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Obama may be a very weak president

In fact he is not the very weak president. He is the realistic Realist. US has waged two wars in last decade. The consequence was that wars have never ended and US has been footing the mountain of bills.

the only danger of conflict in Asia is solely because of China's aggression

Unlike Russia, China has not used force for getting their way. While Obama is attending G20 summit at Brisbane, Russia warships were approaching Cairns which is so close to Brisbane.

Obama has attended APEC at Beijing. China did not show him any warships as their strength. True China is more assertive now. However it is still manageable and approachable unlike Russia and ISIS.

but it is never quite sure what the US might do if it goes too far

I am not a fan of Commies of China. However PRC and Vietnam have already fought with US back in 1950 and 1970 with bamboo sticks, axes and shovels. Therefore US military mights is more suitable for defeating terrorists instead of stronger nations such as Vietnam, PRC and Afghanistan.

Stronger motivation and higher moral are more important than military hardware . Both Russia and US have failed in Afghanistan. Does that poor nation have military might as Russia and US?

Obama may be a very weak president,

In fact he is very thoughtful president and understood about limitation of US military adventures. .Obama understood that waging war needed huge funding. Irag war funding was come from China and Saudi. He is not willing to borrow more money. He will not waste US Marines and Pilots lives for other nations national prides.

Chinese goverment may be, probably even it knows its military is no match for for the US or even Japan

It is true! China military alone can not match with US or even Japan. However Russia is getting hostile with both US and Japan at the moment. If Russia and PRC will become ally as US and Japan, that equation will be changed. Obama was born in Vietnam war era and he had seen US has never won the successive wars except gulf war I since he was born.

Obama will be remembered as one of the best presidents of USA in the history for not rushing to go to war and not wasting the fortune and not losing the countless lives.

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Both Abe and Xi are stone faced during meeting. Unlike South Korean counter part Ms Park, they are undiplomatic and insincere. As the host Xi should show at least warm welcoming gesture for his guest. Xi is rude and acting as unwelcoming host. Abe is also rude for not showing polite manner as leader of Japan. Picture speaks thousand words. Ms Park has killer smile and friendly gesture. She has already concluded two free trade agreement with Australia and PRC recently. She is professional, well polished and matured lady unlike them.

Both men are arrogant, uncompromising and unfit for the highest offices. If two leaders will lose their jobs respectively, South China Sea will be calmer, APEC will become warm and friendly and more tourists between two neighbors.

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Posted in: Japanese pre-race favorite Admire Rakti dies after finishing last in Melbourne Cup See in context


This was a tragedy.

I have read all posts. Although I am not a racing expert, I do believe that Melbourne cup has dark side. Consecutive years death is rare except in Melbourne. The longer that race go on, there will be more deaths.

And I have the right to rebuke them. What's your point?

That point is animals died. Human forced them to go that way. You may not agree with them. Majority in that thread assumed that horses were over loaded and over worked. In fact they are modern day slaves for a few minutes entertainment. Racing party has become the crime sense investigation for autopsy of horse death.

Again, it was a freak accident.

Once is enough for freak accident. As someone who has grown up in 1970s knew that 1979 was the sinful year for cup.

According, over 25000 per year were killed in Australia alone. If It is true it is too much suffering of the horses in down under.

As I've said before, if you believe horse racing is cruel then address the issue to the whole worldwide racing industry, not just the Melbourne Cup because it's prestigious.

Melbourne cup race is toucher and most popular among the Japan, HK, Macau and Asia punters. It has established for 154 years. It has also become the international competition. It is the role model for other smaller and less toucher race. That forum is about the horse death of Melbourne cup. Not about world wide racing industry.

not just the Melbourne Cup because it's prestigious.

Some die hard supporters of cup will be sensitive about promoting the animal rights. In the reality, Australia is the champion of racing any four legs animals since founding the nation. Asians do not know much about EU or US. Australia is the closet destination for their punting. It is fair enough for they are only interested in their near by neighbor. Not the distance racing industry from other part of the world.

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when hong kong's democracy gets taken away, the region's economy and stability will colapse heavily

May I ask have you been to HK and stayed for many years? HK was a small fishing village before and it has never had the democracy of universal votes for leader. Since Britain ruled the HK, the Governor was selected by Britain authority as PRC from Beijing. Britain has never given the freedom and democracy to HK as PRC.

In fact HK was prosperous, successful and low unemployment without democracy back in 1980s and 90s. HK business tycoons are heavily influenced over both local authority and mainland authority.

There is the weakness of democracy is the passing of budget approval of parliament. If HK and Singapore followed the Westminster British system, both of them will be still the fishing villages and selling fish.

HK economic growth was driven by real estate speculation. Buying and selling decision of property should be made withing two minutes as HK stock exchange. In my conclusion, democracy can not make the prosperity and high growth economy.

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Japanese are among the stingiest people in the world,

Once I l dropped my smart phone and wallet outside of the shop near the Kamagasaki, Osaka(Slum Area), luckily, I got back everything from honest homeless man. Even he is frail, unemployed and hungry, he is still generous enough for repaying all of my money back. They may be enough for him for buying meals for a few days. Even I tried to give him some, he refused with pride.

I feel embarrassed and ashamed because I am from Myanmar which has never repaid the Japanese oversea aids and development assistance. If Japanese are stingiest people, the Sun will rise from the West. There will be no more earthquake in Japan. Every day will be Cherry Blossom.

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Japan has been highest contributor of Philippines foreign aids. Not only as state to state contribution. Japanese residents and tourists have invested there and pumped Pinoy economy with their life time savings. The sad truth is many ungrateful expats and local people do not appreciate Japanese people good will and sincerity. In my opinion, Japan should look after her own before helping ungrateful neighbor. Giving navy ships as free was the greatest mistake of J government.

Domestic violence and framed intended murder cases are entirely different. Japanese law do not pamper the criminals who can manipulate authority as Philippines. Murderers of Pinoy ladies have been punished without mercy. If you compare Philippines with neighboring nations, it is still in the Wild West era and black mailing, kidnapping, robbery and murder rates are incredibly high. Myanmar and Cambodia residents may be poor however those people are civilized, honest and abide the law and order.

I strongly recommend that businessmen for not doing business in the lawless and untrustworthy destination. It is the nation of highest crime rate, fraudulent and corrupted nation of South East Asia.

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Mrs Dout Fire is one of his best movie. Not many male actors have quality to act like him as old and funny lady with different voices. His voice was so powerful. There were many animated movies used his voice such as Penguin movie Happy Feet. Although he has made us happy and full of laughter, his ending was sad and unnatural. He is not only good in comedy but also moving drama. Great loss for fans world wide not only USA.

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Japanese men ranked fourth on the longevity list of the world’s 50 major countries and regions behind Hong Kong, Iceland and Switzerland, the health ministry said

Japanese women are responsible for shortening the live span of Japanese men.

I for one do not want to live if I am sick and in poverty.There's no point.

Uncomfotable truth is poor people live longer and healthier. Not the rich and successful people. Okinawa is the poorest prefecture of Japan. However it is the champion of longevity in the world. Your life span is according the God will. Not under your control unless making the self harm.

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Argentina players wore the blue jersey which is similar with Italiano Azzuri. Argentina played like Italy with solid defense. They are hopeful for following Italy success as never been beaten by Germany in competitive tournament. Italy is not Argentina.

However they have not many aggressive and opportunistic strikers. Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina are defensive teams which took minimum risks for losing the goals. In the long run, they will lose energy, sharp passing and concentration.

The longevity of German team is the mental strength and fitness. Algerian players were exhausted after playing with German for more than 90 minutes. Argentina and Algeria are identical for losing Germany in extra time. No one can beat Germany except Italy.

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Posted in: What is your prediction for the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina? See in context

The team who is rewarded with penalty from Referee.

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No. It is according FIFA highlight and TSM plug HD video. Do not confuse me as Latino. I was a die-hard teen Asian fan of Oranges team before Robban was born. I still had the unpleasant memory of Holland last minute lost to West Germany in 1974. My nightmare still revisit again and again in 2010 and 2014. I am no longer in my prime and old and grey as rotten orange.

I have to say my strongest wish in the life is not winning lottery. I would like to see Duct national team smiling and running on the grass with trophy. However I am not sure whether I will be still alive when Holland celebrate the glory with joy and pride.

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@David Quintero Navarro

Holland won Mexico with single penalty shot from Robban. According video, it was a acting not the real foul. Not the boring penalty kicks as you mentioned. Costa Rica lost with penalty has shared cruel fate as Holland today.

According Buddhism, every sin should be pay back promptly before the enlightenment. Argentina goal keeper was a student of Dutch Coach Van Gall. Sadly the former ungrateful student was responsible for ruining the life long dream of Holland or Netherlands soccer team.

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Colombia’s Juan Zuniga received a flood of death threats and racist abuse on social media

It bring me back the memory of Colombia player who shot the own goal against USA. He was murdered his countryman with six shots of Gun.

Go back to Italia 90 and tell me again who set what standards in dirty play where FIFA actually had to step in and do their job for once

I agree! In Europe soil, no South American Nations have never played the fair game against EU counter part. Many EU nations have highly paid players who like acting with agony for getting penalty with referee sympathy. They are cheaters and actors. Spain team is shorter and smaller than other EU players. It did not play soccer with physical strength. It has won two EU champion ship and one world cup title. Some physical teams have never won the title so far. When Spaniards shot the goal it was lighter than feathers.

Winning is not everything. EU is richer and spent the fortune for their teams. However they have no moral ground for telling others their star players openly admitted they have cheated during the game.

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It was pretty boring game. Holland control the game however they did not capitalize any score. The difference between two teams is Netherlands or Holland is the powerhouse of soccer. It is just a joke for highly paid and highly experienced players struggled to beat the new comers. Holland was a runner up of world cup since 1974. Costa Rica has never been to quarter final. Their players are young enough to be sons of over ripe Oranges.

If I could not beat my son for playing after 120 mins, I will retire from total football and start playing volley ball.

Total football which is the Dutch Coach philosophy has been successfully adopted by former champion Spain as Tikka Takka. Netherlands is physical team. They have very good strikers however they played only best game with Spain in 2014.I have watched Holland team since 1974 it still has made little progress in 2014.

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Posted in: Pinto says Robben should see red for diving See in context

Robben should be banned from WC, EU and premier league for his acting and diving crime. He is a repeated offender and FIFA should not be tolerated.

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The last time Brazil played with Germany was 2002. Neymar was only 10 yrs old back then. In 2014, Brazil and Germany have not played any single game yet. They will play at semi final.

Golden boot belong to James Rodriguez who scored six goals. He scored goal for his team every match. The worst offender of foul is from Luis of Brazil who shot the second goal. Suprisingly no punsihment on him.That referee should be retired due to his poor eyes sight.

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Paying extravagant salary to Coah Loew is the waste of money for German Authority. He and his mentor Klinsmann have moved backward German team back to 3 rd place at 2006. Germany was a runner up in 2002 WC. When German Played with Portugal in this WC, it was a good start and excitement.

Germany has no consistency for playing as first game. It has struggled with Ghana and Algeria. Their passes and possession are not much better than senior citizens soccer match. Defence is not compact. Back in 2006 and 2010 WC, it was impressive for Group, Round 16 and quarter final. When they met the big teams like Italy or Spain, it had to pack and leave as usual. Germany could not beat Brazil even it can go to next round. It is better France representing EU for repeating the history of 1998 and 2006 against Brazil.

Since 1987 Germany has beaten France only once, and that is last year by 2:1. Italy has never been beaten by Germany.

Deutschland glory was ancient history. New generation players are not good enough as old generation.

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Condolence for his loss. I have never watched Switzerland game until 2010. It was the only team which beat the Spain back in 2010. In 2014, it is better except the huge loss of France due to weak defense. It lost Argentina narrowly in extra time. Hope it will be better with new Coach.

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I am not shedding any single drop of tear for Algerian team. Germany is basically better team according Algerian coach. As you know, Germany is the powerhouse of soccer. Coach Loew salary is multi millions. However he could not progress German team further since 2006. Back in 2002, German team was a runner up except losing Brazil at final.

It used to lose Italy or Brazil in the major tournament. However it has sustained the spot of semi final place in 2002, 2006 and 2012. Germany has been regular semi finalist. It is very unlikely on 4th of July.

Of course Algerians are printing the boarding passes now. What I am saying is Germans should print for the flght of 4th of July for celebration of US independence. It is also the last day of world cup for Germany. Dream team should celebrate the achiement so far instead of mourning for the early exit.

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Germany passing is not sharp and they lost the ball easily. Their possession of ball is not much better than Paraguay. Their running looks like cat walking of models. In first half Algeria controlled the game. In second half, Germany got more opportunities however it was so slow to connect and cross.

At the end of the game, outcome was determined by energy factor. Obviously some Muslim Algerian players are fasting for their holy season. If German team extremely struggled to beat the empty stomach team, it will be very unlikely to beat the French team which is full of nutrition, rhythm, creativity and speed.

Most of the Algerian players are playing the French clubs. It was the sample taste for German team and Coach how will they being served with classic tasty French meal.

German team boarding passes should be printed sooner than later. France is the new Italy for Coach Loew.

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Robben however insisted Proenca had been right to award the penalty, telling Dutch broadcaster NOS: “I was fouled.”

I was fouled in first half too. If the penalty was awarded in first half, it is more reasonable. I am more likely a diver instead of striker. It is debatable whether I was fouled or not in second half. I like acting with a bit exaggeration during the match.

But Robben did admit to a dive in an unsuccessful attempt to win a penalty earlier in the first half.

Robin should go to Hollywood for becoming the good actor.

I really have to say and at the same time apologise in the first half I took a dive and I really shouldn’t do that,” Robben said.

I really have to day that I am an experienced cheater. I have already committed dirty trick for winning the game. I have lost the reputation as decent and honest player.

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I bet this world cup will be won by can't be helped.

During the group stage, Brazil struggled to beat Mexico. Brazil also struggled with Chile and won the match with Penalty shoot outs. They will be struggled to beat Columbia too. South American nations are not the punching bags of Brazil.

In my humble eyes, Brazil passing is not much better than England. Their possession of ball is more than Chile team. However most players could not hold the ball more than 12 seconds. Shooting Angle has lacked the classic precision during that match. Brazil 2014 team has no quality as Brazil 2002 golden team. If someone can not hold ball more than 15 seconds, he or she is not professional.

Even Brazil will claim the trophy, it is hard for me to believe it is the best team of the world in soccer.

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Some of the problems around Suarez does stem from the endless media reports on at least a skill level, one of the greatest footballers today.

I agree! He is not the only one for guilty for hurting for other. If he lost his tooth, his dental implant cost will be many times more than treating the shoulder injury. Morally, his behaviour is unacceptable. However he is just a drop of water in the soccer crime bucket.

How many other players have got the same punishments as him when they broke someone leg or hit with the elbow or knee to other team member? Giorgio Chiellini has not lost a piece of fresh from his shoulder unlike other Victims.

Bitten on the shoulder by Suarez during Tuesday's match against Uruguay, Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini labelled the four-month ban handed down to Suarez by football's global governing body FIFA as "excessive.

Argentina great Diego Maradona has also come out in support of Suárez, likening the ban to being "handcuffed" and "thrown in Guantanamo.

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Bosnia did not go through

During the match with Nigeria, their goal was disallowed as off side by NZ referee. In my humble eyes, there is nothing wrong with that. If that goal was allowed, it may go through to knock out stage. Sad thing about 2014 World Cup is there are many referee errors and injustices

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Glad I didn't have to witness Ronaldo ripping his shirt off.

He is playing with one leg and risking his career for Portugal. In fact his is only 25% fit for tournament. It is unlikely Portugal will be qualified for second round. However he will be remembered as legend for playing with never say die attitude.

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Posted in: Suarez scores twice as Uruguay sink England 2-1; Colombia beat Cote d'Ivoire 2-1 See in context

Australia has Queensland, NSW and Tasmania. Japan has Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu. USA has California, Arizona and Florida. Why not England team play as UK or Britain according other national teams?

I guess If Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland talents will come and play for WC, they may shower the goals for the birth place of football or soccer.

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Aren't the Chinese or the Russians, with their huge military forces, considering any military help for the Iraqi government?

Have Chinese or Russians bombed, invaded and screwed the Proud civilization of Babylon? Not only in Irag but also Kenyan Islamic extremists are killing Non Muslims! I think US and Iran are morally responsible for helping Irag rather than others.

US trained and armed Saddam during Iran and Irag war. US kicked out Saddam from Kuwait in Gulf war. US finished Saddam in WMD war. US also need to finish ISIS as Saddam.

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A Qatar-based union of Sunni Muslim clerics on Saturday denounced the call, saying developments in Iraq were a “result of oppression and exclusion of people that wanted freedom”.

Irag has two sects of Muslim as Sunni and Shiite as Roman Catholic and Protestant of Christians. Roman and Protestants killed each other in 16th century. However they are living harmony in the modern world.

The problem of religious tension and violence are not only in middle east but also in Asia. Southern Thai have extremist Muslim rebels who killed Buddhist followers . In Bangladesh, Buddhist are being oppressive by majority of Muslims. On the contrast Myanmar or Burma have bullied and slaughtered Rohinga Muslim minority. There were blood sheds of religion and sectarian violence in other part of Asia such as India and Afghanistan.

Bertie is correct to say that if there are some extreme elements in Asia. If there are more inflammation and division, there will be instability and chaos in Asia like middle east.

Irag under Saddam have fine balance between Majority of Sunni and Shitte as living in harmony. Now it has been killing each other is part of daily lives in Irag. Syrian extremist Muslim rebels were not successful in removing Assad. Now they exploded their frustration with killing civilians in Irag. Irag under Saddam was better than after liberation.

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Who is making the money? Monkey

Who is enjoying the Money? Human

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Many YouTube Viewers have already seen the footage. If it is authentic, one Chinese plane have been sandwiched between two Japanese fighter jets. However it can be tested whether the footage is fake or real. if it is fake, China is the lier. If it is real, Japan is the lier.

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