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Posted in: University of Tokyo to double number of female professors by FY2027 See in context


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Posted in: Kim says North Korea aims to have world's most powerful nuclear force See in context

Hopefully Kim will soon be ruler of the world's biggest smoking crater. Then the CCP will have to find a new best buddy.

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Posted in: Disney ousts CEO; brings back Bob Iger to lead company See in context

Golly, maybe going more woke will fix the problem!

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Posted in: Musk ends remote work at Twitter; warns of troubles ahead See in context

I like it. Work under this roof if you wanna stay around. As it should be.

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Posted in: Dark clouds over China's economy as zero-COVID, global slowdown bite See in context

Good! May the CCP never recover.

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Posted in: Biden to discuss N Korea nuclear threat with Japan, S Korea leaders See in context

We need stronger leadership from the US to maintain global stability and keep bad actors like China and north Korea under control.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

Cool! Fossil feuls are the best way towards energy independence, prosperity and yes even creating a greener globe. Glad to see Japan hasn't fallen for the lies of the Paris climate agreement.

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Posted in: Apple says iPhone production hit by China COVID lockdown See in context

Vote for freedom. Buy an android. Like us cool kid s

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Posted in: Defectors seek alternatives to Musk-owned Twitter See in context

I just don't want to live in a world without Whoopi Goldbergs tweets. How else will I know what those noisy old bats on The View are up to?

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Posted in: Del Toro explores fascism and puppets in dark animated 'Pinocchio' See in context

Can't wait to see it. Now this is the real pinnochio

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Posted in: Chris Evans named People magazine’s ‘sexiest man alive’ See in context

Well, I'm still the sexiest man in Japan. But that isn't saying much.

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Posted in: Totoro time: Ghibli theme park opens to visitors See in context

Ha haaa! Now I'll nourish the child within me!

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Posted in: Police drive 'gyoza king' murder suspect 500 km to avoid yakuza public transport attack See in context

Oh those wacky yakuza. Just like real gangsters!

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Posted in: Greening global economy brings dependence on critical minerals See in context

"green" energy what a joke

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Posted in: U.S. vows full military defense of allies against North Korea See in context

Thanks Wendy. I feel safer already.

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Posted in: Infantino says broadcasters offer '100 times less' for Women's World Cup See in context

Name your favorite women's world cup team

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Posted in: Instagram, Twitter restrict Kanye West accounts over posts deemed anti-Semitic See in context

Kanye and Candace are Kool.

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Posted in: Japan ranked last in women staff in tertiary education in 2020: OECD See in context

Higher education is not a delicious turkey dinner

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Posted in: Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing See in context

Gonna side with Brad on this one. Bs before Hs.

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Posted in: 'Blood on your hands' if world steps back on tackling COVID now: WHO official See in context

The WHO knows a lot about having blood on your hands

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Posted in: Petrol stations' days may be numbered See in context

Eliminated petrocarbons is the path to hell for the western world

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion See in context

Biden is weakness personified

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Posted in: Steven Spielberg's 'Fabelmans' wins Toronto audience award See in context

What did everyone think of Samurai Frog Golf?

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Posted in: Chinese moves on Taiwan rattle remote Japanese island See in context

If the world doesn't solve the Chinese Problem soon it may become too late.

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Posted in: Rate of young Japanese people who want to get married someday drops to lowest ever in survey See in context

As a man who's married to a japanese woman I can relate to this sentiment.

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Posted in: TikTok search results riddled with misinformation: Report See in context

Imagine my shock. A platform controlled by the Chinese and populated by the most simple minded demographic in human history, contains misinformation??

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Posted in: 'Ninja Bear' has been attacking dairy farms in Hokkaido for three years See in context

This news is almost unbearable, and the steaks couldn't be higher.

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Posted in: 40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support See in context

Oh well

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Posted in: Kishida's support slides to lowest since he took office See in context

What we need is a Segaland to compete with Nintendo land. That or just get one of the Sega Sammy casinos up and running already. That will bring the tourists in.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says the planet needs more oil... and babies See in context

He's not wrong.

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