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Posted in: Teaching kids social responsibility – like how to settle fights and ask for help – can reduce school bullying See in context

My son was bullied in the school system by kids, the teacher called him a liar and with him being a mixed kid picked up all kinds of personal issues. Enough was enough, I took him away from this country and took him to Guam and where he is going to a private school and where the homestay family owns the school he attends. They absolutely feel he was bullied and he stated he was bullied by the other boys and I witnessed a little of it, myself. They need a school in each major city for mixed kids, and or, foreign kids, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

There may be a new vaccine coming to the market in the fall Nauvox and may be made here in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

My friend called the local Kuakusho last week, on Friday, and with my born related heart condition that is classified as a 2, we were told it will take 2 weeks for me to get this coupon. The Kuakusho stated I was eligible from May to get this paper, however, when I went to the Kuakusho to inquire they told me it would take at best early Spring next year that was 3 weeks ago.

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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

From my understanding, once these kids are taken they are locked up they have no rights and neither do the parents. There is zero contact, no lawyers and if the children have a second nationality you can request the Embassy to go in to interview the child but not alone.

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Should this Indian variant reach the boarders of Japan, which is suppose to spread far easier and be more deadlier all because of the Olympics is the IOC going to cop up money for all the children who could be orphaned like mine??? It takes 4 to 6 weeks after the first vaccine to have any fighting chance against this new variant according to a news article, today. For me, it will be too late, I will not receive my paper from the local government office for another 2 weeks, and after getting appointment who knows how long that will take to get in after making it, and so, I will not be protected along with millions of others in this country.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

From what I understand, you still need those vouchers to get your vaccine, and so, it doesn't matter if they relax those rules for under 65. Get rid of the vouchers, and let people walk in and get vaccinated, this will pick up the pace and we need to do that as the new Indian variant is more deadlier. It takes 4 to 6 weeks after the vaccine before you are protected against that variant according to American news and it is more deadlier. Last week, my friend called the local government office, a special phone line and they said my heart an ailment I was born with, a 2 and they would send it out in a few weeks.

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Posted in: New law to help kids with medical needs take their place in school See in context

How protecting small children who are grabbed by the police and are not represented by a lawyer and or a parent when grilled and forced into confessions this happened to my friend's 10 year old daughter.

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Posted in: Suga cabinet to face no-confidence motion from opposition parties See in context

Long over due.

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Posted in: Japan to secure COVID vaccines for 20,000 more Olympic workers See in context

Last night, on the news they showed how they took the navy and Coast Guard into a vaccine site as it was sitting empty to get them vaccinated. Why not get rid of these ridiculous forms (Japan's love for paper work) that have a serial number on it and just allow people to go to the sites and show their IDS and get the shot. It would speed up the vaccination, cut down on waste and the list goes on.

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

Here is a thought what if there is a major outbreak not only among the athletes, however, among the Japanese public? The Japanese Government both locally and federally could cope with this mini outbreak in Osaka and Tokyo people being turned away at hospitals as their were no beds. HMM...the black mark it will leave on Japan and will open up about the poor health care here.

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Posted in: Historic Asakusa shopping street in danger as Taito Ward calls for shop evictions See in context

Nothing is free, full-stop. You earn money you pay taxes and rent just like any other person or company, nothing makes you exempt. In the same breath, I am sure there are plans to destroy those shops and put something new in and make some big time revenue loosing another traditional flavor of Japan and Tokyo..

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Posted in: ANA begins on-site vaccination; JAL to start on Monday See in context

I read up on-line about what were the differences between the 2 vaccines and I found one point very interesting. They say for the Pzifer you should get the shot 21 days after the first, however, for the Moderna it is 28 days and I don't believe Japan is doing that and giving is giving it 21 days. I will point this out to my Japanese doctor friend of mine and if I get the Moderna I will be waiting the 28 days as recommended.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over video voyeurism in girl’s toilet at elementary school See in context

One of my student's attended this school, she is now a first year junior high school student, however, she knew this teacher when attending there. What she said he was not a regular teacher, more of a fill in teacher when others were away sick or in meetings.

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Posted in: Johnson backs Tokyo Olympics; Japan wants more G7 support See in context

Wow, that is big of him, isn't it? Of course, he and all these other countries are supportive as the Olympics are not in their back yard and most of their citizens are vaccinated. At best, maybe 24 percent all of Japan has had their first shots and maybe 2 percent have their second shot. By the time the Olympics roll in there is zero chance that there will be 40 percent fully vaccinated, and so, many people here are at real risk because of the IOC and the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 467 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,944 See in context

Okay, if anyone believes these numbers give your head a shake.

I have a doctor friend and I asked if he had received his vaccine and he said he had through the clinic he was working at. I asked could I get my vaccine there, as I have gone there for treatment in the past to recent and he said to come and see him. Friday, I went to his office, and there he had the front staff help me out and what did they do? Yes, they gave me paper all written up in Japanese, and explaining away in Japanese, and all I could do was stand there, okay. Got home, my student had just arrived she called the number that was set up the kuakusho, and she explained I had a heart condition from birth that was rated a 2. Ohhh, they said, she could have called in May and had a paper sent to her, but we will prepare one now and she should receive it in 2 or 3 weeks. So foreigners, if your Japanese is weak like mine, and you have a medical condition like I do have a Japanese friend call the local ward office and see if they will rush and send you a form to get the vaccine shot. They are not rushing mine out, however, better than nothing that is for sure.

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Posted in: First responders get vaccinated at former Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo See in context

Why don’t they allow people just to walk in making it easier and not wasting people’s time.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,278 See in context

Death rates are up, hospitals are full, doctors and nurses over worked and stressed, COVID sick people turned away from hospitals because there are no beds, and many end up dying at home because they could not get hospital care.

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Posted in: American arrested on suspicion of smuggling cannabis oil See in context

He will absolutely get 5 years in the slammer here, his head will be shaven and his mother or family will have to purchase his jailhouse clothes, and lastly he must eat every last thing on his plate. There is no tv, no cigarettes prison here is a real prison. My friend's son was in prison here and she told me everything he told her......idiot.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

I just spoke with a doctor who I have known for many, many years and asked him if he got his vaccine shots and he did through the small hospital he works at. I asked him could I get my shots there, he told me to come in next week and make an appointment, and so, let's see. For those who may know someone in the health industry check and see if you can get the shot.

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Posted in: Suga's Tokyo Olympic reception for overseas dignitaries scrapped See in context

The only good thing about the Olympics, is they are really trying to speed up the vaccinations in this country from the government putting on "we will control every aspect" to the complete opposite "let's throw everyone into the ring to give the vaccine." They are looking at vets, pharmacists and anyone else who can handle a needle to administer the shots, and I wonder how safe this way is but none the less people are finally getting shots.

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Posted in: Tokyo Coding Club launches summer 6 days 5 nights STEM programs at Hakuba, Myoko, central Tokyo for ages 7-18 See in context

My son would love this, however, I would not send him during this pandemic.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state reports five new COVID-19 cases; Delta cluster grows See in context

This is the same country who sent their athletes over here to train. My question, would Australia permit a whole slew of people into their country during this pandemic if there were so many people like here not vaccinated? Has Australia and or any other country for that fact put into any though of the people living here with this big push on for a gold medal and not for peoples' lives?

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Posted in: Britain to have mental health support for athletes, staff at Tokyo See in context

Wow, will they extend these same specialists should their be a major break out here in Japan should their athletes and other athletes around the world bring in new variants?

Did the UK and or any other country for that fact think about the safety of Japan and the people who live here before agreeing to send their athletes here in this worldwide pandemic; and especially to a country where so few have been vaccinated. Yes, got to love the countries who think of themselves first, and not the host country who is willing to put everyone and everything on the line for this one event.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

This was the right thing to do for Taiwan. Last year, when Japan was scrabbling for masks and Taiwan had an abundance delivered for free masks for so many health care workers. Japan can many vaccines imported, however, Taiwan is having great difficulty due to China let's keep Taiwan safe and help when we can.

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Posted in: As teams pull out of training camps, Olympics buzz fades See in context

Why are these people disappointed??? Really, it would have been almost like suicide, with so many Japanese not vaccinated, and what they do not understand many around the world it appears still don't get even vaccinated you can still get the virus. Vaccinated people who get the virus have a better chance of just being a-systematic where Japanese and others here not vaccinated will suffer, greatly, should they fall ill.

Pathetically, Australia they have their doors sealed shut to the outside world, and some areas of Australia in an emergency effect order and they were the first to send their athletes here to train. What is wrong with this picture? Do they and other countries around the world not care about their athletes and more importantly about Japan and the people who live here??? If Australia and other countries banned together and would not send their athletes the IOC would have no choice but cancel. Come on world wake up and smell the coffee for life and not a medal.

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

In addition, the world as a whole who are willing to put their athletes at risk and the lives of the Japanese and others who live here are just as criminally liable. Australia, who has locked down their country and the first to send their athletes here would be on top of the list.

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

The only and I mean only upside of this, surely there will be very few countries interested in hosting the Olympics in the future after this. Meaning, that the IOC's cash cow will be no longer and it is about time.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

She is acting like Prince Harry and the idiot he married. Well, she keeps it up she won’t have much of a tennis career.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context


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Posted in: 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have now pulled out: organizers See in context

I wonder how many volunteers just won’t show up?

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