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Posted in: Chinese ship with largest-ever cannon enters Japan's waters near Senkakus See in context

BertieWoosterNov. 26  09:00 am JST

It's not the size, it's what you do with it!

It is not the size of the ship in the water that matters, but rather, the motion in the ocean.

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Posted in: Smoking cannabis may be more harmful to lungs than tobacco: study See in context

For those who like to smoke it, have at it. My shares in Tilray and Aurora Cannabis have gone done (nearly breakeven point now), but increased sales will increase revenue and thus, the share price.

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Posted in: Japanese project encourages men to lead change for gender equality See in context

RodneyNov. 21  08:57 am JST

Women may have to walk one meter behind their husbands in public, but I know many salarymen who have to hand over their salary to their wives. In return they get ¥30000 pocket money a month average.


There are some cultures where men walk ten meters behind their women.  When anthropologists investigated this, they found the common answer.  Land mines.

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Posted in: CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines See in context

StrangerlandJune 30  04:33 am JST.

Sure. To someone who has never done any drugs, they would think I've done lots.

No, only based on past braggadocious posts.

Schizophrenics are observant as well. The thing is, the observations they make aren't actually logically connected together, they are unrelated connections that only appear to have a connection due to a brain that is chemically imbalanced.

Scientists, accountants, and others are observant as well. The Weltanschauung about schizophrenics, as you described from the unique perspective of past personal, firsthand experience, provides neuroscientists a plethora of research material.

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Posted in: CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines See in context

> StrangerlandJune 28  07:20 am JST

If anyone knows the ins and outs of drugs, it is strangerland. Not from a scientific point of view, but rather a usage point of view.

Not really. I dabbled a little when I was younger, but I'm nearly a teetotaller now.

As once bragging about LSD use, is it a coincidence that the moniker “strangerland” contains the letters LSD?

I think you'd have to be on LSD to find that anything other than coincidental

Dabbled a little? That is all relative. A billion dollars to Elon Musk is only a "little" amount of money, but to 99.99999999 % of the world, it is a fortune.

No, one does not need to be on LSD to find it anything other than coincidental. Rather, just observant.

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Posted in: CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines See in context

StrangerlandToday  10:39 am JST

NAISU NAISU!! A maiyaku vending machine!! Weebtastic!!

Eh? CBD is not a drug. For that matter, cannabis is barely a drug.

You're only about 40 years out of date with your propaganda, boomer.


If anyone knows the ins and outs of drugs, it is strangerland.  Not from a scientific point of view, but rather a usage point of view. As once bragging about LSD use, is it a coincidence that the moniker “strangerland” contains the letters LSD? The "go to person" for drugs.  I prefer getting high on life.

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese man accused of COVID relief fraud See in context

Michael MachidaJune 22  11:05 am JST

Why didn't they hold a trial in Indonesia? Why did the send him back to Japan? Now he is free?!

> David BrentJune 22  12:22 pm JST

If he makes it back to Japan then he's gotten off scot free.

Here you go, guys/girls.  If you read the first two paragraphs again (carefully), you will realize that he was arrested on board the plane by Japanese police. Once the plane enters Japanese air space, the Japanese police evidently then have authority to make an arrest. They have no authority of arrest in another country. 

By the way, for anyone interested, if a baby is born on an international flight (it is rare, but does happen), the citizenship of this child is determined by the particular country’s airspace when the birth occurs.  Thus, if a child is born to Indonesian parents on a flight from Jakarta to Los Angeles and the baby is born in US airspace (a certain distance from the coast) the child is then a US citizen.  If the child is born in no country’s airspace, such as over the Pacific Ocean, the citizenship of the child is from the country in which the plane departed, in this case, Indonesia.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules same-sex marriage ban not unconstitutional See in context

NemoJune 20  05:23 pm JST

Homophobes of the world UNITE!

Because nothing will threaten a solid straight marriage like a same sex couple wanting the same rights as you!

This is such malarky, a specious statement.  It is like saying that a heinous murder or rape in India is fine because it does not threaten people in the United States.  No, murder or rape is just plain wrong, as is same sex marriages.  If nature intended that same sex couples be natural, then through evolution, two men having sex would produce a baby.  Newsflash, it does not! (Although pro-abortion Democrat Aimee Arrambide thinks men can get pregnant, just amazing!). It is completely unnatural, unless you think nature is wrong.  By the way, you can change the word “Homophobe” to something more accurate, which would be a new word, “Pervertphobe”.

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Posted in: Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu freed after 20 years in prison See in context

StrangerlandToday  06:56 am JST

The typical liberal response, coddle the criminal and totally forget about the victims and their families.

20 years in jail is coddling. Ok bruh. You lost any credibility with that claim. Didn't even bother reading the rest.

Nice try at deflection. Don't worry, you will master it one day. Practice makes perfect. Didn't even bother to read the rest? That is usually the case for people that wish not to see reality. The one who lost any credibility is the one that thinks 20 years in jail for master minding the deaths of 26 innocent people and injuring 80 more innocent people is sufficient.  Twenty years for killing one person in not sufficient. Would you have the courage to face the families of those killed and tell them that 20 years in jail was sufficient?  100 % guaranteed you would not have the courage.   She should die in jail, not a free person.  Better yet, let the families of the victims decide her fate.  By the way, I am not your “bruh”, and glad of that!

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Posted in: Japanese Red Army founder Shigenobu freed after 20 years in prison See in context

StrangerlandMay 29  04:12 am JST

She's paid the price that was enacted upon her. You can (and maybe even should) hate her, but she deserves no more persecution. Let her go off and die in peace.

The typical liberal response, coddle the criminal and totally forget about the victims and their families.  Just too much binary thinking.  What persecution did she endure?  She served 20 years and is now free. The dozens of people she killed never had those 20 years, or anything after that. Neither did their families. She most likely basked in the “glory”, in her mind, of killing dozens of innocent people because it fit her agenda.  Maybe using too much Mary Jane and other things obfuscates your reasoning.  Whatever happened to something called "taking responsibility for one's actions"? Actions do have consequences.

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Posted in: Ohtani homers again; Syndergaard pitches Angels past Rangers See in context

TokyoHamApr. 17  09:57 pm JST

Who cares?

No, but seriously. MLB makes the news in Japan only when a Japanese player is involved. How is that not racist? lol

In any case, it makes me wish there were any noteworthy Japanese NBA players, because that's American sports news I would actually be interested in seeing covered here. You know, rather than a game where 90% of the players are doing absolutely nothing, 90% of the time.

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You have obviously never played baseball, or certainly not in a competitive setting.  If all you did was stand around doing nothing, then your coaching, if you had any, was horrendous. Your observations, or rather opinion, is way off base (pardon the pun).

As with any success in life, one reacts before things happen.  This is better known as anticipation, a key to success in life, sports, business, etc..

In baseball, every good player anticipates what they would do if the ball is hit to them, or wherever it is hit.  For example, a line drive to right center field has both the center fielder and the right fielder running after it. The left fielder will come in and back up any throw to second or third base. The infielders will line up in proper positions, such as for cut off throws and backing up a base. Even the pitcher will anticipate where he should be in the event of a throwing error.  Even when no one is on base and the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher after a pitch, the shortstop and/or second baseman will instinctively move toward the area behind the pitcher, even if only a little, in case of an overthrow. In this way, they are well conditioned to back up a return throw to the pitcher when opposing players are on base.

I know this because I have done it, from Junior Development League (age 7) to American Legion Baseball (late teen years). I also coached women softball teams and taught them these playing basics, taking over in mid-season and turning a losing team record into a winning team record.  It is all about knowing the basics, and perfecting them.


Here’s a quote from Bruce Lee that can easily be applied to learning and perfecting the basics in baseball:

 “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

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Posted in: Record 5,400 cannabis offenders in 2021, police report See in context

I don’t smoke any myself, never did, and don’t care to do so.    But I have done well investing in pot stocks (Tilray, Aurora Cannabis, Green Thumb Industries etc.).   In fact, these last two days cannabis stocks went up well over 15 % in value.  So, to all you people that think it is not a bad idea to smoke it, then keep going at it.  Every puff you take adds money to my portfolio.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' director mistaken for bank robber in Atlanta See in context

Peter14Today  02:44 pm JST

Lucky the teller was black. A white teller would be being accused of racial profiling and being racist right now. Maybe it is not about the color but the situation?

You got that right! If she was white, she also would have lost her job immediately.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to woman says he has done it on at least 30 occasions See in context

I heard about an older fellow, age 65, who is a flasher and said he would retire. But he changed his mind and decided to stick it out another year.

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Posted in: Kishida taking no chances as Japan closes border over Omicron See in context

wtfjapanDec. 1 10:42 am JST

One last thing, Do you also think there is no science behind living a healthy lifestyle?

living a healthy lifesytle isnt the endgame of stopping this pandemic, its kills the elderly the most even if theyre healthy, your immune system just degrades with age.

what I find is the lack of empathy for the elderly by he anti vaxxers, they seem to think theyre freedoms right to choose somehow trumps the elderly's right to live,

Why does it not work the other way around when talking about abortions and the lack of empathy for the unborn when the women’s right to choose trumps the unborn's right to live?

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Posted in: Can Biden find the right balance on immigration? See in context

starpunkToday 01:21 am JST

There's been so many lies and hatred spewed out, and fibs galore about a Latino/a 'invasion' that doesn't exist. There is no invasion, the US borders are secure.

I beg to disagree. The northern border is secure, although some illegally try to cross there, too. But the southern border is a different story. How can you say it is secure when there are well over 10 million people living illegally in the country? Not everyone came legally (land borders, airports, cruise ships etc.) and overstayed their particular visa or time allotted as a visitor. Almost all the illegals arrived at the southern border, or never showed up for their court hearing to determine if they can stay in the country. People don't come illegally on a commercial aircraft. The airline won't let them board the aircraft without proper documents. Some do arrive with criminal records, but are arrested if necessary. Any guess on how many claim asylum at the southern border, get a court date to appear before an immigration judge while living in the US, and don't show up for their court date? I bet it is more than two people. They now live in the shadows, working under the table, many obtaining a fraudulent social security number if needed and not paying taxes, not having car insurance, yet they drive, etc.. Many do it the right way and pay their share of taxes. In case you were not aware, there are many Latinos that have come legally and despise those Latinos that did not. Latinos are wonderful people, but they also need to follow the rules. Not to mention many countries have a quota on how many people can immigrate to the US, based on US quota numbers. Thus, those coming illegally are not playing fair. The southern border is not secure despite the hard work of the border officers. It is just too overwhelming. We are not even talking about the drug trade and cartels getting drugs across the border. Much come commercially, but with tens of thousands of trucks crossing every few days, they cannot all possible be checked. If you want to see an interesting picture, google the Latino that were sewn into the backrest of a car seat. Or those hiding where the front passenger air bag was. Yes, it happened, and continues to do so. The crisis at the southern border is why Biden is now enforcing the "Remain in Mexico" policy that he decried as terrible when Trump did it. The chickens are coming home to roost.

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Desert TortoiseNov. 30 07:16 am JST

...Everyone spoke he old country's language so no need to learn English right away. One grandmother never did. No need. I had cousins who likewise never spoke English. Ask why that makes you so uncomfortable (I know it does). And if are honest about American history you admit immigrants throughout the nation's history have been feared, loathed, disparaged, called names and vilified in the press. And then their grandkids make the same mistakes and vilify and disparage the next wave of immigrants to the US from a different part of the world, forsaking their own immigrant roots.

Uh, you need some clarification to your assumptions (and you must know one of the meanings of the word "assume", just like "snafu" has different descriptions of the words' meaning). Why do you think that older people that never spoke English and lived in the US makes me uncomfortable? If you know what other people are thinking and feeling, then you should have no trouble picking the winning mega-millions lotto numbers. As Mark Twain said: "Get the facts straight, then you can distort them anyway you wish". Certainly if older people don't learn English after coming to the US, that is understandable. My grandparents came to the US with very limited English, and they came legally. Have you ever heard of Ellis Island? They learned more English here, especially watching TV (The Price is Right) and speaking to us grandchildren. My mother still did the property taxes and other paperwork for them as she was born here (high school valeditorian by the way). But half of the time they spoke their native tongue, especially to other friends and relatives their age. I often listened to them and understood much of the language, but responded in English, which did not lead to my learning the language as much as possible. My grandparents were also the recipients of discrimination, but their work ethic convinced many that they were not so bad after all. The vast majority of immigrants face some type of discrimination, but they also meet very nice and accepting people, too. This is not new in anyway. However, if a person comes to the US at a young age and does not learn English, that is a problem. Not only does that limit their opportunities, but it does demonstrate that they don't want to assimilate to a new country. The government cannot construct road signs for the highway in over 200 different languages, all on the same piece of metal. Learning the language of the country in which you live is essential in order to fully experience the country and function in society. You don't need to be fluent, but at least the basics of the language is a necessity for everyday life. This is not rocket science!

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1glennNov. 29 10:26 am JST

And so on, and so on. Shutting down immigration would destroy America.

The overwhelming number of Americans do not talk about shutting down immigration. What people are concerned about is illegal immigration.  There is a humongous difference which some people just don’t seem to understand. Why do people get these two things mixed up?

The only person who I ever heard say to shut down immigration entirely was a liberal friend who feared that if more people came to America, especially from places like Haiti and Central America, they would want to live like Americans and produce more waste per person than anywhere in the world, as Americans supposedly do. This was the craziest reason I ever heard for ending immigration, but it is his opinion.

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Posted in: Going for World Series title, Braves start 3rd rookie See in context

Hervé L'EisaToday 07:03 am JST

Let's Go Braves!

May the better team win. But since the Astros cheated in the very recent past, then I will go with the braves. Pretty soon the Braves will have to change the name.  It is obviously racist to some. Yet, I would think being called “brave” would be a compliment. If they were called “Atlanta Indian Cowards”, then I could see that would be wrong.

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Posted in: 50 years after Roe v Wade, abortion again before U.S. Supreme Court See in context

> Pukey2Today 10:43 am JST

If you don't agree with abortion, don't have one. If you are pro-life, then look after an unwanted child financially.

Looking after the child financially is the responsibility of the father (and mother, but mostly the father). Oh, that terrible word "responsibility".

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Posted in: 50 years after Roe v Wade, abortion again before U.S. Supreme Court See in context

Bob FosseToday 09:26 am JST

If evangelicals want to live by the bible they shouldn’t pick and choose which parts to follow and which to ignore. Have some integrity.

Leviticus clearly states a very “liberal” stance on immigration, for example.

Does Leviticus clearly define legal vs illegal immigration?  There is a world of difference.   It is known as obeying the law.  Please explain fully.

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Posted in: Foreign women catching on to 'papa-katsu' as a means of economic survival See in context

YrralOct. 31 09:55 am JST

Covid,should be an excuse, not too frequent prostitutes

I don’t think covid is the main concern if one frequents prostitutes. Even if one has been vaccinated, it still has other drawbacks. Just like the proverbial man who was stabbed and bleeding profusely. Laundering his bloody shirt was the least of his concerns.

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Posted in: Japan keeps tourism freeze despite plunge in virus cases See in context

El RataOct. 29  08:52 pm JST

I wish they could keep the borders closed forever, I love traveling without the noise and annoyance of rowdy tourists from other Asian countries.


You obviously are not employed in the tourism industry, or any of its offshoots, not to mention being selfish.

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Posted in: Japan keeps tourism freeze despite plunge in virus cases See in context

StrangerlandOct. 30 05:38 am JST

I am really baffled how most of you believe that things will go back to normal.

What's normal? There has never been a time when change did not occur, so there is no "normal" to get back to.

But it's silly to think that we won't go back to a period of normalcy. Medicine is nearly at the point where it can be managed to keep people alive and from getting sick. Once that happens, life will mostly get back to normal levels of change.

Really, medicine is nearly at the point where people won’t die or get sick?  In which alternate binary universe do you live? Have there been any successful cases where someone has never died when their time was up or someone who has never been sick, due to medicine?

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin says fatal shooting was 'one in a trillion': TMZ See in context

theloniusOct. 31 08:16 am JST

One in a trillion? Not from what I've read. Sounds more like an accident waiting to happen.

Is Alec Baldwin too much of an important celebrity to have a final check of the gun himself?

All of Hollywood can be considered too important, they know that.  Besides politicians, Hollywood “celebrities” tell the rest of us what to do, but don’t follow it themselves.  What has changed?

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Posted in: Opponents of critical race theory seek to flip school boards in U.S. See in context

By the way, for all the liberal social warriors out there who think they are helping minorities, particularly black people, allow me to refer you to the words of Malcolm X when he said that white liberals are the worst thing to happen to the black population. “The white liberal differs from the white conservative in one way. The liberal is more deceitful and hypocritical than the conservatives. Both want power. But, the white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s (sic) friend and benefactor.” He accused the liberals of using the black Americans as ‘political pawns’ in their political struggle against the conservatives.

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Posted in: Opponents of critical race theory seek to flip school boards in U.S. See in context

girl_in_tokyoOct. 29 07:34 am JST

"We don't want our kids to learn about systemic racism! Then we'd have to face up to the fact that we created it and allow it to continue!" Racists will be racist.

That is a racist statement in itself.  But it is no surprise.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Matt HartwellOct. 24 09:19 am JST

And yet for abortion, its 100% death rate for the foetus every single time. Not 1%, not 3%, but 100%.

So my question is - If the left is so very concerned about human life, where are they so supportive of very loose abortion laws? I cant get my head around that moral hypocrisy.

So very true! Unfortunately some people (the left) don't think a human fetus is actually a human. They would rather give more concern to someone like Charles Manson who murdered people, than to a future child that never hurt anyone. Millions of dollars were spent on Manson when the money should have gone to the families of the victims. With the left, the victims of crime have no value. Ronald Reagan said it well when he said: “I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

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Posted in: Australia proposes laws requiring voters to prove their identity See in context

Why do I need to have a library card (identification) in order to take a book out of the library, but no ID to elect a leader of a country? If I don't have my library card when I ask to take a book out of the library and my request is denied, can I call that "reading or educational suppression?" What in the history of mankind (womankind, personkind, fluidkind......) is wrong with proving who you are when you vote?

Why do I need to sign the outside of my mail in ballot? Are the officials trying to match my signature with when I registered to vote to make sure it is me? Isn't this a form of voter ID? If there is no voter ID, then I, and anyone pretending to be me, should not need to sign the outside of the ballot envelope, no matter whose envelope someone is mailing.

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Posted in: Iran agrees to restart nuclear talks as pressure grows See in context

Of course Iran can be trusted, who would think otherwise?  Just as they request, give them a one week notice before conducting inspections.  That gives them enough time to hide what they are doing.  Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

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