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There is a old saying in china, don't mess with a sleeping Dragon. By purchasing the islands Japan woke up the dragon

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OssanAmerica. China has recommended to settle this issue with ICJ but it is Japan who refused. Don't blame China. It is the Japanese government who refuses to settle this issue at ICJ fearing it will force Japan to acknowledge there is a dispute.

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Japan does not own the Islands! UN, USA and EU do not recognize Japan as the owner. US only recognizes that Japan has the Administrative rights. Having administrative rights does not mean Japan owns the islands. Period! Why is Japan afraid to go to the International courts to resolve this issue if Japan believes it has solid evidence that Japan owns the island.

Take this issue to the international court and let them resolve it. China is willing but Japan is not.

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Have you heard of Obama's red line. Do you think if China takes over the islands, Mr Obama will come to Japanese aid? No one cares about these islands. And we Americans will not sacrifice our lives for these islands.

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Your logic is flawed. Even if Kim was sold by her parents doesn't justify the Imperial Japanese government of holding her against her will and forcing hundreds of Japanese solders of raping her each day. Selling her and the Imperial Government buying her and forcing her into sexual slavery, both parties are guilty. U cannot justify the Japanese governments actions because of what her parent did or did not do

The current Japanese leaders and some Japanese tried to justify or deny the fact by claiming there is or was no evidence. What about the thousands of Japanese soldiers who testified that the imperial Army forced women into sexual slavery or most recently several WWII Japanese solders who confessed. You cannot continue to deny history then expect the world to respect you.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges to slash public spending by Y8 tril over 2 years See in context

According to USA today, Japan's debt tops 1 quadrillion yen. Both US and Japan needs to wake up and start cutting spending

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Two wrongs don't make it right. Mao was a mass murder and China should be ashamed for continuing mask over their history to glorify Mao. But this doesn't justify Japan for enshrining the war criminals next to Japanese war dead.

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Then why are war criminals enshrined there? Get rid of the names of the war criminals. Why honor or enshrine them? Do they deserve the pray and respect of the Japanese people? These men are directly responsible for taking Japan into Korea. Directly or indirectly in the death of millions of Japanese based on their policy and ambition.

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Elemetz. The point is that the shrine honors the class A war criminals who were responsible for the lives of minions of Chinese, Koreans,Taiwanese, Americans, and etc. what would your reaction be if German leaders made an memorial to Hitler and other war criminals and pray for their souls every year. In the eyes of China, Korea and many others, this is exactly what Japanese politicians are doing. Praying for the soul of war criminals.

Yes Japan has the right to honor its war Heroes but to openly and publicly pray for and honor war criminals is an direct insult to all the families in Asia and Americans who lost their lives.

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It's unfortunate but the world now knows the true colors of Abe and his government. Hope the world will wake up and pay attention. The next conflict will not occur in the Middle East or Europe but Asia. With Japan rearming and China building up their arms, it's a formula for disaster. This situation is exactly what history has shown prior to WWII. nazi came to power, changed the constitution, built up the military and attacked its neighbors. Hope Japan doesn't follow the same path

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Proposing a meeting is taking the lead but going around Asia and claiming china is the evil kind of piss off China. Don't u think? So is Mr Abe really sincere about the meeting or like the Chinese said "empty slogans" for political means

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Big poppin. China must be shaking in their boots to hear india, Singapore? Malaysia? The Philippines? Vietnam? Joining forces. You actually think these countries will support Japan. You certainly don't know Asia. Man. I starting to get afraid to hear Singapore joining forces with Japan. Give me a break!!! You also think Obama will come to Japan's aide. Is he going to draw "the red line" like he drew for Syria.

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Good for Korea. I think all Asians and Americans who were forced into slave labor should go after all Japanese companies. This lawsuit will encourage all Asians and Americans who were forced into slave labor to sue and receive compensation.

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Toshiko...What other Asian nations are you referring to: like the great and powerful nations of Philippines or Vietnam. By Mr. Abe traveling to Asia trying to isolate China and calling China the evil empire, how is this helping to resolve or build a relationship with China. Yes I hope China and S. Korea will unit in oppostion to Mr. Abe and his racial policies because the innocent Japanese, Chinese, and Asia will suffer since there is no winner in a war. All parties will suffer. Japan should try to lead rather than trying to provoke problems with its neighbors. China and S. Korea are not the same countries 70years ago.

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Hopefully Japan can learn from Germany and build a memorial to the innocent lives taken and women forced into sex bothels by the Imperial Japanese Army during WII. The memorial will serve as a reminder to not only Japan but to the rest of the world Japan's willingness to acknowledge the past and Japan's leadership in moving forward

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes for comment on U.S. troops, but not 'comfort women' remarks See in context

kiyoshiMukai at May. 27, 2013 - 01:54PM JST Hashimoto has a point, Confort women helped lower rapes. But there's an issue left. Were those women real prostitutes, or women that used it as an excuse for money.

Where is your proof!!! In fact Japanese Imperial army did the opposite. It raped and killed Innocent young women and children throughout China and Asia. It is well documented the were captured and forced into sexual slavery. People like you give Japan and Japanese people a bad reputation in Asia. .

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to boost business ties, restart territorial talks See in context

Good news for Japan and Russia.

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

Haha. If you think Chinese miitary is on the same level as Iraq then you better do some studying.

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

That's really smart. To allow Japan to have A bomb. U think S Korea will just sit by and watch. S Korea will get one, China will increase their inventory, Taiwan will get some and the whole North Asia will be blown to pcs. Talking tough is one thing but reality of war is something else.

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Hatsoff. How do u expect China and Korea to move on when Japanese right wing politicians continue to stoke the fire by claiming that the atrocities never happened or when Mr Abe claims that Japan never invaded Korea or China or young Korean and Asian women were never forcefully made to have sex with 100plus soldiers per day and these women willingly and volunteered. Yes China and Korea wants to move on but when Japanese right wingers continue to deny history or try to change history then these counties have no option other than to protest and etc

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Japanese government refuses to acknowledge that their is a dispute over the islands and won't negotiate and China believes the Islands belong to them so what do you recommend China do? Just sit back and do nothing? China is excreting three right over the islands and such they believe they have the right to come and go as they please.

NO country in the world including the US recognizes the Islands as part of Japan. US recognizes Japan's Adminstration of the island but not the ownership.

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China has already won unfortunately. Chinese ships sails in and out as they please with no consequences. This means that Japan does not have control of the islands and surrounding areas. No matter how tough Abe and his cabinets threat and yell they are powerless to stop China.

Mr Abe needs to stop being provocative. His latest statement of invasion and etc have not only angered S Korea and China, according to New York Times Obama told Abe to quiet down. His statements clearly is not helping and only making Japan look like the aggressor if Abe thinks that the US will come and help him defend these tiny islands so far away from Japan he better think twice. Obama and the American people are sick of war and will not start WWIII over some small islands. .

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How would the Japanese people feel if S Korea built a memorial to President Truman and the pilots who dropped the Atomic bombs? And every year the korean politicians would pray for their souls. I would image the Japanese people will demand S Korea to stop and rightly so. This is exactly how the Koreans and the Chinese feel everytime the Japanese right wingers visit this shrine. It's not about the visit its about visiting a shrine that honors war criminals who were responsible for millions and millions of innocent lives.

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Hiroyuki Suzuki wake up! If every American felt as you did the Japanese cars would never have sold in the US. Trade between the US and Japan is one sided favoring Japan. The US must crack down on Japan and force it to open it's market to US products as US have done to Japanese products. Japan cannot demand US to open its market when clearly Japan's maker is closed.

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China is supporting NK's aggression. NK's would not behave this way without China's support. Think about it. Japa and, US is focused on NK and not lslands disputes . US wants China support so US tell Japan to cool it with the right wing activities and issues surrounding the island territories. Japan listens since NK is a bigger threat than China. China moves in and out of the islands freely.

So who is controlling NK?

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

Did Japan really apologize. Japanese actions does not reflect it. For example Japanese politicians traveled to New Jersey USA demanding the comfort women memorial be taken down. They claimed that the comfort women were never forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese government. Second Abe and the right wingers are trying to revise history by denying the women were forced into sexual slavery. So yes Japanese politicians are the ones who continue to deny history. Once Japanese politicians put this issue to bed then the whole issue will go away.

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Im no fan of China but It amazes me how people can blame China for the potential currency war. Mr Abe started this by driving down the yen by 15% against the dollar. Do you think S Korea, China and even the US will stand by and allow Japan to manipulate the yen to benefit exports.

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I support Japanese government decision to not support the North Korean sponsored schools in Japan however the Japanese government must give these 2nd or 3rd generation ethic Koreans Japanese citizenship. These ethic Koreans are more Japanese than Korean. Their grandparents may came to Japan either by force or voluntary however these children who are born in Japan and are 2nd generation Korean/Japanese should be given equal rights as Japanese. Even in China, ethic grandchildren of ethic Koreans who fled Japanese control Korea and settled in China are given Chinese citizenship. Japanese government should stop the discrimination and recognize these ethic Koreans as Japanese citizens.

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China will continue to go in and out as they wish since Mr Abe will do nothing about it. So yes unfortunately China has won. Last year Japanese and the Taiwanese coast guards had a water cannon fight with each other. Japanese coast don't dare attack Chinese ships with water cannons. Why? Japanese coast guard is willing to fight with Taiwanese because they are weak but will not attack Chinese coast guards or hinder their activities fearing it will escalate the problem. So who has won and who is tolerating and sitting by and watching as Chinese boats freely go in and out.

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The Islands belong to China so Chinese have the right to in and out of the area as they wish.

Japan has already lost and China has won since Mr Abe cannot stop the Chinese from entering the islands territory. Even Obama avoided mentioning the Island dispute during the news coverage with Mr Abe's Washington visit.

I think Japan will have a hard time holding on to the islands. Japan should give back the islands to China per WWII terms of surrender. Japan's economy and peace in the region is worth more than war.

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