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As a single mom, working and saving every penny I can the economy is so uncertain.

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I am done, no more for me, 3 is my limit and that is so no more quarantining.

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Food prices compared to Canada are far better still when buying fresh veggies and fruits. When I went to Canada in June, I got such a sticker shock when I went to the supermarket. Also, in Japan, they do not keep obentos sitting on the shelves and each night you can go to the market and get food marked down from 20 to 50 percent. Not in Canada, they will keep food on the shelves to nearly the expired date and then maybe mark it down. There is no Golden Country, however, prices for food are still far better here I believe because Japan imports from so many countries meat, vegetables and so on keeping food prices reasonable compared to other countries who put on real strict restrictions on imports.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context

Here is one, Japanese children that are put into detention and are banned from seeing their parents and can be locked up without due process until the age of 18 even if their parents go to Court to fight to see their children. Japanese children can have a lawyer in Court, but when they are being interrogated, they are not permitted a lawyer and or parents to be present. Spread the word.

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I am sorry nothing has changed. I have a student who is in elementary school, quiet, smart and has stopped going to school because of bullying by kids in his class. The bullies are going to school, and he is at home having to study online.

A 2nd year junior high school student of mine said there are 3 kids that are registered in his class but have never appeared from the start.

The school board has no power in this country and until they do nothing will change.

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Japan needs to pick up these ideas for children here. I am a teacher and I hear of so many children being locked up for shop lifting and other petty crimes that are mostly due to stress from school and or home life.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral; Kishida will go to New York See in context

As sad as it about the Queen's passing, I am so happy for the Empress to be able to get out of Japan and have a rest from the palace here. It will also be good for the Empress to be able to talk to others outside the palace here without being monitored.

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Posted in: 'Passengers who don’t want to be groped, please use the rear train cars' announcement angers many See in context

For the first time last Thursday on a crowded train my butt being felt up. At first, I thought it was just a brush of a hand but no it wasn't. I managed to shift my body slightly, at the first stop got off and looked at the individual who I knew did the touching had both his hands slammed deep into his pockets. Perverts are such sickening individuals.

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What achievement? That he was put in by his cronies again and again for 8 years and if that is it, ok.

He was handsomely paid by the taxpayers to do the job, and so, I am still not understanding the need for this big funeral. Here is the next big question had he died a natural death would they be spending all this money for a State funeral?

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Correction, on a hundred thousand yen or less a month after taxes and healthcare are taken off.

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In this country there is no tipping, minimum wage of 1,000 yen and prices continue to go up but not wages. The Japanese government wants more people to marry and have kids and who wants to have kids when one can barely support themselves on a thousand yen a month.

Marriages will continue to decline along with number of births each year.

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Incredibly sad, what Putin is putting his people through. Many dying on a battlefield that never signed up for, now COVID and instead of war Putin should have focused on the COVID and the welfare of his people. Prayers for the everyday people and that of their families.

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What is interesting and that does not add up the daily deaths a day compared to the number of people in the hospital. Only low double digits in the hospital and these days from 250 to 330 a day dying.

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Thank goodness I went to Guam last week and not this week. Though the yen was only slightly different it adds up when you are away from home with hotel and all.

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I flew out last week to Guam and returned yesterday and most definitely traffic has picked up. When I went to Guam last Spring and Narita Airport was almost completely empty, however, Friday you could see more people traveling but no where before the COVID.

Returning was much more of a breeze, however, you still have to stop at every table and you must have the SOS downloaded on your phone and it will be interesting to see if they do away with all of this jazz.

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I may not be a fan, however, what the Court and her father got away with and yes got away both should be doing jail time.

How many people have some form of a meltdown maybe not as extreme as she did for that short period but none of us are made perfect and or perform perfectly a hundred percent during our lives due to stress and other life issues. But, how would you feel to have all your life rights removed from you and forced to work and make millions for others all the while told to obey like a good little girl and do as your told all over one moment in life she had a melt down.

Fan or not, what happened to her and I have read to so many others' should be outlawed or a very strict time frame and where it has to be removed if a person is working and living life within the law.

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Posted in: Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference See in context

He wants a State funeral he and all of his other cronies can pay for it out of their pockets and let's see if there would still be a State funeral.

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If the reporting had a clear break down regarding the hospitalizations and deaths were people vaccinated or not and if there were under lying conditions.

The second known fact, is many hospitals are refusing to take COVID patients and ambulances and many are returned to their homes and in one case a motorbike driver who was injured was returned to the scene of the accident where his father had to collect him in the early morning hours.

Prayers, these numbers are real and not higher and that we will one day in the future see a life without COVID.

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Posted in: Woman, 3-year-old daughter found stabbed to death in apartment See in context

I bet the guy jumped on a plane and returned back to Brazil.

RIP to this mother and child

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Posted in: Japan reports 220,955 coronavirus cases; 23,129 in Tokyo See in context

The number of deaths it appears is climbing. It would be nice to know how many were vaccinated, what age group and how many died in their homes. So many hospitals it is reported are turning COVID patients away this should not be allowed especially with the numbers going down.

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Posted in: Japan reports 141,059 new coronavirus cases; 15,085 in Tokyo See in context

Hospitals turn away many COVID cases, and so, I agree there is no point to make any emphasis on the numbers in the hospital.

Case in point there was a young man who was in a motorbike accident and he was injured. On the way to the hospital the ambulance tech informed the hospital he tested positive for the virus and the hospital refused him. The ambulance turned around and dropped him off at the scene of the accident and his father picked him up and where later the father called for another ambulance because his son was really suffering from his injuries.

I pray the numbers will not bounce back up once obon is over, however, I am very doubtful if the PM is suffering from COVID.

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Posted in: Japan gov't to extend monetary aid for Ukraine evacuees by 6 months See in context

My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, however, how about all the homeless elderly people in this country who don't have a roof over their heads and or food in their bellies. Charity begins at home, first. Only a few weeks ago, I walked by an elderly woman who was sleeping on a bench in a shopping mall with a rackety push chair and dirty clothes. My heart broke for her, I turned around to the supermarket bought an obento and a couple drinks for 500 yen and put it on her chair for her to find. It is not about what I did, but instead about the lack of what the government is not doing and now they are going to feed and shelter refugees very sad.

Also, they are going to use tax payers money for a former PM funeral because he was shot and served as a long time over paid PM. Let the over paid elected politicians pay for that funeral out of their own paychecks and see if that funeral would still happen.

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Japanese politicians and all their family members should have to work for minimum wage for 6 months and see how they survive on that. 1,000 yen an hour or less is why there are so many homeless people, population decline and no one spending money because they don't have it to spend.

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Posted in: Japan reports 166,205 coronavirus cases; 23,511 in Tokyo See in context

the number of deaths to rise up to 300

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Posted in: Japan reports 166,205 coronavirus cases; 23,511 in Tokyo See in context

The number of people in the hospital is low because many hospitals will not take COVID patients. I was not surprised to read about the article where an injured motored cyclist was turned away from a hospital in Japan because he tested positive in the ambulance. The ambulance turned around and dropped him off at the scene of the accident for his father to pick him up but only later another ambulance had to be called because of his injuries.

For me, it is the first time to see the numbers rise up to over 300.

The situation is not good, however, I have to agree we must learn how to cope with this virus as it appears it is not going away anytime soon.

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Even with numbers down the death rate went from double digits to triple., daily Compared to other countries this is not bad, but will the triple digits grow or stay steady?

i agree with pickle the numbers are going to rise next week or the week after the question will be higher than before the holidays?

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I had my pre checkups here, however, a couple months prior to giving birth I jumped on a plane and went to Guam and my son was born there. Excellent care, hospital stay private room and if I were to do it again Guam is where I would give birth and not here. Just a note, if you have your prenatal check ups done here and give birth there when you come back you can get money reimbursed.

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Maybe military there is not much that can be done to China, however, but what has happened to Russia may also happen to China where companies are guilt ridden to stop business and pull out and that will hurt. At present many factories have closed, and banks too, China is seriously hurting right now financially and many foreign companies have over the last 5 or 10 years have pulled out and turned to other Asian countries to have their products made such as Indonesia, Vietnam and so on.

China, crashed their biggest cash cow Hong Kong, and so, sure they can over take Taiwan but at what financial cost?

They are watching Russia, closely, and they are witnessing Russia's financial crunch and that is slowly turning into a financial crash.

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32 yeas ago I attended the ceremony as an invited guest and having no Japanese language at that time and not knowing anyone who had endured the bombing it made it difficult to fully comprehend this tragedy.

However, after moving here, I met a few survivors and their stories were heart wrenching. One lady, she had been a little girl in Nagasaki when the bomb was dropped. All she could recount was running for her life with her mother and they did not stop until they were out of breath, and she had witnessed so many people dead and alive whose bodies suffered severe burns all over their bodies.

This memorial each year is a reminder that nuclear bombs not only kill but the after effects remain for many years after. Prayers for world peace.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief Kishi may be replaced in Cabinet due to Unification Church links See in context

There should be no national funeral for Abe. Any tax payers money should be spent on the homeless.

Unfortunately, any politician who is found and I am guessing there are many will just get a slap on the wrist and all this will get swept under the rug.

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