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Posted in: Remembrance ceremony held for Ayako Koshino See in context

Japanese fashion industry has integrated and expanded over European markets with more appealing pattern composition and design selection. Hiroko Koshino has earned her international status so far. Osaka is a nice location for fashion events and business venues.

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Posted in: Kurara Chibana looking for Mr Right See in context

Like other Japanese women, Kurara Chibana has her vision and viewpoint from her career to her personal life. Her new book sounds naturally appealing. I hope to read it and treasure her own perspectives. She must meet her Mr. Right when she opens her soul like she answered the press. She can connect, share and converge with her better-half. She looks fit and confident in her warm-colored dress. Her 30th birthday or age will be her milestone of happiness. Novenachama has reflected more life-and-personal experiences, thanks for sharing opinions.

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Posted in: Plum job See in context

Plum sake and other kinds of cuisines are traditionally preserved and promoted in Japan and abroad. PM Kaoto Kan has his time and is ready for his next destination. Two Japanese ladies, in their traditional costumes, reflect Japan's combined virtues of tradition and modern society. Two ladies are also supporting PM in their gratitudes and respects. Plum job is a good sign.

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Posted in: Toys 'R' Us to open new Kyoto store See in context

If Kyoto has a large population of children, a new store can serve specific products and services of toys and related products. Parents have more chances to take their kids to a store on weekend. Japan's baby boom is promoted if more young couples commit to raise their kids and maintain a dual role of successful employees and responsible parents. Marriage lives and parenthood are important in Japan to impact on toy markets for kids.

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Posted in: Flag carriers join battle for low-cost sector in Asia See in context

A change of profits from $7.6 billion to $3.7 billion has convinced most flag air carriers to establish budget brands. We can say such cases repeating the similar stories of producing consumer electric devices for three market segments - low-end, mid-end and high-end. But fuel costs are among other big factors to differentiate one flag brand to other flag brands. Employees in air transportation must find more challenging conditions for months to come.

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Posted in: Foreign Buyers' Club going strong after 20 years See in context

It is a good entrepreneurial idea to serve foreigner who live in Japan. A couple can manage their own business venue.

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Posted in: Free Internet for Marriott Rewards members See in context

Free-internet access is one of promotion features and complementary services attracting guests staying at Japan-based hotels. I have not experienced how service qualities Marriott Hotels offer to guests in Japan.

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Posted in: Goddess of Mercy See in context

In Japan, foreign visitors can visit temples, pagodas and other historic sites. I wish I can have a chance to make a nationwide tour in Japan one day. People can retreat and slow down their city lives by visiting temples and pagodas and castles in Japan.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo DisneySea become vibrant again? See in context

Tokyo Disney Co can reinvent itself to re-emerge with innovative and creative values for months to come. I hope I can joint it to create such new programs.

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Posted in: Talent management agency Ken-On to stage charity fundraising event in July See in context

Ken-oh can promote more entertainment-based charity events. Foreigner and tourists can also get involved in both business and rebuilding progresses for months to go.

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Posted in: Kuroki, Tabe team up for detective drama See in context

Kuroki and Tabe must make a good team. The drama story reflects contemporary events and regional issues. Tokyoite are looking forward to it with more participating roles.

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Posted in: Politician husband of actress Maki Mizuno spotted cavorting with hostess See in context

Another scandal in politician's life as well as regular employee. Taxpayers may consider how to monitor such wrong-doing practices in both business executive ranks and legislature posts. Japan is not exemption compared U.S. lawmakers and politicians.

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Posted in: Kii Kitano happy to be the one to propose marriage See in context

Kii Kitano looks fit in a wedding dress designed by Renown designer Yumi Katsura. In a marriage, a lady or gentleman can move forward to make a partner feel happy. Japan is waiting more new wed couples this year.

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Posted in: Tired PM See in context

he is dreaming a new paradise when he could work another term, but not easy at all. The Diet actually responded by conscience and social responsibility.

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Posted in: Delta announces new SkyMiles partnership with See in context

It is a good news for travelers who can use point-earned redeem at both service sites -Delta and Agoda.

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Posted in: Fans See in context

Demands of electric fans are high now, until the electric companies can build more new renewable electricity power plants to resume the normal supply.

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Posted in: Mikie Hara shows her Mystique look See in context

The artist who painted her body has not focused on her body curves to attract movie-goers to X-men- First Class. Many naked models were painted on their bodies to advertise for certain products. Mikie Hara was painted in a same outfit of the character Mystique in the Movie-trailer. I wish to watch this movie in Japan when it is released.

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Posted in: Bunny girl See in context

In my opinion, the photographer had chosen an excellent composition of contrast and mirror in daily life. The senior man and young girl in her bunny outfit with background of red roses and green bushes. Another girl, also in a bunny outfit sitting on the ground with her props and bags to reflect her group of same-mind friends. They may try to cheer up people gathering in the park. A peaceful life is emerging. Thanks JT. I want to be in this picture.

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Posted in: Kaori Manabe recommences blogging See in context

Kaori looks nice, elegant and cute to win more Japanese fans as her blog-gees. I haven't seen many movies and TV drams she did in last three or four years. But she is very popular to attract a high volume of hits a day.

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Posted in: New York Metropolitan Opera stars, fearing radiation, skip Japan tour See in context

If they are afraid of radiation, they can stay home. But Japan's people are still doing a normal life there. Psychological and personal reasons can call off any business event. Each person seems to do his or her own plan by any manipulated reason. Entertainment businesses and tourism businesses need both local and foreign clients. The more foreigners are afraid about visiting Japan, the slower Japan's economy can be recovered. Chinese Premier and South Korean President visited Fukushima, They look as real heroes compared those Yankees who are living in a different scene of comfort.

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Posted in: A resigned Horiemon prepares for life in prison See in context

The list didn’t pull punches when it came to masturbation, which in the regulations is termed “the crime of rubbing the genitals.” Violators are subject to punishment. “It’s hardest on men right after they receive a visit from a woman,” Kageno remarks.

JT has provided a lot of informative sources.

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Posted in: Sea Paradise See in context

It is a nice moment to watch dolphins swimming. A peaceful life is restored.

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Posted in: Hiromi Go kicks off nationwide tour See in context

He has a chance to travel nationwide tours. That is a great experience

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Posted in: Heavy load See in context

More giant crane lifts are mobilized to this area to finish the clear-up before the reconstruction starts.

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Posted in: Yaguchi, Nakamura tie the knot See in context

Both looks in contrast of heights, but their souls may be in a harmony. Congratulation.

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Posted in: ‘Mrs’ Ayumi Hamasaki poses in first sexy shot after marriage See in context

This picture is great for black and white colors, attracting viewers' attention to one of the most famous singers in Japan, Mrs. Ayumi Hamasaki. For her last name, My opinion is open for her, she can choose her last name. Some American woman don't change their last names after their marriage. It is one of equality perspectives between man and woman.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga album demand overwhelms Amazon servers See in context

This article can explain the following cases:

1) Amazon has used "buy one, get one free" promotion - 99cent a song of Lady Gaga and a trial service of 20 gigabyte online storage account

2) "Telephone" and "Born this way" can be hits of Lady Gaga's new album.

3) Amazon's cloud computering servers are under-capable to handle a heavy traffic of orders.

Mizuho's computer system was down when ATM withdrawers simultaneously used all available ATM stations for cash. But most of businesses don't invest too much money to upgrade their IT systems for once-in-a-lifetime heavy traffic situations.

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Posted in: Panasonic sees light after darkness of disaster See in context

Such changes impacted by market demands and other nature of renewable energy potentials.

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Posted in: Malick's 'Tree of Life' wins top Cannes honor See in context

JT Entertainment section is informative for both Japanese and worldwide news.

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Posted in: Russell Brand deported from Japan leaving Katy Perry behind See in context

Japan has planned to attract more Asian and foreign tourists for years to come. This story can be found in daily newspapers. Both of you are right to stand on your circumstances.

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