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Posted in: Japanese airlines resume inbound flight bookings for returnees See in context

My American friend and his family are in lockdown in Korea and a professor over there will be working online from home and his daughter in junior high school student will be studying from home, too. He wrote, explaining a group of people from Africa attached to some religious organization entered bringing the new variant in and plus the COVID making the situation for life over there very worrisome and more.

What is the right answer? How to stay alive? How to rid this COVID and any other variants once for all? Our rights, over the rights of others? No easy answer.

Japan's flip flopping, trust me other countries are doing the same. Truly, it is a pity Japan and the rest of the world did not close their boarders like this last year in January when the news first came out and we would not be in this pickle. Now, it is better to be safe than sorry, and so, we are not like S. Korea and being in a lockdown, again.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 131 See in context

I just received a message from an American friend who lives in Korea and he said things over there are real bad. They are on lockdown, because of both COVID and the new virus from Africa. From what I understand a group or more attached to some religious organization from Africa entered the Korean boarders bringing the virus with them. My friend, a university professor is expecting to be working online once more from home and his daughter a junior high school student will be studying from home, too.

Will there ever be a day where we will see life as normal?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games uniforms for 28,000 volunteers remain unused See in context

they should auction them off internationally there are may Olympic collectors. The money gained put into food banks or something like that.

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Really??? Had they put a worldwide ban on travel on China in January last year we would not be in this pickle jar. It is way better to be safer than sorry and putting the ban now and not waiting later is smart.

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Posted in: Relatives of virus dead question Japan's stay-at-home policy See in context

I’m sure COVID numbers are still high here, however, with low testing across Japan we’ll never know. The numbers are low in the hospital, because I’m sure they are still sending COVID patients home to try and heal themselves

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Posted in: Only 1 in 5 Japanese happy with ¥100,000 handout plan: poll See in context

Biculture, if you are making 6,000,000 and cannot make it on that you need to rethink your spending habits.

I bring in a total of 1,500,000 yen for my son and I, and with my thriftiness and budget conscious decisions I am even able to put just a little away each month for a rainy day. On your income, I would be able to sock away at least 100,000 yen a month and still eat and live comfortably.

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Posted in: Only 1 in 5 Japanese happy with ¥100,000 handout plan: poll See in context

I am a single working mom of one, and I don't need coupons but money for food and rent. I always shop at small vegetable markets that provide the best bang for my yen and same for all other purchases. I visit second hand stores where I can get many new items at a very low cost, and so, these coupons are not desired just the cash and so I can make everything stretch. I am sure if they yelled out that they would be giving 50/50 in cash and coupons they would not have received a very positive response.

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What I would like to see for their titles first report how many tested for all of Japan and how many positive. In their reporting break down how many tests were given city by city and once that is done we can feel more assured.

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Posted in: Gov't considers ¥100,000 cash handout for children aged 18 or younger See in context

For the people that are complaining about the money going to kids. Don't you get it, without more kids and supporting them now means when you get old there is someone supporting your pension. Trust me, those same kids you are griping about will be doing the same griping having to support your sagging butt.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

The poor soul, this should be the happiest day of her life but it looks more like a funeral. Let them live in peace and happiness from here on in.

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COVID JAPAN TRACKER, shows 22,000 tested that is for the entire country. How many of millions of people live and work in Japan and or go to school? This number is criminal, and if people feel safe to go out to restaurants and pubs that is crazy, too. Look at Guam numbers, 90 percent of the people are vaccinated and they are testing all the time and there is no bars set on when and who can be vaccinated and their numbers are higher than here.

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

I was in the one in 2011 and many more before and after that did not bother or scare me, however, this one really shook me up. My bed did not sway which is the usual, however, bounced up and down like a ball and I could not even get off my bed instead I was thrown back on it. My phone went off with sirens and verbal warnings and the shaking just went to the core of my being. Let's see what happens from now.

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I am happy to embrace and trust these numbers if they include the number of tested. Until that time, I remain very skeptical based on NHK news where they show doctors making house calls well past midnight to homes of COVID patients homes because there are no hospital beds.

My school was closed due to a high school student having COVID-19, today.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to return from U.S. to register marriage See in context

I’m happy for her. I don’t believe anyone cares about his mother’s situation and nor is it anyone’s business he didn’t create the mess it was his mother. Legally, he has no financial obligation either.

Money should be put in trust for the princess, and a legal document set up in the event of divorce where she does not loose her asets.

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80 percent of Guam is vaccinated, and the are on lockdown at this very moment. If Japan did the number of testing like Guam the numbers would be back in the thousands.

In addition, the majority that are vaccinated at present are over. 60.

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The testing numbers are low and so your positive cases are low.

Watch the NHK news and where doctors are making 40 house calls after working at their hospital jobs because there are not enough hospital beds. They show people deathly ill on oxygen tanks and the doctors changing them out, families begging for hospital beds for their loved ones and these loved ones all under the age of 40.

It is great news that 50 percent of the population is vaccinated but those people are mainly over the 50 year mark.

Testing for COVID will not go back up until after the election and let us pray, because I cannot see how Japan is escaping this pandemic when you got a place like Guam that is 80 percent vaccinated and they are having an outbreak, daily. The difference between Guam and Japan they provide drive through unlimited free testing, daily, where Japan is not.

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A warning for boys 12-15 the UK Journal of Medicine and the CDC have put our a warning that the vaccine could cause heart problems in this age group and they are questioning if it is worth vaccinating this age group. Please do your own research if you a son or know someone with a boy in this age group.

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Posted in: Crown princess respects 'as much as possible' her daughter's feelings on postponed marriage See in context

This poor girl and the man she is set on marrying this year have been put through the ringer. Why? Because his mother has an outstanding debt that has absolutely nothing to do with him other than by association. Since she is not having a tax payer wedding, give the girl the money as she held from holding a public job as a princess over the years to earn her own. Really, she at least deserves the money that all princesses get, and so, she can start her new life comfortably and safely.

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Posted in: Japan eyes extending COVID-19 emergency in Tokyo, other areas See in context

Ohh to get around fudging the number of people of having COVID blame the emergency extension on the election and the successor.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,362 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 16,012 See in context

Hackman, yes, Japanese would use the free testing sites. There are so many lining up now to pay for these PCR tests, because they don't have the time or there is an urgency to find out if they have the COVID in order not to bring it home to their families.

For the other who commented on the low number of people in the hospital with COVID because that is all the beds they have, others are either in the COVID hotels and or on ventilators at their home and many suffering greatly as was shown on the NHK news.

The many who are suffering in their homes is large and is going unreported. Truly, the situation is dire in this country, just go to any local Kuakusho and you will find people taking hundreds of calls from sick people trying to find hospital beds and or foreigners turning up sick with the COVID. Yes, that is true, a friend of mine who works there has seen this personally and working at the kuakusho for many is greatly distressing.

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How can Aichi and Tokyo have nearly the same number of positive cases 1700 plus? Aichi is has far less people and more rural areas.

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45 million work or commute daily to Tokyo, over 14 million living in Tokyo and under 10 thousand being tested a day in Tokyo and anyone who is excited by these numbers should not be.

How many are being tested at private companies and how many if any are reporting and at least 2 that I went to this year for a PCR test due to travel stated they do not release their numbers due to privacy laws. The latter one in July told me to get in and out as fast as I could as they had a number of positive cases and they had lines of men waiting to be tested.

I will repeat the other areas of Japan and around Kanto are going up and Tokyo is going down, ICU wards are maxed out with 20 and 30 year old individuals something just doesn't add up.

It is my hope the next PM has more testing sites made free and open and let's see what the true numbers really are.

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Posted in: Topix stock index ends at 30-year high on news that Suga is resigning See in context

Very good news for the economy bad for suga

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,539 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 16,738 See in context

Yesterday, a person tried to tell me I was wrong that private companies were submitting their PCR results. Well, I’ve had to twice this year for travel purposes, and I tested a different places and both reported to me they did not reveal their numbers. So, if both companies were being honest the whole picture is not being revealed.

Here is a flip side what if these testing sites were providing their data, but the Tokyo governor chose to ignore them.

Either way, the places I went for my testing had long lines of men and the latter told me to get in and out quickly as they had many positive cases.

For those who doubt me, go and get tested ask some questions.

it doesn’t make sense that many areas of Japan are climbing, but a city of 14 million at night and 35 million during a work day has so little testing.

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Koike is behind the eighth ball set up a tent like Osaka's governor, and so, you have a set of nurses and doctors working out of one place and not a half of dozen spots. Get it together, Koike.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges huge COVID relief package if he wins LDP leadership vote See in context

Is he going to help the little people like me running a small business out of my home and where my income has dropped due to the pandemic.

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

I truly though there could be no worse than Abe, lol, how Suga proved me wrong he was just a walking robot with a battery wind switch. I am glad to see him go, however, is the next person going to be even worse than Suga if so we all are doomed.

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Until they include all the private PCR sites numbers I’ll take stock in these numbers. The rest of Japan is going up, ICU numbers are up in Tokyo and Osaka is erecting a COVID ICU tent.

Careful everyone, is all I can say.

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Posted in: Suga rules out dissolving lower house soon so he can focus on COVID response See in context

He needs to dissolve the diet in order to focus on the COVID response? Is he not doing that now? They report numbers of positive cases which are not the true numbers. Why? Because all these private clinics that do PCR testing DO NO reveal their numbers due to privacy laws. Other areas of Japan the numbers are rising, however, here in Tokyo the numbers are going down and you cannot say because it is the vaccine roll out. People from other parts of Kanto are entering Tokyo to get a vaccine, example, my friend from Kashiwa went to Otemachi to get her vaccine. Suga and all who are around him are a hot mess, and we need a fresh face like the Osaka governor who is young and on his game.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, boyfriend Komuro to marry by year-end See in context

Congrats! Good on them, living outside of Japan where they have the freedom of living in peace. I am sure she will receive money it just won't be advertised and why not she has worked on behalf of the RF over the years and once she is out it's out.

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