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kyronstavicJan. 21 02:43 pm JST

Aly RustomToday  08:34 am JST

A couple of days ago, I was listening to Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State ,and he said something I thought was very interesting:

Interesting's right. Isn't he the same Andrew Cuomo who ordered the sending of people infected with the coronavirus into nursing homes with all those elderly people, triggering thousands of deaths?

Wouldn't be paying much attention to what he says.

I agree totally.  It is certainly par for the course that I never heard CNN criticize present New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sending the infected people with coronavirus to nursing homes and subsequent deaths of elderly people.  Does anyone think that Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo, an anchor at CNN, has anything to do with this?  Of course he certainly does. By the way, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was their father.  Isn’t it interesting that the liberal Democrats often rail against so called “white privilege”, yet say nothing about the “white privilege” of the Democratic Cuomos? A double standard? It can’t be.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s latest plan to boost birth rate: Pay people 100,000 yen per baby they give birth to See in context

Jim4790Jan. 21  06:20 pm JST

If Japan is serious about increasing the birth rates and stabilizing or growing its population it needs to do what the US has: We encourage unwed mothers to have as many children as possible. We support them through both local and federal subsidies. Then we heap on a huge amount of praise about the struggle of single motherhood. The guys that knock them up are not required to support their kids but we the tax payer will do that. And when the child grows up they can play the victim card and blame all their demons and short comings on society and start collecting money and breading just like their parents. Trust me once you create that success pool of parenting your population will explode!!

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> SandyBeachHeavenJan. 21  07:13 pm JST


Fabulous remark and so true. And each kid has a different father, so much easier to collect welfare.


You are both right on the mark. Oh my, how very true this is.  In the USA, in 2018, for single mothers the rate of births was 28% for whites, 52 % for Hispanics, and 69% for blacks. They know that if they declare they are single with children they will get more money in welfare, food stamps, etc..  Even if the “father” lives with them, the mothers still declare they are single mothers so as to get these payments. For children living in single-parent homes, the odds of living in poverty are great. Guess which political party encourages this? Yes, the Democratic liberal party, particularly in the black community. Why? Simply to keep these people, mostly the black community, under their control and future votes. They don’t want the black community to think for themselves. Even Biden essentially said this when he famously said “If you vote for Trump, you ain’t black”. The black community is taken for granted, and paid off with welfare etc.. It was the Democratic party that kept blacks physically enslaved 200 years ago and then were only freed after the Civil War. Now, in 2021, they are kept in financial slavery.  Check out these statistics:

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Posted in: Dylan, Crosby, Young, Fleetwood: Music publishing sector booming with high-profile sales See in context

The Byrds were very good. Nonetheless, the Beatles are still my favorite.

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Desert TortoiseToday 03:38 am JST

A question everybody needs to ask themselves is who is being harmed by this service.

Much of the workforce are sex slaves, often from abroad. They are lured with promises of other kinds of work, but upon arrival their sponsors confiscate their passports and lock them up in a home forcing them to work as sex workers.

That is usually the case. Of course, some do it out of their own free will to help pay expenses (college tuition, fancy clothes...), but these are probably women not from abroad. I suppose it would be difficult to determine which is which. If these women are from abroad and not in possession of their own passports, then that is one key indication of human trafficking. Just google "signs of human trafficking", especially associated with massage parlors. There is much information there.

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I was at Machu Picchu many moons ago, as maybe many who post on JT have also done.  It was a fantastic experience and Cusco was great, too.   It is one of those places that bring you back in time hundreds of years, if not more, especially when so many questions about the place have yet to be answered.  Hopefully it can open up fully again, but not too much so as to keep it well intact. Places like this provide jobs for so many people, such as hotel and food workers, guides, drivers, even people employed by the train company that transports them from Cusco.  Plus, without Machu Picchu, probably half of Cusco inhabitants would lose their jobs as tourists that go to Machu Picchu usually spend a couple of days in Cusco.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after selling counterfeit Chanel item to police officer at flea market See in context

Nppori NickJan. 17 12:22 am JST

I really don't understand why so many resources are wasted on such a small item.

Go after wholesalers and big places selling these items if you wish, but seriously? At a flea market? One item?

Guess you don’t know one of the ways LE operates.  I don’t know how Japan LE works, but in other countries these small fish can lead to the big ones. Either they rat on their supplier for a leaner sentence, or none at all, or the information can be found on their cell phone, etc.. Either way, it is a sort of contact tracing up the chain to catch the big fish. Let me tell you, the big fish are not personally selling these items at a flea market, they either own the flea market or have control over the distribution of counterfeit products. The big fish may not even live in the same country. That’s where Interpol joins the scene.

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I don't know about drinkable cheesecake, but I heard of someone that went to the store and got milk, and then to the gas station and got gas. I suppose he was lactose intolerant.

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nostromoJan. 17 06:51 am JST

The tournament should have been cancelled. There are thousands of Australians still trying to get home yet the federal and state governments willing ignore their own medical guidelines so these meaningless sporting events can take place.

I would not call these sporting event meaningless, but I would agree this one should be cancelled.   Please remember that thousands of people, down the chain from the athletes competing, have jobs very much related to sporting events. Or in other sports, too, such as American baseball, or soccer around the world, people work at the stadiums at the concession stands, trucks delivering food to the stadium, people selling team souvenirs, security, local restaurants and tourism around the stadium area or in the city itself. The list goes on and on. Many times, the sporting event is the only reason people that don't live in that area go there. The sporting event has a massive ripple effect.

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FuzzyJan. 17 04:06 pm JST

It would absolutely suck to be in your early twenties right now. Their employment opportunities looked pretty dismal even before the pandemic. Now there's the added downer of the impact on their social lives and opportunities to see the world and really experience life.

I would agree with that.

Hopefully these people in their twenties ( and anyone for that matter) that will be looking for a job can anticipate and prepare an appropriate answer to an almost certain interview question. Such a question will be something like “How did you improve your skills, or what new skills did you learn, when you were looking for a job during the pandemic"?   Those that give a great answer, such as they learned a new language, computer skills, or especially skills relating to the job for which they are interviewing, etc., will have one heck of an advantage to land that job.

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Posted in: Staying at home during pandemic: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t See in context

Exercise would certainly help maintain one’s strength and coordination as one get older.  My mantra is : “You did not stop exercising/playing because you got old, rather, you got old because you stopped exercising/playing”.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied teenage girl who committed suicide commission portrait to 'attend' Coming-of-Age Day ceremony See in context

Thomas TankJan. 16 08:33 am JST


This is an understatement, but I cannot think of a better one word description.

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Let’s hope it helps everyone. But does anyone remember that Facebook CEO Zuckerburg, in 2010, donated 100 million dollars to Newark, New Jersey (and matched by private donations), thus equaling 200 million dollars, in an effort to help the failing school system? That’s a hunk of change, yet not much came of it. Read for yourself:

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girl_in_tokyoJan. 17 10:05 am JST

I see. You are pretending nuance doesn't exist so that you can pretend you don't know what men I'm referring to, in order to feel justified in picking a fight. Sorry, not taking the bait. I think you know what I meant quite well

I am not picking a fight with you.  This is the victimhood mentality which serves no one well. I am simply pointing out the inconsistencies in your post.  

> You keep pretending context doesn't exist and that it's not a natural part of human communication to infer meaning. Again, I'm not taking the bait.

There you go again with your nuance thinking that I am baiting you. You are so wrong. The only bait I throw out is when I go salmon fishing. Are you a salmon?

If you aren't interested in my views, why are you reading my posts and trying to pick them apart?

I read all the posts if it is a topic in which I am interested. If the topic does not interest me, I go to the next topic. If I feel a particular post deserves a comment, then I do so. However, in the topics that I do read and you are posting, it certainly seems that half of the time you are in a battle with men. Hmmm, I wonder why?

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

girl_in_tokyoJan. 16 07:38 pm JST

asiafriendToday 06:46 pm JST

Really!   All the men that make the laws are self-serving perverts?   No possibility that even one man is not a self-serving pervert?   

I did not say "all the men." Obvious hyperbolic strawman is obvious.

This is what you wrote: "In most countries where sex work is legal, the age of consent is around 20. Personally, I think it should be 25, but the men who make the laws are self-serving perverts who want to make sure they can have young women at their disposal."

When you wrote "the men who make the laws" is thus implying all of the men who make the laws. If not, why not simply write "some of the men who make the laws..."? It does seem hyperbolic straw woman is obvious.

I never said that you said anything about making prostitution illegal. Read my post, don't just assume things.

Also, I am not interested in your views or about your partners that were sex workers. Don't you think that being a sex worker ultimately influences some (not all) men to go further and try it with teenage girls?

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

girl_in_tokyoJan. 15 08:04 pm JST

In most countries where sex work is legal, the age of consent is around 20. Personally, I think it should be 25, but the men who make the laws are self-serving perverts who want to make sure they can have young women at their disposal.

Really!   All the men that make the laws are self-serving perverts?    No possibility that even one man is not a self-serving pervert?   Are you a panoramic artist painting everyone with the same brush? An older man paying for sex with a minor is definitely wrong and should have the book thrown at him.  But many women at the age of 20 to 25 (you think the age should be 25) want to make money and they see nothing wrong with this.  As long as they are not being forced into such a life (let's say by drug carteIs), it is their choice. Maybe they want the money in order to buy fancy clothes to pretend they are something they are not. But it is still their choice. Who are you to tell adult women what to do with their bodies and wait until the age of 25 before they can decide? Yet, no doubt you think women should not be told what to do with their bodies when it comes to abortion.

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YrralJan. 14 06:03 am JST

US house impeach Trump for 2nd time

Seems like you are on the wrong page, Yrral. Anyhow, maybe the day will come when a watch can be put to one’s mouth to determine if covid, or some other disease is present.

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Posted in: Tango therapy brings joy to seniors and unites generations See in context

This is great.  It makes the elderly feel less lonely, especially if they have no one else to visit them.   It also helps them physically by moving more often.  I visited elderly friends of my mother in nursing homes, and their eyes light up when they see someone they know. Yet, it is so sad to see them in nursing homes in the first place. So visiting them is a two edged sword.   It makes one happy to visit them, and sad at the same time knowing that they are there.

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Posted in: Japan pledges to support Senegal's response to coronavirus pandemic See in context

Yes, it is good to help Senegal, and any poor country for that matter, maybe even people from Senegal coming to Japan to make a better life and even allow them to send money back home to help their families in Senegal. However, don’t have the men from Senegal (as Nigerians have done) come over to Japan to take the place of the Yakuza in Kabukicho and other places and beckon tourists (men) to pay for prostitutes.   It is bad enough for the Yakuza to have done this.

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Posted in: KFC Japan’s Creamy Croquette Chicken Filet Sandwich wants to comfort you this winter See in context

Charlie SommersJan. 12 06:09 am JST

Well...I must differ with the above commenters. It may not be health food but an occasional treat won't damage you that much. Don't eat them on a daily basis but you could probably eat one every now and then and live through it. I would love to try one. They had me at sakura shrimp and lobster sauce.

You are right, an occasional snack will do no harm. I recall years ago when someone told me, as I was eating a sandwich, that white bread is not healthy, with all the nutrients bleached out of it. Then when I was done with my lunch, I went outside and guess what I saw? That same person leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette. Now that's healthy! What a world!

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Desert TortoiseJan. 11 11:06 pm JST

Why are the companies of any democratic nation opening new businesses in China? What are these fools thinking?

It's called money. Just ask Nike, but don't mention the sweat shops, they get mad.

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Well said, knittyelf. I would have done the exact same thing. Thank you for being considerate during your necessary travels. You are probably absolutely correct that you would have regretted not at least trying to see your ailing father. He appreciated it too, I am sure. I am glad your travel was successful.

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JeffLeeJan. 12 05:59 am JST

In Canada, motorists are told to put a sleeping bag, water and food in their cars when driving long distances in the snow.

The same for the northern US states, also. In fact, just keep it in the trunk all winter long. Sometimes these storms are much worse than predicted, or people simply get lost off the beaten path and run out of gas. At least they will have food and water until someone (hopefully) finds them.

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StrangerlandJan. 12 06:36 am JST

This is very little concern for babies in the modern world. Thirty days earlier and the same baby could have been aborted and so many would not have even batted an eye over the poor child’s demise.

Good ol' right-wing rhetoric. Just like communism, sounds good on paper, but is way too simplistic to ever actually work in the real world.

Accurate description except for one thing. You are talking about socialism put forward by the very extreme left wing. Tell me how that worked out in Cuba and Venezuela, pray tell.

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cleoJan. 12 04:23 pm JST

But cannot the same be said about human fetuses murdered through abortion? If you truly believe what you wrote, then you must also believe abortion takes away the chance of a person having a life of his/her own.

Maybe you would like to ban contraception, too? And masturbation? How about menstruation? All those eggs and sperms whose chance of becoming a person is taken away before they have a chance to get started.

I find it hard to equate a fertilised egg with a six-year-old child. I cannot imagine the hardship the mother felt she faced for her to believe that killing herself and her child was a better option than trying to find another solution.

A completely absurd and ridiculous statement! Contraception, masturbation, or menstruation do not form a zygote. But the sperm and egg together (fertilization), is thus a fetus already beginning. After a short while, via ultrasound, developing organs, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, etc. can be seen. It is a living human being, just not yet leaving the mother.

I find it unconscionable that you would (from a previous post) not want your tax dollars to impose capital punishment on a serial pedophile who traumatized and ruined forever the lives of young children and in some cases then murdered them and / or family members, but yet happy that your tax dollars support the same criminal in jail with health care and other benefits that many law abiding citizens cannot even afford. No doubt you would want you tax dollars to support Planned Murder, otherwise known as Planned Parenthood, which kills the unborn who have never hurt anyone in their brief life.

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cleoJan. 11 11:05 pm JST

The person who was given the death penalty gave it to himself/herself. That is because they knew exactly, before the crime was committed, that the consequence of their action would be the imposition of the death penalty.

Not if the crime (assuming there was a crime) was committed in a country that does not impose the death penalty. It is the responsibility of the UK not to hand over anyone to a jurisdiction with the ability and propensity to put people to death.

So what you are implying is that it is acceptable to commit murder, as long as it is done in a country where the death penalty is not imposed. Just amazing!

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BungleJan. 9 01:09 pm JST

This termite was definitely was on his way to soil as many of his country doves as possible.

BungleJan. 9 01:09 pm JST

An apt analogy. A termite with wood is nothing but trouble.

More than that, he is no better than the protozoa in the termite’s gut that breaks down cellulose in the wood. On the other hand, at least the protozoa has a useful purpose.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting high school girl hints at committing 30 similar crimes See in context

JJ JetplaneJan. 8 12:17 pm JST


If you support porn essentially you are supporting these type of people, who are stimulated by and copy what they see (i.e. grope and abscond with victim's underwear, etc.).

So you want to blame TV for people's behaviors? Just like when they tried to blame shooting games for people using guns. How about blame the system itself. The pressures and failings of a societal system.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  No matter what you see around you, on TV, etc., it still comes down to personal responsibility.  I would think that most people don’t act out what they see on TV, porn, etc.. If everyone acted out what they watched, then this headline would be multiplied thousands, if not millions, of times. I can just imagine that the PC crowd will now claim that this person is simply “sexually challenged”.

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starpunkJan. 10 01:33 pm JST

MonozukiJan. 8  09:55 pm JST

Very sad, too early to die. RIP.

The poor boy never had a chance, a life of his own. He could've cured cancer, walked on a moon of Saturn, become PM. We'll never know now.

That is exactly correct! But cannot the same be said about human fetuses murdered through abortion? If you truly believe what you wrote, then you must also believe abortion takes away the chance of a person having a life of his/her own. Just think how far behind the world would be if the greatest thinkers, scientists, inventors, humanitarians, etc. were aborted? And to have done it in most cases simply for convenience is disgusting (the life of the mother and such instances being an exception as acceptable). Just such a sad commentary on mankind (or does one need to now say womenkind, or personkind, these days)?

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robert maesJan. 9  10:04 am JST

He should never have been punished or suspended. The photographer should have been fined for privacy rights breech.

It is the business of only 3 people. Not from the sports federations, press or anyone else

Does this apply to politicians and Hollywood celebrities,too? The paparazzi could not keep up with all the infidelity of the politicians and Hollywood people.  What privacy rights did he have while in public? Will it come to the point where just looking at someone is violating their privacy?  Even reading the posts on this forum, is that a privacy breech of what others have written?  Of course not, it is a public forum. He was in a public place.  Fining for a privacy rights breech, while in a public area, is a very slippery slope.

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WolfpackJan. 9 06:10 pm JST

This is very little concern for babies in the modern world. Thirty days earlier and the same baby could have been aborted and so many would not have even batted an eye over the poor child’s demise.

*I ***was thinking the same thing. It is amazing that it would get down votes at all.  I guess babies are too much of an inconvenience for some (different from the health of the mother, rape, etc.), so just have it sucked out of the mother and down the toilet. Maybe the only silver lining with abortions is that liberals are very happy with it, and more apt to carry it out, thus, there will be less liberals in the future.  Can you imagine if the fetuses of a dog were aborted and the subsequent outrage?  But a human being, no problem. No wonder the world has gone to hell. Watch the down votes on this one. **

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