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That is sounds great!! I want to try these. I can enjoy the scent of the Yuzu, Mikan and Wine. But garlic is strong smell. If I put it into bathtub, the smell of the garlic has permeated my body I guess.

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I was big fan when I was elementary school student. I was collecting Moning Musume’s trading card and CDs.

I was very surprise and shocked. I don’t understand why they change their name. If you are big fan of Moning Musume, you can determine “when was that particular song released” just to look face of members. And then, if they change their name, people who became fan recently, will not listen the song was released untill now.

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Christmas is just around the corner. It was not until two years ago that I knew NORAD Santa Tracker. We can watch this website with English, Japanese, Spanish French Chinese, Italian, German and Portuguese. I check it every year with my cousins. My cousins are little children. We can learn history of Santa Claus and play games on this website. It grants a lot of Japanese children’s dream because Japanese can check this page.

Many Japanese people are not Christian. But all of Japanese look forward to Christmas. Of course, Japanese children look forward to coming Santa Claus. I also couldn’t wait for Christmas when I was child. I wrote a letter for Santa Claus at Christmas. Well, I can’t wait for Christmas even now.

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There are a lot of people checking something on smartphone while walking in Japan. They also use it while shopping. But they sometimes check not urgent mail. Recently, people who using LINE, are increasing. I guess that people who using smartphone while walking, are increasing at the same time. I think it is very dangerous. People who using smartphone while walking, are sometimes barge against a person. There are a lot of little children in the town. If people who using smartphone while walking, are barge against a little child, there is possibility that they hurt child. I hope we will be able to use this service by all cell phone company.

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Wow!! Lady Gaga’s life-sized dolls?! Which is real Lady Gaga?? I can’t guess. I love her. I’m always amazed at her performance. If I have a chance, I want to go and see that with my own eyes.

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Posted in: Why the 50-yen coin has a hole and other fun facts about Japanese coins See in context

I’ m Japanese but I didn’t know that. I think the 5-yen coins look like Recently, Giza 10 tends to trade at high prices because it is very rare. Sometimes the 5-yen coins and the 50-yen coins also tend to trade at high prices. The 5- yen coins and the 50-yen coin’s hole very rarely have out of position. I think it is very interesting because sometimes coins have more valuable than itself.

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