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Posted in: Xi's India visit highlights changing power dynamic in Asia See in context

Xi and Modi have great mutual respect and trust since Modi's days as Gujarat Chief Minister. Before the end of this week, news and agreements will be made known and both countries can show the world how they can cooperate and complement each other despite some disagreements. This is tremendous for Asia as they both look forward and work towards the betterment of their nations.

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Posted in: Two years after protests, 'China risk' still haunts Japanese firms See in context

Japan's investment in China in 2014 is so minuscule that it is several times smaller than Singapore's investment. Abe is really a boon to producers from the US and EU countries. They are watching with glee as their exports and goods manufactured in China grow and break new records. It is really a shame to see Abe destroy the good work by the previous governments. Compared to him, Koizumi seems pretty okay. If the trend continues, then the economy of Japan will slide further!

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Posted in: With eye on Japan, China announces national 'Martyrs' Day' See in context

In Singapore, there are also memorials to honor heroes who died fighting the Japanese. To Singaporeans, these are martyrs and school children are brought every year to pay their respects and understand history. Is this also wrong?

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Posted in: China, S Korea urge Japan to reflect on wartime aggression See in context

This is shameful. Remember, the Chinese and S Koreans are not he only ones that suffered tremendously. Once the other nations that suffered and become strong enough, they will similarly condemn such actions. The earlier Abe disappears, the better it will be for Japan. Hopefully the war criminals take him with them.

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Posted in: Aides try to temper Abe's security agenda as popularity declines See in context

Abe is great for the US, EU and Russia. Because of him exports from these countries to China have never been better whilst Japanese products are going at super discounts. In all my years in China, I have never seen so much Japanese products advertisements. In a way he is good for Chinese consumers too! He is definitely good for the advertising world with so much money spent! So every cloud has a silver lining!

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Posted in: Who do you think is the biggest threat to peace and regional security in Northeast Asia? See in context

China would be the least threat. The CCP knows that if ever there was a war, the CCP is finished. Tibet would break loose and Taiwan and HK would want even greater autonomy. Even if you give them half of Japan, if the CCP cannot solve the corruption, the pollution and the social ills, then the CCP is doomed for the grave. The CCP knows the issues at hand that they have to solve first. They are not stupid!

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Posted in: China wraps up anti-Japan propaganda campaign See in context

Japan is always so eager to whitewash their atrocities starting from a century ago just as China tries to avoid their own cultural revolution atrocities. But just you wait. 70 years from 1966 and the people in China will be discussing the events of the cultural revolution. And after 70 years from 1989, they will be debating the TianAnmen incident. As soon as Abe is gone and a more pragmatic leader emerges, the disagreements will also subside. China is now stronger and more confident to face their past humiliation and suffering without feeling inferior. In the past, Mao pretended to be strong and refused to admit that China was brought to her knees by Japan. So he kept everyone quiet and went about his ill fated cultural revolution. It was only after he died many years later that Deng was able to open China up. Now that they are better placed militarily and economically, they are brave enough to face their defeat and suffering under imperial Japan.

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Posted in: China orders 'patriotic' TV series targeting Japan See in context

@tohka- firstly I am not a Chinese national and have never been a communist and probably never will be, although I have nothing against communism. If you have no desire to watch anything you consider communistic, the that's your prerogative. In my country, there were people who received the capital punishment for drug trafficking or murder. Their families never voted for the government in power ever again!

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Posted in: China orders 'patriotic' TV series targeting Japan See in context

I am sure the people here who made snide remarks have not even seen the productions and yet they are authorities on the subject. The brief narratives I read depict the struggles of the communist party and the trials and tribulations they went through, including the cultural revolution. See the programmes first before you pass any comment, unless of course you have so much to hide and forget, and the mere mention stirs you up!

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Posted in: Showdown with China looms at regional security summit See in context

Filipinos don't hate China, otherwise there would be no hundreds of thousands of them working in HK. They even fought in the courts to be become PRs. Aquino is ethnically Chinese, but he needs to act tough to bolster his disastrous support at home. There is at the moment daily demonstrations for him to be impeached. Vietnam has gone all quiet and now uses diplomacy to settle problems.

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Posted in: Disgraced Japan stem cell scientist dead in apparent suicide See in context

This is truly sad for Japan and the medical world. Since the man has passed away, we should let him be so that his living family members will not be negatively affected.

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Posted in: Nagasaki mayor criticizes Abe's defense policy See in context

Wars anywhere are to be condemned. They are horrendous and bring tragic pain to innocent people. Whether Japan wants war or not, nobody knows. China however will not recover for a very long time if she is involved in a major war. What that is happening in China now is that they have so many fronts to conquer! There is corruption; pollution and medical facilities to confront! There is poverty,infrastructural inadequacies, food safety to solve. War with a major power will destroy them and break up the country. The CCP is not stupid! However they cannot have a weak military. It is only recently that they are strong enough to face the humiliations of decades ago. Because China was communist, she suffered greatly under the hands of the US. Today, hopefully these 2 nations can have peace and partnership. Japan must also live in peace and she has nothing to fear, for even if you give half of Japan to China and the CCP cannot solve their internal problems, then the CCP will be destroyed!

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ease political tensions in informal meeting See in context

Some people here don't speak the truth and so they think that others are like them. I am definitely not a Chinese national. My PM told Japan to face up to history. Of all the nations in ASEAN, it is safe to say that Myanmar is the closest to China. Singapore is a very close friend of China and is opening the 3rd government to government investment in a new city. Thailand is planning a link to China via bullet train and Brunei, a Muslim Sultanate, has been teaching Chinese in their Malay schools. Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos are all close to China. So don't round claiming that ASEAN countries have problems with China. Go to the Philippines and Vietnam and the people there will be so proud to say that they have Chinese blood in them. You don't have to believe me. Just go to these countries and talk to their business community. Then you tell me!

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ease political tensions in informal meeting See in context

Well, China is willing to talk.japan can choose to listen or she can choose not to listen. If Japan chooses not to listen, then stop asking for dialogue. And please, do not drag ASEAN into the picture! ASEAN countries have a great working relation with China and most trade with China more than they trade with Japan. Any quarrel Japan has with China, is between you two. Don't drag us into the picture.

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Posted in: Panasonic wants Singaporeans to eat its vegetables See in context

Japan should go back to its soft power and influence the world rather than constantly harping on the military.

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Posted in: Japan, China coast guards take part in joint drills See in context

People here spew venom even when something positive is reported! How childish and lack of self confidence!

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Posted in: Japan formally OKs additional Russia sanctions See in context

Russia "supports" the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and the US call for sanctions.Japan wants to go along. The US firmly supports the uprising in Syria. Why are there no sanctions? They even wanted to lead an attack on Syrian forces. Maybe Abe will implement sanctions on the US!

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Posted in: China's Xi reached deal with former leaders to investigate ex-security chief See in context

Well as you crack up, hopefully you get closer to the truth!

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Posted in: Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later See in context

@nigelboy- if nothing has changed, why does Japan continue to pretend to be worried? Let's see if things changed 10 years from now. If China is ineffective, then they have themselves to blame. Whatever the future may be, it is their right to be vigilant and be stronger as a nation. If China is ever humiliated again, then small nations like ours are doomed once again! PM Lee of Singapore calls for Japan to face up to history, but he is merely wasting his breath! See how the Germans face their history 100 years ago! Singapore has a beautiful lawn war memorial at Kranji, but never ever a Japanese leader visit and lay a wreath! But Singapore is so small and rather dependent on Japan for trade. So they just suffer their humiliation quietly. China need not behave like Singapore.

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Posted in: Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later See in context

China has been so weak for over a century that they were unable to admit their humiliation. Now they are feeling strong enough to admit their humiliating history and ensuring that this never happens again. The agressors keep on asking them to forget the history. They must however never forget this otherwise they will be complacent again and be unprepared. At the moment Japanese military hardware is far superior. China knows and the leaders are prepared to build up so that they can defend the country if ever Japan tries again! It is better to be prepared than to be sorry again!

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Posted in: Japan provides Vietnam with 6 vessels See in context

Well it is best that Japan remembers, so when and if China provides vessels to NK, she does not go crying to the US!

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Posted in: China's Xi reached deal with former leaders to investigate ex-security chief See in context

I arrived in Shanghai 2 days ago. There is so much excitement among all my friends as they begin addressing Xi as Big Brother Xi. Many netizens started calling Xi, Justice Bao Gong Xi, revering him to the late Song Dynasty Bao Gong. Press all over the world are hailing this historic act.

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Posted in: Japan steps up sanctions against Russia See in context

Russia may be guilty, Russia may be not! The shooting of a Malaysian airline either is intended or purely not intended. Russia definitely has no intention of shooting down a Malaysian plane or guiding someone to shoot the plane. It is totally foolhardy! So what happened? In time the truth will be known. In this instance, I think Abe has to do this now and try to wriggle out of he quagmire at a later time. The islands can wait a few months. But Abe will not do more as this might draw Russia's ire.

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Posted in: China's war games don't faze Japan but disrupt civilian air traffic See in context

My friend's flight from Singapore on Singapore Airline was supposed to land in Shanghai at 6:05pm. He arrived at 6:10pm. A delay of 5 minutes. I travelled to Shanghai via bullet train and arrived at 6:20, right on time. We were all alerted to the exercises and made our arrangements. This is China's exercises happening at the eastern seaboard, as simple as that. No need to read anything into it and the response from Japan is measuredly mature. That is good!

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl hit and killed by kindergarten bus See in context

This must be heart breaking for the mother. When The Lord wants you, all sorts of incidents, however strange happen. I feel sorry for the mother who must be feeling that it was her fault.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms withdraw Husi-supplied products; 5 detained in China See in context

There is no need to praise China here. Their health checks and audits are not stringent enough, especially when it comes to big foreign enterprises. Millions of postings have happen in the past 2 days and I am sure more heads will roll. As it is, there are plenty of calls for more severe punishments and the factory concerned is shut for the moment. I have the feeling that this factory can sell processed food overseas is because it is a wholly owned American subsidiary. If it is a Chinese plant, I don't think they can sell overseas. Practically every food processing plant is investigated now as the health authorities are afraid that another bombshell will explode in their face. I suspect somehow, more will be uncovered and this issue will go on for a period of time! At the moment calls are made for the health authorities concerned to be called to answer. In China there is always an over-reaction!

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

Just because this is a wholly owned subsidiary of a US company, the health authorities were too chicken to act until now. That company should not be allowed to operate again. However I think the Chinese authorities will again not have the gumption to act just because it is a US company. The health officials who allowed this should be shot or be sent to the US!

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Posted in: Japanese firms hurt by tensions with China, S Korea See in context

Abe and Japan Inc must realize that times have changed. China does not need Japanese investments nowadays. So many countries want to invest in China. Of course investments from Japan are still welcome. The difference is Japanese investments play a much smaller role now. China is investing more in Japan rather than vice versa. The regretful thing is Japanese products are pretty superior but the Chinese population have little appetite for Japanese products at the moment and there are alternatives from the US and EU! Japanese cars are sold so cheaply in China now but the roads are filled with VWs, BMWs, Audis, Hyundais, Mercs, etc. except Japanese cars. This is not to Japan's interest. Debates and denials can go on, but the Phillips, Samsung, Zara, H&M, Gap, etc. are laughing all the way home. If this is the strategy of Abe and his government, they are succeeding beautifully!

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Posted in: Japan's child poverty rate hits record high See in context

Abe should be focusing on issues like these and make Japan a better country than doing nonsense and stirring animosity with her neighbors. 20-30 years ago, we were all looking East at Japan and learning from them. China was really far behind. Japan can be a very prosperous nation if she focuses on the right issues. For Japan's sake, I hope Abe will somehow come to his senses or be replaced.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

This is sad. I recall my numerous trips to Japan in my younger days, I visited McD very frequently as that was what I could afford, although there was no coffee in the set meals. I found McD outlets clean and convenient.

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