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YrralOct. 18 07:45 am JST

I hope she contacted immigration, US immigration official are very intrusive,and what status do she have to migrate to the US, you cannot decide on your own to move to the US without first visiting a Consular official

Tell me again the trouble with intrusive immigration officials?    That is their job.  If one is allowed to enter the country as per immigration regulations, there will be no problem.  If the questions are not asked by immigration, then the questions will never be asked once the people are in the country.   Over 12 million illegals immigrants can tell you this, if you can find them.

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smartphone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

If smart phones are so smart, why can’t it simply pee for us?

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Posted in: Reduced splash, easier smartphone operation among reasons more guys prefer to pee while seated See in context

I am so relieved to learn of other people's peculiar proclivities. Keep it flowing.

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Posted in: Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special See in context

If you want to laugh you backside off, then watch Dave Chappelle's skit concerning Jussie Smollett. You may remember, when Smollett claimed he was attacked by right wing people but in fact it was a set up with his two black friends. It was a giant hoax that the people on the left fell for beyond compare. The audience, mostly black, were laughing so loud that I had to turn the volume down on the computer.

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It is clear to see, as this article itself mentions, that these conclusions are all based on s..t. Sometimes it is just the same old ....

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Posted in: Survey picks Japan’s most attractive prefectures – Familiar spots at top and bottom of rankings See in context

> shogun36Today 09:05 am JST

Anywhere in Shikoku isn't anywhere near the top of that list, that's for sure.

You obviously have not been to Kochi or Tokushima, such as the Iya Valley, Iya Kazurabashi bridge etc..

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Arrrgh-TypeOct. 13 09:16 pm JST

Forklifts are no joke, folks. They may look small, but they weigh more than many passenger cars due to the need for ballast to balance when lifting loads. And the forks themselves are incredibly strong in their own right- they could wreck just about anything, human bodies included.

Ask anyone who's worked in a warehouse environment. Being around a drunk forklift driver is not a place you wanna be.

Agreed, as I have seen injuries in a warehouse due to the carelessness of others. I have also seen forklift operators purposely drop loads so that the time to clean up the mess would extend into overtime, which was quite lucrative for them.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context


I totally agree they should pay their fair share of taxes.   The loopholes need to be eliminated.  But as I wrote previously, the politicians write these laws and pass them as they vote on them.  This benefits them because many of them are wealthy people, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc..

Even Warren Buffet lamented that he pays less tax than his secretary and would pay more tax.

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Let's hope the vaccine works. So far, the way malaria was trying to be controlled was by limiting the carrier of the parasite, namely, various Anopheles mosquito species (A. gambiae, in particular), often through pesticide use. The normally suggested bed netting, long sleeve shirt and long pants, etc., only go so far. Not to mention that long pants and shirts are very uncomfortable in the tropical areas where malaria is found, so shorts and short sleeve shirts are usually worn.

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Not a surprise, and without doubt, truly deserved. I hope he can continue such playing for many years to come. Yet not only a great baseball player, but a great person. Watching, on u-tube, his visits with other players to hospitals to cheer up the children is simply wonderful. Watching the expression on his face during these visits suggests to me that his heart is in it 100%, rather than for team publicity.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

zichiOct. 7 03:59 pm JST

Rich people earn their wealth off the labour of other which has gone on for hundreds of years, not something just recent. The exploration of labour.


The post is about Japan. Japanese companies are not paying enough wages, not a fair share of taxes and thousands of rich hiding off shore accounts.


I think you meant to write the word "exploitation", not "exploration". These words have very different meanings. Be careful, words do matter.

Yes, this post is about Japan. But you brought up the reference to Jeff Bezos and Amazon (Jeff Bezos - $201.7 billion. ...while many Amazon employees struggle to make a living.) I was simply responding to your inclusion of Jeff Bezos while he had nothing to do with this article on JT.

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zichiOct. 5 06:48 pm JST


I venture to say that you are not a wealthy person, or anywhere near it. Also remember, many, but not all, wealthy people run successful businesses and employ many people who in turn can now support their families. Some of the rich also give large amounts of money to charity. So, rich people are not necessarily bad, but like anything else, some are very selfish and hateful.

The super-rich does not work, They invest their capital and let that work. Any money given to charity is tax-deductible. The super-rich does not pay incomes taxes as we do. They pay the lower rate of capital gains tax.

Jeff Bezos - $201.7 billion. ...while many Amazon employees struggle to make a living.


I would not say that the super rich do not work. How would you know that? I have no doubts that some work by investigating the businesses in which they invest. Of course, they do their research while on their yacht or in their multimillion dollar home, or homes. Others hire people to do this. Then they invest their capital. You must have heard the phrase "Money makes money". This is how they get wealthier. In the beginning, unless they inherited a fortune, they had to work to get wealthier. I also would not doubt that some of them work simply to keep busy and because work is in their genes. That is, a strong work ethic. Of course some don't work at all and still accumulate more money by their investments than all the posters on JT combined, as I would hazard such a guess.

As for taxes, some probably pay a high amount, and some very little. It all depends on the loopholes that they utilize. Remember, these loopholes are written by politicians and approved by the House and Senate, at least in the USA. This also benefits the members of the House and Senate who themselves are millionaires, certainly most of them.

As for Jeff Bezos at Amazon, does Amazon provide health care benefits for the employees? If so, this has to be taken into account in addition to salary. Also, if the salary is low, just like it would be in a fast food place, such as McDonalds, the people working there will hopefully try to get a better job, such as by earning a degree and moving up in the world. If they intend to work at McDonald's for the rest of their life, then that is their fault. Hopefully no one who graduates high school has the "dream" of working at McDonald's for life, unless their dream is to become a regional manager or some other high paying position. Finally, for those that may be single mothers (or fathers) and going to school to better themselves is out of the question, then this is not the responsibility of Jeff Bezos. It is the responsibility of the man that made the woman pregnant. It takes two to tango.

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GdTokyoToday 08:22 am JST

So, Captain jerk (Shanter is widely considered one of the most arrogant in Hollywood and THATS saying something) get to blast off on a phallus-shaped ship for a sub-orbital 10 min trip.

My, how underwhelming. Next to Jeff he can be Mini-mini-me.

Thanks for a deeper look into your true personality.


Today 08:30 am JST


Brilliant mate. I wonder how though, if the flight were any longer and he needed to use the loo, he would deal with the dreaded clingons??

Good question.  By the way, there are some astronomers in a big California city searching for Uranus

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context


Oct. 4 09:40 am JST

Rich people are scum? Really? No way!

I venture to say that you are not a wealthy person, or anywhere near it.  Also remember, many, but not all, wealthy people run successful businesses and employ many people who in turn can now support their families.  Some of the rich also give large amounts of money to charity. So, rich people are not necessarily bad, but like anything else, some are very selfish and hateful.


Oct. 4 12:51 pm JST

Give the choice between greedy people and lazy people, I'll choose greedy every time. At least they will do something.

Sort like the difference between capitalists and socialists. Capitalists want to keep their money and socialists want someone to give them money.

Got that right!


Oct. 4 09:33 pm JST

The wealthy club find ways to try to hang on to their wealth. Not that surprising, is it? We (speaking for myself i.e. the not super wealthy!) get stressed about how to not have no money, the super wealthy get stressed about how to not lose their money.

That’s right.  The politicians make these laws for the benefit of the rich, why, because they are rich themselves. I am sure this is the way in any country.  In the USA, most in the Senate and House are millionaires, some tens of millions, from both political parties.

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Posted in: Philippine leader Duterte announces retirement from politics See in context

Once he is no longer President and the war on drugs is probably lessened, then some people can live in the Philippines and have access to drugs all they want.  As some know, hard drugs make some people a better person. Strange thing, isn’t it?

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Posted in: After knife attack, New Zealand criminalizes terror plotting See in context

PTownsendToday 12:55 pm JST

Not surprising the 'freedom' shouting far rightists seem to be upset that their 'freedom' to plot terror attacks might in some way be more difficult to do.

Another "bright" statement from the left. Why aren't you accusing the police of overreaction and brutality? Maybe shooting him in the leg while he was stabbing someone would have been better. Oh wait, he is Muslim, therefore the police are racist. I get your point.

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Posted in: 9/11 brought heartbreak to Japan as well See in context

One of 40 passengers and crew (the plane had a capacity to seat 200), Kuge was on board when four terrorists stormed the cockpit and hijacked the plane. The terrorists had hoped to slam the plane into the U.S. Capitol building, but they were thwarted by the passengers and pilots. United 93 pilot Jason Dahl had learned via a text message at 9:24 a.m. that other planes had been hijacked earlier in the morning. In the end, United 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board. Kuge was 20 years old, the youngest man on the plane.

 For the many on JT that say Americans are weak, having no courage, etc., which I have read numerous times, who do you think kept this plane from hitting the U.S Capitol building? Who do you think ran into the World Trade Center to save people and ended up being killed? It was Americans, both firefighters and simply passengers on the aircraft.

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

StrangerlandToday 05:11 am JST

That sounds like complete nonsense. What items would be "off limits" just because they are in a different aisle?

I agree. Left-wing extremists use the same ridiculous rhetoric you right-wing extremists use. It's just as ridiculous whichever side uses it.

Criticizing the left? Are you feeling OK?

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

bakakumaSep. 4 09:41 am JST

When logic and common sense are thrown out the window. You get AMERICA!!!!!

No, you get American liberalism.

Bubonam Justin KayceSep. 4 08:02 pm JST

Seriously? A LAW is required for this? California is the epitome of ridiculous laws and regulations. One could enjoy more freedom in Iran at this point. 

Exactly!  That is why I would support Larry Elder for governor. He would not put up with this baloney.

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Shane SommervilleToday 09:42 am JST

Love how she is showing of here body art. Japan please take note she is not a gangster because she had tattoos. Times have changed. Time to move on

I would disagree.  If the Japanese feel that tattoos are not a good thing, then that is their opinion.  Let’s stop trying to make Japan into a western country.  Isn’t the reason many westerners love Japan is because it is a different place, with a different culture and ideas, food, ways of life, etc.?  If one wants to make Japan more westernized than it already is because they miss the western life style, then just stay in your home western country.   I certainly don’t observe Japanese living in other countries and trying to change that country into another Japan.

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JimizoAug. 23 09:33 pm JST

As an American I find British English to be uptight, condescending and prudish.

Also, people have ‘problems’. Saying they have ‘issues’ doesn’t make them any better. Be honest and direct.

This is because of political correctness.  One does not want to hurt someone's feelings, do we?   Here’s another example.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program used to be called “Food stamps”.  But that was supposedly too demeaning.  People may need food stamps for a certain amount of time, and that is fine, but not continuous generations of the same family. Maybe a little embarrassment may propel them to find employment.

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Express sisterAug. 19 01:46 pm JST

Many may be surprised that women in their 50s are involved. Totally-gay-gokai can tell you that in the gay world, there are what is known as "fuku-sen", which are young guys who are attracted to grandpa figures. I guess it is the same for straights.

As a straight man, I can confirm that there are some (though not myself, owing to either an accident of upbringing or genetics) who are attracted to older people. One of my best friend's favourite expressions is, "boom, boom, there's a cougar in the room."

I do not have the honor to be gay, (again, due to an accident of upbringing or genetics) but I can assure you that we heteros are as weird as the gays, the bis, the aces, and everything inbetween. We're just not as cool. And that's okay.

First of all, to say “we heteros” (billions and billions of people) does not entitle you to speak for every hetero.  Right there I could not take your comments seriously.  Second, by your words, I would conclude you are gay, just in the closet. The “straight man” words is just a ploy to cover yourself.


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voiceofokinawaAug. 15 06:33 am JST

Brace for it. What meteorologists call "linear rain band" is moving from western Japan toward the eastern Pacific coast. All the Japanese archipelago is being drenched in torrential rain. Abnormal weather caused by global warming caused by increasing carbon dioxide caused by man's insatiable thirst for comfortable modern way of life seems to be an undeniable fact.

And you don’t live a comfortable way of life typing on your keyboard connected to a computer that less than one half of the world’s population can financially afford or have access to, then going to the refrigerator for something to eat, again something that over half the world’s population is lucky to have. It seems your insatiable thirst for a comfortable modern way of life is adding to the problem. There is a simple solution for this egregious selfishness.

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deadbeatlesAug. 13 09:55 pm JST

Let's have mention of ONE case of Amerika's interference in another countries affairs that has done anything other than bolster her military industrial complex and reign misery on such targeted civilians.

Does Korea ring a bell? Without America, all of Korea would be communist. Think of how that would play out today with the current North Korea leadership controlling all of Korea. By the way, if you don't like this answer, then digest this one. It was President Truman, a democrat, that led America into that war.

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Posted in: Taliban complete northeast Afghan blitz as more cities fall See in context

StrangerlandToday 04:55 am JST

Tell that to the Japanese.

Why? They aren't the ones who just failed at another war. Their last failure was 70 years ago.

And you're assuming I don't tell them when it comes up. You know what they say about assumptions! Don't make me say it...

Au contraire, you are assuming that I am assuming that you don’t tell them when it comes up.  Too much binary thinking from the self described "Enlightened one".  Yes, I do know about assumptions, and it evidently fits you well.

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zichiToday 03:59 am JST

America has only ever failed in it's foreign wars. Even the one war it did half ok in, WWII, was basically won by the allies before America bothered to join.

That is not even anywhere near the truth. It supplied essential goods and joined WW2 in Dec 1941. The war was far from being won. Without the Americans and the sacrifice by the Soviets the war would not have been won.

America fought on two major fronts. Europe and Asian.

Many countries contributed to both and made their own sacrifices.

That is exactly right, Zichi. Unfortunately, some people’s hatred for America turns their fantasies into facts, in their minds.

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Posted in: Taliban complete northeast Afghan blitz as more cities fall See in context

StrangerlandToday 01:06 am JST

When you look back upon it all, you're left asking yourself... Was it worth it?

America has only ever failed in it's foreign wars. Even the one war it did half ok in, WWII, was basically won by the allies before America bothered to join.

Tell that to the Japanese.

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PTownsendToday 09:57 am JST

The perpetrator was carrying a phone. How are you trying to spin this?

By mentioning the phone, are you tying to spin this like gun nuts do, saying anything can be used as a lethal weapon.

I was focusing on the coward carrying a knife, and saying in my experience it's mostly cowards who carry weapons wherever they go.

You obviously don't have much experience by thinking it is mostly cowards that carry weapons wherever they go. If these people were cowards, they would not go to these places in the first place. The ones that I know, whether retired navy seals, LE, or regular civilians wanting to protect themselves and their family, are not cowards at all. Rather, they are realists, as they have seen plenty in their lives that being helpless in a situation is not an option. The cowards that carry weapons are the criminals who think it is easier and their God given right to rob and hurt innocent people rather than getting a job/education and contributing in a positive way to society.

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u_s__reamerToday 07:58 am JST

The USA might be mess up wth all their violences and gun incidents, but sometimes i really respect them. Because there are a lot of self sacrificing heroes that would throw themselves in front of a gunman to tackle him or even dare to use their own body as shields against bullets to protect others.

No, there aren't, and no, they wouldn't! You might have watched too many Hollywood movies, but you certainly don't know the real America. Don't be fooled by all that "Land of the free, home of the brave" nonsense. Heck, even the American cops armed to the teeth are so scared they'll shoot you down first before even asking a question.

This is some of the biggest bull fertilizer I have heard.   You must be watching too much fake news. First, the American police are not armed to the teeth.  In which universe do you live? The police you see everyday carry a taser and a 9mm.  Only special units carry more powerful weapons for certain situations. Those that you say the police shoot down first before asking a question are also carrying a 9 mm. The problem is they are already shooting at the police or aimed their gun at police or attacked the police in other ways. Of course mistakes can be made, but these are rare. Do you know about the policeman that shot and killed a black girl who was in the act of stabbing another black girl? What should the policeman have done, ask the attacking girl why she wants to stab the victim? While he is asking questions, the victim is bleeding out. Kind of too late at that point.

Second, if it wasn’t for the “Land of the free, home of the brave” nonsense, as you say, then you very well would be speaking Japanese or German, but not of your choice. Does World War II ring a bell?  Would you be happier singing praises to Der Fuhrer? How about bystanders that jump off a bridge to save people drowning or pull people out of burning cars?   No courage there I suppose. Or even the three Americans that tackled a gun wielding man on a train in Europe a few years ago and saved countless lives. Oh, that’s right, this is not courage because this was Americans saving the lives of people but it did not occur in America.  No, it is you that does not know much of America, or maybe humanity in general.

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Posted in: Ohtani is AL starting pitcher; will bat leadoff in All-Star Game See in context

For those who think Ohtani is better than Babe Ruth or any others players, only time will tell. Ohtani is a great player, and may well be one of the greatest of all time, now called GOAT, but playing only a few seasons does not assure this. Comparing players from different eras is quite difficult. Too many factors involved, such as training, special foods and diets, medical advances….  Back in Ruth’s time, players ended the season and went back to work on the farm, or other jobs. Now athletes continue training with state of the art machines and maybe play in other countries during the MLB off season if their contract allows.  Also, 100 years ago in Ruth’s day, it was considered the dead ball era. The ball did not travel as far due to its internal composition.   Too bad there was no radar gun to measure the speed of the pitch.

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