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Remember folks, private clinics who test for the virus do not always report their cases, and so, we are not getting the true number which my guess is over 10 thousand, easily. There are many people dying at home from COVID, however, how many are being counted as COVID deaths? So many numbers are being fudged and or inaccurately being reported and until the government gets on top which I cannot see happening at least not in the near future we are all at risk. When I mean we all are at risk, even those who have been double jabbed like myself are not safe.

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Many of these athletes have under lying conditions, and so, why are their lives been put at risk for a medal?

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I one of the blessed people who has been double jabbed. But, truly there is not a lot of concern clearly about catching the COVID here in Tokyo. Yesterday, I went to my local mall to fill up my water jugs and the food court was full of people sitting and eating not a concern there masks were off. I could not get in or out fast enough, and I will not return again until my water jugs need refilling and or the number of COVID cases are down. People need to stay home, for the exception of necessary shopping or work.

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Close down to the sitting areas of food courts, close movie theaters and have malls permit only so many people at one time. Take some real action. Yesterday, I was in my local mall to fill up my water jugs and the food court was packed with people with their face masks off and eating away with no care in the world. I could not get in and out and fast enough, I will not be going out anywhere today that is for sure I am staying in all day.

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Well, I saw my local mall filling up my water jugs; it was full of people shopping, food court full of people with their masks off eating away like nothing was amiss. and So, based on what i saw today don’t expect numbers to go down anytime soon.

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Today, I went to fill up my water jugs at the mall it was not empty and food court was doing a hefty business with lots of people with masks off and eating. I could not leave fast enough, really.

No, it appears the message has not been received by many to stay home. Ignorance is a bliss clearly for most in this country.

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Stop the madness. I don't blame only Japan and the IOC, however, all countries who are sending their athletes here when they will not allow any others into their own country such as Australia and NZ due to the COVID. Double standards, isn't it a hoot, these countries putting all us at risk who live and work here.

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Japan Tracker is declaring there are 105,000 active cases now in Kanto. The people who say they are glad to see the numbers are down, give your head a shake, this is Sunday that number is horrendous and it appears from my open 11th floor window people shouting and playing around like nothing has changed.

I am sure the death rate is so much higher, however, people are dying at home because there are no hospital beds and they are not be counted in the COVID death rate.

Summing up, the numbers are going to continue to rise until people and I mean all people of all ages take this seriously and so will the death rate.

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I had to go to the doctor today and blessedly there were only 2 people inside and after that went to the market to buy food again only very people, inside. Now, is the time to go shopping for food and or seeing a doctor with OBON and the cold and rainy weather. Even so, I wore my N95 mask which people here seem not to know about, even being double jabbed I do not want that virus not for all the tea in China. The only way this virus will disappear is everyone unites, wears the mask, only shops when necessary and stay home unless for work.

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I am one of the blessed people who has been double jabbed in this country through my local doctor's clinic, however, I know many are struggling to find a place to get a vaccine shot. In addition, to my double jab I am doing my absolute best to stay indoors away from people and doing my shopping late at night away from crowds. Even with this effort, last night standing in line giving the lady in front of me plenty of space had the man behind me right on my backside. It is a scary time and I hope more can get the vaccine and the crazy numbers will decline but I do not see that happening until attitudes change.

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My beef with countries like NZ, Australia and or any other nation with these strict lockdowns and keeping people out had no beef sending their athletes here and putting them and us at risk. Double standard and now look at Japan's numbers, however, Suga and the IOC guy gave their word this would be a risk free event which was far from the truth and now here comes the handicap events let's see how many come down with the COVID.

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Japan will have to do what they did last year close malls, leave only supermarkets open and do online lessons using all the fancy apple ipads they bought for every single student in this country for at least a month until the numbers come down and more people are vaccinated.

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This number should be very concerning to everyone as this is OBON and the number of testing is surely way down this week, people you hope are staying home, however most probable not and traveling like a foreign friend of mine who is not fully vaccinated. That person will travel on the bullet train, because this person wants to be out of Tokyo and have a holiday.

Well, until people stay home and choose not to go out to public restaurants and crowded places this will not stop. Those who have to go to work and get on crowded trains order the N95 masks and even for those vaccinated because there is no guarantee that you will not get it even with the shot.

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Watch the 7 pm NHK news, I did last night and watch a real time hospital emergency ward where a 21 year old who was in ICU and appeared totally unconscious. Where the doctor in real time turned away an ambulance as they had no more beds, and pull out a ledger book and count 11 times for the day where he had to turn away COVID patients. How many more hospitals are in this same position? A woman died at home and how many more are dying from COVID and may not be counted for due to the wait to get the COVID test? I saw the night before last in the Tokyo district of Katsushika-ku where 700 people were in self-isolation and where the ku was mailing out ventilators. The situation is very dire, and unless people stay home the situation is going to get more dire. I am self-isolating and only going out to pay bills and I do my food shopping late at night when family shopping is done.

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The number has risen to an alarming rate and only rose after the Olympics started and yet Suga says there is no connection between the two. The IOC leader is so proud of how the Olympics went. Really? The IOC and Suga promised a COVID free Olympics, and yet, 256 plus athletes got the COVID that includes the Greek swim team that all had to go into isolation. And still, they are going to move forward with the handicap Olympics these people are the most vulnerable physically and yet there is no mention of stopping it. When do the IOC, Suga and the rest of the world who are sending these athletes here put a stop to this madness???????

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When I went to take my PCR test for travel to see my son who is going to school on Guam due to this virus. The clinic said they don’t release their numbers due to the privacy laws.

Myself due to travel I have had 4 PCR tests in the last 3 weeks, wore an N95 mask all the way on the plane both ways and very few people on Guam.

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Guarantee the number is triple because the private clinics do not report their positive cases.

On a good note the number of people I saw on the street from my window were down and I pray this continues.

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I predicted and wrote weeks back we are going to be another India or Indonesia and it appears we are on the path going strong to be. I live next to the station and what I see is very worrying people crowded on platforms, really, nothing has changed. I know people who are going to travel next week come high or hell water one a foreigner and her husband, crazy.

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Look at his photo he seems to be way out in left field with no ball in his hand.

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Did the IOC and the Japanese Government not guarantee these would be safest Olympic games ever? I don't just blame the IOC and the Japanese government for these Olympics, however, every single country for not refusing to send their athletes here and putting not only all us people that live here at risk but their own people. All this is foolish for a piece of medal.

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The week after next, wait people we are going to see a 10,000 number. Why? Next week is OBON, and so, many people are going to travel and not stay home and that is where we are going to be another India and or Indonesian.

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Closing boarders a bit late for that once they opened the doors to the Olympics. The government needs to shut the doors on all residents in this country. Put all students online, using those new iPads they bought and put them now into use.

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I am one of the blessed few in this country to receive my second vaccine, today. With that said, I am going to do my part and stay home for the exception for paying bills and getting food, full-stop.

If people would just stay home, for a month at least for the exception of buying food and paying bills the numbers would go down and lives would be saved. Until that happens the Delta variant is going to spread faster and where the situation could be like India and Indonesia.

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I get my second vaccine tomorrow and it is Pzifer thank goodness.

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context

This is a warning to all international men and women who plan to marry in this country consider the consequences if you are going to have children and have a solid prenup done in this country regarding custody. If a Japanese partner is not willing to do one, don't marry and move on.

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Hmmm, so how did so many arrive with the COVID, and how come so many have shown positive since the Olympics have started? Why are the number of COVID cases are rising so rapidly, because they were kept artificially low prior to the Olympics by making testing difficult to get. However, now with so many private clinics popping making a fortune doing the private testing the government can no longer avoid the numbers and or reality.

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Japan needs to make it free here. I was on Guam, and that is a small country and not rich in resources, however, they are proactive in providing public PCR tests for anyone at certain times of the week that are drive through. Japan, suppose to be a rich nation is not stepping up their game in doing the same, just stop drinking after 7 at restaurants they have no rhyme or reason for their decision making.

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Yet, foreign men still think it is great to marry a Japanese women and don't think of the consequences if the marriage doesn't work. The same for women, a Japanese man ran off with his kids and a Western woman is fighting just to get to see her children. A British friend of mine, her Japanese husband was abusing her and she the bread winner while he the deadbeat was massing much of her money ready to run with the kids. I warned her to get ready to run with the kids, which she did not want to do as the kids love their father. My words, get the divorce and set visitation rights and the kids not being young can get on the train and get home if he tries anything.

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So smooth, that COVID numbers are in the 4 digit range. Yes, way to go Suga and Koike.

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I flew out of Japan last week and I am now on Guam where the case count is under 50 and will return on Tuesday if weather permits and I am not looking forward to it at all. The freedom to get in a car and go to the beach, the worry of not catching COVID and I even had a beach birthday party for my child. My child is going to reside here until next January when I hope a large majority of people are vaccinated, until that time there is no chance of coming home and going to a Japanese school.

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