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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

I will surely be there to watch the parade. This is celebration in conjunction with other celebrations throughout Asia. People here seem to forget that other nations suffered too! But China's celebrations get all the criticisms.

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Posted in: Japan and China need each other: Abe See in context

Abe is so much more conciliatory than when he first came to power the second time round! He and his 3 arrows, Yasukuni visit, going around the world to stir trouble for China, providing military hardware to Vietnam and the Philippines, etc.. Well Modi has become even closer to Xi, Vietnam has signed so many agreements with China, Aquino is on his way out, Obama needs China to bolster his final 2 years, Putin is practically sleeping with Xi, SK has just signed the FTA with China, Chinese Silk Road and the new Maritime Silk Road has left Japan in a corner, Abe's 3 arrows have misfired and the Yen is being driven down the drain, traditional Japanese consumer exports to China have all been overtaken by US and European countries, Russian gas pipeline is going to China and China's bullet trains are going all the way to Singapore, etc.. There is a Turkish saying," no matter how far you have travelled on the wrong road, turn back!" But he is right. Both countries need each other. Hopefully he comes to his senses. And for the doomsayers, yes Abe has left China and he did not die of pollution or food poisoning!!!

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Posted in: Xi tells Abe he hopes Japan will do more to enhance regional trust See in context

If people keep insisting that Abe is the good guy and Xi is the bad guy; that democratic Japan is the good guy and communist China is the bad guy, then why bother to want to talk at all. Some people also say that Abe will die of food poisoning or air pollution. Why doesn't he just stay at home and let the meeting just go on without him! Apparently, Abe knows too well that Japan and China must cooperate and grow together. With the new maritime Silk Road, the traditional Silk Road and the cooperation between China and ASEAN and China and Russia and China and SKorea, Japan will be left in a corner by herself. Even the ADB is threatened by its own inefficiencies. A few eels ago, I jokingly mentioned that soon 1 yen would be worth 1 Singapore cent. Well this might not be a joke after all!

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Beijing, eyeing first summit with Xi See in context

Let's hope positive results be reaped this week. The squabbles have gone on long enough.

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Posted in: Xinhua pours cold water on idea of Xi-Abe talks See in context

China must extend civility to Japan as host and guest. However, China need not extend any extra privileges to Japan. APEC meetings have been carried out many times. But the host country has never accord the same level of privileges to all guests. If Japan wants extra, she has to prove that she is worth it. Even before Abe arrives in Beijing,there are people who said that he would be killed by the pollution or the food! It is best he just send a representative.

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Posted in: U.S. general hopes China will avoid regional air encounters See in context

Why is the report slanted against China? All parties have to adhere to peace. The last country on earth that should talk restraint is the US. The world order has changed. China is no longer easily bullied and the U.S. has done so much wrong in other parts of the world that she no longer has the moral right to lecture others.

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Posted in: China says it will be good host to Japan during APEC See in context

Yes, China is dirty and polluted and the food questionable. Then why are there thousands and thousands of Japanese living in China? They must be utterly mad or just plain greedy for money! Get them all home and ask Abe not to go to China! Is Fukuda still alive? China tries to be nice and she gets nasty snide remarks. This is Jpanese civility at its best!

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Posted in: Chinese vice president meets with Japanese governors' delegation See in context

This is yet another baby step. Both countries need to patch up. Economically, it is more important to Japan than it is to China. Hopefully Abe doesn't do or say anything to overturn everything. He knows what is sensitive to China at the moment.

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Posted in: Abe's public support slumps in wake of resignations See in context

Japan is not like the US. In the US, criminals will find a hard time to be re elacted. Japan is mire like Italy. It takes big crimes to bring someone down. Abe is lucky.

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Posted in: China, 21 other countries initiate new Asian bank See in context

Instead of giving her blessings, the US worked extremely hard to discredit the bank, no matter what good it can bring to developing Asian countries. Why? Because it challenges US domination of the World Bank and IMF. Maybe this bank will prove to be a dud. But why try to destroy it before it's inception? We in ASEAN are proud of this bank and hope that it will ultimately challenge the ADB and bring greater equality to Asia!

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Posted in: Former PM Fukuda to meet Chinese president next week See in context

It will be great for China and Japan to take baby steps towards reconciliation and cooperation. Hopefully Abe doesn't say or do anything to mess it all up. He definitely knows what he can do to stir up a Chinese ruckus. A Sino-Japan partnership can be positive for both US and EU economically.

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Posted in: China, 21 other countries initiate new Asian bank See in context

This is great news, especially for all of us in ASEAN. Singapore is a founding member and we are truly proud and support our government 100%. The U.S. government cannot coerce us, unlike some countries. Finally, something for Asian development and countries need not bow to western pressures. If the terms from this bank are not suitable, the borrowers can turn western dominated banks!

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Posted in: Abe, Putin meet in Milan See in context

Yes Putin will listen to Abe and abandon Ukraine when Abe will not listen to international calls to abandon Yasukuni! This is great for Saturday Night Live!

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

Let's get our history straight. HK was temporarily taken away from China because of the opium war and was rightfully returned to China. There is no parallel to visiting Yasukuni. If Abe is so against not visiting the place where war criminals are placed, then stop asking to meet and blaming others for not meeting! This old record has been playing for too long. Just go your way and let others go theirs.

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Posted in: SDF jets scrambled 533 times in last 6 months to counter rising Russian incursions See in context

@Kiyoshimukai - Vietnam is closer to Japan than PRC. So what is Japan? Japan has problems with all her neighbors. There must be a reason to this!

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Posted in: Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business See in context

Well it is Japan's right to sell arms as the U.S. has no objections. Hopefully Japan has no ulterior motive.

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Posted in: Japan sees growing chance of Abe holding talks with China's Xi See in context

If Abe is sincere, he has to prove it with actions and it would be good for both countries. There are people here who are wishing that the talks don't happen because the Chinese government is CCP. Don't they know that the CCP has been in power since 1949?

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Posted in: Abe presses campaign for meeting with China's Xi See in context

If Abe and his team had been peaceful like this since 2 years ago, both China and Japan would be sleeping partners by now. But it is still not too late although it will take time for China to soothe and see if Abe's calls are sincere, even if he doesn't like it.

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Posted in: Asian Games swimmer Tomita pays fine for camera theft See in context

Fortunately it was not a Chinese national that did this shameless act, otherwise all hell will break loose on Chinese education, the communist government and how poor there are! We should look at this objectively and just let Tomita to be punished and that's it!

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Posted in: Abe makes fresh call for Japan-China summit See in context

Abe is as Godsend for US, EU and SK companies in China. Don't take my word for it. Ask the Japanese conglomerates. They use to think Koizumi was bad, but now Abe has really trumped him. China influence in foreign countries has never been better, also thanks to Abe. Whilst Abe pledges $35 billion to Modi, Modi said that it was his great happiness to have spent his birthday with Xi. They even spent a day in Gandhi's home and extol peace. Look at the economic developments in China in the past 2 years. We are not talking just manufacturing, but greening, medical facilities, housing upgrading, infrastructural developments, new schools etc. Abe knows that his actions have spearheaded the 2 nations in different economic and foreign relations directions. The yen will drop to 115 before Christmas and there is nothing Abe can do about it. It is time that the Japanese people act!

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Posted in: Abe pledges in U.N. speech to work against 'war culture' See in context

I thought this guy wants Japan to play a hand at war in the event that that an ally "fights with another country. Am I wrong?

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Posted in: Sun apologizes for 'ugly' anthem jibe See in context

His apology comes so much faster than some professional Japanese politicians. Yet!

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Posted in: Abe pledges in U.N. speech to work against 'war culture' See in context

This guy is cute in a sad way. I wonder how many bothered to listen to him at the UN. Japan used to have so much influence in the the world in the past few decades. With Abe, Japan has no immediate friendly neighbors and is in quarrel with NK, SK, Russia and China. The friends she has, Vietnam is in bad economic shape and Aquino has plunging popularity because he wants to re-write the constitution to let him be president for another term! So he proceeds to the UN with hie lies.

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context

Just because 1 Chinese bad boy makes a critical remark, people here criticise 1.4 billion people. Who is uglier? Just because 1 white policeman shoots an unarmed black, does it mean that all Americans are murderers? But if millions of Japanese kill millions in the 2WW, we should forget and forgive and pretend nothing ever happened!

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Posted in: China, Japan resume talks over maritime issues See in context

Both countries talking to each other is good. Let's hope Abe doesn't suddenly decides to visit Yasukuni or irk China by buying new warships for Vietnam or the Philippines. The US already has too much in her hands with Ukraine and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan can flare up anytime. She has no time for some rocks for now and Abe in his heart knows that!

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Posted in: Gov't downgrades view of economy as Abe promises reform See in context

Abe must focus on trade and not nationalist issues if he wants to save himself! He has lost US $billions for Japanese enterprises in China and spent billions more to make friends that he cannot keep. This is all so different from the 80's and 90's when we were taught to look East to Japan. With Abe we are all now focused on WW2 and comfort women and not buying Japanese. I am not a Chinese national!

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Posted in: 200-strong Japanese business delegation visits China See in context

Abe is the best present for China. In just 2 years he has made China work so much harder to made great friends throughout the world whilst his arrows misfire and the Japanese yen plunges and continue to plunge. Ask the heads of Japanese enterprises and they will tell you that Abe has destroyed the trust that they built in China for 20 years in less than 2 years. Business are all going to the US, EU and Asian countries except Japan. In China, GM, Samsung, Mercedes, Phillips, Carrefour, IKEA, Volkswagen, Louis Vuitton etc. etc. have all grown, thanks to Abe. In the first half of 2014, Japan's investment in China is only a fifth of Singapore's investment! How more pathetic can you get? I hope these 200 businessmen get to meet Xi and try to reverse the trend otherwise the price Japan pays will simply be too heavy. Hopefully Abe goes quickly!

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Posted in: Abe, Putin hold telephone talks See in context

While Abe pretends to act tough on Russia, Russia gets closer to China. While Abe tries to sow discord in Vietnam and the Philippines, China is busy closing deals in Mongolia, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and India. China and India has never been closer and Modi and Xi celebrated Modi's birthday together. Much as I dislike Abe, I think it is wise for him to patch up with Putin. It is simply not worth anything for Japan to quarrel with Russia at this point of time. Of course personally, I hope he irks Russia further!

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea to ensure geopolitical risks don't threaten recovery See in context

Japan is running scared. Her economy is in tatters whereas China is progressing tremendously. CNBC and Bloomberg is all about China. If China's economy grows 7.4% instead of 7.5, the world is affected. Japan' economy can grow at 1% and the world simply ignores it. The news these days are about Alibaba and Chinese companies takeover so some companies. Japan simply fades away. If Abe does not act correctly very soon, he can totally forget about raising taxes. His arrows have all misfired and Japanese yen is pathetic these days. Very soon 1 yen will be equivalent to 1 S$0.01. And this is entirely due to Abenomics. Compared to the Chinese yuan, it is even worse! Abe better focused on trade first to get Japan going.

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Posted in: Abe seeks summit with S Korea's Park See in context

So long as Abe remains in power, it will be fruitless to talk to him. On one hand he extends an olive branch but his entire body speaks otherwise. Japan has lost 2 years economically because of his actions but he couldn't care less. Now that the US has really too much in her sleeves, Abe knows that he has to appear conciliatory. Even then he doesn't sound sincere. Let this go on for another year and see what happens!

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