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Posted in: Nintendo to make announcement on Switch successor this fiscal year See in context

And in related news Sega is doing... Nothing.

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Posted in: Kyoto government worker assaults coworker for spoiling popular manga series See in context

I once spoiled an episode of walking dead to a coworker. It was all over social media I figured everyone knew about the episode in question and boy did he get in a stink over that. Like he was pissy for months.

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Posted in: Nintendo to make announcement on Switch successor this fiscal year See in context

They should called it the Switch 64

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in U.S. for summit, state dinner See in context

Should be a good meeting with our great and powerful, not to mention duly elected president.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Sure the Russians made mistakes in the past, but that's why pencils have erasers!

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Posted in: Japan ready to support Taiwan following strong quake: Kishida See in context

Lots of love to the country of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people.

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Posted in: S Korea says N Korea has fired intermediate range missile into its eastern waters See in context

Those goofy North Koreans! Always up to their zany hijinx.

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Posted in: Japan lifts funding suspension to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA See in context

Be careful who you choose for your friends, Japan.

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Posted in: Google to delete incognito search data to end privacy suit See in context

Google products. Not even ONCE.

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Posted in: China sets ambitious 5% growth target for 2024; military spending to rise by 7.2% See in context

The paper tiger playing with fire.

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Posted in: What are the most and least attractive hobbies for Japanese men and women? Survey investigates See in context

Where on earth are you going to find someone who likes both eating and watching movies??

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Posted in: Berlin film fest grapples with Nazi past, far-right threat See in context

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. That isn't a problem with the current generation because they never bother to learn it in the first place.

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Posted in: Digitalization drive proving tough for Japanese school teachers See in context

They'll get it in time. Just fax them the instructions.

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Posted in: French actor Depardieu faces new sex assault complaint See in context

The man is a national treasure.

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Posted in: AI plays cupid as Japanese authorities try to boost marriage rate See in context

Men who act like men can attract women who behave like women.

That's the basic function missing from the Japanese relationship equation

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Posted in: COVID patients again rising in Japan; experts warn of 10th wave See in context

Flu shot maybe. Another covid "vaccine" probably not.

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Posted in: Plan for Europe's huge new particle collider takes shape See in context

The world's largest particle collide is a serious scientific instrument. You must understand that it is wholly inappropriate to use it as a maturation machine. That's how I lost my job at cern. But man it was worth it.

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Posted in: Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt See in context

I'll never understand debt-havers

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Posted in: Guy next to infamous Japanese fugitive on wanted poster arrested thanks to media coverage See in context

See that's why you never want to be known as the guy next to the other guy.

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

Pick it up.

Turn it round.

"made in China"?

Put it down.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan can play any role in bringing peace to the Middle East or Ukraine? See in context

Nor should they. Japan, like all the other developed nations of the world, should stay out of it. And if you don't know what NATO stands for then rethink the value of your opinions

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan gives us a Frappuccino couple for Valentine’s Day See in context

I try to avoid the Starbucks food whenever possible. And those ice cream sundaes they sell are strictly a twice a year indulgence.

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Posted in: N Korea launches ballistic missile toward sea See in context

Little Kim has been getting an itchy trigger finger over the last four years

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan launch system to track N Korean missiles in real-time See in context

Useful. We need an iron dome to keep checks on the rogue nation as sadly the current US administration is unable of protecting even themselves

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Posted in: Nippon Steel to buy U.S. Steel for $14.1 billion See in context

Truly he who smelt it dealt it

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Posted in: Canada to keep pressure on Facebook to pay for news, Trudeau says See in context

If you support Trudeau then you support the destruction of Canada. So keep that in mind as you're smashing the down vote button.

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Posted in: Canada to keep pressure on Facebook to pay for news, Trudeau says See in context

Trudeau doesn't have a leg to stand on

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Posted in: Netflix releases vast viewing data for first time See in context

This article has everything!

Except a link to the data.

Here you go.


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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' to get theatrical release in Japan, after all See in context

It's an incredible bit of cinema and deserves to be watched by everyone. Especially the Japanese

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