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Posted in: Rakuten Card brings Apple Pay to customers in Japan See in context

It depends how long you've been at your job (min 1 year), what kind of job you have/what kind of company it is, how much you earn annually, how long you've been living at your current residence (not always) and your visa. I just got my work visa in May after a working holiday, applied for a Rakuten Card in August, then got it in September.

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Posted in: Pro illustrators earn shockingly little in Japan, according to Kyoto manga design professor See in context

I feel like this article should be renamed "Pro illustrators earn shockingly little globally"

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Posted in: Transforming carrots from boring to zesty See in context

can you even get ras el hanout in Japan..?

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Posted in: Japan to begin nationwide sales of a tear-free onion this fall See in context

I can see how this good for people with eye sensitivities but then again, chilling the onion could instantly solve that problem...

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Posted in: Property owners: Get off my lawn, Pokemon! See in context


I live in Osaka, downloaded the app from the Australian app store and when the servers were open for 30 mins I could play?? I caught a ratata and got an egg. I guess it was a dream.

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Posted in: 5 men dead, one in coma after car plunges into dam See in context

On the news in Osaka they stressed that drink driving is a crime every time they reported this story, so I think it may have been a case of drink driving.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules tattoo check on city employees illegal See in context

"You gotta believe that there will be a great deal of regret 20 years down the line when the fuller more elaborate tatts look like nothing so much as a large bruise."

Yes, a large bruise on people who are 60~80 years old at the moment who received tattoos whilst in a regiment/the first wave of tattoo machines built. Technology and ink creation has come a long way, so I'm sure that the large proportion of the western population that has tattoos now won't suffer so much from the bruised look of outdated tattoos. And even if it were, who are you to say that they will regret them?

Also, with that mentality, I'm sure a person like you will have a very hard time hiring someone. Content of character and intelligence does not end at the skin. What an ignorant and closed minded view you have. I pity you. Good thing you're not an employer.

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Posted in: 5 hostages escape from Sydney cafe See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano

Australians (white, christian)?? Do you not see the photo with the asian woman? Australia is a multicultural country, we are not all white and christian.

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Posted in: 40 injured as strong typhoon batters Okinawa See in context

Serrano, you cannot stop mother nature.

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Posted in: Man chokes woman, steals her bag See in context

Keep your wits about you ladies! You don't have to worry if you are guy though cos these are cowardly thugs that will only attack the defenceless.

A male can be just as defenceless as a female. Don't be daft.

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Posted in: A brief history of Japanese girls’ rock See in context

I was thinking the same thing Tamarama! Where is Shonen knife in this article? They came Australia not that long ago so Girl's Rock is definitely not dead.

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Posted in: Investors show rising interest in Tokyo property See in context

Australia is a good example of this Selchuk, price for studio apartments in the suburbs 40-1hr away from the CBD can start at 300,000 because all of these foreign investors. Rent for your own room, not apartment, starts at $180~200 a week.

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Posted in: Babysitter held over death of 2-yr-old boy had photos of naked children in computer See in context

Why did the police arrive the next day rather than when the mother alerted them the night before?

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Posted in: Apple offering free recycling of all used products See in context

Apple always recycled your products and with iPods they give you 10% off your next ipod if you choose to update. No matter how old and if it's broken. They just put a little notification on their website reminding customers that it's available on Earth Day.

Hawkeye, almost everyone knows to destroy the hdd of a product before throwing it away. You can give them the computer without the hdd if you're so paranoid and they will still dispose of it for you free if charge. Don't be so quick to talk ill.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dead, 3-year-old girl in coma after being swept away in river See in context

That girl who jumped in without hesitation deserves a reward. That's amazing bravery.

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Posted in: New 'Sailor Moon Crystal' anime will take a stylistic cue from the original manga See in context

I really hope it doesn't get delayed again! But this is great after two years of waiting since the announcement.

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Posted in: Search for Malaysia Airlines plane widens as frustrations grow See in context

looking for the 2 blackboxes, but the "ping" only travels tens of miles underwater, assuming it's not totally obstructed by debris or soil

Oh really? Dang! This is getting really mysterious...

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Posted in: Search for Malaysia Airlines plane widens as frustrations grow See in context

I wonder why they aren't going to the black box for information which can practically withstand any impact and transmits location information for 30 days even when submerged in the ocean. You'd think they'd go to that but...

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Posted in: High school girl stabbed to death; 35-year-old man turns himself in See in context

@Gaijin playa: even if they were married he, and anybody else for that matter, will never ever 'possess' their partner. Ever.

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Posted in: Australian PM blasts national broadcaster as unpatriotic See in context

Go Tanya! I'm so sick of this guy.

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Posted in: Which places in Japan do you think are overrated as tourist attractions? See in context

Glico man

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announces 2nd world tour See in context

Guys she's gonna be in Australia in March. The article needs to be updated.

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Posted in: New Sailor Moon series to debut in July, broadcast over the Internet See in context

I'm hoping they won't reschedule again as it was supposed to air this month, and previously last year in July but they were both cancelled! But I'm glad we have another date to look forward to.

Ps the image is not official :)

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Posted in: Naked Aussie gets stuck in washing machine See in context

'Straya mate

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy set on fire by his estranged father a week ago dies See in context

My heart sank when I read the title - I really, really wanted this boy to pull through when I had read the previous article of this unforgivable crime. RIP Yotaro.

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Posted in: Stalker investigation squad make their first arrest See in context

I think there should be a similar squad for female stalkers!

Kindly point out where it says that this squad is only for men.

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Posted in: Bright night See in context

Does anybody know how long this is for? I'd like to see it but I don't get there for another two weeks

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

I'd love to go but they won't appreciate my tattoos... I really hope they ease it a bit before I'm too old to travel

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

I'm surprised X Japan wasn't on the list

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Posted in: Abe seeks overseas help on Fukushima water leaks See in context

Can we all remember Abe wasn't under control 2.5 years ago? But yes it still is well overdue.

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