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Posted in: Video game makers grapple with need for diversity See in context

I'm the chick that plays all genres and can barely stand ANY smartphone games. FPS, MMORPG, 2D/3D Platformers, etc. (limit on the newer sidescroller simply because the market is over-saturated). I think I may be a bit of an exception, though, simply because I had my first controller placed in my hand when I was 3 years old. Games are part of who I am. I believe both genders can really bring a lot to ANY game- it depends more on the person than on the gender, race, etc. Remember, the classic horror story "Frankenstein" was written by a woman- women have twisted minds and wild imaginations, too.

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Posted in: Google self-driving car prototype ready to try road See in context

Actually, a law was passed in September, in California, that allows for full range testing of autonomous cars on populated roads.


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Posted in: The fuel for Japan’s pedophiles See in context

Simply because it worried me and because it was hard to believe that such ages would be exploited, I looked each one of them up. It seems that, on Amazon Japan, at least, they've cleaned up their act for the most part (except the listing you wrote in Japanese- that one I just sat there and blinked at, trying to understand why someone would put a child in such a situation and how anyone could find a child sexually appealing- I was trying hard not to throw up when imagining the people who do). Beyond the two pictures, though, it looks like Amazon did some very quick damage control, hopefully stopping revenue for the sickos selling this stuff.

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I'm giving this comment as an outsider looking in (a foreigner living in Korea that will soon be moving to Japan and who had sent time in Japan, as well):

The Korean and Japanese cultures are very much rooted in respect and politeness. This can be seen through how much each country apologizes and goes out of their way to make things right (it has much to do with ties to Confusionism and each country's Chinese influences).

If you ask most Koreans, all they really want is a genuine apology and for the Japanese people to not (and especially not the government, being that the government, sadly, is seen as a direct reflection of its citizens- which is unfortunate for ANY country, normally) pray to those shrines where these war criminals are placed. For them, it feels like a slap in the face and as though the apology was all an act. Korea feels like the kinds of humility offered from Germany after WWII should be afforded to them from Japan (it's very sad, really. Because of the war, there are only about 3 or 4 original buildings left in Korea. Temples, homes, places of business were all either repurposed or burned to the ground, so they LITERALLY have almost no historical sites that aren't recreations because of such, which would upset me, too, honestly).

If you talk to most Japanese, they don't like the fact that (and are even saddened by the fact that) Koreans judge everyone in their country as being alright with such behaviors and think that the cruelties that happened during the war were unnecessary and insensitive (impoliteness and selfishness in Japan is GREATLY frowned upon). Most Japanese people have no qualms with Koreans and see it as a loss for both countries in their that the worship and review of the apology only weakens the chance of a strong friendship from grasp and is unneeded.

At this situation's core, for these countries, it's the principle of the thing that is the concern. It's hard for a foreigner to understand unless you've talked, directly, too both sides about the issue. I know I didn't until I did my research and spoke to people from both spectrums.

I believe if a peace could occur between the two countries, they, together, could EASILY rule the electronic market of the world by increasing collaboration between each other.

Strangely, as a side note, tourism between the countries is actually quite good. The Koreans to Japan for the scenery and fantastic amusement parks (they really like Disney), and the Japanese to Korea for the shopping and the awesome food (and K-Pop). Anime is also popular in Korea as is K-Dramas are in Japan.

I apologize for the lengthy response.

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Posted in: Growing restrictions make for frustrated park users See in context

This is especially absurd and saddening considering that one of the most iconic directors of all time, Japan's own Hayao Miyazaki, has left the industry - a man who was an avid advocate for conservation and the environment. Now, those few, green spaces will be turned into shopping malls or more businesses where people work late hours and forget what it means to "have fun" (and, no, alcohol consumption and drunkeness are not considered "fun"- that's escapism when it's done on a regular basis and in copious amounts).

It is understood that you are elderly or have work the next day, but if it's 6 or 7 o'clock in the evening and kids are being just that, kids, on a playground (ie: being loud and rambunctious, getting scraped-up knees, playing sports or games), you need to get over yourself. It isn't logical to forget that your elders were tolerant of you at that age while you were being loud at a park, and went a step forward to find joy in the fact that your generation could play outside, that it had a place to make friends and get messy that wasn't destroying anything and that it had things which it could climb all over that were maintained and helped in its physicality.

What makes you think you deserve special treatment? Simply believing you are more important than the generations that follow you is incredibly selfish and rude. As sad as it is to say, in just a few years from now, you will have passed away and these children you are seeing as a nuisance will be the individuals in charge of this world- those same children who can't live healthily without that physical activity and fresh air you're working to take away.

Do you want them to have an appreciation for Mother Nature? Do you want them to have a place that they can go and play while not having to spend anything extra out of your or your children's pockets? Do you want them to know the thrill of making that perfect goal in soccer or hitting their first home run ball? Do you not want them to understand that bumps and bruises build character in the ideal that if one falls down, one gets back and tries again?

By causing the enforcement of all of these outlandish restrictions in parks because of your self-centered complaints and agendas, you are hurting your society as a whole- the family, community and personal growth aspects, specifically, just to name a few.

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