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Hmm, I've had no problems finding powdered sugar and cocoa at regular supermarkets, even different types. Although I usually get fair trade cocoa online, (in a larger box than the small plastic packs) which is quite affordable. Some 100 yen shops have a bunch of these ingredients as well, so that's a good place to look to save money. Most regular stores also do carry a variety of flours, so unless you use whole wheat pastry flour or something like that you're usually ok.

It's also possible to buy a larger-sized convection oven, which is what we did instead of getting a microwave. It can also act as a toaster but it's much larger than the tiny toaster ovens, and it wasn't too expensive either.

Tokyu Hands (if there's one around), is another good place to look for baking supplies. For better quality vanilla extract, I've had to go to the import stores, as well for a couple other extracts. I get my flours from Natural House and Tengu Natural Foods.

And sometimes I just chop up chocolate bars to replace chocolate chips, as they're often on sale and cheaper.

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