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highly funny term ' state of emergency ' it has nothing to do with stop spreading corona except to earn more revenue from different way by govt. 1 of the most charming way to finish highway 30 % toll at peak hours.This is in favor of Govt. to cut pockets of general people instead of giving relief.

To cut short the timing of restaurants & other other public facilities caused more spread of virus. Because it create more rush than before timing.

I am surprise that shortening the time of eateries, finish the 30% of toll, opening the schools r direct links to spread the corona virus, but other ll games & events going on have no links with corona virus.

All restrictions r only implemented in strict LOCK DOWN.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Govt.must vaccinate regardless the age factor the the office going people. medical staff , educational institute goings, all restaurants staff including mothers who have to take care of home. This should be first priority. because all restaurants received those customers who returned back from their work & educational institutions. in this way there will be no need to reduce the business hrs for these business and it will also reduce the burden of govt. funding to these factors.

As far as the older people need this first. they have very less interaction with others and most of the time they stay & cook at home.

the pace of vaccination must be fast and should be finished both jabs by July 2021.

if the speed will remain same ? i am afraid that it will spread more & will harm the Immage of Japna in whole world.

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