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Posted in: Trump stops short of emergency declaration in border wall fight See in context

Trumpee is a pauper who has filled his coppers with the idiot voters who voted for him and beyond.

Think for those who voted for him why he never shows his taxes not because he is rich it is because he lives on the skin of his teeth.

Now here he goes again, not giving a rats arse about the little people just is so-called GOLDEN IMAGE, LOL.

Those who voted for him I hope many of them are not getting paychecks this month and are happy embracing Trumee's wall that wont keep anyone out.  Five BILLION, that could be spent on hiring people, putting up cameras and more up to date technology.  

Well, my sympathy goes out to all those who did not vote republican and or for Trump and pray that you get your paychecks back soon.  I also pray that one of those salads Trump eats or grapes has not been FDA inspected and he gets deathly sick.

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Posted in: News of Ghosn's arrest stuns Nissan employees, customers See in context

None of it makes sense.  I am a self-employed foreigner and have been for 24 years and when I go to the tax office every year I need help to have them filled out by a the tax office people because the papers are not in English.  I am sure this savvy businessman must have someone filing his taxes, because he is in the same shoes as me and even if someone were to show him the tax papers he must have them explained to him prior to the filing and or believed in the person who was doing the filing and never worried about any errors.

My gut says there is more to this arrest and even if this man is proven innocent his image has been tarnished and there is no going back to his position and what a shame after all his hard years of work should this arrest been a set up.

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman in coma after being hit by cyclist See in context

I caught my friend's son's 10 year old son zooming down the sidewalk thinking it was funny and blessedly she is not one of those ignorant mom's who feels her son does no wrong and warned of what happen.  I told her I did not want to see her son and her family in whole lot of legal trouble over him hurting someone by riding his bike carelessly.  She thanked me and now her son does not ride his bike without her and or her husband and or without their consent.

My son who just entered grade 3 was told he could ride without an adult true enough but not a chance and even in grade 4 he will only to get to ride with my knowledge of where he is going and ground rules and I hear everything so if he breaks them and I get wind it will be taken from him.

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Posted in: Record-high 70% of women held jobs in August amid labor shortage See in context

There are many more women out there working so they can afford all the extra fees for jukus and club activities as they are so expensive.  If schools would revamp their education programs and stop putting all this extra work on parents financially the need for women to hold down an extra job would not be necessary.

Or if the Courts would catch up with the Western world, and start garnishing dead beat dads salaries and or seizing their taxes to pay for their children education and not leaving it on the women to struggle to have track down these dead beat dads companies and or their savings to help pay for their education and life fees.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to visit Fukushima Pref See in context

Suu Ki is a lady I much admired, and for this very reason I never visited Burma out of respect for her fight and love for her people and being a lady that is a Buddhist I believed that love extended to all Burmese no matter their religion.   Buddhism is not a religion that does not prejudice against others and or their religions, and so therefore I am shocked by Suu Ki's pacifist stance for the Muslims in her country who are being murdered, raped and forced out only because of their religion.  

I am proud of Canada for revoking her honorary citizenship too state the evil that is going on and her condoning what is taking place by not speaking up and or going back on a hunger strike to speak out is a shame. 

My prayers go out to all the peaceful and loving people of Burma whether they are Buddhist and or Muslim.

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Posted in: Too much 'Star Wars'? Disney CEO says it will slow down releases See in context

My 9 year old son loves Star Wars he is a fanatic and really is very violent.   He went to Tokyo Disneyland this summer and my friend's husband bought his a Star Wars gun and I hate guns with a  passion.  Why are they selling these kind of toys at Disneyland? 

An over rated and over priced and with no educational value, unlike, other Disney movies and animations.

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Posted in: 1st case of unlicensed private lodging sent to prosecutors See in context

The Japanese Government is crying they are not going to have enough accommodation during the Olympics and trying to figure out how they are going to accommodate all the on-slot of travelers and yet cutting off that access with stupid rules.  Well the best of luck to this operator who was charged a real shame.

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Posted in: K-pop label faces fan, investor fury after firing dating artists See in context

My friend's daughter was in the popular sub-group of Morning Museme years back and trust me the Japanese young pop singers in this country do not get treated any better.  Their income is low, they have to be up early in the morning like 4 am to head out the door for rehearsals there is no private life and very low security for them, too.

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Posted in: Myanmar defends Suu Kyi's silence over jailed reporters See in context

No one kept silent over her detention.  Now she is a free women, because of world leaders and regular folks a like she should be returning the gift back to others who need the same support.  I had so much admiration for her, but the way the minority Muslim group is being treated in her country and the jailing of innocent people and she is not standing up internationally and saying this wrong means she is no better than the military tyrants in her country.

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Posted in: University in Kyoto offers free tuition to anyone over 100 years of age; more than half off if over 50 See in context

Disillushioned I have seen many people over a hundred very agile and living very productive lives.

A great example there is an African man in the States a 108 years I believe he lives on his own,

just stop driving last year and is a very happy cigar smoking and whisky drinking soul.

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Posted in: Okinawa residents seek U.S. base referendum with 93,000 signatures See in context

So Okinawa if the BASES leave what will you do for income???? You make more babies than the rest of Japan and yet have the highest poverty rate and welfare rate.  That welfare rate will only climb higher after the BASES LEAVE, meaning my taxes and the rest of Japan too. 

Can you provide an answer to how you will support yourselves financially after you get all that land back.  NO, you cannot, because all you have is tourism nothing more.

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Posted in: Burt Reynolds, star of film, TV and tabloids, dead at 82 See in context

It is a real pity he ever met LONI ANDERSON she SUCKED THE BLOOD RIGHT AND OR MONEY right out from under him which surely had to taken a toll on his life.

Condolences to his immediate family and friends and FOR LONI YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE IS GONE.

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Posted in: The day after See in context

First, congrats to Naomi.

Second, there needs to be a set standard for both men and women in tennis no double standard and what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  There are so many male tennis players that get away with much worse then what Serena did and never get penalized for their poor behavior. 

It is  shame that Naomi did not get to play out to the end too show the world she is a great tennis player, however, the score prior to Serena being hit by the referee with his tantrums no better than Serena shows Naomi was leading by a long shot.

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Posted in: Mother, infant son found dead after going missing on Sept 1 See in context

You hear about so many women having post partum depression after having a baby and prior to having my son I thought it was a lot of hog wash.  

After having my son I could not stop crying (I am not a person who cries) and I phoned the doctor and said I am happy but I cannot stop crying and that is when I heard the word post partum being used on me.  I said give me some medicine and the doctor said there was none I could only ride it out.

With this mother being 40, if she was not getting a lot of support I could see why she did what she did with her hormones and age.  My condolences to the husband and son.

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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

A Japanese artist displayed an animation type statue in front of the Fukushima station and everyone is freaked out that it had armor type things on the chest area and the crotch area.  Unbelievable,  everyone missed the point clearly the artist was trying to make a statement that Fukushima was not safe and people should be wearing protective gear.  Japanese PEOPLE, especially the young and the middle love their animation he used this figurine and no one not the Japanese nor the few non-Japanese it appears got this artist and his point.

Fukushima, Japan's waters and any food grown near there need to be avoided at all costs.  When I buy my rice I make sure it is grown in Hokkaido and or Kyushu far from here.  Same with fish, I try and make sure it has come from overseas and not locally as they are still pouring radio active water by the tons into the sea.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

Universally (not all men but many) never use the head that will keep them out trouble and get them further in life, but no, they have to permit the head that dangles between their legs to rule decision making which many times gets them more trouble than they ever can bargain for.  Here is a huge case in point.  

I am sure they signed a moral clause prior to leaving Japan's soil, and being Indonesia being a Muslim country and with their strict moral rules Japan and other Asian NON-Muslim countries must have done the same as prison time is a long one over there for such behavior as this.


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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

Lol, this Yankee must be living in Japan to use "I don't remember because I was drunk."  Japanese drunk drivers and or drunks on the train are famous for this excuse.

For the guy he pissed on he won the lottery, he now can go after the airline for some free tickets and or financial compensation and the Japanese will pay faster than America as they do not like drama and or bad publicity.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting guy he thought was a woman See in context

LOL, this man’s name is out there for everyone to see. If he still has a job he will be a laughing stock among all his colleagues and they will never stop. If he quits no one will hire him all good.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

You could not pay me too go to Fukushima not for all the tea in China.

Yes, for all those complain this thing is ugly, absolutely,  the artist got it

right radiation is ugly and so is death.  You got a nuclear plant that is not contained and still spilling radioactive material into our oceans and into the ground soil makes Fukushima a hotspot and the rest of Japan, too.  The people who are trying to contain this hot mess still have not found a solution. 

Yes, this doll is ugly it was not meant to be beautiful, it was not meant to get ohhhs and ahhhs it was meant to get people to think and talk.

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Posted in: Indoor playgrounds in hot demand as Japan swelters See in context

In my area of Tokyo they have so many outdoor water play areas where the water is kept cool and there are shaded areas for parents.  

I wish there were more really great indoor play areas for kids such as the one that existed in Omotesando and they tore down around 3 years ago what a shame.

When a child is outside as long as they have a hat on, kept hydrated and there temperature is regulated and one way you can do this is keep a small ice pack in the a child's short's pocket and or keep ice packs in a small insulated lunch box where you can take it out and cool down a child.  For parents who insist to carry their babies and who have an urgo carrier there is a back pocket you can put an ice pack inside there keeping your baby cool.  Parents need to think outside the box.

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Posted in: World's oldest person, a Japanese woman, dies at 117 See in context

Many people living over a hundred are not nvalid like in the past. There is an African American man over 110 who was driving until last year, he takes care of himself and is the life of the party. This lady appears to have been the same, it is not smart too assume something that may not be true.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia bans 'Yo-Kai Watch,' 'Okami,' 45 other video games following child suicides See in context

I find too many video games played by children should not be. I refuse to let my 8 year old son on the computer or play on the iPad more than a few hours a week. What he gets are design really for kids.

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Posted in: Beaches ravaged by 2011 tsunami open to public for 1st time in 8 years See in context

First, I would not allow my son to play in the water with the Fukushima plant still not being contained.

Second, if the parents are going to permit their children to play on the beaches put a rash guard on your children skin cancer is on the rise and you can prevent it by putting one of these on your kids.  My 8 year old son does not like to wear his but I make him, because I do not want to be in the hospital seeing him suffer from something that was preventable.

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Posted in: Two elderly sisters found dead in Tokyo condominium in suspected heat stroke See in context

These ladies had a helper why the hell did this person report this to the Welfare that these ladies were not adequately provided for in this horrible heat. This could NOT have been something that just surfaced if helpers were being sent regularly.

This country has only 2 systems one for those who can afford it and one for those who can’t and they will leave you to die.

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Posted in: The big heat See in context

Every year the temperatures soar and it should be over by mid September. 

When I came here 24 years ago that was the most nasty and longest heat wave ever which began in late Spring and lasted until the middle of October.  In August of 94 the temperature went up to 39.8 one day and around the clock the heat never let up for those 6 months, but the Japanese quickly forget and every year I hear the same this year is especially hot and my answer every year is the same, NOT.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber engaged to model Baldwin: reports See in context

I’m from Canada, and from the start I could not stand him. He is a punk and will always be a punk and very unlikely to ever change. I see this as a one day and or a week marriage at best.

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Posted in: Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth next week despite chorus of discontent See in context

She is a lady of class, she will use few words on him because they will go over his head if she were to use many.

Trumpie, will not get the over night invite like Obama and some previous Presidents of past got, however, he will get a cordial greet and meet.

I hope he will not use his favorite 2 words on her “That’s stupid”, as if he does he will be looking stupid.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman gets suspended sentence for killing ex-husband See in context

Wow, none of you that wrote your responses to this Judge most appropriate justice for this lady have not any dealings with a person suffering from dementia.

My Aunt (not biological) though love her dearly has dementia and no one in the family is doing anything about it.  All I can do for her living here in Japan is call her almost daily on Skype, and chat with her for an hour and she forgets my name at times, where I live and the list goes on with a dementia suffer and you have to repeat yourself constantly in the hour and that it is stressful.  Stressful just talking to someone on the telephone with dementia and you imagine this poor 82 year old lady with diminishing energy due to age, patience too again due to age and dealing with a man she has not seen or been involved for 30 plus years due to a selfish daughter of hers. 

People stop focusing on the act either go and walk a mile in that persons' shoes by volunteering in a care home that deals with dementia related issues and or look at the whole picture and circumstances.  For real, my sympathy goes out to this elderly lady who should be enjoying her last years in peace.

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Posted in: Canada tariffs on U.S. goods from ketchup to lawn mowers begin See in context

My son is an American, Japanese and Canadian citizen and so my interest in all 3 countries is great.

I am a Canadian and no fan of Trudeau and or Senior Trudeau, however, with that said I even less of a fan of Trumpie who in my opinion is even a bigger snake than Trudeau and that is only because he has lived and practiced longer at his scaly profession.

My opinion in Trumpie is going to set off a global recession if no one quickly puts some reins on that man and reel him in and those tweeting fingers, too.

Do I think Canada really hurt America with those tariffs? Never, however, should the world pull together and gang up on THE US it may be possible.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man who strangled sick wife to ‘put her out of her misery’ gets 2 1/2 years in prison See in context

The elderly in this country have to pay high health insurance plus hospital fees. My friend and her husband are both working in their 70’s they pay 70 thousand yen a month, their food budget fail is 1,000 yen for both and they live life on the edge each day.

So before condemning this poor man consider not only his wife’s dire health issues but also his mental suffering on all aspects of life including financially.

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