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Posted in: Around 15 world leaders, dignitaries to attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Dignitaries gathering to listen opening ceremony music by a man who was exhilarated to force a disabled person to eat his own feces and forced him to perform sexual acts. The loser bragged about that in music magazines.

Keigo Oyamada said he is "sorry" when knowledge of ghis spread. Shameful. Utterly disgusting. Just to think that people in paralympics have to listen to tunes of that torturer.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

They helped a person to escape in a box. They knew it was wrong and against the law. Somehow they hoped and believed they would not be extradited. Well, they were wrong.

In practice, they got sentences that were close to maximum penalty. It seems to me that the time they were locked up in US was actually taken into consideration.

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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

It is a good decision to ban the war-criminal flag worshiped by those who rever mass-murder, torture, rapes, mass-rapes, genocide and use of poison gas and other vile WMDs (unit 731). Those are not suitable for the olympics, no matter how much japanese right-wingers love symbols that represent these crimes.

Olympics is not the time to celebrate war and crimes against humanity. Right decision from the IOC.

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Posted in: Japanese composer for Tokyo Olympics apologizes for 1990s abuse See in context

I cant believe they are going to use the abusers music. Will it be played in paralympics too? Disgusting.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context

Not very diplomatic or suitable language for a gentleman. Why was it necessary hurl insults? He thinks its his job? He really gets paid for that?

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Posted in: Okunoshima: From poison gas island to paradise See in context

Japan used both chemical and biological weapons in ww2. Emperor authorized the use of WMDs in 375 cases. Phosgene, cyanic acid, lewisite and mustard gas were used. Bubonic plague was spread in Changde.

Unit 731 developed chemical and biological weapons. They were tested on living humans in Mengele-style.

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