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Posted in: Bobrovsky shuts out Rangers as Panthers take game one See in context

Cats continue to have success with their proven formula of smothering forechecking, relentless backchecking and Bob covering for overextended defensemen. Rangers' formula for previous success on the powerplay being neutralized by Florida's disciplined play. Still, it was a one-goal game for much of the night. New York will come out with a vengeance in game 2 but for the time being, the Panthers have stolen home ice advantage.

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Posted in: Avalanche beat Stars 5-3 in Game 5 to stay alive in playoffs See in context

Hard to eliminate a good team in the NHL playoffs. Dallas joined New York and Florida among teams that failed to advance, all three on home ice.

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Posted in: Panthers looking to close out Bruins; Oilers looking to tie series with Canucks See in context

Go Cats Go!!!

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Posted in: Disputed tying goal helps Panthers beat Bruins 3-2 and take 3-1 lead in East semifinal series See in context

Bruins need to stop whining about officiating and taking stupid penalties or they'll be out on the links by the weekend.

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Posted in: Japan enacts laws to set up joint command for defense forces by March See in context

Surprised to learn that the JSDF didn't already have a joint command.

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Posted in: Panthers rout Bruins 6-1 in Game 2 to tie series See in context

Total domination by Florida. Unlike game 1, this lopsided score very accurately reflected the play on ice. Game 3 in Boston is going to be a war.

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Posted in: Florida clinches first-round series against Tampa Bay See in context

This gentleman's sweep left no doubt that there's a new Sherrif in the state of Florida. Panthers' forechecking was relentless. Just watching it was stifling. Bob made key saves at critical junctions of the game. Vasilevskiy played great but he's no longer the brick wall that he used to be. Bolts' Captain played his heart out, but the Cats blanketed him all night and limited Stamkos to a single shot. Can't see either the B's or Leafs beating these guys.

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Posted in: Ohtani responds to Toronto boos by hitting 7th homer as Dodgers beat Blue Jays 12-2 See in context

They're just in a foul mood because the Leafs are about to get eliminated by the Bruins so they're taking out their frustrations on Ohtani. It's amazing how rude and boorish Torontonians have become. They were so civil and polite back in the '60's when we lived there.

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Posted in: 'It's wide open' is the theme as the race to the Stanley Cup begins See in context

The widest open playoffs since the World Menko Championships of '63! Vamos Gatos!!

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Posted in: Bears designated as animal subject to subsidized culling in Japan See in context

Would be interested in seeing the "list of animals that can be culled with the help of government subsidies" and compare it with such lists of other nations.

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Posted in: Horan's penalty kick gives U.S. 2-1 win over Japan in SheBelieves Cup See in context

Even after Japan took an early lead it looked like it was just a matter of time before the USWNT would tie and then take the lead.

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Posted in: Stanley Cup contenders Florida, Colorado and Edmonton make moves ahead of NHL trade deadline See in context

Would've preferred Zito shoring up Florida's blue line with a playoff-experienced defensive defenseman but can't question the value of getting Tarasenko for almost nothing. Cats are doing a lot of winning without scoring a whole lot of goals so this trade makes a lot of sense.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge ¥15.8 bil for Ukraine's reconstruction See in context

I'm wondering if Ukraine supported Japan or any of the many other countries that are supporting them when they were confronted with Russian aggression. I'm talking about before Russia invaded them.

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Posted in: Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt See in context

"Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt"

This is news?

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Posted in: Artistic swimming See in context

There was a time when Japan, along with the USA and Canada dominated the synchronized swimming world. I don't know exactly why but the coach started training the Chinese and shortly thereafter, Japan's position in this sport caved. They're lucky now to sniff bronze at major events.

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Posted in: Winning Wolf See in context

Well done. Wolf is starting to look a lot better. France appeared strong at this slam. Japan, not so much. Didn't fare that well in Portugal last week either. Hard to duplicate the performance of the Japanese Judo team at the Tokyo games but hope they show up at Paris.

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Posted in: NHL announces plans to send players back to Olympics in 2026 and 2030 for first time since 2014 See in context

Since professionals participate in the games, I suppose it's only right that NHL players get to do the same. I actually long for the days when the Olympics were only for amateurs. The IOC could easily have implemented rules to ban the Soviet professional "amateurs" without opening the floodgates. At least the college kids didn't trash their rooms in the village when they lost.

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Posted in: FIFA's Infantino condemns 'abhorrent' racism during games in Italy, England See in context

Looks like Europeans in here always whining about Japan being the most racist country need to start looking at themselves.

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Posted in: Osaka, Murray lose first round matches at Australian Open See in context

Naomi should have retired permanently in 2021 while at the top of her game. She wasn't enjoying tennis and had other distractions. Could have been remembered as a Calvin Johnson, Momoe Yamaguchi, Barry Sanders - like figure.

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Posted in: German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer dies at 78 See in context

To this day, do not understand why the Cosmos put Alberto at sweeper instead of Der Kaiser.

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Posted in: Princess Kako turns 29 See in context


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Posted in: Was 2023 a tipping point for movies? 'Barbie' success and Marvel struggles may signal shift See in context

The quality of the film is more important than the genre. Over-saturation within a genre will inevitably lead to a dearth of stimulating flicks. It takes good writers and actors to overcome this. Will comedies, thrillers or romance movies ever go out of style? Superhero movies are at a disadvantage because they rely so much on CGI instead of the script or acting. BTW, I don't expect to enjoy every movie I go to see but "Barbie" is the quintessential example of a movie that I wouldn't have gone to see if I knew what it was all about.

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Posted in: Nineteen-year-old Priscila scores late to lead Brazilian women's soccer team over Japan 4-3 See in context

Funny how FIFA rankings work. Even during the Nadeshikos' heyday, winning the WC, finishing second in the next one and winning silver at the Olympics, I don't think they were ever ranked higher than 3rd in the world.

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Posted in: Cuban Little League coach Jose Perez goes missing at World Series See in context

Probably find him with Japan's game against Taiwan. Both utterly disappeared into thin air,

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Posted in: Ohtani allows 4 homers for first time in his major league career; still gets win See in context

Good to see the Angels bailing Shohei out instead of the other way for a change.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Vietnam 3-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

Much gratitude to the Vietnamese team for keeping it close. Couldn't bear to watch the incessant and corny choreographed celebrations performed by the USWNT when they ran up the score against Thailand during the last WC.

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Posted in: Japan rout Zambia 5-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

Looked the most dominant of all teams playing against WC debutantes, thus far. Then again, Zambia is the lowest ranking team in the tournament.

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Posted in: Golden Knights blast Panthers 9-3 in Game 5 to capture first Stanley Cup title See in context

Congats to the Golden Knights. They were clearly the better team throughout the finals. The entire series looked like an 8-seed playing uphill against a 1-seed; even game three that the Cats pulled out. That said, the Panthers played their hearts out and generated a lot of excitement throughout the playoffs. There's no shame losing against a better opponent as long as you gave it your best.

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Posted in: Buzzer-beating Boston force Miami to game seven See in context

Can the Celts assuage at least some of the shame that the Bruins cast on Boston with their historic meltdown against the Panthers or did the Heat just drag out the misery by going to seven games like the Cats did?

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