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Posted in: Computers in Diet hit by China-based cyberattack See in context

this never happened when we all still played super nintendo, the 'naughty' chinese couldnt have hacked that

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Posted in: Burger King to offer all-you-can-eat Whopper campaign for two weeks See in context

i am all over this!! i just hope japan BK isnt like mos burger with the salt, im going to be in Tokyo round the 5th so i will starve myself the week before. healthy!

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Posted in: Light up See in context

I quit, and am stocking up on regular bulbs.

wise decision, you can never be sure in these dark days what may lie ahead in terms of light bulb related shenanigans :D

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Posted in: Radioactive ash causes Kashiwa incinerators to shut down See in context

glad i live in Shizouka..

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Posted in: Would you go bananas for Y877,000 an hour? See in context

i applied and i wrote a very genki post :D GO ME! i have sold me soul to Dole

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Posted in: Grandstanding See in context

is that mother Teresa??

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Posted in: Pirates attack Japan chemical tanker in Red Sea See in context

Shiver me timbers! we pirates get a right old bad press these days Argh!

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Posted in: Shin-Koiwa station struggles to avoid status of 'suicide spot' See in context

Pump the station full of nitrous oxide and keep everyone happy and laughing.

excellent idea! i spent the summer selling the stuff at festivals, no one killed themselsves. I conclude that that was a credible scientific experiement and everyone should have some NOS everyday just for giggles

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Posted in: Saudi king revokes woman driver's lashing sentence See in context

the whole hiding women away in houses and behind clothes and restricting their freedom is just male insecurity allowed to manifest itself in laws. these guys need some lessons in relationships, jealously and possibly dress sense, my rates are very reasonable. call me guys!

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Posted in: Hitler lookalike on key rings, magnets on sale in Taiwan 7-Eleven See in context

'Nazi Bar' Amazing

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Posted in: China enjoys 'bubble' while Japan languishes on sidelines See in context

hahaha word stealers! Eloquence is highly mimiced

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making bogus money with color copier See in context

I think she should be bequeathed a plastic medal for her entrepreneurial spirit

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Posted in: Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet See in context

what is it faster than my mamachari!?

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Posted in: Radiation found in rice from Fukushima Pref; more tests planned See in context

It think human beings are a lot more hardy than thought. The problem is that this is an 'invisible' threat and as such like the use of darkness in horror films you never know what is out there/in your food i remember when i found out that peantu butter is generally 5% insects it made me freak but hey its extra protein

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