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Posted in: Japan bribed small nations with cash, call girls to get whaling vote: Sunday Times See in context

"Japan bribed small nations with cash, call girls to get whaling vote"

Question: Well, after what has been exposed to the public then a scandal will occur followed by an official investigation and some heads will roll, right ? .....right....?...

Answer: What happened ? Did something happen (looking another way) ?

Hint: GoJ-->Uyoku-->Yakuza = the result is seen above

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context


my country is Japan lol. And here, in my country, the law establishes a limit on speakers' volume that uyoku always break.

So I wonder, why do not they get stopped and fined ? Do not think too hard.

By the way there are laws against pushing and shoving the policemen, against beating people around etc. So, you see, it is not a problem of laws, it's a problem of upholding them fairly.

And lastly: freedom is hostage of these "groups we don't appreciate"TM, they can do whatever a common Tanaka san cannot, lest a foreigner.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

"They have the rights as long as they don't kill or hurt ordinary people."

Ahhhhh, ok. Now it is clear.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

"...the constitution permits and protects the rights of everyone, including groups we don't appreciate..."

This sentence made me smile. Call it euphemism..... =)

So,by your words, it is OK to THREATEN OF DEATH, to use violence, to show fists,to scream into other people ears, to use loudspeakers at a forbidden sound level (forbidden by law) etc. (the list is long) These are the actions that people like you, Ossan, forgive with your words.

Uyoku's behaviour can't be forgiven, or understood. It's a criminal behaviour that just "happen" to be forgiven in Japan (yes, here laws are very elaaaaaaaaasssstiiiiic and may vary from case to case).

So please avoid to use too many euphemisms, it is NOT "groups we don't appreciate", it is "criminal" groups. You may say that they are NOT criminals but it doesn't change they ARE.

Then I DARE you to take the same behaviour and see what happens: push and shove policemen, shout on loudspeakers and punch people that try to protest against you. If it is not a criminal behaviour then you should not be arrested. =) 楽しみにしています。I'm looking forward to see it. May I film it ?

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

It is a very complicate argument and my points are these:

1) to me traditions are very important and it is hard to really blame the Taiji fisherman, they are continuing a tradition and the dolphins are not endangered as a species (if they were endangered then it would be different though !). The planet survival is ABOVE any tradition.

2) My PERSONAL position is that I would like that those dolphins were not killed BUT I would feel an 'hypocrite' because to eat I also need many animals to be equally "killed"....and I love my yakiniku. So in a selfish way I would like the Taiji people to stop BUT I repeat it would be a selfish desire.

3) I also think that if somebody wanted to do a movie like the COVE they have all the rights to do it (but without showing the faces of people without consent). So the Cove has all rights to be shown, to be seen and to be distributed (without threats) but it also has to convey the truth and to protect the privacy of the people that are filmed.

4) The uyoku have no right at all to THREATEN people, they should be arrested for this. "Protesting" is one thing, "threatening" is another. Like in October when 2chan otaku/uyoku were threatening to "kill" gaijins. Arrest them and throw away the key. Police attitude must change.

5) "support for the film signals betrayal of Japanese pride" Stupid propaganda uyoku style. Laughable as always. Being proud of Japan is completely another thing. Even if I'm a foreigner I'm proud of Japan for its arts and beautiful things, for its traditions, the poetry and food, not for the propaganda that these fanatics spew out. Many of those uyoku are even more ignorant than gaijins about Japan (history, philosophy, arts, literature...) There is no pride in hate, violence, threats and militarism.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

The movie has been filmed in secrecy because it is like going to film a drug dealer....you cannot ask him "please let me film you while you sell the cocaine, thanks"..... I know, it is not unlawful to kill the dolphins but then the fishermen should not be ashamed of what they do, if it is such a noble thing. I agree that in the movie the faces should not be shown though. Problem is that the uyoku protect the fishermen, so it is not possible to "normally" film a documentary there.

And... It's always funny to see the double standards in this country.

The "uyoku" threaten protests (which are not real "protests" but are just "THREATS", you just have to listen to what they say....btw I live in Shinjuku and I see these clowns very often so I know what I talk about) but get NEVER arrested. Does somebody have seen an article about some arrest of uyoku ? I have not. (or at least they should be arrested more often than they are atm)

I just wait to hear: but the uyoku do not break the law. (laughing...."oh yes they do not".....ironic of course) Just to do an experiment, take some of the foreigners on this board, make them emulate the uyoku's behaviours (many videos with them threatening, insulting and pushing policemen, rofl) and then experience the love of the Japanese double standards.

Japan just needs to arrest that bunch of clowns and throw away the keys. Then I would have more respect for the law in this country.

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Posted in: Headless body of woman found in suitcase in Kanazawa mountains See in context

Not again please....I'm sick with reading these terrible news.

Poor woman. Rip.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai angry at estranged husband's behavior See in context

"...continuing her studies with good grades, eagerly participating in her son’s school events and enjoying lunch with friends...."

Ahhhhhhhhhh, ooooook.

So now she's a good person. Well.....she's also having lunch with friends.

Her husband is the evil one and all is well. He must be hunted down and killed on the spot for forcing the pure Sakai chan to take those abominable (omitted because it is a too terrible thing to be even nominated, kind of a Great Old One).

A classic.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context

Tuna getting extinct means that a very important role in the food chain will be missing with catastrophic consequences. It' not "just" a fish getting extinct.

I think humans should think more with their hearts and minds than with their stomach. And I must say that I LOVE tuna sushi and sashimi, though I do not approve this "greed". Let these poor animals "rest" for 1 year and then see...

We are a cancer to this planet.

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