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Posted in: Asada wavering on retirement; says Mori's comments didn't bother her See in context

There has not been an "Olympic" Game,( neither winter or summer) for 90 years. I hope this young lady one day acknowledges that simple fact. Very sad, I am old enough to remember the "Games" that at time to me they were still somewhat "amateurish". But looking back? I think between WWI and WWII they had no longer anything to do with any amateur sports! Then they became political ( for instance the 1980 Moscow / LA situation, add the Berlin 1936 event) and now they are nothing but a commercial "event". I feel sorry for the people in Sochi They have been sc.w.ed over, because that place (is and) will be a disaster! (look at the Sarajevo Bosnia after the winter games). Then please just go and take a look 6 months from now at Sochi and leave me an opinion then! Thanks. And thanks to the athletes that competed at their best, I apologize if I offended anyone that was not my intend. 51 billion dollars for a 2 week event, wow, and btw did anyone notice how the media shut up just before the start about the appalling conditions in the "Village" ? The toilets that did not work, the guys that could not get out of their rooms? Thanks, sorry about the rant (TJ).

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Posted in: Sporting gesture See in context

I some how compare this gesture to what we in the West give to the Jamaican Bobsled team, and I apologize if I offend any one. To me the spirit of ANY competitor, especially those that are not powered by Coca Cola or Gatorade or Mars Bars sponsor ships, are to be admired and not taken lightly these people will go far in life!

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Posted in: Dewi Sukarno speaks up about recent slapping incident See in context

@psycho 0944am . plastic surgery or what?? I don't (or didn't) think there was that much plastic around to do that at 73 years old. I guess it is a medical miracle! A secret hot spring ? (sarc off), the picture must be a little musty itself, just like she is.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt See in context

Thanks, Cleo very well said and to others, Mrs Kennedy is by no means an uneducated lady, to try and understand anyone's cultural standards (let alone in different areas of that country) compared to your own is dangerous to do. I have lived in a number of different countries and cultures and it can take a long time to understand all the nuances of the new country you are in. In some you can get in deep trouble just looking at some one the wrong way or on the wrong day! Especially when that country (Not pointing fingers) has an inherent negative feeling towards you in the first place. I think her job as an Ambassador is extremely difficult ( Think, just put your self in the shoes of the ambassador from Tibet in Being or the guy trying to represent Israel in Egypt). hmmm, Think If the dolphin killing is a inhumane thing to do as some say and that term should not be used well ... Then at least it is barbaric and does that fit better?

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Posted in: China slams 'troublemaker' Abe after Africa visit See in context

What is funny is the amount of credibility is given to the Chinese Representative of Ethiopia, The permanent member of the African Union. The whole continent is a mess and yes there are vast resources to be developed. (the Chinese have been making inroads for years in Africa BTW). But the only aggression I see here is the Chinese and not only in Africa. Their constant harassing of the people in places like Tibet, the Western sections etc. I wonder how many people realize that of the whole population of China that there is only a small portion that has any real "human rights"? The members of the Com Party! They now have a Aircraft Carrier, more Submarines than most if not all countries. Jet aircraft as good as most and a very advanced space program they still try OH POOR US get a grip folks these guys are trying to expand and they need Africa's resources. Do not get diverted by this no name . When Peking gets serious they will sent someone a bit higher up . .

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Posted in: How to make good use of flat, left-over beer See in context

There are times (late summer early fall that we have a huge influx of " fungus gnats" they thrive on overripe fruit (bananas etc) and or garbage some one taught me a trick. Put a little flat or not flat beer in a bowl then stretch some saran wrap very tightly over the top and punch three or four holes into the saran ( not too big and leave the edges of the holes pointing down). I use a sharp pencil) and just park it next to the fruit . You would be amazed where those little flies will go ( I also make my own beer and wine that attracts the little guys as well but a couple of those traps next to fermentors and no problems!) I will send you the bill for these tips soon, a bottle of Sake will do LOL

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Posted in: China must retaliate for Abe's shrine visit, state media urge See in context

This is difficult to understand, there are war memorials all over the world. Some are seen as just that, a monument. And to me all are monuments to the great stupidity of the human race no matter what race you talk about . It probably all started over a cup of tea between two baseball fans. ( oh and a lot of them are beautiful and serene, especially when you try not to think of the stupidity).

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Posted in: Rodman says he's going to North Korea for fun, not to talk politics See in context

And please quit referring to this guy as a basketball "Star", he only got noticed because of MJ and his tattoos. Thanks.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

@ Jeff, and I would also add the public humiliation by using a stockade for lesser violations, starting at an early age. When I grew up that example of being peppered by tomatoes (or worse) on the local city square kept me thinking before acting. It was not done then but the historical facts were included in our history lessons. The other added bonus is that your parents made sure you did not make a mistake because they would also be humiliated. If rightfully convicted you should also lose your civil right until released from the penalty.

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Posted in: Slippery clay intensified 2011 tsunami-quake, scientists say See in context

I hope that in the NEAR future they come and drill of the west coast of BC Canada and Washington State, a very similar tectonic situation exists here ( three plates converging) with records back to the year 1700 ( found in Japan btw they had a tsunami there as a result) of an earthquake now classified as a 9.1 or even larger. It inundated the west coast with a huge tsunami even remembered in oral native history and soil samples taken that show massive amounts of sand covering destroyed forests. Check out Cascadia Earthquake on Google , interesting info.

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Posted in: Nuclear to remain key Japan energy source, gov't panel says See in context

@ heda, thanks I forgot the Windscale name also you forgot to add the tens of thousands in the USA that die in car accidents but then I guess the greens would say if they were driving electric cars that would not happen either.LOL

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Posted in: Nuclear to remain key Japan energy source, gov't panel says See in context

@Zichi, where did you find the 25% world wide renewable energy numbers. Does that include like wind power and the failed corrupt solar industry in the US (less than 5 %), geothermal less than that and the fact that Germany is restarting coal because wind power is just not trust worthy enough and highly restricted due to no wind, too much wind and power generation that cannot be stored or diverted . Also remember the UK had a very serious nuclear accident many years ago as did the US. I realize Japan has a history of natural disasters but realistically also has very few options other than importing at great cost oil and LNG from abroad. . Nuclear is in the long run one option that Japan has. So to go fear mongering after this disaster is not good. Rather than learning from it,... all you are doing is stopping your country from growth.

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Posted in: Showdown looms for lucrative tuna industry See in context

Who is doing the math? One early statement says 2.65 MILLION tons (a record) but the last paragraph says but quotas remain at +/- 13,400 and 1,750 tonnes for next year, are we confusing two scales here?

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Posted in: Condo ditches lawnmowers for grass-munching goats See in context

@ todd, no they do not have any etiquette, if you do not protect the areas you want to keep they will go there I have seen them climb trees to get at leaves and even climb over 6 foot high fences! LOL with these critters they don't stop at anything!

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Koizumi, Hosokawa call for nuclear power to be phased out See in context

@Bu Bu BU (@7.31 JST Nov 13) have you heard of the $$$$ wasted in the USA and the EU on "green" energy, that even now Germany is halting Gov subsidies and the guys in the US are being taken to court over FRAUD regarding Solar and wind power. The English, Denmark, Holland and other countries are taking down wind turbines because they never worked for 20 years, go on the net and educate yourself.

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Posted in: Japan to play Netherlands, Belgium in soccer See in context

I have a lot of respect for National teams from Asia . Some of the individual players are very good (Just look at how many are playing in the EU). The biggest problem is the lack of back-up in their own local leagues, just like the American League (MLS) and leagues in other countries and even in the EU and South and Central America. Add the Middle East and Russia etc. no matter how much TV promotes them they are nothing but "feeders'" for the big clubs in England , Spain , Portugal, Germany, Italy and France. This is just my own look at things. The Argentinian, Brazilian, Chileans and the Peruvians and even the Dutch are just a "Academy" for the so called "Top Flights" and that is really sad. I wish Patriotism would be a bigger factor every day rather than a few weeks for the World cup and not the the $$$. Thanks.

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Posted in: Obama: Shutdown encouraged U.S. enemies, dismayed its friends See in context

Everything, EVERYTHING comes at a cost. This so called ACA (Affordable Care Act) is anything but affordable, yes maybe to those that are already on welfare, unemployment, disability etc (and are younger than 26 years old ,which BTW is the part of the people that are in the least need). But to those that are working and used to get coverage from their employers are in for a big sad surprise (the deductibles are HUGE). Even Democrats are starting to cry . Wait a year or so and when the whole thing collapses it will turn into a single payer system which is exactly what the WH (and it's hidden advisers are after). And as far as you that this big hate-on regarding the TEA party ??? Take a deep breath it stands for T axed E nough A lready' So if you like to pay more and more taxes just vote for Clinton next time around you know the wife of "Slick" Willy, and their company that seems to be in trouble regarding mismanagement of a CHARITY?? But I guess should not have expected anything better from these weasels.

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Posted in: TEPCO says 4 tons of tainted rainwater leaked during transfer See in context

@vicMOsaka you are right 4 tons is about that and that measurement is 1 x 2 x 2 meters (3 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft) in other words a six foot person standing against a wall holding out his arms along that wall then measuring out 3 feet would be that space and weight. My shower is larger than that, thank you for the insight. It hopefully keeps things in perspective the rhetoric sometimes drives me crazy. For everyone's information in the time it took me to write this the amount of water that went over Niagara falls would blow peoples minds if written down in Tons!

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Posted in: Yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima See in context

This "dialog" is amazing, radioactive minerals are nearly every where on this planet, granted in some area's more than others but I have drilled wells and seen traces of uranium and have used the water for a number of farms for YEARS and no one has turned into misshapen "turnips or carrots" yet! Oh and just for your information radiation from our sun and the rest of the Galaxy is about on par with what most people seem to think is dangerous and OH right , AND IF, you need an X-Ray for a (broken) bone problem or to find out if you have cancer, wow what would you do without a little radiation then.?

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Posted in: Snow falls in Asahikawa as chill hits Hokkaido See in context

I lost my earlier answer Nessie but thanks for the info, The Pacific is like a big clothes dryer spinning around and picking up heat from the tropics and delivering it along the West Coast of Canada, Alaska and the rest of the US coast,it is incredible to watch and follow. 40 degree Lat seems really low for an early winter but as you said those darn Siberians ( just like the USA always blaming cold weather on the Canadians LOL). Thanks,

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Posted in: High costs keep gov't focus on nuclear power See in context

It to me seem that no matter what any energy system is put in place, they all eventually have a lifetime . Wind turbines that were supposed to last 20-30 years now need replacement at 12 years the same for solar panels, geothermal, nuclear and all the others (maybe Hydro is one exception seemingly lasting longer although maintenance needed there as well) The fossil fuels industry (oil, gas, coal ) are still the best way to go as those are being cleaned up and besides just providing all of us with energy they also provide the majority of materials we all use EVERY day! PLASTICS OF ALL KINDS!. This whole discussion is being driven by many political people (Al gore FYI now a pariah with the fraud). So personally I believe there needs to be balance rather that this fruitless argument! Thanks. (check out the WUWT website excellent)

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics might spell end for Shinjuku's 'Golden Gai' See in context

Oh, right , just like Obama said years ago, (2008), we will change history!. These people only DESTROY history!

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Posted in: Olympus, Gyrus unit to be prosecuted in UK for fraud See in context

hiding 1.7 billion and getting fined 6.9 mil If I ever s.ew up I hope that is the court I end up In . What a complete joke!!. Oh forgot what ever happened to the whistle blower TODAY?? does any one know?

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't tries cloud seeding to cope with water shortage See in context

This has been going on for decades with some very scary results. There was an incident in the USA where a T-Storm was seeded, it caused a dam collapse and killed hundreds, there are other examples (China as well as Russia and the USA have been doing this for decades!) . Today they commonly called "Chem-trails"

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Posted in: Whirl and swirl See in context

These are very common . Any where there are tidal currents they happen (actually even behind rocks in a creek or a river). I believe some of the most dangerous one are on the North Sea (North of Scotland between them and the Southern tip of Norway and the Islands in between . And of Cape Horn and South Africa"s southern tip of their coast. And I cannot hardly understand the wind effects on New Zealand where they have to endure not one Iota of protection from the westerlies. But the Tidal effects in the North Sea are unbelievable, every 12 hours that basin has to fill up and empty. Ship traffic, the fishermen and every-one that makes a living from the sea has to take that into account. I often thought how mother nature dealt with this phenomena it just dawned on me!! Over the years the coast lines were battered and to alleviate the energy of the tides and storm waves the coasts became flatter and flatter when you can actually in some areas walk miles on sandbars between the tides. Any comment?

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Posted in: 68th anniv of Hiroshima bombing See in context

@ yabits I agree, but remember as well the victors (no matter where you look in history.) ALWAYS write the history!

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Posted in: Renoir stolen in Tokyo in 2000 auctioned in London See in context

@ Frungy: Is there any competent police force on this planet?

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Posted in: Princess Kako to have homestay in Massachusetts See in context

I do not know how much "freedom" she will have during her stay, but I hope she enjoys it while she is there. If she really wanted to go away from oversight she would do what most Asian students do and go to areas and schools away from the elite.

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Posted in: NHK to air condolence footage for 'Glee' star Cory Monteith See in context

Matthew and chronic, could not agree more had the world by the tail and , well you understand what happened he Cked up big time.

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Posted in: 2 killed in motorbike-truck crash See in context

If the rider on the bike cannot get out of the way of a truck, which needs a lot of time to "speed" up, he should not have a license to ride!

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