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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

i was surprised of this ad ....it's absolutely disgusting. could you imagine young girls in school uniform passing from one another thru their mouth a candy ? where 's the hygiene that most of the japanese are so meticulous with ? is this a part fo japanese culture ? i doubt .

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Posted in: Questions raised over Unification Church's involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic venue See in context

I have great disappointment with media : print and broadcast . I couldnt see the great role that supposedly being played by this significant institution in educating the people. WHY ? Haven't you noticed that almost all of the published materials were mostly negative ? Haven't you heard that all the issues brought into the eyes and ears of people are purely against or not constructive ? The sad part is that an organization no matter how noble the aim is must pay just to let media publicized it s accomplishment so as for the people know. I havent heard of any thing good about the Unification Church which media highlighted recently despite of it s numerous achievements ..accomplishment in various fields. I haven't read any noble excerpts from Reverend Sun Myung Moon' s speeches from these local publications even if its substance is adhering the absolute values and would surely inspire minds. The irony is that people would definitely die exposing themselves in all negative articles highlighting accusations. In relevance wth the 2018 Winter Olympic , I think it is the right time for the whole world feel , not only that symbolic olympic emblem but its real essence , the true spirit of unification thru the hospitality of the Koreans which sprout from the very core of the society , the family. Is there any media organization has the courage to delve into it aiming to inspire the whole world ?

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Posted in: Questions raised over Unification Church's involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic venue See in context

I am just wondering why some people kept on criticizing the Unification Church (UC) with the old false allegations regarding its various connections and activities. Haven't you corrected your thoughts about UC which after having bombarded of accusations in all means it still gaining supporters/believers?Why? Is it because it really promotes peace and true love not only to its members but to everyone regardless of cultural background, political affiliations and religious denominations? Its members have one hope and that is the reunification of the Korean peninsula . Would you think that prior to the 2018 Winter Olympic a great leap forward happen to the said peninsula with all Koreans :north and south , promoting the true essence of oneness ...solidarity in a global perspective. Well, guys ...why dont you support this noble campaign? After all, REUNIFICATION is not an old story. It happened in European countries. Your support to this is invaluable than continuing ruining the church. As an old adage goes, the tree bears its own fruits. Unification Church is bearing fruits of its own and everybody could see how great are these. Although there are some rotten at the end, but still majority reflects the best. One thing is sure this time, the media is ALIVE again for having the UNIFICATION CHURCH's involvement in the 2018 Winter Olympic.

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