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Aska comments

Posted in: S Korea to build naval base near disputed island See in context

There goes them Koreans again.

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Posted in: S Korea to propose sex slave talks with Japan See in context

At the end of it all, Japan had already compensated for the crime in 1965.

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Posted in: Morale boost See in context

I would have done seiza. Especially when the Emperor/Empress is doing seiza right infront of you. It's also very hard to keep your back straight without using the seiza form, as you can see from the picture.

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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

I'm sorry Mr. Rogers, but you are completely wrong. It is a typical westerner's attitude to think that you can go in to a store and get what ever you want. Those BBQ packets cost extra money as well as not filling a drink with ice. Your attitude reminds me of people from 3rd world countries where the people will do everything they can to get the most out of businesses like asking for no ice to maximize the amount of drink, haggling the price down all the time, taking extra packets of ketchup to take home, grabbing a handful of candies on the way out of the restaurant... etc.,

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Posted in: Bye now See in context

It's pretty clear that the goalie net comment was a joke. I like it.

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Posted in: Japan finding out who gets big pay under new rule See in context

I don't think Japanese execs are being over paid, but I do think the US execs are. Especially the wall street crooks.

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Posted in: Be seated See in context

That's actually a pretty normal price for a decent office chair. It's not surprising to see office chairs in the $1000s.

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

Oh yeah! Kelly Clarkson is soo awesome! She is so original!

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Posted in: Aso denies claims that he's 'lame duck,' damaging Japan's interests See in context

I must say that I was embarrased when Aso made his speech after Obama on his first day visit. Does he not prepare for media coverage? It definitly does not make Japan look like a world leader.

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Posted in: NHK faces terror scare for second day See in context

It could be because NHK is actually very left-wing biased. Or at least that's the impression that I got a few years ago when I visited Japan.

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Posted in: De Niro to open Japan-themed hotels in Israel, New York See in context

I have nothing but great experiences in Japanese hotels. They are the most professional group of workers.

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