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GaijinjlandToday  11:21 am JST

Has anyone here actually been outside of Japan recently? Nobody just strips off their masks, at least not in planes or any mode of public transportation.

That's not what I saw! I have been on multiple trips between Japan and Europe/U.S. over the past few months. Once the Japanese arrive outside Japan and hit the entry processing line, the masks come off. Additionally, masks are not required on flights to Japan on U.S. airlines. Guess what happens on landing in Japan? That's right, the masks go on!

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But now you mention Japan, the people of Japan really did and still are dealing with the pandemic in an empathetic way. Not a " me first, I'll do what I want, blow everyone else" mentally insight. 

I like that about Japan and many people could learn a thing from that. It would make the world a better place.

So why do these empathetic Japanese immediately take off their masks once they step outside Japan?

Do they care for the health of only their own people? Is that a selfish jingoistic mindset we want to emulate?

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Elvis is here

You can regard Covid-19 as an empathy test.

And what do the empathetic immediately do once they step outside Japan?

They strip off their masks — just like the Emperor did last September while attending the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II at London's Westminster Abbey.

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Praise to the crews of the private vessels that rescued the five survivors in gale force winds.

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The government is also planning to lift COVID-19 regulations on events …. Attendees will be requested to continue wearing face masks.


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Kishida's address comes after a government estimate released in December showed annual births in Japan are likely to have fallen below 800,000 for the first time in 2022.

I’m not sure that I would want to have children with a Japanese spouse who could easily sever my relationship with my young children at any time.

Japan is making progress in the field of joint custody after divorce, but the current plan is for joint custody to be an option only if both parents are in agreement.

And when they’re not in agreement, sole custody is the only choice. Historically, fathers and non-Japanese spouses have been the biggest losers when sole custody is the only option.

The government needs to fix this.

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Only 16% of 17 to 19-year-olds believe they will definitely marry: survey

The above headline portrays a bleak outlook for marriage. But the article then informs us that only “17.4 percent said they do not have a desire to marry.”

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He said he had already decided to vacate his titles …

Good move financially. He relinquishes the exorbitant sanctioning fees on each of those four belts.

Mayweather spoke about how all those sanctioning bodies are bleeding the boxers and watering down the sport:

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it was also my duty to make sure students wore masks, too. 

A larger question might be, “Are the masks beneficial to our immune systems over the long run?”

The surge in RSV oddly appears to be a direct result of COVID-19 masking and social distancing. When asked why this increase is occurring, Sarah Combs, an emergency medical physician at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., replied, “We think it’s in large part that during COVID, we had lockdowns, we had masking, we had social distancing — and our immune systems, they didn’t get the workout they were used to getting.” (CBS Evening News, 26 October)

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Still, arrivals were down nearly two-thirds compared with pre-pandemic levels of 2019.

Comparatively, October 2022 overseas arrivals to the U.S. remained 30% below October 2019.

Comparing arrivals in all of 2022 (so far) to all of 2019 using UNWTO data:

UK, 36% down

Germany, 33.3% down

Norway, 17% down 

Spain, 16.5% down

France, 15.3% down

Sweden, 13% down

Portugal, 8.6% down

Denmark, 2% down


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Posted in: End of Japan COVID curbs triggers surge in visitors to nearly 1 million in November See in context

Still, arrivals were down nearly two-thirds compared with pre-pandemic levels of 2019.

Reality bites.

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Where did all the babies go?

To fully understand the decline in the fertility rate (TFR), we first need to drop back a little over 70 years to July 1944. For three weeks that summer, representatives of 44 nations came together at Bretton Woods to make financial arrangements for the postwar world after the expected defeat of Germany and Japan. Conference participants established a modified “gold standard” under which the exchange rates of most currencies were fixed against the U.S. dollar. In 1949, under the Bretton Woods system, Japan accepted a fixed exchange rate of Y360 to the U.S. dollar – a rate that remained unchanged for 22 years.

The year that delegates met at Bretton Woods, 1944, Japan had a TFR of 4.12, and three years later the country’s TFR hit a postwar high of 4.54. In 1948, however, abortion was legalized, and by 1957 Japan’s TFR had fallen to 2.04, below the 2.07 needed for population replacement. Over the next 16 years, through 1973, Japan’s TFR averaged about 2.06, but in 1974 a drop began from which the country has never recovered.

What happened?

Inflation. From 1956 to 1972, Japan’s economy grew 9.3% on average in real terms as all sorts of durable consumer goods were produced. However, imports continued to exceed exports. Prices rose. From 1969 through 1971, unions demanded wage increases in excess of 22, 23, and 24 percent, and companies met those demands by granting raises of 15, 18, and 17 percent, respectively.

The U.S. gold coverage, meanwhile, deteriorated from 55 to 22 percent; that is, the U.S. had printed so many dollars that it had the ability to convert only 22% of those dollars into gold on demand. Because the U.S. could no longer honor its commitment to pay gold for dollars, President Nixon announced on August 15, 1971, that the U.S. would no longer sell gold, thus ending the fixed exchange-rate system. The yen immediately appreciated to 340 per dollar and was at 315 by the end of the year.

To counter the deflationary impact of the yen appreciation, fiscal and monetary policy was relaxed. Bond issuance tripled. And the Tanaka administration spent, spent, and spent some more. Inflation roared, reaching double digits. In 1972 and 1973, unions demanded wage increases surpassing 25 and 39 percent, and received raises exceeding 20 and 32 percent, respectively.

And then, war. At noon on October 6, 1973, on the Jewish Day of Atonement, Egypt and Syria staged a surprise attack on Israeli forces situated on the Suez Canal and the Golan Heights, starting the Yom Kippur War. Three days later, the members of OAPEC, comprising the Arab members of OPEC in addition to Egypt and Syria, announced that they would no longer ship oil to nations that had lent Israel support during the war – that is, the U.S., its allies in Western Europe, and Japan.

Japan’s CPI surged to 24% and inflation topped 20%, and struggling companies shifted to a policy that would greatly impact Japan’s TFR over the next three decades: They started hiring part-time workers at much lower wages, jobs mostly taken by women.

Japan’s TFR fell to 1.91 in 1975, 1.76 in 1985, 1.42 in 1995, and 1.26 in 2005.

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Absolutely disgusting.

Exactly! The reconstruction tax was supposed to be a temporary tax to address a sudden, dire need by the Tohoku area. Now, our politicians are diverting it to military hardware. Unacceptable!

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One angle (photo below) clearly shows the ball to be out -- with plenty of green between the ball and the white line. That's all that should be needed for the ball to be declared to be out of bounds.

See photo in Chris Kamara tweet in link below

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In only two days, you have gone from calling Moriyasu an "absolutely brilliant manager" and criticizing the Moriyasu attackers to becoming one of the critics and calling for Moriyasu to be sacked. In only two days!

Nov. 25  

Absolutely brilliant manager- up there with the very best IMO. It puzzled me as to why he copped criticism for his squad selection and leaving certain players out. Those critics have well and truly gone quiet!

Nov. 26  

There is no way Moriyasu will be complacent against these minnows, Costa Rica.

Nov. 27  

Japan were an embarrassment it pains me to say. Moriyasu should publicly apologize to those thousands of fans who turned up and never stopped singing. Why on earth did he make 5 changes? If it turns out he was resting/rotating players because Costa Rica was a "sure victory", he needs to be sacked.

Nov. 28  

You only change half the team when it is a dead rubber - especially when you are coming off a big win. I cannot fathom what Moriyasu did, unless he really thought Costa Rica would be a pushover.

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Absolutely shocking. Germany appeared to be in complete control -- possessing the ball for nearly 75% of the match and having a shots-on-goal edge of 26 to 12. Japan is now in a very good position to advance to the knock-out stage, but you genuinely have to wonder whether this type of play can generate consecutive wins there.

I guess most of Japan will be awake at 4:00 a.m. on December 2 for its third WC match -- against Spain!

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Posted in: Top court scraps comic magazine editor's guilty verdict over wife's death See in context

@Sven Asai

That means in fact he gets free and receives even money for the time in prison so far …

Yea, good luck with any wrongful conviction claim in Japan. Earlier this year, a woman unjustly imprisoned for 20 years was granted only 12 million yen for her wrongful arrest and murder conviction. That amounts to a measly 600,000 yen a year.

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It just sickens me to see how female athletes are treated as sex objects without their consent by a certain type of man.

It's all about consent. On November 10, the New York Times published an article about how many female athletes are using "sex" or "sexiness" for their own profit.

New Endorsements for College Athletes Resurface an Old Concern: Sex Sells

Female college athletes are making millions thanks to their large social media followings. But some who have fought for equity in women’s sports worry that their brand building is regressive.

-- Excerpt --

To Dunne, a petite blonde with a bright smile and a gymnast’s toned physique, and many other athletes of her generation, being candid and flirty and showing off their bodies in ways that emphasize traditional notions of female beauty on social media are all empowering.

Scroll through the social media posts from female college athletes across the United States and you will find that on many of the women’s accounts is the well-trod and well-proven notion that sexiness sells. Posts catering to traditional ideals about what makes women appealing to men do well, and the market backs that up.

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As an ongoing annoyance, the number includes workers, not just tourists. 

Exactly! The number includes all foreign residents (including permanent residents) entering the country and all passengers of any nationality (including Japanese) entering Japan for the purpose of transiting.

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@Elvis is here

All wearing masks and seemingly enjoying themselves. How could that be?

Did you happen to see the one photo attached to this article? Four tourists, no masks.

But good for them! Tourists enjoying the uncrowded outdoor air shouldn't be impacted by the neuroses of others about outdoor masking.

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... though it was still down 80% on 2019.

The reality.

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What’s will they do? What’s, I wonder? What’s could they be thinking?

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Posted in: Japan foreign arrivals in Sept up 11.7-fold from last year to 206,500 See in context

Headline: Japan foreign arrivals in Sept up 11.7-fold from last year to 206,500

Alternative headline: Inbound and outbound travelers down by more than 80% from pre-pandemic

As indicated in the article ...

The estimated number of foreign visitors to Japan in September was down 90.9 percent from September in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

The number of Japanese who went overseas in September was an 81.8 percent drop from the same month in 2019.

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She was also the godmother of Crystal Symphony, the sistership of Crystal Harmony, which was renamed Asuka II and now calls Yokohama home.

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I haven't seen an unmasked foreigner here in 3 years …

I guess you haven’t been to Yoyogi Park in the past three years!

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There is no compulsory requirement for the SOS app.

Basically, there is.

However it is NOT tracking app ..

Basically, it is.

*The Health and Location Monitoring App (MySOS) is designed with full awareness of privacy protection, assurance of transparency, and the minimal collection of data required to handle health and location information.*

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@Ashley Shiba

When I returned from Guam in August going through customs was very smooth and quick …

They didn’t detour you to an area where they “requested your cooperation” in installing the MySOS tracking app? And they then didn’t delay you by “requesting” your personal information and travel history?

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Welcome to 2020!

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Posted in: Moderna asks Japan's health ministry to approve BA.5-tailored vaccine See in context


I am actually leaving Tokyo to go back to the US next week to get this specific vaccination. 

After three COVID-19 vaccinations, I recently contracted the BA.5 subvariant. I had aches and pains for a day, just like I did after the second and third vaccinations, and like I hear occurs after this fourth vaccination.

Outside Japan, people have moved on, going unmasked and treating COVID like a seasonal flu. But the last flu I had was a whole lot worse than COVID!

Get your protective flu and COVID shots, but lose the paranoia.

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Posted in: LDP member draws fire for tweet on Abe funeral social media posts See in context

Is he drumming up fear so that the LDP can feed the war bird?

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