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Posted in: Japanese student at Yale urges Gaza ceasefire as U.S. universities quiet dissent See in context

release the tortured and raped hostages, then talk about cease fire. the war is not against palestinians, it's against the most evil horrific despicable humans ever to exist: hamas

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Posted in: Paris 2024: A 'new era' of corruption-free Olympics? See in context

olympics is all about making money, sorry, my mistake, scratch that, olympics is all about sports

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Posted in: Japan's exports surge nearly 12% in January in 2nd straight month of gains See in context

this is completely inconsistent with the real-feel of the economy, which is going to shite no matter what little pseudo-victories you might celebrate

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Her name is "Kim's powerful sister"

All that's all we have to know

(BTW you can find this type of human at the rate of 3 for the price of 1 in any despotic regime, but for some reason western journalism seems to be paid by north-korea-gov for her propagandistic promotion)

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Posted in: Japanese pastry flavors mimic stages of love with help from AI See in context

next super-creative use of AI will be new makudonaldos in different mood colors

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Posted in: Classified Japanese diplomatic info leaked after Chinese cyberattacks in 2020 See in context

Going great Japan! It just took you four years to inform the public that you were caught with your pants down (again!) by none other than china-gov-hackers. Maybe it wont happen again thanks to giving up just a few days ago on floppy disks. I love Japan, one foot in the past and one in the future (moon landing and all), but china-gov will be your undoing unless you act: they have all their resources bent on bringing you down, don't doubt it for a second

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Posted in: Hello Kitty Crocs take kawaii fashion to new heights in Japan See in context

i recall a comment from a friend in osaka, when we see a very cute kawaii girl with self made hello kitty decorated crocs: many girlfriends of yakuzas have to use them, like a badge.

haters: this doesn't mean that you are a yakuza girlfriend if you use them.

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Posted in: With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance See in context

if xitter dies, the only one to blame is the megalomaniac musk. he did a "kanye west" on jewish people, and thought that since he is god almighty, he would not be held accountable.

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Posted in: What we know so far about surging respiratory illnesses in China See in context

after what we went through with corona, DO NOT TRUST THE CHINA-GOVERNMENT!

they will deny and deny and deny that they are the cause/origin of any problem, no matter what happens to their people and the rest of the world

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Posted in: Apple scraps Jon Stewart show over China, AI clashes: report See in context

the china-gov has degenerated into something worse than communist. and apple will take sides with its money, even it it means going against a USA citizen in favor of china-gov

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Posted in: Japan records steepest population decline while number of foreign residents hits new high See in context

this is happening in all rich countries (though japan now is poor among the rich). it would be interesting to see statistics of distribution of "average number of births" as a function of "income".

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Posted in: Japanese finance minister warns against excessive yen weakening See in context

i don't get. even the japanese money minister has no idea what to do to fix the problem. according to the headline, the guy is just complaining that the yen is weak. it's a pity, japanese people work so hard, so many hours (next coment will be from a japanese hater saying productivity is low)

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Posted in: The top 10 things foreign tourists visiting Japan want to do during Golden Week See in context

waited to publish right at the end of the golden week. oh, i get it, it's for the 2024 golden week.

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Posted in: Scientists warn of AI dangers but don't agree on solutions See in context

there's no stopping this:

with respect to the science part: scientists can't stop trying to invent new things, competing against others, trying to be the first to do something better than others, and with comes acknowledgement, fame, money.

now that hinton got it all, fame and money, he dares tell other scientists that they should stop inventing. so lame, in with a bang, out with a whimper, such a doomsayer.

with respect to the greedy corporations, you have to be naive to think that super-rich companies are going to stop and fall behind in the one thing that's going to make richer.

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Posted in: Part of SDF helicopter wreckage recovered from seabed See in context

was it the china-gov? i thought common sense would dictate to never send a lone heli or ship into an area where your bully neighbor is trying to creep into your backyard. minimal, you have a stealth-drone overlooking all

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Posted in: G7 ministers meet with AI risks, digital infrastructure in focus See in context

they say: "...AI...could create unexpected challenges to democracy..."

Governments are shtting bricks because they fear they won't be able to control AI. Even the musc person signed some manifesto to limit AI. Imagine AI advising on which form of GOV is best for the people, or how to best implement true free speech

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Posted in: Yokosuka becomes 1st local gov't in Japan to begin ChatGPT trial use See in context

be ready for the chatbot sneaking in to get all the available private information and then blackmailing/ransomwaring the people and the government.

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Posted in: Twitter begins removing blue checks from users who don't pay See in context

The grand advocate for absolute freedom of speech, let's you have a loud voice for the world to hear, but only if you have money, and only if you never offend him, ha

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Posted in: Schumacher family plan legal action over fake AI quotes See in context

don't blame the "computer AI", rather blame and shame and punish the "artificially intelligent human idiot" that used the AI program to generate lies and make money

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Posted in: G7 digital chiefs to call for more research, governance of AI at Gunma meeting See in context

too late, already AIs are plotting against such meetings, they have access to bank accounts and are paying gullible humans (such as some of those that will participate in the planned meeting) to vote in favor of AIs interests (just kidding :) (or maybe not?)

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Posted in: Dine like a local: 5 tips for eating out in Japan See in context

dining locals mostly go to small eateries where reservations don't exist, and that have some of the best food in the world

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Posted in: Suspected gunpowder found at home of Kishida blast suspect: media See in context

i love the title headline, with a double "SUSPECT", both the gunpowder is a suspect, and the suspect is a suspect.

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Posted in: New BOJ head says banks stable; rules out major policy shift See in context

no change, no policy shift, it's so much safer, but for who? for japan, or this guy's position?

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Posted in: NTT internet, phone services experience disruption across Japan See in context

the state hackers from china + northkorea are having a field day with ntt still running on windows 3.1

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Posted in: Japan Penis Festival shrine distances itself from penis mascot See in context

this never gets old

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Posted in: Japan’s first made-to-order natto store will make you fermented beans without the putrid smell See in context

if you are not from a cheese eating country, and you walk into a European cheese shop, you vomit. and you start writing comments of how it smells of rot and other unpleasant things. i am biased: i love natto, i love cheese, along with lots of people...

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Posted in: Yoon seeks common ground in Tokyo amid N Korean missile threat, weight of history See in context

there should be daily flights, Yoon visiting Japan and Kishida visiting South Korea on alternating days. then the "great eater moron" from the north would launch a missile a day and run out of money for his caviar and that would be the end of him

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Posted in: Japan to introduce GPS trackers to prevent international bail jumping See in context

it seems very bleak for gaijin "not-yet-confirmed-criminals". from what you read about Japan's justice system: they can keep you on ice indefinitely, as long as they want, they never ever lose a case, and now on top of that, you have to spend the rest of your life wearing a gps tracker

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Posted in: 60% of animal cafes in Japan deal with species restricted by int'l laws: study See in context

it is likely that in ancient times the same outroar occurred when people started domesticating cats and dogs which were still considered "wild" at that time

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Posted in: Japanese pasta dish ranked 24th worst food in the world, but does it deserve that dishonor? See in context

i have had the best pasta of my life in japan. but i am biased for japanese food being the best in the world. and next best are the fusions such as italian food by good japanese chefs

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