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I suggest some are getting 'deodorant' confused with 'anti-antiperspirant'? There is plenty of deodorant (stops smells) in Japan, but due to use of metals (such as aluminum derivatives), anti-antiperspirant (stops sweating, by clogging pores) is harder to find. Importation seems to be the only way to obtain real antiperspirants...

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That's right, because the Japanese government has been picking up protesters from farms, busing them into major cities, and allowing them to protest in front of the Chinese embassy, burning cars, and smashing things while the police stand-by and encourage. In the background censoring the internet and disappearing anyone who makes a squeak to complain.

How deluded are the Chinese? Do they really expect any intelligent person to not see their insecurities and bullying are so obvious to the rest of the world?

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FPSRussia - Beautiful! Lucky photographer.

Not at all. No luck about it. They are there for hours, not moving, too scared to fall the 2m to the ground. Please everyone, read the description. This animal abuse. Plain and simple. Not sure what is now worse, the fawning comments it is cute, or the disgusting drugging of cats for human perversion. Please stop this appalling practice. In any civilized country, this man would be arrested and put in jail. Why not in Japan, where neko are supposedly loved too?

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This is an appalling situation. Please do not promote it! This guy drugs these cats, places them on the sign so as to attract attention from women. It is sick, sick, sick. There is nothing at all cute about these poor animals in this situation.

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