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Posted in: Do you think Christmas decorations and light displays are put up too early in some countries? See in context

Yes, and it appears retailers are doing as much as they can to jumpstart the holiday season earlier and earlier every year. But who can blame them If you consider the fact that holiday season sales to retailers is 27% of their annual revenue.

At least in Japan there's very little done to disguise this holiday as a religious event. Hence the use of Xmas everywhere you look. To me this is a more honest approach to Xmas. Happy holidays everyone.

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Posted in: Enter 2024 with a 'lucky' wallet See in context

Start the new year on a high note by attracting as much wealth, luck and prosperity by

buying my book on how not to get scammed. Send ¥1000 today.

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Posted in: Japanese suspects say life was harsh in Cambodia scam operation See in context

I think a reasons for the down votes, at least mine is the links provided point to articles and videos of people who are legitimate victims of human trafficking. However, there's nothing here to indicate these pigs were victims of human trafficking.

Some of 25 Japanese men arrested have complained about harsh treatment.

The operative word, some. From the content of the article, it would be better written if it said two.

One of them told Japanese police that he had only one day off a month and was "not allowed to go outside" the apartment from which the scam was run.

Honestly I am relieved that I was arrested," the police quoted another as saying.

Yeah, Honestly quoted from a thief who made a living scamming / lying to people, specifically elderly people.

The second person said he had had to share a room with one other member and that the food they were given "did not taste good,"

The 25 suspects, who range in age from 20 to 42, entered Cambodia between March and August this year, swindled at least around 236 million yen through the scam calls, they said.

These scums knew what they were doing and stayed voluntarily. Japan being a wealthy country with a high percentage of elderly that are ripe for scammers. I am quite certain that the scum willing to scam, who speak native Japanese are paid quite well and a rare commodity and worth their weight in gold in the scammer world.

Again, there is no denying that human trafficking is a serious problem in the world. However, the articles that were l linked in previous comments point out that most of these victims, if not all, are from third world countries where this and other similar problems are quite significant.

To suggest that these scammers are absent from home for 6 months without any contact to family members and none of the family members, who by the way are living in Japan we're worried enough to report this lack of communication to the authorities?

*Cambodian authorities raided the apartment in September, detaining the 25 and confiscating devices, including dozens of mobile phones and computers.*

We're to believe that not once could any of these “victims” use any of these devices to seek help or rescue?

The allegations against the 25 include calling a woman in her 70s and defrauding her of 450,000 yen in cash, according to investigative sources. She was also duped out of 50,000 yen in electronic money under the pretense of resolving a dispute regarding her transfer

These animals knew what they were doing, stayed there willingly are not victims of human trafficking. These are selfish scum who deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

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Posted in: Japan hospital denies LGBT woman support for IVF pregnancy See in context

Kodomap called on the government to ensure that "all women, regardless of their marital status or how they became pregnant, can receive appropriate obstetrics treatment."

Shocked and disappointed that this isn't already required.

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Posted in: Japanese suspects say life was harsh in Cambodia scam operation See in context

Scammers are the lowest form of scum. The damage created extends far beyond the cash damage but includes embarrassment (suicide) not just to scam victims but the families of scam victims as well.

What is worse is that the people who are vulnerable to being scammed, their only mistake was to trust somebody. That in the long run continues to contribute to the decay of civility.

The criminal punishment for these animals should be life in prison. It may seem a little harsh, however the overall damage to society is permanent and irreversible. That in itself necessitates the need for both a severe punishment and to a lesser degree, serve as a deterrence to other would be scammers.

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Posted in: Concerns mount for elderly as fewer Japanese under 40 donate blood See in context


I have heard that they don’t accept blood from foreign citizens

Need to update previous and J-today does not have an edit function - Umm, JT fix it.

This is completely false, I am going on #16 the times I have donated blood while living in Japan. It can be a little cumbersome at first, but the staff are alway kind and appreciative.

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Posted in: Concerns mount for elderly as fewer Japanese under 40 donate blood See in context


I have heard that they don’t accept blood from foreign citizens as well as Japanese people who have lived in the U.K.

I have heard the same thing. In addition there is a questionnaire that everyone needs to fill out, and that asks if you visited the UK during some period of time which I don't remember.

It would probably help if the Japanese Red Cross would make a better effort and outreach to foreigners living in Japan who wish to donate blood. The rules are way too ambiguous creating way too much confusion.

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Posted in: Concerns mount for elderly as fewer Japanese under 40 donate blood See in context

It would help that it remove the restriction on the upper age requirement which has no basis on science or anything else but outdated stereotypes.

In the US, There is no upper age limit for blood donation as long as you are well with no restrictions or limitations to your activities.

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Posted in: Concerns mount for elderly as fewer Japanese under 40 donate blood See in context

According to a reliable native-Japanese source, many people (including medical professionals) believe that "Japanese blood is too thin for donation"...

Either sarcasm, or provide something more to support an anecdotal equivalent to "I read it on the internet, so it must be true."

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

Then why many department store, combini and shopping centre they like to put Halloween decoration all over?

Like xmas, lots of money to be made.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

Why make a big deal of it. In the US it's illegal to carry open containers of alcohol and people are busted for it.

This is a bit incorrect. States and local governments control the laws and consumption of alcohol. There are many places in the US, where it is fine to have an open containers.

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Posted in: I apologize to the Japanese people if we made them feel bad, that was not our goal. From now on, I am going to make more research into the cultures we go to and try to prevent this from happening again. See in context

Apology is only noteworthy if he pays the fees, fines and restitution for times and damage, then quietly without appeal accepts any punishment which should include jail time and lifetime banning of ever stepping foot in Japan again.

He is a disgrace to decent people and what makes Japan a pleasant place to live - Quality of life and respect for each other.

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Posted in: Man cycles across Japan, hoping to change views on mental health See in context

Mental illness is prevalent and exists in many forms. Anyone who is willing to have open and honest discussions around this issue will speak for many.

The futoday guy - Many generous people out there willing to offer hospitality, food and perhaps financial support for a good cause. The news will ignore is as it is not "newsworthy", but the majority most people are good and care.

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Posted in: Voyeurism case involving former cram school instructor sent to prosecutors See in context

If this behavior is to change than there needs to be a radical change in the way women are perceived in Japan - I say Japan, as this story takes place here. There are a lot worse out there for sure.

Back to point before the JT censors admonish me - women are still seen for the most part as servants to men. Watch any commercial on the television and the roles that women play are for with a few exceptions catering to and or depending on a man. The social pressure as we speak is to get married and be a good wife, and then mother.

A woman I know when asking for career advice at a prefectural office where she works was told very lovingly, by a retired turned part time prefectural office worker told her that she needs to get married and raise a family. This is happening now, 2023

The second of many parts of the problem, anyone who commits these crimes needs to be punished with serious prison time and a permanent record recording the crime, and prevented from having any contact with children. This is includes groping on a crowded trains or bus or anywhere. Any unwanted touching is a sexual assault.

The problem is that the people responsible for changing the laws are the beneficiaries of the current system and have no desire to make any changes.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

Japanese people are responsible for this problem and if they don't want their society to have this reputation associated with it, Japanese people need to fix it. Japanese people are not helpless. Meanwhile, for us gaijin, all we ever hear about is how difficult we are to work with for prioritizing our own needs and seeing the scam for what it is. Incredible the lengths people in this society will go to, scapegoating the less empowered, rather than addressing their own shortcomings.

Wolfshine. you're right on the money. The thumb's down are the "white knights" who feel it is incumbent on themselves to stand up for defenceless Japanese - a bit racist on their own I might add.

Asserting your rights is not complaining folks. Speaking out is not complaining. Refusing to not be exploited is not complaining.

Taking a stand in what you believe in is not complaining folks. It is holding the people in power accountable to their misdeeds. Taking a stand is telling the wealthy corporate business owners/politicians (being redundant again) that we will not put up with being exploited and demand a change,

People stand up! Better to live alone as a fighter than live amongst cowards. Cuz what you got left when you are dead alone is your legacy. A fighter, willing to take a stand, or a coward, keep your head down and hope know one notices you.

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Posted in: IAEA officials say Fukushima's ongoing discharge of treated wastewater going well See in context

Just out of curiosity -

If given the choice at the same fish market, would you buy a

A -fish from Fukushima (+ sign)

B- fish from an area where nuclear waste water wasn't just released? (-sign)

Try to avoid liking or disliking this comment. It will ruin the survey

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Posted in: IAEA officials say Fukushima's ongoing discharge of treated wastewater going well See in context

Brought to you by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The same org that say nuke power plants are safe.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

> TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  01:11 am JST

Unionized workers in the US have a hard maximum of 40 hours in the US before overtime kicks in. I'd like to think pretty much everybody there has the same maximum, but there are some small business owners and some high paid white collar jobs that have a culture of putting in insane hours. I would fight it tooth and nail if I were in one of those jobs.

You dont know what you are talking about. Many unions OT kicks in after 8 hours in a day, 1.5 x pay after 10 hours and 2x pay after 12 hours. State / City laws have different rules for OT, but California for example has different skemes, but again in general OT after 8 hours a day/40 hours per week.

As to the small business owners skirting the laws. The EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or labor board would come to play here. Starbucks, FedEx and many others paid some huge settlements for theft of wages.

As for the "high paid" white collar worker, pretty much you are in track. Google, Facebook for example. However, they earn a lot of money. have great health care, vacation packages, and can quit anytime they want.

What Japan is missing is a government labor watchdog with teeth, rather than a nesting place for retired corporate execs which seems to be the current set-up.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

I do well with 6 hours of sleep. Just the way I am.

The overtime without pay issue will never be resolved. Greedy companies and the governments that should enforce the rule are in kahoots and will never put any teeth in the law. We need unions

I know for a fact, or at least told to me by a prefectural office worker who works in the labor department within the last three months. The a group/team leader will refuse sign off on OT under 10 hours. The gov org responsible for enforcing workplace rules, violating them. Where does a employee go to complain? Everyone knows, the silence is deafening.

People need to start looking at this refusing to pay OT as weage theft. Which is it is. This is no different than the government/business reaching into purses/wallets of employees and stealing money out from them.

I've suggested taking a copying machine or something of like value to stolen wages as compensation and see what happens.

More Unions are the answer.

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Posted in: Do you think there will be many functioning democracies around the world in, say, 20 years from now? See in context

Democracy will exist, but like most of these clickbait poll questions, it is not all black and white.

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Posted in: Woman becomes pregnant via IVF donor sperm after husband's death See in context

Basically an example of the extreme people will go to skirt an archaic system.

But what do you expect when government(s) as the US is not without scrutiny are governed by 100 year old bags of rocks aka old men, clinging to the old ways when women were considered chattel (personal property).

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold first-ever trilateral aerial exercise in face of N Korean threats See in context

Marc LoweToday  08:47 am JST

I stead of picking a fight with wimpy North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the USA should be aiming these exercises at China

It is happening everyday - 99.9 percent will never make it to the news.

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

Hervé L'EisaToday  07:10 am JST

It's usually pretty obvious to discern the orientation. There are plenty of signs.

Harvey (intended sic), that statement in itself is as ignorant as one statement can get.

Whether you care or not, you know not what you are talking about.

There are folks all around you who are not what you think - shaking their heads in disbelief how dim one person can be.

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Posted in: How can Japan best contribute to easing the conflict in the Middle East? See in context

Do nothing - The problem is unsolvable because the countries involved have no interest is having the problems solved. The Centuries of war and conflict are embedded in their DNA.

Bring solution seeking home/Japan - Reduce dependence on foreign oil, Ways to support small business, innovation as examples.

Let the middle east/west asia/north africa or whatever, saudi arabia, egypt, UAE, you get the point solve their own problems.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

dagonToday  07:11 am JST

The àging wealthy of China too could soon be facing such threats, though they seem a bit more savvy than Japanese seniors.

Considering the (start sarcasm) abundance of free lowing, unedited, uncensored (end sarcasm) information coming from the people's republic oxymoron of the century

How do you begin to support that claim?

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke admits to helping parents to commit suicide See in context

A bit noble and ready made for a samurai movie if true. Had there been a suicide note left by the parents, maybe a bit more believable. Absent that, double 1st degree murder (assuming that is a charge available).

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Posted in: Japan to begin living support program for war zone evacuees in April See in context

Maybe Japan could stop buy russian oil and gas - put a end to the madness rather than window dressing with what will end up being a half witted attempt to appear humanitarian.

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Posted in: Japan's new foreign trainee program to be more flexible for workers See in context

Slave Labor at its best.

Terrible comparison - How one treats their animals is more on par with what slavery actually is. Though migrant workers are exploited and abused, there are options. None of which slaves ever had.

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Posted in: Japan's new foreign trainee program to be more flexible for workers See in context

Please stop calling them "foreign trainee". It is a euphemism for cheap, easy to exploit migrant workers. Corruption marbled in the entire process.

The title foreign trainee gives the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping underprivileged folks living in third world countries to come here and get the training they need to go back home and apply these newly obtained skills to improve economic conditions in their homeland. It ain't the same as working a summer internship at Google, folks - It's cheap immigrant labor to pick your produce , clean bed pans, and wash sheets as love hotels.

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Posted in: China formally arrests Astellas Japanese employee suspected of spying See in context

What happens when businesses bed down with a venomous serpent. Venomous serpents do what venomous serpents do. They bite.

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