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I'm glad he lost. I don't care how homeless he looks, but someone who thinks that the Olympics is nothing special just shouldn't participate. He lost because he didn't think it was worth the extra effort. And was it with the blood above his lips - is it part of the cool image? Some people are naturally cool, and others look idiotic pretending to be cool.

He fell because he was trying to pull of an incredibly difficult move... I have no doubt he is just as competitive as anyone else, I think the fall made him lose out on a medal position - behind Shaun White he had the most fluid run and nicest style out there.

Shaun White has own private snowboarding feilds compare to other competitors hence he had a chance to improve all those techniques.

Shaun White has always been ridiculously good at half pipe, even before Red Bull built him that half-pipe in last October.

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I am amazed they don't already have an anti-plagiarism system like in the UK. From what I have heard it used to be rampant before they became incredibly strict on it and put systems in place. If I am caught plagiarising just once I can fail my whole year.

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