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Posted in: Ohtani allows 4 homers for first time in his major league career; still gets win See in context

Good to see the Angels bailing Shohei out instead of the other way for a change.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Vietnam 3-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

Much gratitude to the Vietnamese team for keeping it close. Couldn't bear to watch the incessant and corny choreographed celebrations performed by the USWNT when they ran up the score against Thailand during the last WC.

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Posted in: Japan rout Zambia 5-0 in Women's World Cup opener See in context

Looked the most dominant of all teams playing against WC debutantes, thus far. Then again, Zambia is the lowest ranking team in the tournament.

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Posted in: Golden Knights blast Panthers 9-3 in Game 5 to capture first Stanley Cup title See in context

Congats to the Golden Knights. They were clearly the better team throughout the finals. The entire series looked like an 8-seed playing uphill against a 1-seed; even game three that the Cats pulled out. That said, the Panthers played their hearts out and generated a lot of excitement throughout the playoffs. There's no shame losing against a better opponent as long as you gave it your best.

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Posted in: Buzzer-beating Boston force Miami to game seven See in context

Can the Celts assuage at least some of the shame that the Bruins cast on Boston with their historic meltdown against the Panthers or did the Heat just drag out the misery by going to seven games like the Cats did?

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Posted in: NHL: Panthers beat Maple Leafs 3-2; Golden Knights edge Oilers 4-3 See in context

Always thought that the Cats matched up really well against the Bruins and to a lesser extent, the Leafs. Florida always had a hard time matching up against the Canes though. Should be very interesting. As for Toronto, only the unmitigated obnoxiousness of their fans exceeded the pathetic play of their goal sucking Leafs. Hard to believe they knocked off the Bolts.

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Posted in: Tsunoda wins Japan's first gold of judo world championships See in context

Everyone knows what's coming but can't seem to stop her.

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Posted in: Panthers beat Bruins, Kraken oust Avalanche in NHL playoffs See in context

Unfortunate draw for the Bruins. Panthers just match up well to the Bruins' style of play. Saw that during the regular season. Boston likely would have beaten any other first round opponent in four or five. Leafs will be harder to deal with but if they underestimate the Cats early like the Bruins did, could face the same result or get worn down for next round. NHL playoff hockey is so exciting. Blessed to be able to record every game and binge watch them one after the other.

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Posted in: Japanese fans rejoice after dramatic World Cup win over Germany See in context

CaptDingleheimerToday 12:13 am JST

I'm glad not to be present in Japan for the 72 hours following that win, which would be in the words of a fellow former expat I spoke with today, "insufferable".

I'm certain that they too are glad that kill joys are not present.

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Posted in: Millions of Chinese tourists heading for domestic destinations See in context

"I'll take the Marines"

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Posted in: Suga reshuffles LDP leadership; likely to retain key ministers, except Kono See in context

All except Nikai are younger than either Trump or Biden...

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Posted in: The survivor: Last Korean war criminal in Japan wants recognition See in context

Japan pays military pensions to convicted war criminals. Some countries allowing convicted criminals to vote.

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Posted in: Former 'Terrace House' cast member arrested for marijuana possession See in context

Perhaps the reason Tsubasa broke up with him?

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Posted in: France beats Japan in Women's World Cup warm-up See in context

Insufficient time for the young Nadeshiko to elevate their game prior to the World Cup or probably even the Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan tie 2-2 in Women's World Cup tuneup See in context

As well as Japan always seems to play against the U.S. in the games I've watched over the past decade plus, it is surprising that the overall record against each other is so lopsided.

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