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Posted in: Death of man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing one See in context

kohakuebisuToday 08:35 am JST

especially if you insist on venturing out to hike or forage for wild flowers this spring.

I've seen bears riding a road bike on tarmac roads five times, but have only seen one once running or mountain biking on woodland trails. That one was up a tree. If you ride a road bike on non-main roads in inaka, i.e., the best roads, it's all "bear country"

I am pretty sure I know what you mean, but it does seem like the bears are riding on the bike, not you.

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Roaches are, in a sense, the comic side of the coronavirus tragedy. They’re ugly, slimy, noisy and not fragrant; we don’t want them in our cities, homes, workplaces and places of recreation. But they are harmless,

I have not seen a slimy roach and it is not true they are harmless. Although they don't bite, they can carry harmful bacteria on their legs/tarsi after coming in contact with bacteria laden areas, such as animal feces, and then transfer it to food. Also, they can also be dangerous as an allergen source and asthma trigger, just like dust mites.

GBR48Apr. 15 12:51 am JS

Any increase is likely due to climate change.

Be more worried if roaches can get Covid as that would be a fertile reservoir for new variants. We know cats can get it, but I haven't heard of any testing regime for felines.

No, not climate change. Every problem in the world does not originate with climate change. It is more likely food left around in one's kitchen and not sweeping the floors. Ants will also find the food on the floors, and that is not due to climate change.

As for roaches getting Covid, that's absurd. I would not lose sleep over it. It is quite a different scenario as compared to species of Anopheles mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

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Posted in: Wily crooks harness pandemic to spawn new scams See in context

Larr FlintApr. 11 01:44 pm JST

I'm afraid there is more to come...

I would like the police to step-up and chase those criminals.

The only problem is the PUNISHMENT for that kind of SCAMS which is very low compared to the EARNINGS the criminal makes.

Another compelling reason for capital punishment.  There will be no repeat offenders to swindle other elderly people. Robbing the elderly is just disgusting as they ususally can't fight for themselves or understand what is going on.

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Posted in: Will the Oscars be a 'who cares' moment as ratings dive? See in context

Concerned CitizenToday 10:19 am JST

While there are still a lot of great productions, Hollywood has become terminally infected with open disdain for whites, religious people, conservatives, and many others. So of course those people have begun to tune out.

Then of course there's the problem of great content being replaced by gratuitous violence, materialism, shallowness, and all manner of poor quality.

It's unfortunate because Hollywood used produce many classics.

Nailed it!

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Posted in: New strategy: Politicians in crisis refuse calls to resign See in context

Desert TortoiseApr. 11 11:48 am JST

Not that I have an ounce of sympathy or respect for Representative Gaetz, but let's see the evidence against him first. There is another dynamic at play the article does not mention. For may, the mere accusation of a man doing something sexually inappropriate absent anything more than heresay evidence becomes grounds for firing the person, cancelling their show, removal from office, boycotting their business or whathaveyou. My suspicion on the Gaetz matter is the evidence is there and probably damning but I can fully understand him saying "oh yeah, prove it". The US criminal justice system is after all founded on the ideas of innocence until proven guilty, the burden of proof in on the accuser and it requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which in most states means a unanimous jury verdict, to convict someone of a criminal offense. Defendants have the right to know who their accuser is and cross examine them. Accusers cannot hide behine anonymity even in cases of sexual assault.

This is one of the few times I would agree with you.  Yet a difference is that with Gaetz, it was only accusations of sexually inappropriate conduct, which is bad in itself, as compared to Gov. Cuomo.  Cuomo has similar accusations against him and also sent thousands of covid positive people to nursing homes which resulted in the death of thousands of elderly.  He subsequently received an Emmy Award for his news conferences about COVID, while the elderly perished.  Then, his office tried to cover up the nursing home scandal, and even admitted to it. Then, he had his family and other contacts jump the line for a covid vaccination, due to his influence. The average Joe could not get this. The sexual allegations against Cuomo have yet to be verified, and he deserves the presumption of innocence on this one, but the other examples I just mentioned have been proven. These alone should be enough for him to resign. But as true as you are reading this, it will be true that he won’t resign.

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Posted in: After Amazon: Labor tries to regroup in wake of Alabama loss See in context

iluvyokohamaApr. 11 10:19 pm JST

Amazon is not an example of the Free Market System but is an example of the Greedy Capitalism that is destroying the United States. Jeff Bezos does not like the Free Market, he doesn't want competition and has destroyed thousands of small businesses. Bezos spent millions of dollars fighting the union when he should have been spending that money on improving the working conditions of his overworked and underpaid workers. Amazon is an Evil Empire and Jeff Bezos is an Evil Person who has no soul or conscious.

If capitalism is so bad, and yes, it has flaws like everything else in life, why are people flocking by the millions to come to the United States?   Do you see people by the millions trying to get into Cuba, or Russia?  Are people sneaking into Cuba or Venezuela for a better life?

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

Christine LougheadApr. 10 06:55 pm JST

Keep it illegal and crack down on all of those using it . You don’t need this repulsive crap in Japan like we have here in Canada . Every apartment building smells like crap and every time I leave the house I smell it and when coming in and out of stores or even smelling it on people in stores . It’s everywhere . Not to mention the effect it has on employment and the increase in car accidents from driving while high. It’s ruined so many peoples lives here .

I agree totally, the stench is horrible.  Just as bad as cigarette smoke stench. But since many people smoke it, and evidently many posting on this forum, and if it is going to eventually be made legal everywhere in the US, then we can at least make money on it.  Investing in cannabis companies and the manufacturers of cannabis growing equipment both on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) and NYSE, has proved fruitful for me.  So all of you that love to smoke it, whether new timers or have done so for decades, keep doing it.  Every puff you take is money in my pocket. I also invested in health care so if the weed smokers develop more health problems down the road, that's money in the bank, too.  Just don’t smoke it near me.

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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

Mr KiplingApr. 10 03:28 pm JST

A little more info... Homosexuality is a crime in 70 countries. Punishable by death in 13!

Are they going to ban Iran, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, can you see a patern?, Sudan, UAE, Pakistan....

Talking about ending LGBT discrimination at the Olympics and NOT mentioning this is a complete cop out.

Of course, politics is politics.

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Posted in: DMX, rap's dark, tortured star, dies at 50 See in context

Raised in the New York suburb of Yonkers, the artist endured a grim childhood, growing up in the projects with his mother and siblings where he suffered abuse.

At 14, he entered a cycle of incarceration that would persist throughout his life, committing robberies that regularly landed him in jail.

Even after he achieved celebrity for his artistry, DMX continued to have run-ins with the penal system, with charges including drug possession, animal cruelty, reckless driving, failure to pay child support, and tax evasion.

Never heard of him, but this is so often the result of a fatherless home.   His father was possibly in jail or dead from some nefarious reason. The actor Denzel Washington, a black man, was quite right when he talked about fatherless homes in the black community, three times more prevalent than only decades ago.  The fate of most blacks in this situation will never change no matter how much government money is thrown at them.  Here, listen to Denzel yourself (less than two minutes):

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to marry her See in context

Aly RustomApr. 9 07:30 am JST

If I were in their shoes, I'd just elope.

Maybe fruitcakes are running the show, thus, they cantaloupe.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

Fighto!Apr. 7 06:58 am JST

Excellent move by the US, taking the moral leadership, and more freedom-loving nations will hopefully follow suit. It is to be hoped Japan withdraws also.

Who wants to go to Beijing for a propoganda exercise, meanwhile up to 2 million innocent Muslims are languishing in concentration camps? Worst genocide since WW2.

Enough is enough. Boycott Beijing 2022, boycott Communist, genocidal China.

Any genocide is horrendous. I don't think two million Muslims were killed. There have been worse genocides since WW2. Look up the ethnic Germans known as Donauschwabens who were killed after WW2 by Tito in Yugoslavia and in nearby countries. They were Germans who had nothing to do with Hitler. If they weren't killed outright and their land and homes taken away, then they were shipped to labor camps in Russia where they died of disease and starvation. There were many genocides after WW2 and again, genocides are horrendous.

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Posted in: Wear to be seen See in context

nandakandamandaApr. 7 09:12 am JST

Looks like two women to me.

Maybe he identifies as a woman.

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Posted in: In apology, Amazon admits some drivers in U.S. have to 'pee in bottles' See in context

Lazarus KnowsApr. 6 04:48 pm JST

Distinctly right wing? Is that so?

Yep. Left wingers are pro-union and pro-worker. Right wingers are not.

So tell me about Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, the liberal Washington Post newspaper, among other companies. Mr. Bezos is more left leaning than right leaning. He is generally classified as being on the left. If left-wingers are pro-union and pro-worker, why is Amazon fighting the establishment of a union within Amazon and why this article about Amazon in the first place if left leaning Jeff Bezos owns the company? Not all left wingers are pro-union and not all right wingers are anti-union.

I commented on your remarks about Ellen DeGeneres, and your thinking that you are eternally loving, but it was removed as off topic.

You did get one thing correct. I spelt the word "aisle" incorrectly. I meant to do that and left off the "a".

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Posted in: Japanese photographer captures Great Buddha’s ritual cleaning See in context

Thomas GoodtimeApr. 6 03:32 pm JST

I wonder how the workers clean the statue of buddha in the West

I'd imagine it's quite easy as there probably aren't any statues of Buddha

You probably can find some in Asian restaurants, but certainly not this size.

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Posted in: Ohtani's 2-way play, Walsh's walkoff HR lift Angels over White Sox See in context

MuratafanToday 04:41 am JST

No matter what you say, getting 7 strikeouts in one game and then hitting a 451-foot bomb is impressive....even for an ol' codger like stickman. If it was so easy, how come nobody else has done it?

The fact that the phrase 'good old days' was even used tells me everything I need to know. In the good old days, only Nolan Ryan would throw as hard as Ohtani and he had plenty of walks too. And, Nolan didn't exactly hit 450-foot dingers.

Well said! Nolan Ryan had a tremendous amount of stikeouts, and also walks. That is similar to home great home run hitters that also strike out often. Also, the fastest pitch and hardest hit HR may be meaningless to some on this forum, but it does mean quite a bit to opposing teams. They now know, even better than before, that he is not someone to take lightly. It used to be that when facing a pitcher at bat, it was considered a sure out. That is one reason the designated hitter rule was created, so as to bring more action into the game. But Ohtani does not need a designated hitter. In fact, he can, and probably will be at times, used as a designated hitter when not pitching.

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Posted in: In apology, Amazon admits some drivers in U.S. have to 'pee in bottles' See in context

Lazarus KnowsToday 03:43 pm JST

These are some of the people who are are driving the progressive social agenda.

They really aren't. If you treat your workers like machines, let them suffer injury and death, and oppose unionization, you're not progressive. Anti-worker, anti-human policies are distinctly right-wing.

Distinctly right wing? Is that so? So no one from the left wing operates a toxic work environment? Then please explain why Ellen Degeneres, one of the most far left leaning people in Hollywood (where most people are left leaning) has apologized for allowing a toxic work environment which is dominated by fear. You know, the person that said " be kind to one another" and working for her is "a place of happiness".

In your obvious hatred for anyone with a different opinion, don't think that only one side of the political isle is to blame for all of the world's problems and your side is eternally loving and compassionate. Life does not work that way.

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Posted in: In apology, Amazon admits some drivers in U.S. have to 'pee in bottles' See in context

I hope the driver (can be male or female, I know many from both sexes) don't get the pee bottle mixed up with a mountain dew bottle. They often look similar.

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Posted in: Man who refused to get off shinkansen arrested in Nagoya See in context

Why all the commotion? The truth will come out in the end, or at least something will.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Comment, he wroteToday  10:35 am JST

The bullying of this little boy stems from the narrow mindedness that other kids have been taught from their parents. . “He’s wearing feminine clothes, so I feel threatened and have a right to bully him.”

Do you think that nursery school children really use the words “feminine” and “threatened?” Move over Mr. Noah Webster, you have competition.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

BlacklabelToday 10:33 am JST

They aren’t “struggling” nor is there any “challenge”. It’s not “bullying” for other kids to ask a boy why he is wearing a dress at that age.

just activists pushing their agenda down to preschoolers by trying to shame parents and schools into buying in to their activism.

I totally agree.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday 10:12 am JST

How times have changed. When I was that age we were bullied by Willy size. Now it’s fashion sense.

Some of us were never bullied for this.

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Posted in: Preparing your child to walk to school in Japan without you See in context

SpeedApr. 3 10:39 am JST

The hardest part of having your kid(s) walking to school on their own for the first time is yourself.

Very true.

The most difficult time for me was when my child no longer wanted me to hold his hand as we approached his school. He did not want fellow classmates to see that. I was glad he was growing up, yet saddened at the same time.

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

William BjornsonToday 02:41 am JST

The biggest trap for girls is 'breeder' because the pressure on women for 'traditional roles' is much greater but, once a woman acquires a certain level of experiential wisdom and understands the prison she will be in with children in current western societies, the irrational need to add more mouths to our current overload is mitigated.

Really? Do all women feel this way (half of the world's population)? Has it never occurred to you that some women want to be mothers and take care of the family?  I guess they are not allowed to choose such a future.

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Posted in: Police officer overtakes athlete as top profession for Japanese boys See in context

smartacusApr. 3 05:13 pm JST

When I was young, I wanted to be a police officer. It probably came from watching too much TV – my heroes were Kojak, Columbo, McGarrett, Ironside, etc. I thought it was a noble profession and I still do. I admire honest police, especially those on the beat, tremendously.

Even though Japanese police come in for a lot of derision from Japan-bashers on this forum, they do a lot more than any of you could imagine, a lot of it unpleasant.

My cousin was a police officer. In the course of his career, he had to call parents in the middle of the night to tell them their son had been killed in a car crash, or their daughter had been raped and murdered. At the scene of accidents, he and his colleagues had to sift through the wreckage for body parts; they would have to deal with teenagers with drug-addled brains; pull over a speeding car and walk up to the driver, not knowing the driver could be a felon ready to gun them down to get away.

The police have my respect.

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How could anyone vote this down, unless they are either criminals themselves, or BLM supporters. Of course, when the people voting this down are in trouble, especially when they or their family is threatened, they will call the police for help. Then, for that moment, the police are OK with them, but then later back to hating the police. Not surprising at all.

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Posted in: Woman reported to police for not looking right in a suit; turns out she’s a crook See in context

0rei0Today 07:26 am JST

HiroToday  07:09 am JST

Is wrong to steal from old people.

Just old people, then. Righto.

No, it is wrong to steal from anyone. But older people are more vulnerable, as are disabled people and so on. Older people walking on the sidewalk, for example, probably can't put up much of a fight if they are being robbed. Younger, stronger people are different. Have you ever heard of a 6 foot, 6 inch weight lifter being robbed on the street in a hand to hand fight? Probably not.

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Posted in: Woman reported to police for not looking right in a suit; turns out she’s a crook See in context

commanteerToday 08:29 am JST

I wonder how many times someone with a perfectly legal reason to look bad on a suit have had to be questioned by the police.

They way they report this story makes it sound like it was just the suit, when that was probably just one of several red flags the driver picked up on. Put together, he sensed something was off enough to call the police. She might have been a "yankee" looking girl, not the sort to work for a company that puts people in suits and sends them to homes. Her conversation, manner of speech, the home she went to... all of these were probably noticed as not quite matching up. But, "Woman reported to police for not looking right in a suit" makes a better headline.

Well said! I was thinking the same thing. Especially being that the taxi driver interacts with thousands of people over the years, his gut feeling told him something was wrong.

As for people being questioned by police for looking bad in a suit, I doubt that happens much at all with actual police. Of course, the fashion police would be a different story.

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Posted in: Osaka's 23-match winning streak ends against Sakkari in Miami Open See in context

Toasted HereticApr. 1  02:29 pm JST

What a shame, oh well, better luck next time. The whole world supports Naomi Osaka in all her endeavours.


“The whole world”?  On what planet do you live? Why are liberals, especially gay liberals, saying they speak for other people, when in fact so many of the other people couldn’t care less about the liberal agenda?

Whenever someone writes or says that "the whole world", or "everyone" (we are referencing over seven billion people) does this or that, I cannot take their opinion seriously and can right away sense their prejudice, bigotry, and lack of respect for other people to have a differing opinion.

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Posted in: Couple pretending to inspect apartment rob real estate agent See in context

GoodlucktoyouApr. 1 09:17 am JST

Bad news for me. When I travel around japan, I sometimes visit real estate agencies. I maybe pretend I’m looking to rent. For free, they drive us around, showing the towns highlights, the different locations and free tea!

i think after reading this, I’m a bad person. They stole ¥200, but I did worst. I’m sorry.

Well, that was a useless 10 seconds of reading in my life that I will never get back.

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Posted in: BTS condemns anti-Asian racism; say they've experienced it See in context

kaimycahlMar. 31 11:05 pm JST


I heard a great suggestion the other day. Let’s send the homeless in America to Mexico and have them come back to the US and claim asylum. Being homeless, they probably have no proof that they are US citizens, thus can claim asylum, and we can put them up in hotels as Biden wants to do for the asylum seekers from Central America.  Homeless problem solved!

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Posted in: BTS condemns anti-Asian racism; say they've experienced it See in context

PenfoldMar. 31 07:23 am JST

The gunman was a nutter who happened to be white.

There is no evidence it was racially motivated

Its an inconvenient truth but most violence towards Asians is actually perpetrated by African American men in the USA

Exactly! Take for instance the black man that assaulted a 65 year old Asian woman in New York. He was on a lifetime parole for killing his mother. Why was he even on the streets? Now his was a case where the death penalty would have certainly been a consideration.

Second one:  Why is it that for the most part, when white people commit a crime, their race is mentioned. However, for a black man, it is only occasionally mentioned that the assailant was black? The media is racist. In the case of the 65 year old woman mentioned above, the pictures just before the attack clearly shows a black man, yet the race was not mentioned in media write-ups.

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