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Posted in: Japanese man rides 1,000 kilometers on stolen 'mamachari' bicycle to see Tokyo for first time See in context

He did not still the bicycle, he just took it and went for a ride to Tokyo.

Let this man go free, he has no bad intentions.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's marriage to boyfriend in limbo See in context

The more obstacles they get the sweeter their wedding/live becomes.

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Posted in: Man shot by police after threatening them with knife See in context

I do NOT trust the police.

They are good at mis-judgement and non-reasoning capabalities.

and are always trigger happy too!

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Posted in: Leukemia-diagnosed swimmer Ikee to return to competition this month See in context

Wishing her all the best.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

The US forces should be sensitive of their hosts and follow the regulations as per Japanese law.

They must avoid the care free attitude towards combating the virus the way other Americans are doing in the US.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

A poorly advised decision.

It should be ALL or NONE.

Opening some prefectures and leaving others closed will only lead to people sneaking to the 'opened' prefectures and hence reversing all the gains so far.

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun arrested on domestic abuse charge See in context

In Japan even if you become a citizen, you are still remain a foreigner in the eyes of Japanese.

A foreigner in Japan should learn to stay out of trouble as much as is possible, your rights are limited and subjective.

It's not clear what happened in Bobby's house but assaulting another person is an extreme condition of concealed hatred and that things have not been OK for a long time.

All the same, physical altercation should be the last option for a married/unmarried couple so is calling the police for a domestic quarrel unless fatal. The wife should had gone and reported the case instead of calling the police, calling the police is a precursor for divorce, Bobby should start preparing since things can never go back to normal, the red line was crossed.

We should also know that men, especially foreigners, are subjected to serious verbal DV, some on daily basis and there are very few known avenues for exit.

I cannot rule out that the "Stay Home"  was a catalyst.

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Posted in: Japan joins calls for investigation into WHO's virus response See in context

It is quite evident from the communications given by the WHO that it has not being factual in reporting the outbreak and the underlying circumstances sorrounding the C-19.

The WHO failed in it's mandate in facilitating the containment of the C-19 and to make things worse, it went further to praise China, in-spite of not reporting the human to human transmission, to the detriment of the rest of the world.

The WHO has lost it's intergrity and can no longer be trusted in handling World health issues.

It should be duly investigated for atrocities against humanity and it's board members should be reconstituted.

It is time and the rest of the world must never waste this chance to check and put China where it belongs.

If this is not done now, the next time China strikes will wipe the entire planet.

China displays zero diplomacy in solving international issues, they are no different to ocean pirates.

They have spread their tentacles to each and every economy in the world and there is no better time to cut-off China than NOW.

China should be held responsible!

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

It's too early to lift the State of Emergency.

Worse still is lifting in a few prefectures will result people drifting from the locked states to re-opened states.

This will take us back to where we started and all the gains so far will be nullified.

"Stay at Home" should continue to a minimum, end of May.

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

I cannot beleive what am reading here. Most of these people, that is, the nurses, doctors and other health workers spend countless hours countering the spread of C-19, keeping us safe and attending the sick, instead they face discrimination and stigmatizaion?? When or if we get sick THEY are the ones to attend to us and we despise them and their families??

These people at the front line need a standing ovation for their sacrifices and the beautiful job they are doing.

My question is: If Japanese can behave like this to their fellow citizens, what would be the scenario against foreigners??

It is time for Japanese people to revist some of their cultures which I may say do not fit in the present world and are backward.

This is one of the reasons we have an ever increasing cases of "hikikumori" or "social withdrawal", suicides, DV against infants and parents.......

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Posted in: Cars with out-of-prefecture license plates targeted amid pandemic See in context

If Japanese can target cars from other other prefectures belonging to fellow Japanese because of corona virus fears, I cannot imagine the stigmatization if the target is foreigners!

Japanese are famous for acting in unison and this can be worrying to non-Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan to send vice justice minister to Lebanon to discuss Ghosn See in context

Maybe Hiroyuki Yoshiie, a deputy to Justice Minister Masako Mori, will carry them in a large envelope with him?

Not maybe but am afraid this is a reality.

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Posted in: Japan to send vice justice minister to Lebanon to discuss Ghosn See in context

Ghosn should be a very worried person by the visit of vice justice minister of Japan.

Governments DO make deals, deals that are too good that an individual can be sacrificed.

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Posted in: 120,000 watch emperor, empress parade in Tokyo See in context

Wishing the Prince and the Princess all the best in their new journey together.

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Posted in: 120,000 watch emperor, empress parade in Tokyo See in context

Truely nice to see Princess Masako smile and even overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.

This is a turning moment for Japan.

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Posted in: Man stabbed more than 30 times in apparent murder-robbery See in context

Deep hatred and anger, robbery is just a cover-up.

We may not know the motive but many people are enduring and suffering quitely,

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Posted in: Koike gives reluctant consent to Olympic race venue move but Tokyo won't pay for it See in context

Olympics is marathon and marathon is Olympics.

Why not move the whole olympics to Sapporo?

Doha is not Tokyo from all aspects of heat to technology.

The olympians are aware of the conditions, they prepare for this life time event.

Olympic marathon is not supossed to be like the #1:59 challenge# thing.

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Posted in: What to do if you are stopped by the police in Japan See in context

It's good to understand the Japanese laws and stay out of trouble.

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Posted in: Heads up See in context

Amazing beauty !!

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Posted in: Nissan to discuss Saikawa successor at meeting on Monday See in context

Improprierity by a Japanese Sacho is no problem and he can take his sweet time to decide whether and when to resign.

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Posted in: Car being chased by police crashes into two cars, killing one driver See in context

Car chasing in Japan is bound to be more disastrous and harmful the runaway crime.

Why not take note of the number plates and smoke out the guys later instead of causing deaths or dangers to other people during the chase?

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Posted in: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge See in context

Bullying starts from elementary schools and continues to working places.

It's one cause for suicide and people harboring grudges throughtout their lives.

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

Most outrageous action from a democracy. Childish!

As far as mind control is concerned, no difference between North and South Korea.

Let's see how long they can survive without Japanese beer.

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Posted in: Nicki Minaj cancels Saudi concert over women's rights concerns See in context

I was concerned about her safety in SA.

Why not reschedule to Japan instead, a land of freedom!

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

It is better to investigate conclusively and the one who is guilty be punished, that is if the lady is lying.

Sad case, men should also learn how to seduce a woman.

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Posted in: Ghosn, Kelly appear in court; lawyer asks why Saikawa wasn't indicted See in context

Selective justice!

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