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"juminRhee Today  09:08 am JST


If a potential foster parent has to go through training, why dont potential birth parents have to?

Because birth parents have their children with them from day one. While they certainly will need help and advice at times, in the end birth parents and their children begin bonding from the very beginning.

In contrast, foster parents are taking in children who in many cases may already be several years old, with issues having already developed before the foster parents even meet them. And every effort should be made to help them face those issues with regard to a child with whom they haven't been able to bond since birth.

So, not the same thing.


Agreed but to be honest many birth parents should get training also...

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"Why does an adult need to be trained to foster a child?" ....Exactly why education is needed.

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Posted in: Boeing suspends testing of long-haul 777X aircraft See in context

ANA has an order for 10 of the 777-X due for delivery in 2021. They also have 30 737-Max8 on order which they haven’t yet cancelled in the wake of the crashes. I have been a loyal flyer of ANA as they are an amazing airline, but if they choose to continue to put these types of issue filled planes into service, it will be at the expense of safety and calls into question their integrity. I would definitely consider switching to Japan airlines who currently favors airbus and have no Max on orders. I have nothing against previous Boeing planes. Actually prefer to fly on them, but when an plane manufacturer starts putting profit way way before safety it’s a big big problem.

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The Pringles they commonly sell in Japan are now all made in Malaysia. They just don't quite taste the same as the US made ones. .......I have since stopped buying them.

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Posted in: 'Minister of Toilets' aims to transform Japan's public loos See in context

Although uncomfortable, squat toilets are useful as there is no skin contact. Take your pick: (1) Sitting on a toilet covered in piss or (2) using a squat toilet.

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What a stupid article! Did anyone look at the year on year increase? > 20% year on year. And I don't know anyone who doesn't want to visit Japan. Its not even expensive anymore, especially when you take quality into account.

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

Agreed! no class at all. And also Japan are doing pretty well. 18-11 medal ratio to china is pretty phenomenal, since the population of China is literally 10 times that of Japan!

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Companies are being really opportunistic and charging way higher for many items than the tax hike. Another article mentioned as high as 20% but have seen some items gone up more than 50%.......that is a ridiculous amount! Hope those companies overcharging get their just desserts!

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Posted in: Japanese firms finally get pricing power just as economic growth sputters See in context

passing on costs.....basic normal people will get shortchanged!!!

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Posted in: China Internet users call for action against Japan See in context

Isn't this a common Communist government agenda, find a common enemy and focus the population on that rather than the regional conflicts that would arise from within that would lead to a lost of control of power. Anything coming out of China is meaningless anyway since all the websites are censored.

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

The insurance company is a joke, the judge is a joke. Why should the insurance company get paid, isn't that what the insurance company is for! Otherwise there should be no need for anyone to pay monthly fees. I wish they would name the insurance company and give it a bad rap. Judge must be corrupt.

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Posted in: TEPCO hires nuclear safety advocate See in context

Slightly biased interests if you ask me......Chairman of Nuclear Energy Startup Hyperion!.....anyway hope she does get the safety levels up to ABOVE standard because Japan does need nuclear power stations. And if anyone can, this lady probably can....she would kick any man into place! One tough cookie!

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

Excuse #1 It is for scientific research. Excuse #2 It is to protect dwindling fish stocks. Excuse #3 It is our culture.

If #1 is not working, try #2 and then #3.

When something is about science, then there is only one excuse #1. Japan and the range of excuses it uses means it is not about scientific research. The trouble is some normal folk actually support and believe all this and when you talk to them they start ranting off about its their culture...... Ironic thing is many of these people who complain don't even like or eat Whale meat!

Its just to maintain those few who make a living off the Whale industry. Maybe the government should spend these research funds on finding a replacement industry.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

There is something very wrong with this. NHK should be sued for transmitting a signal to peoples private TV systems, without people having the right to opt out of it. People should mass together and sue NHK.

If NHK wants to make money try selling advertisements!

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One does wonder how people in Japan have coped up until now....

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When in Rome do as the Romans do.....Japan does not need to do anything special to attract more Muslim countries or people of other countries. You don't see much news of muslim countries doing anything special. People should come to Japan because they want to and to be honest most people you talk to want to visit Japan, its just prohibitively expensive for some people. Just do normal marketing.

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Posted in: 3 school bullies sent to child consultation center following suicide of victim See in context

And even if the teachers had realised they would have done nothing about it! Shame on the students and the teachers. On saying that they should get all the students in the school together and kick the crap out of the bullies.....people should get what they dish out.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested after exposing himself in video rental shop See in context

How unenlightened.....

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Posted in: Saitama junior high teacher arrested over alleged sexual assault See in context

He should get molested by a gang of big hairy guys from the blue oyster bar and see how he likes it.......unfortunately he might enjoy it! Disgrace to the profession.

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Posted in: Boeing, U.S. FAA defend approval of 787 Dreamliner See in context

7000 hours of testing to say "quite robust" is not exactly confidence inspiring!

It should be 100% robust when safety is involved.

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Posted in: Japan aims to attract more tourists from Islamic countries See in context

A very unenthusiastic yipeeeee.....

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Posted in: ANA Boeing 787 has engine problem before takeoff See in context

That is the trouble with plastic planes!

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Great now they're putting 2 wafer thin slices of meat!

A poor excuse for a sandwich.

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Its funny how when it is a non-western country doing these type of things are a custom or practice. However when its in a western country, its not described this way.

Pouring water does make it cooler though. And its OK if there is enough water around.

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Posted in: Man with samurai sword held after barricading himself in Aichi See in context

Serves the company right for not paying the brother the proper wages.

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Posted in: Spurned women wreak vengeance See in context

And they say there is something worng with the men! Sounds like it was good the guys got rid of these nutcases!

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger slams Bush administration on global warming See in context

Good on Arnie. He must be repenting all those years spent in movies blowing up stuff and contributing to the whole greenhouse thing. But one Arinie side on this. Hope he gets Bush.......that man has done more to screw up the earth than anyone......

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People losing respect for teachers was bound to happen in Japan, all the news about bribery, sex scandals, kids dropping through roofs and on top of this, when these things do happen, teachers take minimal action. They bow so many times that it doesn't mean anything anymore. They take pay cuts that don't really hurt, they get dismissed but are rehired again! DOn't get me wrong there are great teachers out there but they are overshadowed by the bad ones. They should if not already have some way of getting rid of these bad ones and bring back some dignity to the profession.

Same with the good and bad kids, and good and bad parents. However the only one that the government can more immediately improve is probably the school since I hope they have some control over them.

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Posted in: How green was my G-8 summit? See in context

I just wished people, governments would stop rasing awareness and really go about putting and subsidizing real eco-friendly things that really reduce the eco-footprint once all things are considered.

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Posted in: How green was my G-8 summit? See in context

Not very green probably. Probably spent more trying to look green! Much like that stupid global warming concert think a while back which definitely was not green. Imagine all the pollution caused by all the concerts, trash, people travelling there, the advertising, the media thing.....raised awareness which I bet many have now forgot.

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