tests for travelers from China See in context

If a high percentage of a population are getting infected and dying. And numbers coming out are suspicious, and the country is crying unfair treatment……Definitely passengers from there need to be tested pre and post arrival and follow the quarantine rules the world has had to go through…..A lesson in how to make people hate you as a nation. But maybe that’s the goal.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

This is along side an article that companies plan to hire more new grads. So basically, they won’t increase salaries but what they will do is get rid of higher paid employees and bring in new grads so they can say they will be increasing salaries moving forward and because it will make them look good because they’re helping bring up a new generation. meanwhile the upper management for making the decisions that have turned Japanese companies to the dumps are enjoying their benefits at the top.

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Posted in: North Korea opens New Year with missile launch See in context

what an irrelevant person,

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