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Really Jane, I am not spreading false rumors, a Japanese doctor I know who has referred patients of his for testing some receive them and others not they provide him with no explanations and I have read other comments from foreigners who are married to doctors with the same story. With that said, it is great your friend was able to get tested right away that is the way it should be and many prayers for a good outcome.

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Henna, you are spot on. To get a test over here is nearly impossible even if doctors feel one is necessary it does not mean a person will receive it at the testing site and no explanation given.

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Since the COVID, driving is way down, peoples' buy powering is down and many companies have gone belly up and so why would not tire companies. I am sure wages in France are high, if Bridgestone is loosing money you have to close what makes financially sense.

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CrashtestDummy, the numbers are not going up because to get a test done in this country is not easy even if a doctor recommends one and yes recommends. Doctors have no control over this COVID test, and the center that does the testing if they want to get deny the recommendation and the doctor does not receive a response to, why. So, the true number will never be known in this country, ever. Japan's motto, ignorance is a bliss.

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AG, you are so spot on. To even get a virus test one must jump through hoops it is not that easy and even if a doctor recommends the people who are in charge of testing can deny the request. CRAZY, is all I can say.

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There was one death today, 5 yesterday and overall the death rate these last few months is up about by 500 that is a lot. This long holiday is going to really spread this crap, great.

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Crazy, you watch the numbers are going to jump way up in the next couple weeks. Being on a crowded train to go to work is one thing, however, intentionally going to a crowded airport to go on a holiday during this COVID is just suicide and that is not contained to one person but passed onto many.

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So they are allowing tourists in and not permitting PR residents to leave and return without jumping through some major hoops. Really, however, Japanese can leave and return no problem and what is the difference just that they carry a Japanese passport.

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Let's see if they let in tourists are they going to let out PR holders and permit them to return?? Just asking, as I want to send my son next year to an international boarding school and he will be only 12 and I do not want to send him solo. I may have to and have family register him how fair is that?

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First, if you are not Japanese and have kids in the schools you will not hear about the schools that get cases of COVID. I have heard about 4 or 5 schools just in my area that have been closed down at various times due to kids getting the COVID, however, nothing on the tv and or newspapers they keep it hush, hush.

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From reading these comments I’m counting my blessings as this has not happen to me, yet. But I’m the anal one wearing a mask and shield on a crowded train and people looking at me strangely not that I care. Safety, my number one priority.

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The elderly have no protection in this country it’s a shame after many of those same people in their prime toiled or slaved long hours for this country.

As many others stated he was only looking for a roof over his head that he could afford. Truly, if the government was smart they would take one of these countryside abandoned villages set up a functioning subsidized retirement home. The bonus these people could be awl-sufficient by growing majority of their own fruits and vegetables. For others could set up crafting and other schools, and so, that the Japanese heritage is not lost or forgotten. Economically, cheaper than housing the elderly in prisons and permit people to keep their dignity.

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I am so strict with my son and the ipad or computer. I deleted the Line and Skype off the ipad and so he can only play off-line minecraft and only once or twice a week that goes for tv too.

Parents, just let their kids on devices with no consequences.

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226 new cases, today. Bad move, error on the side of caution always with this pandemic especially with hospitals filling up, ICUS too and you have the fact 400 people have died in the past couple months when there was none for a couple months there. Well, I am going to continue on the error of caution.

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Northernife, trust me I stay as isolated as much as possible going to my place of work once a week wearing both a mask and shield on the train and all my students who come to my home are required to wear a mask and shied and they are few in number.

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Princess Mako is not marrying the mother and what does the soon to be mother-in-law's screw up have to do with her son? The son appears to be a studious and loving young man and shouldn't that be enough for her parents. I pray that these 2 can find away to get around all the pompous people who are dictating to their lives including the parents.

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People with dementia are physically strong even elderly people, and so, I wonder if this grandfather has on-set dementia??

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

CDC in the US said 14 percent of people who visited restaurants in the past 2 weeks got the virus, and so, they were recommending people try and avoid going in and eating at such establishments. Koike, is another Trump she cares more about the bottom line than about the safety of people. I am with the guy who is choosing to live for those who are not taking this seriously please stay away from me.

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Yes, Jane it has worked so well in Sweden where the Royal family does not even agree with their own government where thousands have died or got sick. Yes, herd immunity. Please enjoy your nightclub life and I hope if you get sick that it does not you off this planet like so many others.

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People do not seem to get it the amount of testing is so low that it should be considered criminal. If someone feels sick and feverish and you want a test to see if you have COVID it is not as simple as walking to the hospital and asking for a test and getting it. You have to jump through hoops and even if a doctor requests the test it does not mean you will get one, because the doctor will send their recommendation to an office and that office will go yeah or neah. So all those who think Japan is doing a great job on this and the numbers are low, nah. One more point, I went to a hospital in Tokyo for my son regarding his listening and they have a big sign if you have had and I underline had COVID you are not permitted in.

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This is not a democratic country if it were the people would vote for their PM and not the politicians appointing a PM. There are way too many politicians in the diet getting fat and cushy paychecks and now it is all we need is another group.

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I am one of the hoarders if I get the COVID who is going to pay my rent, utilities and feed my son. This is a scary time and I am going to take every precaution to make sure that my boy and I will be financially secure.

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Okay, 276 new cases in Tokyo, today and that number is out of 3 thousand plus testing across Japan. Koike, needs to take this virus serious, keep open the essential businesses and no night clubs. Has she not been noticing the most of the people who have been coming back positive is 20 to 30 years old's and these are the idiots who go to these places she plans to open up and where the virus is going to spread from a burn to a wild fire. We should make an island for all those who do not want to wear a mask and party all night long and who can suffer together if they get the virus without putting the rest of us at risk who care enough to wear a mask.

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By all means she says. Preventive measures she says. Really, if preventive measures worked and they do not or otherwise this virus would have been eliminated by now. No one wishes to stay home, there are people here in Tokyo who do not wish to wear shields or masks and on top of it if you want to be tested you have to jump through hoops to get one and or pay 20 thousand yen.

This woman is just as negligent as Abe with her words and lack of effort and or proactive stance.

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First and foremost, remove all limitations on testing make it free for all and let us find out the true number of cases here. The government will make the vaccine free for all, I would like the same for testing and so we can contain and or limit the virus from spreading. 3098 testing like yesterday for all of Japan is shameful and negligent on the part of the government, and so, if Sugu is willing to step up to the plate on this nothing will change.

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Elvis and all the others who say the numbers are low, and so, there is no need for further testing. Are you kidding??? The reason the numbers are low is because the testing is low 3 thousand for all of Japan, really? Yes, that gives me great reassurance, Not. If this government wants to give out the vaccine FOR Free for all than let all the citizens who reside here be able to get the test done for free no strings attached. If I want to get a test done without a fever it will cost me 20 thousand yen even if I feel off, CRAZY. That puts my life at risk and everyone around me that is crazy.

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Ignorance at its best that is for sure. The upside, there will be few to no countries who will not want to hold the Olympics for a very long, long time and it will be the Olympic committee who will be paying countries to hold this overrated and overpriced 4 year event.

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I am putting every single penny away, refuse to spend any money other than what I absolutely need which is food, pay rent, utilities and so on. Because rents are not going down in Japan, the government is not protecting people if they get evicted and with the low amount of testing being done this virus is going to only get worse. In addition, with Abe's crony taking over as PM nothing is going to change and or get worse.

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Had this woman been married and divorced she would not receive alimony even if the husband has a good job and I know this personally. My ex, Japanese and had a great job did not have to give me a penny after our divorce I was on my own even with all the physical, mental and other abuse.

In addition, had this woman's father had dementia there is very little financial help for these people and it is almost left entirely on the shoulders of the family and leaving her no room to get a job had this been the case.

There are so many variables why this woman was now reliant on her father's pension.

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3098 virus tests given out of how many millions living in this country that is a pathetic and negligent number on the part of the government that wants to give every person in this country the vaccine when it comes available. Why not give everyone who wants one with no conditions attached a virus test??? Would that not make more sense right now???

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