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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

China on Wednesday asked Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso to drink treated radioactive water accumulated at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, after he said it is safe to drink it.

"A Japanese official said it is okay if we drink this water, so then please drink it," 

Drink up or shut up Aso.

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Posted in: Vaccine minister Kono warns against wasting COVID-19 doses See in context

... up to five doses of Pfizer Inc's vaccine were discarded Monday due to last-minute cancellations.

Kono suggested that local authorities can be flexible in using doses that become available as a result of people canceling their vaccination appointments, such as by allocating them to those aged 64 or younger or those who live outside their municipalities.

Why don’t these local governments demonstrate the ability to think reasonably on their own? Their inflexibility is stifling! Literally!

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to settle financial dispute with mom's ex-fiance See in context

Advantage Komuro.

The ex-lover of Komuro’s mother has emphasized that he has never requested any repayment of any money.

In fact, according to reports, the entire “¥4 million fiasco” is a flame that has been fanned by the Imperial Household Agency (IHA) and elements of the Japanese press to drive away Komuro in response to the Agency supposedly being inundated with critical phone calls immediately after the initial engagement announcement.

Your move IHA.

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Posted in: Japan trails world in COVID vaccine rollout 2 months after its start See in context

Taro Kono has said the government is poised to distribute a total of 100 million doses, enough to fully vaccinate 50 million people, by late June.

Suga has pledged to secure enough COVID-19 vaccines for Japan's population of 126 million within the first half of 2021.

Kono or Suga — who’s telling the truth?

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

“I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the members of Augusta National, because I wouldn’t be here without them.” — Matsuyama recognizing the impact of the Masters Tournament Foundation, a charitable extension of the tournament that invests in development programs worldwide

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

“If Hideki wins, I bet he’ll light the Olympic flame.” — CBS Masters announcer Ian Baker-Finch

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Posted in: Japanese hospital worker infected with coronavirus after 2 vaccine shots See in context

Local authorities said the temporary staffer had received doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc on March 13 and April 3.

"In general, it takes time before antibodies are produced following vaccination," a prefectural government official said.

CDC Website: “People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second shot of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.”

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Posted in: Resurgent Ikee set for big Tokyo Olympic role See in context

Is Ikee still receiving, or how long did she receive, EPO for her anemia? 

EPO is often given to patients recovering from cancer. EPO increases the blood's oxygen carrying capacity (red blood cells carry oxygen) and has a performance-enhancing effect in the brain, increasing motivation.

Ikee’s recovery has been extraordinarily quick, and cancer patients (with the exception of Lance Armstrong, a renowned EPO user) don’t usually surge to athletic superiority so rapidly after treatment.

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Posted in: Rapid coronavirus testing centers to open at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

PCR test results in 2 hours for only ¥1,900. Very convenient!

(See photo for prices turnaround times:

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

Discussions ... are just getting started ... the official said, while voicing concern that including coaches and other staff could invite criticism from the public.

There would be no criticism if Japan would start to rapidly administer the vaccine.

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Posted in: Egypt seeks settlement out of court with Japanese company for Suez Canal blockage See in context


When you rent a defect-free car from a rental car agency, is the agency responsible when you crash that car?

Incorrect. When you rent a defect-free car and it is involved in an accident, it is the driver that is responsible.

Exactly. That is the point that is being made. The question is rhetorical.

In this case the pilots were Egyptian canal authority pilots, the ships going through the canal must pay the authority to supply these pilots.

So if the ship had no mechanical issues then the responsibility is that of poor piloting and that would be on the Egyptian pilots shoulders and the canal authority's responsibility.

Actually, the master/captain of the vessel always has responsibility for the vessel, even during navigation by pilots. However, the master/captain of this vessel was provided by Evergreen, not Shoei.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola’s new Coke ON subscription service makes Japanese vending machines more fun to use See in context

Coca-Cola is starting a subscription service that allows patrons to swipe their phone at a vending machine and receive a daily drink. The  service is set to go live in mid-April, with a cost of 2,700 yen per month. However, users who sign up before May 31 can do so at half price (1,350 yen).

And this is how a nation begins to experience a significant and rapid decline in health.

"Eating too much high fructose corn syrup can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure." --

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Posted in: Suga receives 2nd vaccine shot ahead of U.S. trip See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga received his second dose of the Pfizer Inc. COVID-19 vaccine at a Tokyo hospital on Tuesday, as part of preparations to visit the United States next week for a meeting with President Joe Biden.

CDC Website: “People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second shot of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.”

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Posted in: Egypt seeks settlement out of court with Japanese company for Suez Canal blockage See in context

... Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd., the Japanese owner of the skyscraper-sized Ever Given ...

Shoei Kisen’s ship Ever Given was chartered to Evergreen Marine Corporation, a Taiwanese shipping company that named and operated the vessel.

When you rent a defect-free car from a rental car agency, is the agency responsible when you crash that car?

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Posted in: Vaccine passports are latest flash point in COVID politics See in context

Airports, rail stations, and large cities around the world (including those in Japan) routinely use biometric scanning and facial-recognition software for security and convenience. Free movement among others around the world can no longer be performed without the loss of privacy. Sorry but true.

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Posted in: Terumo begins production of 7-shot syringe for COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Better idea: eight-shot syringe.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

No vaccination = No air travel. An app accepted worldwide to confirm vaccination status should encourage rapid vaccination. The government reports that it will have enough doses for the country's 126 million people by June. Possessing the vaccine is great. But how quickly will Japan’s local governments be able to administer those doses?

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Posted in: Kono says inoculation pace to accelerate in May See in context


By the way, it is a pleasure t see hand sanitizers everywhere and hope it never ends. Keeps all sorts of yucky bugs away.

Probably the best thing to happen here even before vaccine is available.

Viral infections at a young age are important to ensure the proper development of our immune systems. In addition, the immune system is continuously stimulated by systemic viruses at low levels sufficient to develop resistance to other infections.

Our body is actually a superorganism of cohabitating cells, bacteria, fungi and most numerous of all: viruses. The latest counts indicate that as much as half of all the biological matter in your body is not human.

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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context

Does the website shake? Because that’s what comes to mind when I think of Fukushima — large earthquakes repeatedly over the past decade.

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Posted in: Crowds line routes in Tochigi as Olympic torch arrives in Kanto region See in context

Spectators lined routes in Ashikaga and Tochigi cities while officials repeatedly called out warnings to them to maintain social distancing as a precaution against the coronavirus. 

In the photo, none of the spectators are practicing social distancing.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Imperial Hotel to be rebuilt See in context

The hotel was established in 1890 as a state gate house. Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Helen Keller have been among its famous guests. 

Marilyn Monroe also visited Royal Host.

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Posted in: Japan receives 6th batch of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Vaccinations in Japan

17 February: 1

19 March: 553,454 

Year of full two-dose vaccination of Japan’s entire population at this rate: 2059

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Posted in: Ex-Japan soccer player Morimoto arrested over hit-and-run in Paraguay See in context

Can’t Sportivo Luqueno find a player who is not an irresponsible alcoholic?

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Posted in: Suga receives COVID-19 vaccine shot ahead of U.S. trip See in context

First shot: 16 March

Second shot: 6 April (3 weeks later)

U.S. Visit: 8-11 April

CDC Website: “People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second shot of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.”

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Posted in: Japan to get 100 million doses of Pfizer vaccine by June See in context

Public skepticism over side effects could also hold up the effort, with only 63.1 percent of respondents in a Kyodo News poll conducted last month saying they want to be inoculated.

Please make the vaccine available to those of us who want it. Stop procrastinating, Start vaccinating.

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Posted in: Suga to visit U.S. in April for his 1st in-person summit with Biden See in context

Suga to visit U.S. in April for his 1st in-person summit with Biden

I guess Suga and his entourage will be exempted from the required PCR test to enter the U.S. (I’m sure they will have been vaccinated, but the jury is still out on whether vaccinated people can be silent spreaders of the virus.)

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Posted in: 12% of Fukushima town still a no-go zone See in context

If TEPCO had built the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant on the Pacific-facing 35-meter bluff that existed beforehand, instead of first clearing away that bluff, the Fukushima meltdown would never have occurred. This was an engineering miscue for two purposes: (1) to build directly on bedrock (thought to be more earthquake-proof), and (2) to save on the cost of pumping cooling seawater up the 35-meter bluff.

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Posted in: Japan to stage Tokyo Olympics without overseas spectators See in context

The government has concluded that welcoming fans from abroad is not possible given concerns among the Japanese public over the coronavirus ...

Solution: Stop procrastinating. Start vaccinating.

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Posted in: Japan to allow use of insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

The move could speed up the country's vaccine rollout ...

No country larger than Japan is vaccinating at a pace as slow as Japan.

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Posted in: Harvard professor ignites uproar over Korean sex slave claims See in context

J Mark Ramseyer is actually sponsored by Mitsubishi. Literally.

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