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Posted in: Moriyasu defends decision-making after Japan's loss to Costa Rica showing See in context

Tried to be too clever of a fluke win over Germany. Fool.

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Posted in: Japan sets up panel to review foreign trainee program See in context

Hope they may sure this is not a discussion panel but a thorough process for getting an effective program up that doesn’t let black companies destroy so many dreams….wait a minute….as long as there is a corrupt official somewhere there will always be a way….

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Posted in: Shionogi's oral COVID drug given emergency approval in Japan See in context

we are proud of this drug….hmmm ….sure enough a lot of work has been put into it….however looking at what it does….the evidence does support much impact except for hopefully it doesn’t cause any serious side effects…..seems like the government is trying to justify the initial sums of money it threw at drug companies developing new drugs and/or some politician/approval authority has an associated bank account.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

Like two peas in a pod itching to get out…….

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders 2 to pay ¥500 mil over 'fast movie' uploads See in context

Disgusting. Shame on these movie companies. Shame on the court for allow such large payouts when real crime is largely unrewarded. Someone in the justice or political circles must have just got a nice increase in their savings.

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Posted in: Musk delays Twitter relaunch after fake account frenzy See in context

Twitter will show how great Musk really is……

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Posted in: Studies find automatic braking can cut crashes over 40% See in context

Great until it doesn’t….

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Posted in: Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening See in context

Love how foreigners are so self absorbed that they think people here want tourists. Yes the related industries do for obvious reasons. But other people really don’t….

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Posted in: Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening See in context

Saw a visiting family the other day…..all masked. But youngest kid must have been tired and freaking out the locals. Unmasked he was basically wiping his face back and forths across the table where they put the bread for customers. And the parents were oblivious.

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Posted in: Kuroda says he has no desire to be reappointed BOJ governor See in context

I don’t want to be around when they realized how much I screwed up my country. I am taking my money and running.

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Posted in: Seven & i to sell Sogo & Seibu department stores to Fortress Investment See in context

So the strategy is basically turn it into an electronics store……can’t believe Seven and I probably the best fit to turn Seibu and Sogo around…..folded to this. Sad news for Japan.

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

Am I missing something here….training kids to sound the horn or some form of special alarm is good but wouldn’t the primary check be to check all the kids get on and off the bus!

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

Kishida better take notice, the state of the Japanese economy and peoples finances from lack of wage inflation has turned people to this level of penny pinching.

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Posted in: Suspected groper injured after jumping onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

I swear you could copy-paste the same story line and change the character names for each time this happens.

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Posted in: Japan foreign arrivals in Sept up 11.7-fold from last year to 206,500 See in context

Go Domestic Tourism, restore yourself to its former glory.

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan issues reminder about showing too much skin inside the park See in context

And just when I had prepared my Mankini lol

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Posted in: No. 2 U.S. diplomat heads to Japan to discuss N Korea, LGBTQ rights See in context

I am not against LGBT, but what has that got to do with the US, especially when you see all the issues they have yet to solve.

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Posted in: Liz Truss quits after six chaotic weeks as UK prime minister See in context

It makes you think, how these people were ever elected to be MP. Sunak, Truss, Boris….is there no one worthy of the position….

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases increase in Japan for 1st time in 2 months See in context

Experts say it is due to the influx of foreign tourists not wapearing masks and not adhere it to social distancing rules.

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested over sexual assault of woman after spiking her drink See in context

Forget jail time, castrate him and more.

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Posted in: Kobe court has disposed of records from 1997 serial killings by minor See in context

OMG, even if the person is a minor, the crimes were too severe to ever consider a release. Who is going to be held responsible if he does this again. What a bunch of imbeciles…..I hope for their sake, if this guy commits again, it will not be on their families.

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Posted in: Damages awarded to Japan's #MeToo symbol over defamatory tweet likes See in context

What a farcical justice system…..this guy should have got a punishment that would hurt. This is probably like a dinner for him….disgusting.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric punishes 22 execs over inspection cheating scandal See in context

“Among the 197 cases of misconduct identified, 112 were found to be intentional, alongside 85 unintentional lapses, the panel said, adding that 62 cases involved management staff.”……So 112 crooks, and 85 idiots….

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Posted in: Foreign tourists react to mask-wearing in Japan, and Japanese people react to foreign non-maskers See in context

What’s the fuss, masks are only uncomfortable if you’re wearing the N95 etc. The Japanese are mainly using surgical masks, which is not uncomfortable. Anyway some people really should cover their face.

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Posted in: Russia destroys power and water infrastructure across Ukraine See in context

A leader who goes to war under the pretense of for the good of the people is his attempt to distract from his unpopularity with his own people and delay his own downfall.

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Posted in: Using more nuclear power would help ease weak yen impact: minister See in context

Nuclear for all its negatives, is still better so as to break away from reliance on fossil fuels, allowing more resources to the development of renewable energies. let’s face it, the current green initiatives just don’t work and may actually be doing more damage to the environment.

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Posted in: Japan to impose more sanctions on N Korea over missile tests See in context

Sanctions don’t work, they’re just wasting public funds…..need something more conclusive.

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Posted in: Flying car company Joby applies for Japan aircraft certification See in context

Better not be seeing this in cities, especially with the recent increases in use of drone strikes! Is it better for the environment….not when you compare it against a very efficient Japanese public transport system. Is it more cost effective……not when it will likely cost an arm and a leg. A flying car is not a car, it’s a plane or helicopter! This better not get legalized as if it does, it will be through corrupt politicians and self interests of ANA and Toyota backers, and not for any reasons of real public need.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges help to those financially affected by Unification Church See in context

hang on, so he is planning to help people, they helped steal money from by us ain’t tax payers money. I would maybe understand if all this is coming from the politicians own savings.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap current non-digital health insurance cards in 2024 See in context

Konno didn’t get to be prime minister so he is looking to screw the Japanese people in a different way. Disaster waiting to happen. Putting things under one roof. Will people never learn.

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