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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers estimate delay will cost extra ¥200 bil See in context

This government needs to focus on the lives of people now and stop worrying about the friggin Olympics which is nothing but a money pit and not a money earner not in this pandemic which will not have ended next year even with the vaccine.

My friend, today, told me that her company did a wide sweep of layoffs last week and she was afraid she would be one to loose her job but didn't.

The need to stop the campaign travel go, getting serious about closing down Pachinkos, hostess clubs and bars that are breeding machines for this virus is a must.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating mother in 80s with bamboo sword See in context

If you see this often follow them to their home and video tape what you are seeing and go to the police and the local ward office.

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Posted in: Japan to test 15,000 people for coronavirus antibodies by end of year See in context

Japan is so behind the 8th ball on the the testing here that it could almost be considered criminal this should have been started at the beginning like Taiwan whose people are working and living almost stress free from this COVID.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

Until people stop going to ramen shops and other such like establishments eating, drinking and chatting like there is no virus there is no way to end this virus. Or until this go travel go campaign is halted you ae just going to see numbers spike up.

Also, thee is zero point for people to wear a mask if they are not going to wear the darn thing correctly put it not only over your mouth but your nose, too. Than you got the ones who say I don't give a rats poop about the person standing next to me on the train and has no mask on seen plenty of the first and a few on the train that blatant disregard for safety.

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Posted in: Japan cancels emperor's New Year event due to virus spike See in context

A smart step in the right direction, now cancel all gatherings at these huge temples and shrines and do not permit trains to run all night and the list goes on. Have people cancel their traditional Christmas/ year end parties that are just drinking festivals along with these New Year celebration parties in January.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 481 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,501 See in context

Roughly, 2,500 tests were done and over 4 hundred positive returned just times this by the number of people and that is surely how many COVID cases there are in Tokyo. It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that the number of cases in this city are far higher than what is being reported that is for sure.

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Posted in: Australian airline Qantas to require COVID-19 vaccination for international travelers See in context

I for one am taking every precaution possible not to get the COVID, however, the vaccine is not something I want nor will get due to my heart issues and the unknowns of the long term effects of the vaccine.

So, if I never visit Australia again it cannot be helped I choose my health over being cornered in order to get on a plane.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 314 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,519 See in context

How many people in the city of Tokyo? 5,000 plus testing over 3 hundred positive cases, and so, if there were 15,000 tests done that would mean 900 plus cases keep going like that to get a real count of the situation here in Tokyo. I will say it again people the government is not going to keep you safe, their only interest is the bottom financial line that effects their pockets so be smart and keep safe.

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Before Koike's re-election she was all gun hoe about shutting down Tokyo and giving news conferences and so on....BUT NOW where is she?????

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Posted in: Japan may limit event attendance as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

This pandemic never went away, without more testing they should never have allowed attendance and or encouraging people to travel around the country. Stay home as much as possible.

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Posted in: Gov't to suspend Go To Travel campaign in some areas See in context

The government is not going to give a rats poop in regards to your health, only their bottom financial line and which transfer to their pockets and not yours.

So people, you are going to have to step up stay at home, avoid crowds, take extra steps when getting on a crowded train get a mask with a filter and wear a shield so if someone were to cough or sneeze you just have a little extra protection. There are no guarantees these extra steps will work, however, if everyone would do this it sure would cut down the chances from the virus spreading further.

Stay safe all as you know the numbers are surely triple or more than what has been reported.

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This morning on the train I witnessed a woman with no mask on. She stared at me with mask which happens to be the one with the filter plus my shield. I gave her the your ignorant look.

Second train, I stand in front of a guy who had his mask below his nose and one look at my get up he covered his nose, quickly.

Even with my extra steps realize I’m not a hundred percent safe until everyone gets on board this virus is real and can be deadly.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

I teach ESL from my home the max of students at any time is 3 and I have only one class that is 3 and the rest one or two children. My teaching room is right by the entrance, and so, students in and out, no lingering whatsoever. From June, I implemented mask and shield, because kids sneeze and cough and I feel every extra step is an ounce of prevention for my life and theirs. With that said, there is a risk even with my room being an 8 tatami mat, because these kids go to school and just the other day one mother rang up and told me a student in her daughter's junior high class tested positive for the COVID and would not becoming for 2 weeks.

If you have to get on the train wear a strong mask if possible one with a filter inside and a face shield, again no guarantees it is going to be a hundred percent keep you safe, however, it is going to up your chances of not getting it.

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Even when the vaccine comes out, guys, Fauci says we cannot throw caution into the wind as it takes time to get people vaccinated and it will be at least after a year before we will have some safety.

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The testing is low here compared to the rest of the world there is no comparison close to the low number of testing which is sad and putting so many peoples' lives at risk, unnecessarily.

With that said, what I do find interesting the people that are being tested are the ones that are the most foolish and or feel they are exempt from getting this virus 20's they feel they are invisible, full-stop, universally. 30's and 40's they have a sense of entitlement not a problem for the most part and again, universally. If you get it when you are above this age it is not because you are out and about, but it is because of these fools who cannot suck it up and stay put for a few months, and so, we could seal this virus up and send it on its way.

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Let's see the government is all worried about the tourism and the shop owners and willing to fill up peoples' pockets with tax payers money so they can travel have lots of fun in crowded places and so the virus numbers can go up. about stopping the campaign and think of all those who wages are getting reduced and or for those who are loosing their jobs and trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table and many with families. How about another stimulus check and not for the rich politicians and others who are earning the big bucks, however, just for those that are in the middle income bracket and down. If people can afford to travel let them do it on their own dime and not mine.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 255 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,439 See in context

Ion crazy numbers. I have been trying to avoid going outside as much as possible, and when I get on a train once a week in the morning to go to work wear my mask that is filtered plus a face shield, and so, if anyone sneezes or coughs and may have this COVID I have just that bit of extra protection surely not fool proof but I will do my best to give myself every extra ounce of chance not to get it. I wished everyone would follow my suit, but that is dreaming when you see so many with their masks below the nose on the trains and with not a care in the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 255 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,439 See in context

Just wait everyone as long as this Japan go is still on the numbers are going to increase for a Sunday this is a big number double from last. It is just a matter of time before you see a real spike hit and these politicians will still be twiddling their thumbs as to what to do, and so, people be smarter than them.

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Posted in: Japanese police hide at shrine to catch a thief…who stole ¥665 See in context

With this pandemic people are loosing their jobs, so many going hungry and with few factory jobs and other jobs out there I feel for this man. 665 YEN and this unemployed man was happy about that, if he has no fixed address he cannot apply for jobs and so if anyone is going to pick on him that he could get a job even 7-11 not if he has no fixed address. The government needs to stop the go japan go using tax payers money for people to take a holiday, which will slow down the virus and start focusing on the people who are suffering financially miserably from this virus.

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Posted in: Japanese people more cautious but continue to travel amid virus surge See in context

LOL, people concern really???? Stay home, people, and this virus will go down and if we take it really serious we could eradicate it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 352 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,731 See in context

All this is crazy go travel go and people are going and not smart enough to stay home, the government not putting a curfew on restaurants and closing down the pubs and pachinkos and the list goes on. Until people really take this serious which includes the government we are going to end up like the States and Europe.

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Posted in: Critics speak out on Tokyo Olympic costs, pandemic, fairness See in context

Let's see how many other countries are lining up to hold the next Olympics? LOL, most likely ZERO, the poor, corrupt Olympic committee who counts on many countries filling their pockets with goodies will no longer be seeing that any longer.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 374 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,685 See in context

It is not going to go down, unfortunately, unless the PM has a lockdown once more and stops the go travel Japan no one is going to obey and the 20 and 30 plus somethings are walking time bombs spreading the COVID because they do not care and only care once they fall ill.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics may allow foreign fans but there will be rules See in context

For real the government is still focused on the Olympics as cases are rising over the 300 mark and deaths are rising daily not like in N. America but going from 1 or 2 a day to 6 or 10 a day not a good sign people. The government should be focusing on stopping the go japan go campaign, closing down night clubs, putting a curb on the hours that restaurants can stay open and so on to stop the numbers of virus cases climbing.

Show people how to wear masks, so many are wearing them to cover their mouths only, my goodness when I have to get on the train my one morning a week a mask and face shield I am taking every extra step to keep that virus away from entering my body.

We need another stimulus check to keep our lives a float and not the OLympics which could bring more havoc on our lives.

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo top 300 for 1st time since Aug 20 See in context

The numbers are going to spike whether the government likes it or not as there will be more testing done as the flu season begins to spike.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 293 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,270 See in context

The 20 and 30 year old people are testing the highest positive, yes. Who goes out in public drinking and partying the most? 20 to 30 year old people who usually live with parents and many times grandparents, and so, you think there are not a whole lot more people who have not fallen with this COVID and just have not gotten tested because they are afraid of the stigma.

The numbers are so much higher here there is zero doubt about it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers say virus fears banished by success of gymnastics test event See in context

The only ones that want the Olympics to go ahead is the Japanese Government and the Olympic committee.

WHY? The Japanese Government believes they are going to see a return on their money spent and I should say over spent on structures for this one time event and the Olympic committee are dreaming of all getting their gorgeous perks that many countries pay out which may be a last for a very long, long time. Because, no country in the future is going to want to hold the Olympics after what has happened this year to Japan and the COVID has drained money from everyone's pockets due to job losses or cuts in pay.

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Posted in: Man, woman jump to their deaths from Tokyo apartment building See in context

Kita-Senju is in Adachi-ku. September Tokyo Today reported 1800 suicides you wonder what the rates were in October? As someone stated here this is sad, and yes, with people loosing their jobs and no money and no stimulus packages it is going to get more severe.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 157 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 779 See in context

Okay, here is the problem most of the cases are people in their 20's and 30's there is no contact tracing in this country, and so, you have to assume the numbers are way higher because this is the age group that goes out and about and if they were a-systematic for sure the numbers are higher.

Second, if you notice the death rate has gone from 0 to maybe one or 2 a day has now gone up in the past few weeks to 5 to 10 a day. Today, the death total is 10 and yesterday 6 and the way it is going I imagine those numbers just to keep increasing with flu season.

The only upside to winter and if there are many flu cases the testing for COVID will jump and that is the only way to bring down the numbers by diagnosing and isolating.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers call time on lavish hospitality for IOC members See in context

Stop the Olympics, spend the money on those who are barely scraping by and or those who lost their jobs. 1800 plus suicides reported by Tokyo Today in September is shameful and were unnecessary had the Japanese Government stepped up ad helped. Wasteful spending has to be stopped by this government.

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