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Posted in: Australian PM, Trump offer different versions of phone call on refugee deal See in context

Australia doesnt want them and what the USA got in return for taking them.

I am not immigration expert. However Australia has over supply of Iranian immigrants. US has over supply of Latino immigrants. Trump hates Central and South American immigrants and planning for building Great Wall.

According Great Wall history, Ancient China still lost the war to unstoppable intruders. Trump Great Wall may be smaller than Ancient China. His wall will be just waste of time and money.

Aussie will take Latino immigrants from US with own expanses. US will take more than one thousand of Iranian immigrants with Aussie expanses. In my humble brain, the deal has been favored for US rather than Australia.

If I am Aussie PM, I will show middle finger to Trump with being humiliated with shouting over phone and Twitter. As a Prime Minister of Australia, he does not deserve that sort of cruel, rude, arrogant and uncivilized treatment. According Washington post, Trump screamed him like his own servant.

Horrible and undiplomatic President!

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Posted in: Trump orders building of Mexico border wall See in context


UK is constitutional monarchy. Queen is the head of state. However she is largely symbolic and PM and parliament have to debate for passing law. Queen still have to declare her tax return. PM needs the approval of parliament for waging war such as Falkland.

US Republic is more autocratic and corrupted. President, Congress and high court are sharing power in theory. Currently one party has dominated congress, senate and high court. Trump does not need to declare his tax. He can employ his son in law as advisor. Trump does not need to transfer his business under independent blind trust.

If Trump wants to build the wall, there will be rubber stamp in congress. Trump friends contractor will be rewarded with contracts. If Trump wants to press nuclear button, he is free to do without congress approval within four minutes. Queen and U.K. PM can not press the button like Trump even U.K. has nuclear missiles.

If Trump gets angry, threre will be end of the world.

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Most of those Syrians will probably head South.

Most of those Syrians will be never settled in South. 30 per cent of adults from South are unemployed and surviving with food vouchers.

South has no universal health care like O Canada. If those people get sick there, it will be nightmare for them.

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Posted in: Trump ditches media for golf game; offers New Year's wishes See in context

Back in 1970s, Richard Nixon was very shy with media. Unlike Nixon, Trump who has been TV star is not shy.. He hates media including SNL. If Trump is keep boycotting media, unemployment rate in MSM will be sky rocketed. No President wants high unemployment rate.

As a President, Trump needs to inform where is he? What is he doing for sake of nation. It is unfair for Trump who will be POTUS is treating media as poisonaous spiders. Media is friends. Not his enemies!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after stabbing husband with ice pick See in context

Sleeping with Tiger may be safer for that mSn.

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context

Back in 1950, General Macarthur failed to push back Chinese peasants army from North Korea. If Trump really wants to push back China from South and East Asia, he should enlist all adult children as Marines of Okinawa for Duty, Country, Honor and Displine.

It is pay back time for Daddy Trump who was heatlthy and able as Ox but avoided Draft irresponsibly. Even worse he is wearing Chinese made hat during his campaign. Time for showing Patriotism from spoiled kids of the land of proud, free and brave.

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Posted in: Clinton lashes out at FBI's handling of new email review See in context

Unlike other election, Disunited States should dump both candidates because they might be prosecuted in court. If Cliton or Trump will be jailed because of their crime, that election has been rigged with waste of time and money.

DIsunited States needs fresh person with new idea! Both candidates are not fresh. They are rotten tomatoes.

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Posted in: Clinton wants Democratic Senate; Trump says she has to go to jail See in context

More and more women coming forward about Trump, just like others and I said they would when the tape of Trump came out,

My grandmother has just told me she was sexually harassed by Trump 35 years ago. One thing I do not understand about my granny is 35 years time gap of waiting patiently for her allegation. She forgot what did she eat on yesterday. Suprisingly she remembered Trump hands like octopus and everywhere on her body.

She even mentioned Trump will make America grope again.

Do I have to believe her? By the way , she told me Trump whispered the sexy sentences from Fifty shades of Grey. Have this book been published 35 years ago?

That women allegations have some twists and turns like "Life of Pi" movie ending. I hate to admit that Trump may be old enough to be my father however he is hundred times better looking and fabulously rich and famous.

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Posted in: Giving up on Trump, Ryan focuses on saving GOP majority See in context

Many JT posters are too young to remember Ronald Regan land slide win against Jimmy Carter. Do not underestimate the man of steel who has been dumped by his party elders. The course of Trump is not depending on self centered politicians.

Trump does not need other people pay checks. He does not need to pay Tax too.

Paul Ryan is identical with Judas who betrayed Jesus. Trump will prevail his incredible resurrection in November.

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Posted in: U.S. poised to hit Obama's target of 10,000 Syrian refugees See in context

We are very comfortable that we are bringing people in who will be a great plus to our country.” Kerry said.

Kerry should give free accommodation and food at his home for unemployed and blood thirsty people. In my recent visit to Europe, I did not sleep well at nights. Eating out was no fun at all.

Boston bombing brothers were refugees before. Despite the warning from Russia, US has given the free pass for living and studying in the states. The consequence was many Americans lost the legs.

France has become cemetery for radicalized terrorists. Most terrorists were refugees or descendants of refugees. Those grateful people repaid their free food, education and accommodation with violence to the host nation.

Germany accepted a more than a million. The consequence were young German women have been sexually harassed. Travellers on the train were stabbed. One doctor was murdered. Some new arrivals of Munich were demanding Germans for not celebrating Oktoberfest (Beer festival).

Some refugees are decent and honest people. However if there are many thousands coming to USA, it will be the herculean task for finding out who is the good guy or bad guy! When the window has opened, there will be fresh air as well as flies and mosquitoes.

I agree with Donald Trump idea for making sure the immigrants will not harm and disrupt the American way of lives. In the future, those immigrants will demand American to eat only halal meats.

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Posted in: Iceland beats England 2-1 in shock of Euro 2016 See in context

English player such as Rooney pay check is higher than combined salary of almost 12 players of Iceland team. Iceland is so small and the new comer of European Championship. If English team even can not even beat the Iceland how on earth they deserve to get the multi millions pay checks.

England was the birth place of Football and Soccer. It is the humiliation for the founding fathers of Soccer. That losers deserve to receive the icy cool reception like Iceland weather for their return trip.

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Posted in: Trump aims for big U.S. primary wins; calls campaign 'a lovefest' See in context

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate who has delivered a furious attack on Trump, was campaigning for Kasich in Ohio on Monday.

The more they attack Trump, the more broke, hungry, frustrated and hopeless people are committed and determined to vote for him. USA does not need sugar coated President like current one. During his campaign for first term, Obama slogan was " Yes! We can! Now he has to say! No I can't! However he will never say like that!

Bush Jnr has said " I am a war president therefore I have to borrow more money". Unlike his predecessors, Trump is not polished, fabricated and shined. He is more likely straight talking cow boy without fear.

Trump will be the rudest, combative and nosiest President since 1776. If he can fix sky rocketing debt, high unemployment and illegal immigration, he will be forgiven for some of his weakness.

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Posted in: Obama visits U.S. mosque; says impression of Muslims distorted See in context

Correction for Medical era as Medieval era.

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Posted in: Obama visits U.S. mosque; says impression of Muslims distorted See in context


Most of the western nations including UK and US have many mosques will allow the non believers visiting inside. .The reason is they do not want to be seen as hostile, unfriendly and preaching the hates In South East Asian nations, it is the different story. My birth place known as Myanmar even displayed sign in Burmese as non Muslim not allowed. It was 25 years agon.

Interestingly there will be no statues or paintings inside Mosques unlike Churches or Buddhist temples. It will be empty insides anyway. Afgan and Irag are war torn nations. They will accept female politicians and reporters wearing scarfs. Not in SE Asia communities who thinks females are inferior species. Some people still lives in medical era.

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Posted in: Obama visits U.S. mosque; says impression of Muslims distorted See in context

The golden rule of Mosque is non believer is not allowed to enter their sacred place. Is Obama really Christian? If he is, he is not allowed to enter until he converted to Islam. Besides that his middle name is Hussein.

Pop Queen Madonna mentioned once. She does not care about her president praying which God. As far as he is doing the good job for America.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Oregon college; at least 9 killed, 7 wounded See in context

No gun means no tears and no more candles. Obama is very frustrated and angry about countless tragedies. As a father he can feel the pain of losing the children. If Obama is the president of Singapore, all gun lobbyists will be locked up in the jail. He will ban not only Gun but also chewing Gum.

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English Women team performed better than English Men team during World Cup. However they have not receive the large pay check like male counter parts of professional players. J team won because of referee biased like England Uruguay male World Cup match in 2014. England teams are used to be discriminated by biased referees.

As the gender equality, there should be female clubs teams match and EU championship for female national teams . Hope female players will receive the enviable pay checks like funny man Rooney.

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Posted in: NBC latest to dump Trump over Mexican immigrant comments See in context

You guys would love if America were just a complete borderless nation.

Back in 1846 to 1848, there was no border between Mexico and America because America was keep expanding into South. Now Mexico turn for sending human wave over taking back the lost lands such as Texas and California. Florida is speaking Spanish instead of English including Jeb Bush.

So you basically mean to send illegal Mexicans back and send American born citizens home and put them under house arrest?

If the American born citizens committed crime against minorities such as African and Latinos, he or she should be locked up forever because it is crime against humanity. Obama sang the song of Amazing Grace for Charleston Victims. He will not tolerate for his fellow Americans being slaughtered as animals anymore.

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Posted in: Chinese weaponry spotted on artificial island, U.S. says See in context

Unlike Senkaku conflict, Paracel and Sparaty Islands have little credibility who own them? According San Fransisco treaty signed as US and UK as witness, ROC or Taiwan was the landlord.

After no longer recognizing Taiwan as sovereign state, everything has messed up. If US bias against Vietnam or Philippines, other contesting nation will get displeasure. Brunei and Malaysia are claiming too. There will be never United voice in Asia. If Vietnam get them, Philippines will be insulted.

The best solution is doing nothing.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor determined to press U.S. to move base off island See in context

The relocation of base has been long running drama. If the boy was born in 1995, he is now old enough to become Marine of Okinawa. Postponed. Misinformed. Reviewed. Debated. Boring and Unproductive.

Yo Marines! you deserve better than long running soap opera and unwanted hosts. You deserve for not losing moral. Hawaii does not want. Guam does not want. Iwakuni does not want. You need the inhabited land made with sand and rock.

if China can reclaim the land in South China Sea for their bases, Why not Japan reclaim the land somewhere in sea for bases? Better than staying with hostile locals.

HK and Singapore airports were built on reclaimed man made Islands. They are strong, natural disaster prone and Air crafts paradise. They are unsinkable unlike USS Ronald Regan.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

If Ospreys are so safe and air worthy, Nepal government will not ban for these recyclable junk. Non locals have no moral ground for lecturing Residents concern about safety.

Although the thread is residents concern about safety and environment, Yubaru and Smith Japan twisted their way as other poster posts are inferior and irrelevant. Yubaru even did not read other post He rushed to conclude with his superior wisdom.

Smith is first one to bring up the fear of China and NK will cause the unthinkable disaster over Okinawa. He did not realize that many are fans of China economic success.

As a non die hard fan of base or Osprey, I made it crystal clear about China is some Okinawans ancestors birth place. They have no problem about being unified with China. If he does not want to see the words of Ireland and Irish descendants of US, he better not mention about China and NK.

That thread is not relevant with China and NK invasion. It is about Ospreys deployment, unwelcoming locals and safety investigation. I guess Smith was on wrong thread.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context


the Korean missiles were not a threat to Okinawa

North may be not a threat. They has just showed off. South can make the friendly fire with make the unsincere apology later on.

Since 1959 Miyamori Elementary School accident, no one want to take risks on their heads. If Pro Ospery poster children included during the crash, how would they feel? It is double standard and injustice for take risks at your backyard. Not on my backyard! It is an injustice too.

Modern warfare does not need thousands of men, big and small toys. As you posted, single missile attached with MRIVS(Multiple Re-entry Independently Vehicles System), the bases will be wiped out within a few minutes.

What Okinawa needs is missile defence system like Israel.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

Japan will be very stupid for purchasing Ospreys if they have many crashes like Hawaii. it is true US bases have been Okinawa for 70 years and grabbing land as much as they like. However Residents are no longer passive like before.

It is their ancestors land and they have rights to object the Ospreys which will deploy against wishes. Okinawa residents needed to become like IRA . Without the real struggle, it will be enslaved forever. Bring on the guerrilla warfare for independence. it is an only answer for oppressors and puppets.

Voice of Okinawa ill never stop whether pro Base posters like it or not. It is not their land or business.


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Posted in: Japan considers joint air patrols with U.S. in South China Sea See in context

“We have to show China that it doesn’t own the sea,” said the Japanese source."

When I was in primary school, I thought South China sea was owned by China because the name is not South Japan Sea. Indian ocean is owned by India.

Japan should follow Korea foot steps for changing the name from South China Sea as South Japan Sea. The name is confusing.

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Posted in: Cars rally against Futenma base See in context

As a resident of Japan, I am thankful to the U.S. service members stationed here, far from comforts of home and family, for their work in trying to maintain safety and security in the Asian sphere.

Are you serious? US service members stationed in Okinawa are more comfortable than businessmen from seven stars hotel luxury suites from Dubai. You can play seven holes or nine holes golf like Tiger Wood. You can play tennis or basketball or volleyball. Well maintained swimming pool, spa and discounted coupons for groceries and drinks are not available in the states.

The weather is fair. Play ground and schools for kids are spacious. Life is so good. Beaches are calm except shooting and waves noise. The bases from Guam, Middle East and Afghanistan will be jealous to see the six stars tourists life style of spouses and kids of service men.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush resigns from remaining board memberships See in context

Last month, Bush announced plans to actively explore a White House bid

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Bush or Clinton again. It is so boring and Dynastic rule. In the future, Obama jnr will bit for White House again. US needs new talent from non Bush, non Clinton and non Obama for the white house.

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Posted in: Why the U.S. will power the world economy in 2015 See in context

This is one reason why US interest rates are so low.

Low interest rate will not make good return for bank loans. According GFC started from Lehman brothers collapse, risky and unprofitable banks will fail like domino effects. Keeping hyper low interest rate for a long term is making US banks unhealthy. It is not according the wisdom from high school economic lessons. US regulators will need the stress test for banks for surviving the financial shocks in the future.

The next step is to restructure the economy to ensure that average workers can for once share in the prosperity.

It is easier to print the slogan instead of becoming the reality. Not only blue collars, highly skilled white collars in US are struggling to get back to good old days. For multi nationals Inc, US is less attractive comparing with India which could build the space ship to Mars with less than the normal budget of Hollywood movie.

For sharing the prosperity, average workers have to be more productive and competitive comparing with other nations.

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Posted in: S Korea balks as U.S. picks Japan, Australia to service F-35s in Asia See in context

Instead, it is likely to fly the jets to Australia for maintenance, about eight times further away than Japan

Japan is so close to South Korea. Japan has very reputable engineering talents. However Aircraft Maintenance is very delicate and serious matter. Despite that Aussie aviation industries have been struggling to survive with such a very small and low growth market. It will be the good news for unemployed aero nautical engineers, avionic technicians and aircraft maintenance technicians from Australia.

Consumer has freedom to choose any dependable service provider. Distance and convenience factor has low priority comparing with safety issue.

It is also true for Japan for not choosing Australia or South Korea as maintenance service provider.

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Posted in: As debt piles up, Japan tries to lock in low borrowing costs See in context


Solution's simple Defaulting the interest payment on the bond is the simplest solution. Of course, it will be harder for Japan to borrow more from domestic investors. They will have no faith in J bonds any more.

If you are doctor, you have to make touch and painful decision for saving your patient life with amputation. For cutting the debt, saver needs to strop spending. The debt problem of J government is the chronic cancer. It has been spoiled by easy money. If the investors move their capital to offshore, government has to make painful spending cut. If they spare only aged care and disability care, the government will save a lot of money in the future.

Abe likes a spoiled son who waste his parents money for gambling such as very early election. .

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

I Was a fan of him during1970s. Furu no Hana, bullet train and Yakuza are good movies. Although he was skinny, his facial expression and gesture are very Macho. He has fearlessness and cold blooded character. No new generation J actor has maleness like him. RIP.

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