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I support Israel. I am Indian Palestine are terrorists.

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Mr. Ghosn acted like Yakuza in siphoning money from Japanese corporate world. He should be extradited to face prosecution.

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people can't say that Japanese legal system is rotten and escape the clutches law. It is the law is of the land and runs along with it. If you are doing business in Japan the foreign business CEO has to honour Japanese law. But i feel Japanese will have to pay more money and time to bring this fugitive from the clutches of the American judiciary. As Mr. Ghosn can't escape from the law of the Japan. what is definition of crime in Japan may not be crime in America. So this case will be watched very intensely and the Japanese Armour(police) was tested by this case it can be safely concluded that Japanese executives amenable to corruption.

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nice work & innovative

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Mr whitehead is rotten head. End of the IInd world war NATO allies disabled the Japan by inserting Article 9 in its constitution, which assured allied nations in War, that Japan would never return to militarism. But 1991 Britain wants it to fight with allied forces and also it wants money from japan to fight war. Remark by the British Ambassador calling Japan as Hamlet writ large. Is total absurd. If allied forces want to fight war they should have fought it with their own money and not from contribution received from Japan with end use condition. I appreciate the stand taken by Japan, that it was disabled by Supreme law of its land which forbid it to fight war. whether British would have participated in the war contravening their law of the land. It is largesse of the Japan that they contributed for the War chest and didn't participate in the war.

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nice practise/custom in nihon. if it is true that nihonjin wife takesl husband's sal and pays pocket money as she has to take care of family. it's all for welfare of family which is supreme in japanese socity

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