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Jack Stern

Your scenario is scary. Hopefully it will not become the reality!

US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand likes the close neighbors of China and Japan. US ADIZ has been overlapped with Canada because of greedy expansion from US. Although Canada is not happy, it has not made the fuss about it. Besides that Canada has not many enemy unlike US. In somecases, Canadian Plane might intrude into US ADIZ. In my living memory, US has never shot down the Canadian plane. Japan should follow the neighborly good will and friendly gesture of US for not making the noise about it. Everybody needs good neighbor like US, Canada, Australia and Kiwi.

In my humble eyes, Japan ADIZ is so large and overlapping with both Korea and PRC. Japan is smaller than Montana state of US. However Japan ADIZ is five times larger than Montana. It does not make sense. Both Japan and China have to withdrew their ADIZ for the sake of all birds and planes freedom for navigation.

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Ladies and Gentlemen

Sex slavery and comfort women has different definition. Some 20 cents army of apologetic J imperial army want to flip the coins as both have same surface. In the real world, there are always two opposite as Ying and Yan as Flag of ROK flag. if there is no Sun, there will be night for 24 hours. On the contrast, there will be day for 24 hours if there is no moon. Therefore assuming all women as paid prostitutes means all imperial soldiers were pure and innocent as Angles. That biased fabrication are misleading and insensitive to the victims.

When we look at the photo of that article, two persons standing and clapping were neither Korean nor Chinese. They are Indonesians or Pinoys. Sex slaves issue is not only between Korea and Japan. Neitherland, Myanmar and many South Pacific nations too.As the poor nation, my Governenment of Myanmar has to shut up for not offending J government for raising that issue. As the private citizen, I am so annoyed about the paid propaganda of white washing the dirty business of Divine living God of Hirohito. Emperor was a recruiter of the WWII sex salves. Asians do not need to please the Japan for everything. History is not washing machine made in Japan.

The more J authority deny about the past, the more it will get the embarrassment at the present and there will be no future for becoming decent and respectable nation in Asia.

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During the Cold War, USSR and PRC were young couple before. However it was not last long due to debt settlement. Now time has changed for favoring the reunion.

Russia has more nuke war heads than PRC. PRC has more money than Russia. If nuke and money married, it will be unbeatable union blessed by Son of God. It is questionable that Russia will involve in PRC territory dispute or not, Russia has never been a fan of US. Ukraine crisis was a displeasure of Russia being Cornered by Yakuza or Mafia team members and satellite states of touch talks gangsters of NATO. NATO likes average Joe talks lousy, arrogant and extremely exaggerated. However it lacks the real action and prefer the slogan of hiding out when the warriors have come.

Back in 2008, Hawkish conservative admin of Bush did not respond even their fellow gangster Geogeria has been educated by Russia. Back in 1962 of Cuban crisis, even USSR shot down two U-2 planes at the door step of US. President John F Kennedy still compromised with USSR even It was embarrassing and losing face for his touch talks career. US and USSR showdown was so brief. Since then US has been less touch and more gentle with Russia.

PRC will not match the US superior technology. However it does not stop for them for getting touched when it has been cycled by fellow gangsters of Asia pivots. Before Obama trip to pivot region, PRC has been less confrontational. After Obama reassurance, PRC has been testing the water with oil rig and water cannon. So far the response from US is Yes! You can!

No wonder Asia pivot nations have been losing faith for unproductive and unreliable assurance from Big brother Uncle Sam. At the end, all touch talks have been evaporated as steam. Vietnam and Philippines have no more trust on Asia pivot!

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If Abe got stomach upset, it is because of the contamination of imported China food.

If Mount Fuji erupted, it is the because of the offshore minining exporation of China

If Fukushima rice contaminated with radio active watse, it was because of fertilizer from China.

If elderly choked after eating Mochi, it is the fault of imported wheat from China.

If Kawasaki Ltd ceasing the production of motor cycles it is because of the unfair dumping from China.

If Kawasaki workers lost the jobs, it is because of China stealing of the Japan technology.

If Bullet train derailed on the line, it is because of the fault of wind from China.

If Japan got the acid rain, it is because of the fault of carbon gas from China.

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Kenny76 May. 16, 2014 - 09:10PM JST

you are not being paid as one of the 30 thousand China's internet propaganda bots...

Vietnamese nationalists are offended when the truth have been prevailed by international media. No one said China is good for making Oil Rig without concern of others. However Vietnam should target the source of the problem instead of releasing anger over scapegoats. If Vietnamese will start killing Vietnam born and raised Chinese, it will become another Genocide of Serbia. Serbia has been disintegrated for killing ethnic Albanians. Vietnam may become another Serbia.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for China...

Japan and Philippines are both moral enemies and competitor of territory of PRC. However no Japanese and Pinoys have torched, looted and damaged foreign business. Vietnam have gone too far with blood shed and violence at the moment.

Vietnam should defend the national interest with stronger Arm Force. Making stronger Arm force needed more tax from business. As Octagon posted, if foreigners will not want to do business in Vietnam, it will make Vietnam poorer and weaker! Therefore Vietnam is wrong for targeting foreign business instead of PRC Authority. Hope you will admit two wrongs can not make one right!

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Kenny76 May. 16, 2014 - 08:06PM JST

No point in spreading rumors to make it sound bad and stirring up the peace

I do not get any cent for making rumors. As a business traveler, I am frustrated about Vietnam lawlessness and injustice for foreigners who have made their nation richer. I guess you have just read your nation media propaganda. Vietnam and China are both ruled by one communist party with controlled media. Anyway, I am not a fan of China or Vietnam. I am absolutely neutral. Pls refer to the unbiased media without Vietnam or Taiwan or China.

Have you read any of the international media as suppliers of accurate information as you said?

One Austrailan factory has been targeted and looted according the first comment of that news. Unlike Japanese or Korean, Aussie have very different physical appearance with Chinese people.

There is the problem of Vietnamese mobs can not choose Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Singapore and Mainland Chinese are different business. Vietnamese authority has failed to protect the non related business.

how the injured Chinese workers are being cared for by Vietnamese nurses and doctors.

How about dead Chinese worker being torched alive? In HK, Singapore and Taiwan, there are many Vietnamese expats and workers. They have never been treated as animal by locals.

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Kenny76 May. 16, 2014 - 06:25PM JST

The riot at Formosa construction site is a tit for tat between china workers and the local workers. Sadly injuries and fatalities on both sides..

How about the Singapore business, Korean business and Japanese business? Have they had tit and tat between imported and local workers? Sadly injuries and fatalities on minority side. Even Vietnam born Chinese who can not talk single word of Chinese have been targeted. It should be called as ethnic cleansing. It was politically motivated riot! Not the normal industrial conflict between local and foreign workers. Vietnam authority has blood in the hands for cheat provocation.

China started it all and must be responsible for the chaos in the region. Put your blame squarely on the hostile Chinese regime and claim your compensation.

If it is true, why not mobs went to attack the PRC embassy or PRC officials residing in the Vietnam. If Vietnamese nationals are honest and open minded, they should attack PRC officials instead of foreign business. Taiwan will not claim the compensation as money. There are many Vietnamese nationals working in Taiwan too. If Taiwan locals claim their blood as compensation, Vietnamese nationalists should not cry as arrogant fools. According Buddha, there will be pay back cycle for offender of Sin. Vietnam should be solely blamed for cold blooded murder of foreigners.

Japan has territory dispute with China too. There are many Chinese workers and students in Japan. No Japanese has torched and killed with uncivilized and barbaric manner of mobs from Vietnam. Ordinary people are not influential for territory conflict.

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Since the relationship between the man and the woman was consensual, there is nothing that needs to be said about it.

Depends on time, place and marital status. If Judge and Lawyer have made affair in the court room, both will be lost their job, reputation and privilege. They have transformed honourable court as dishonourable love hotel. For Bill and Monica, they were guilty for changing white house as porn house. White house is no longer white because of them.

Judgements of relationships from the outside are grounded in ignorance and invariably wrong.

President of US should be faithful to his wife. President of US should respect the white house and former Presidents photos. President of US is not the Henry VI who can have six wives. President of US can not cheat young intern woman he will really marry her. President of US is the role model. If founding father George Washington is still alive, Bill will be kicked out from white house to blue house.

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American Gozilla is neither male or female and neck is incredibly large. Foot is so disgusting. Due to obesity, it will not survive for a long time.

Back in1960s, Japanese Gozilla had larger eyes, Dragon nose, model like body, reversible slim neck and killer smile. It can produce the ray from mouth for finishing the opponent. That Gozilla character was similar with actor Ken Takakura or Toshiro Mifune which was so manly and fearless.

Although I missed Japanese One, I will not watch that ugly and fat Godzilla from Warner Bros.

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If Communist China makes the mistake of thinking the US of A is weak, then they will get a rude awakening.

During the Korean war, commies fought with bamboo sticks without having meals. They lost huge man power which can be called as waste. However it was the fraction of their mass population. They could afford to waste more if it is not less. I guess they will not blink for sending insects like bamboo army again. I do not doubt that USA is weak in hardware. However commies and Russia have already stolen the stealth jet designs from US manufacturers. Therefore USA is weak in software. US needs more Anti Virus and Cyber security.

According the Art of war, if the enemy is invisible, it will control the rival fate. That world is no longer in Saving Private Ryans. If US can disable commies major computer Servers, US will no need to use single bullet for flying the flag on PRC shore.

However Mr Putin will not tolerate stars and stripes flags flying on his backyard. He will say Uncle Obama has crossed the red line. Mr Putin can cross the black Sea or South China Sea whatever he wants.

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U.S. and European automakers have also made huge investments in Mexico in recent years.

In US, many blue collar workers lost the jobs are surviving with food vouchers. Their old jobs will never come back to the states. Detroit has become the Ghost town. Ross Perot who was a independent Presidential candidate of 1992 and 1996 predicted NAFTA will make America broke and high unemployment.

His prediction has come true as doom and gloom. Mexico will become post war Japan of North America and their GDP will surpass USA sooner or later. Many unemployed Americans are looking for work in Mexico City thanks to Bill Clinton. Sadly Perot has never become the president and Clinton dishonoured white house with his dirty cigar.

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We need to chip in & invest in India. The west can chip in getting $100 billion to invest in India to takeover the growth from china.

Many J firms have already invested in India and they are desperately want to get out from India. India growth is no where near China after decades of reform. India is still going nowhere as meaningful market for multi-nationals. Corruption, infrastructure bottle neck, mismanagement and inefficiency are poisons for doing the business in that backward nation.

A disadvantage for India's image as a [foreign investment] destination and also [gave a] negative image of Japanese management. Japan is the fourth biggest source of foreign investment in India, which is currently running at around US$2 billion.

Honda must have been wondering if it had a future in India at all, which would be catastrophic and doomed to fail in labor unrest of India.

As the resource poor nation, Japan still need Russian Gas and Wheat. Of course it can import from other nations. Russia is the door step of Japan. It is cheaper for Japan to buy from Russia instead of others. Japan is not US which has plenty of natural resources. Japan is not EU which will be rescued by other members. Japan needs to kiss Russia instead of slapping the face.

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Although not a one-on-one encounter, the talks are a significant step forward after Park had repeatedly ruled out a summit with Abe until Tokyo demonstrates sincere repentance for “past wrongdoings”.

According the photo, Abe is showing one finger as threat for Takeshima day. Park is withdrawing both hands from desk. Obama is too pushy for pimping Park for meeting with Abe. Abe is nothing important for Park unlike Obama or Putin.

If Park has been assaulted by Abe, Obama is responsible for defending Park. After all there will be only three persons at the meeting. Abe should be well mannered and well behaved as head of state for three way submit.

Any wrong doing or outspokenness of Abe will be embarrassment for the whole Japan.

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kwatt MAR. 19, 2014 - 09:15AM JST

Russian life is probably better than Ukranian?

Crimea needs water from Ukraine. So far there is no land access with Russia. Russia is supplying Gas to Crimea via Ukraine. Life without water and gas is still painful. House without electricity and water supply like man without clothes and shoe.

In my humble opinion, Crimea and Russia have to link with bridge or tunnel for getting better life as Russian of other side of the sea. During the transition period, Crimea residents have to bear the pains for lack of infrastructure and limited pain of western transition.

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Russian strongman told U.S. President Barack Obama that the poll fell “completely in line with the norms of international law”.

US led NATO illegally ceded Kosovo with majority of ethnic Albanians from Serbia.

If Obama has studied US history before North Western Mexico was ceded by the land of free, proud and hypocrite. US military forces illegally seized control of California and New Mexico with force in 1848.

At least Putin respect the will of the majority of people of Crimea. Crimea is Texas of United States of Russia in 2014.

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The stress of living in a 30-square-meter space has taken a heavy toll on their mental and physical health, they said. Toichi has been hospitalised twice since the disaster.

They are Japanese citizens who have to live like prisoners of concentration camp. I am from Myanmar (known as Burma). My homeland has never honored the any of debt borrowed from Japan. However Abe is so generous for Myanmar for wiping out the old debt and extending new aid. Most of them will be ended up the pocket of corrupted official.

Although Myanmar is backward and impoverished nation, it has larger land space and natural resources. Even convicted criminal can stay in the room larger than 30 sq meters. Abe should look after his own instead of showering with J tax payers money to other nations. Charity starts at home.

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PRC is hated in a special way by most of the freedom loving world.

I guess you may come from another planet. Freedom loving world can not resist the market power of PRC. US has given PRC as most favored nation (PNTR). Many in businessmen in Florida and Texas wanted to kiss the boots of PRC regime. Freedom loving nations such as Canada and Australia can not stop selling their gas and minerals to PRC. EU is chasing PRC capital injection for solving their debt crisis.

First I've heard of it. Anyway, from what I know of Canada they are a peaceful country that enjoys a very good relationship with the USA.

Good relationship is irrelevant with Air safety issue. If one nation is taking too much air space, other nation planes have to fly in the congested air route. It is not welcoming and pleasant issue for Canada. For Japan cases, Taiwan and ROK have been left with narrow air route due to large expansion. Japan has no concern about other convenience. It can not cry fool when it has already made other life harder.

Apparently only certain posters have to "stick to the topic". If you are trying to suggest that Obama has communist tendencies then you are preaching to the choir.

This topic is about Air route and congested Air space between Japan and PRC. It is not about the topic of anti communist and PRC is the cruel Saturn of the universe. Above poster has been promoting the personal hatred instead of focusing on topic.

If you are trying to suggest that Obama has communist tendencies then you are preaching to the choir.

Obama was raised in Indonesia during his youth. Although he is not a communist by himself, he is a fan of communal housing, subsided health care and free lunch. He has good heart as Santa Clause. However it will cost the unsustainable mortgage for new generations. The choir has become unpreachable.

The DPRK is in a position of servitude to PRC. That's a long way from actually trusting them.

DPRK leader murdered his own uncle. It is more barbaric. Whether you have trust on PRC or not, PRC has been the largest recipients of foreign investment for many decades. If no one trust PRC, why have they risked billions of dollar for doing business in untrustworthy nation?

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hidingou tMAR. 10, 2014 - 09:47AM JST

If the communists could be trusted (and please point to any nation on Earth who trusts them, if you can) nobody would have a problem with PRC registered planes, ships etc sailing along the boundaries of Japanese territory.

US has trusted Cuba which is the communist nation. If you come and visit Florida, majority of population are Latinos. Some even have no ID. Some have little red books. Some worship the communist idols. However Obama is willing to offer them residency, free food vouchers and discounted health care.

Back to the Air! PRC, Taiwan and Japanese ships have been frequent visiting the overlapping sea lane and air route. .It has been many decades now. Canada has never been happy about US taking too much air space. It is also true for PRC and Japan for making tolerate with each other. If Japan or US is not happy, they have to shoot down one of the plane near the air space. However it will be unlikely during your life time.

They flow above public seas, and there was no violation of our airspace,” he said, declining to release more details about the incident.

Pro J posters can whinge anything they like. However it will not change the reality. Japan is the insecure landlord which can not shut the door of gate. No one own the sky except God. Japan started expand the ADIZ despite protest from Taiwan and ROK. J fighter jets have been harassing Taiwan commercial Airlines for sometimes. Taiwan has not make the big deal about it. Japan has to pay back the Karma which has badly done to Taiwan.

Because that's the only sort of person who would repeatedly post that PRC "isn't communist" as you have done dozens of times on this board.

The definition of communist has commune system which is sharing food, housing and land. In PRC, there is no free lunch and government help for social support like Obama care. PRC is ruled by communists in theory. Reality is they are semi capitalist which is promoting the free enterprise with no hand outs.

In US there are free food vouchers for unemployed people. It is more likely iron rice bowl of Mao era of PRC. US is the capitalist in name only. It has become the old communist nation of PRC.

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Tokyo would back US efforts to address the Ukraine crisis after Washington lined up sanctions on Russia, an official said.

Moscow will retaliate Tokyo with more expensive Gas. Moscow will postpone about returning some Islands of NT. Tokyo does not understand who has upper hand about trade sanction. Moscow can not be intimidated with trade sanctions.

Russia is Saudi Arabia of Asia. US is Ethiopia of Asia. If Japan is the beautiful princess, will she want to marry with Ethiopia? She will need to play the hunger game for rest of her life. She will need to wear the banana leaves for her modesty instead of luxury consumes.

When Beijing buy Gas from Moscow will give them special discount price five times cheaper than Tokyo. Tokyo will regret about being the faithful donkey of Washington.

It is the right moment for Tokyo for standing up for national interest instead of pleasing uncle Sam for everything. Abe should apologize Putin sooner than later.

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The epicenter of the crisis has been Crimea—a rugged region seized by Russia in the 18th century and annexed to Ukraine in Soviet times as a “gift”, which is still home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Ukraine can not cry fool about new development. former USSR Premier Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea as a “gift” to his adopted country. If the residents of Crimea wanted to join Russia as before it was given away, it should be welcomed as Latinos residents of Florida wanted their state to join as part of the Cuba. In the future southern states of US may want to join with their southern neighbors too. In the democracy, majority ruled. White people are becoming minority in Some of the states in US.

Back in 1999, US has supported ethnic Albanians of Kosovo founded new nationhood. Crimea is a new Kosovo now. If it will be still part of Ukraine, ethnic tension and political division will be uncontrollable.

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I've never met any Japanese who say things like "There's nothing greater than total devotion to one's country" Sounds like a North Korean thing.

No Tina! It is a Japan thing. For some Japanese, committing suicide is the preserving the honor , patriotism and pride. Many J girls dream about their, boy friend husband or son exploded as many pieces as zero pilots. It was for devoting the emperor and nation during WWII. Recently there was a controversy about comment from high profile woman.

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Obama say Yes! We can.

Putin say No You can't.

Obama say Sanction Russia.

EU say No we need Russia Gas.

Obama say You have crossed red line.

Putin say I will cross the Black Sea.

Obama say send your troops back.

Putin launch the ICBM with MIRVs.

If Obama say "bring them on"

What will Putin will send?

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If Putin is NOT stopped, this can embolden China as well for any future expansionary plans they have.

Putin is unstoppable. Reality is US waged the wars due to her national interest. Back in 1962, US and USSR had high noon because USSR tried to install missiles base at Cuba. President John F. Kennedy still compromised with USSR even U2 plane was shot down by Russia. No successive US president has ever retaliated for revenge of U2 plane so far. Putin has learnt a lot about 1962 stand off between US and USSR.

If Kuwait and Irag have no oil, there were no gulf wars. US will not shed the single drop of blood unless Ukraine is rich in oil like Saudi or it is located at US door step like Cuba.

US has defense treaty with Japan unlike Ukraine. Unlike Russia, PRC conventional Arm Force is still inferior. Senkaku has no Chinese residents like Crimea. Therefore PRC will become dumb and dumber if it will follow the Putin footsteps.

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Posted in: Russian troops deploy in Crimea as Obama warns Kremlin See in context

Putin has taken the measure of America's president and has found that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. Feckless and weak leadership (from behind) leads to more war and instability. No foreign leader fears Obama and the US military.

George Bush Jnr has taken the measure of UN security council and has found that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. Feckless and weak leadership of former Russia (from behind) leads to more wars and instability. No foreign leader fears UN security council and the Russian Arm Forces.

Unlike Irag, Ukraine was a former federation of USSR. There are many Russian ethnic people heavily populated in Ukraine as Latinos residing in Florida. Russia will not tolerate US puppets are located in Georgia and Ukraine and making threat to Russia.

As George Bush said "The course of that nation is not depending on other". Vladimir Putin will say Russia will say NO to the President Barack Hussein Obama.

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CH3CHO Feb. 25, 2014 - 01:49PM JST

Emperor Hirohito had fantasy about changing all sex slaves as licensed prostitutes who lived in luxury like Myitkyina of Myanmar. It was rare because luxury amenities and wages needed fortune for Japan which was struggling to foot the bill for war.The goal of brothel stations was reducing the rape case and negative international publicity. However emperor could not afford financially for getting this goal. The rape cases have sky rocketed even there were licensed prostitutes were employed. Supply did not meet the very high demand.

I am afraid you are in no position to say so, unless you are a former comfort woman. In addition, it is not a slap in the face.

I am afraid you are in no position to say so, unless you are a former emperor Hirohito who was portrayed as living divine God. In fact he was a war criminal who has never been charged for his role of WWII. It was because of the convenience for political transition buy US rather than he was innocent as Angle. In addition, changing stand for apology from Japan is worse than a slap in the face because it has portrayed Sex Slaves who gave their evidence as fraudulent con artists.

I do not understand what you mean. Look at this letter from PM Abe approved by his Cabinet to the Speaker of the Upper House, on July 2, 2013 in reply of official inquiry by Upper House member Fukushima Mizuho.

Formal apology should be finalized with the whole cabinet including speaker. It should be concluded as Bipartisanship agreement of parliament. At the end, it is up to the Victims for demanding sincere apology or accepting past apology as real remorse for moving on. Instead of saying multiple Sorry and reviewing and revising for getting comfortable excuse is waste of time. Comfort women is issue is not for comfortable topic for both victims and deniers.

Sex Slaves were multi-nationals. Not only old Korean Women. It is doubtful all were willing volunteers for J imperial soldiers for their pleasure. However there were not many left over now. What took it so long for Japan to review and revise if it was doubtful instead of waiting until 2014?

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nationalistic Sankei Shimbun daily and Fuji TV, in which 59% of respondents said the apology should be revised.

Japan formal apologies are such a jokes which can be reviewed, revised, disputed and withdrawn. Instead of repetitive revision, Japan should not apologize if it is doubtful that they have been wrongly framed. Anyway past apologies were no longer valid, sincere and credible now. Japan is not remorseful and wish to go back to nationalist era.

Instead of saying sorry and slapping someone face again, it is better for Japan did not say any pointless Sorry at all.

While Abe himself has trodden carefully on the issue since coming to power in December 2012, he triggered uproar during his first stint as prime minister in 2007 when he said there was no evidence Japan directly coerced comfort women.

He has not honored former PM apology and he wished to revise since then.

He later elaborated by saying he was talking of coercion in the “strict” sense, such as kidnapping women.

He used to be flip -flopping what he said! As a decent and dutiful J PM, he should not change the tone like changing the clothes.

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Posted in: Angry Koreans demand review of judges' scores in figure skating after Kim's silver finish See in context

I feel Kim Yuna deserved to win the gold. However my humble memory brought me back Spain lost SK unfairly back in 2002 World Cup of soccer match. The goal scored was not rewarded. It was the influence of high ranking Korean official of FIFA, Now a days Spain is unbeatable in soccer. Spain is consistent in winning for Euro or World Cup.

ROK will move forward like Spain as unbeatable free ice skating nation in the future.

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Posted in: Kim wins women's short program; Asada 16th See in context

Mao and Kim are close competitors. They may be same age too. Back in Vancouver winter Olympic, Mao won Silver and Kim won Gold. Unlikely Mao will win Bronze that time.

It is sad for Mao who is gifted and talented have to retire like that. It is the fault of J media which is exaggerating her as Queen of Ice. She may perform will her triple axel- a three and a half rotation jump during the training. Not in the most of the real tournament. It is the Russian Roulette for her.

The Queen of Ice will belong to the land of touch girls known as ROK. Japan is the land of setting Sun for Ice.

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Posted in: WWII sex slavery indescribable wrong: ex-PM Murayama See in context

sfjp330 Feb. 14, 2014 - 06:58AM JST

Korean comfort women were sold by parents or applied for the job voluntarily.

Majority of comfort women were Koreans. There were also Pinoys, Taiwanese, Chinese too. Were all those women sold by their parents or applied for the jobs? Japanese currency was almost worthless before the end of WWII.

I was born and raised in Myanmar. I have never heard about Myanmar or Burmese women were sold by their parents during WWII. They were gang raped by J soliders. It is also true for rest of the comfort women. If there were only Korean women for that topic, your debate may be logical. However majority of Myanmar or Burmese do not buy your propaganda. As a poor nation, our government is depending on Japan aids and technology. As a private citizen, we do not need to shut up for pleasing Japan authority fabircating the history. Pls come and visit to Myanmar or Burma for doing some research about J imperial soldiers crime against humanity.

Koreans distort their history heavily and provide very intensive anti-Japan education

In Myanmar, we have Arm Force day (known as revolutionary day in past). Before that days, TV programs and media were awashed with full stories of Japanese imperial soliders atrocities. During WWII, Myanmar people called J soliers as short men (Nga Pu) as nick name of Burmese. Myanmar have been ruled by British for 100 yrs. However British was are nothing barbaric comparing with J imperial arm. According your logic, Myanmar distort thier history heavilty and provide very intensive anti- Japan education.

Japan is rich enough to change the history with Yen. The histoy of that issue fromPhillipines, Taiwan, PRC, ROK, DPRK and most of SE Asian nations versions will be very different from J version.

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Posted in: Breakout at Australian immigration center on PNG See in context

Australia refugee settlement program is generous for refugee for get ting the free meals, accommodation and free tuition for pursuing higher education.

The sad truth about pampered refugees have become criminals. When they have been settled in community, they assaulted and raped the girls. Australia has become the rapists paradise because of the friendly asylum seekers policy.

In my opinion, Au should deport them back if they have committed crimes. They are ungrateful for welcoming nation.

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